Chapter 0450

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Chapter 0450: Receiving Heaven’s Stone

“This woman….” The stout and short male cultivator suddenly paused when he saw Ji Luofei. It was not that he had never seen a beautiful woman in this place; even for someone as beautiful as Ji Luofei, he had occasionally seen a few. However, for someone as beautiful as Ji Luofei, only accompanied by a Sea Opening Cultivator, it was a first for his eyes.

After saying these words, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva and continued, “I want her.”

The two people with him did not feel surprised about it. In their opinion, no matter who Ji Luofei was, coming here with just a Sea Opening Cultivator was no different from allowing others to prey on her. If this woman had come here accompanying a Crucible Transformation Cultivator in the late stages, then there would still be some leeway.

“Oh, the other one is quite good as well.” This time the one who spoke was the dark-faced Crucible Transformation 6th Level Cultivator. The person he was referring to was the other women from the group of three men and a woman. All year round, they had nothing to do other than charging people a variety of fees, turning their days dull and monotonous. It would not come with too much surprise for them to swap around a few female cultivators.

Of course, there were also rules for this kind of thing, that is, the opposite party must agree to it, one way or another. It was best if they did not try to poke stronger parties that way the matter would also not blow out of proportion. However, with just a Sea Opening Cultivator accompanying a Crucible Transformation 2nd Level Female Cultivator, even if they blew it out of proportion, they believed that they would still be able to handle it.

“The six of you come over.” The ragged robed cultivator with the highest cultivation among the three called out to the Ning Cheng duo, the other three men, and the woman.

When Ning Cheng heard that short cultivator, wording out the words ‘this woman…’ a faint trace of killing intent started to manifest within his heart. His Spiritual Consciousness was dominant, and his True Essence foundation extremely deep. Even if he was not standing close to the opposite party, he could still hear their words clearly. However, he was not very clear about the situation in this place; as such, he could only hold back his killing intent within his heart for the time being.

“I believe that it should be a first for the several of you to arrive at the Receiving Heaven’s Stone. Let me briefly introduce ourselves to you. I’m Gary, from the Extinguishing Karma Star Fleet.”

The ragged robed cultivator spoke, then pointed to the dark-faced Crucible Transformation 6th Level Cultivator at his side and spoke, “This is Bian Shao, from the Black City Pill Union. The other one is Cecile, from the Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce.”

Ning Cheng finally got the name of this short and stout cultivator staring at Ji Luofei, called Cecile, from the Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce. However, what made Ning Cheng somewhat puzzled was Gary’s introduction. It indicated that these three people were not from the same place.

“Gary, my friend. We have just arrived at the Receiving Heaven’s Stones. However, can you point us out towards the nearest mainland?” The skinny looking male cultivator from the other group of three men and a woman asked a question. They should be the same as Ning Cheng, who came from somewhere else.

Gary waved his hand and spoke, “You don’t have to worry about the specifics. Let me tell you about the specific situation here. There is no mainland from here on out, only the infinite Void. If you want to go through the Void to seek out a mainland within the starry skies of the vast universe, then let me state it clearly that it is not a simple matter at all. Even if you fly with a Best Quality True Artefact for countless years, you may not find even a single viable mainland. However, since we are here, then we can also help you all.”

“Then we ask Brother Gary for guidance.” The pale-skinned male cultivator spoke up in a polite and friendly manner.

Gary nodded before speaking, “It is not easy to survive in the vast Void of the endless universe. However, we can send you to a place called the Rootless Black City. Almost all the cultivators that come in through the Heaven’s Way will choose to stay at the Rootless Black City for a period. Only after your strength improves to the point that you can be considered powerful within the Rootless Black City, then with the help of our Chambers of Commerce or with the help of our fleets, would you then have a chance to enter a mainland within the starry sky.”

Ning Cheng immediately noticed the meaning and intent behind Gary’s words, that is, whether it was to reach the Rootless Black City or to find a mainland within the vast starry sky, the newly arrived crowd could not do anything by themselves. However, if they were willing to pay a certain price, then these forces here could help them.

“Then, may I ask Brother Gary, since we are cultivators who just arrived, as to what needs to be done?” The pale-faced male cultivator continued.

Gary gave the nod before speaking, “It’s a good question. You can take our airship to enter the Rootless Black City. Then while cultivating within the Rootless Black City, you can choose to head into the Void to search for Black Essence Stones, that way you would have the opportunity to enter the starry sky. Remember; be sure to enlist our help first. If you enter the Void without permission or want to enter the Rootless Black City on your own, then I regret to inform you all that you all would die without a doubt.”

“Does it mean that if we do not wish to enter your airships, then you would kill us?” The other female cultivator asked a question, her expression showing slight discomfort.

Ning Cheng had already noticed that this female cultivator possessed quite the looks to her, with a bright complexion, and a healthy cream-coloured skin; coupled with a cultivator robe made out of reds, greens, and greys, it only served to highlight her graceful stature. Apparently, she was a person who liked dressing up. Her beauty might be graded seven out of ten, but with the addition of this dress though, it immediately rose up a grade.

Gary laughed before speaking, “Our Extinguishing Karma Starry Sky Fleet is a relatively famous Starry Sky Fleet. How could we indulge in such a matter? Not to mention our fleet, even the fleets belonging to the Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce and the Black City Pill Union’s fleet would never do such a thing. If you do not want to ride in our fleet, then you are free to not choose us. However, as long as you leave the Receiving Heaven’s Stone, even if you were at the Plundering Life Realm, you will only meet death, without the possibility of life.”

“The outside of the Receiving Heaven’s Stone is much more dangerous compared to Heaven’s Way you just passed through. Not to mention that it contains Spacial Wind Edges everywhere, even if was a tiny speck of a meteorite shooting past you; it would be more than enough to shatter your corporeal body to dust. In addition to this, if you end up encountering a Spacial Misalignment, then rather than dying outright, you’d willingly wish for death. Also, let me give you one last reminder, leaving the Receiving Heaven’s Way is extremely easy; however, wanting to come back inside again, I would suggest that you forget even entertaining such a notion.”

The female cultivator’s face changed but did not continue to speak. Although her Spiritual Consciousness could not sweep throughout the Receiving Heaven’s Stone, she sensed that this saying was not shocking at all; instead, it was very likely true.

Ning Cheng finally heard the name of the realm above the Crucible Transformation Realm, the Plundering Life Realm. He didn’t have much doubt towards what Gary spoke. This Receiving Heaven’s Stone seemed protected by a natural restriction; moreover, even his Spiritual Consciousness could not sweep out of it. Just like the female cultivator, he had a premonition that the outside Void was not something simple. However, when it came to the restrictions protecting the Receiving Heaven’s Stone, as Gary mentioned it, he found it easy to get out, but hard to go back in.

“Then many thanks for Brother Gary’s reminders, I am called Lan Wenbin. I would also like to ask Brother Gary, how many Spirit Stones would be needed if I want to go to the Rootless Black City?” The pale-skinned man spoke up in a more conscientious tone. He realised that these people have been camping here for a long time, and it definitely was not because they liked doing good deeds.

Gary smiled before speaking, “Spirit Stones are only needed where you came from. We do not use Spirit Stones here, what we use here are Black Coins……”

“Black Coins?” Even Ning Cheng felt a little bit surprised. Coins were things used in the secular world. How could coins be a currency in a True Cultivator Community?

“Yes, it’s Black Coins. I guess that you people don’t have any Black Coins on you, but it doesn’t matter. You can also exchange for them. A thousand High-Grade Spirit Stones for a Black Coin. From here to the Rootless Black City, you would need 100,000 Black Coins. If you do not have the necessary Black Coins, then you won’t be able to buy the ticket.” Gary spoke out in a flat voice; however, his words also showed his real fangs.

“What?” The six people, including Ning Cheng, were utterly shocked. According to what the other party spoke, if one wanted to go to the Rootless Black City from this place, then it would require 100 million Spirit Stones. An ordinary cultivator, even one coming from a wealthy background, would not have these many Spirit Stones. The only reason why Ning Cheng could possess a few billions of Spirit Stones was all due to what he recovered from the sale of the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence and 9-Colored Mirage Tree. Otherwise, even if he toiled very hard, he would not possess these many Spirit Stones.

Moreover, Ning Cheng absolutely did not believe this conversion ratio. Even if this conversion ratio was genuine, he did not think that taking a seat on the Airship would require 100 million Spirit Stones. This was like being a billionaire with only 2 billion Yuan. If this wealthy man took out and spent a hundred million Yuan for just a plane ticket, then even his family property would not be enough for him to travel back and forth to the same place more than ten times.

Ning Cheng pulled back Ji Luofei and spoke, “Luofei, let’s go inside and have a look around.”

Saying that Ning Cheng then directly turned away from the Gary trio. He wanted to enter the row of buildings behind them. Since they seemed to be some Merchant Houses here, he wished to purchase information from these Merchant Houses.

The short and stout cultivator called Cecile, who had kept his eyes on Ji Luofei at all times, on seeing Ning Cheng about to leave, immediately stepped forward and stopped Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei, “Wait.”

Ning Cheng coldly spoke up, “What, do you want to rob us now?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t dare to rob anyone. However, you’re just a puny Sea Opening Cultivator, how would it be worth for me to rob you? I’m just here to help you. This female cultivator can stay with me; I can help you out with 20,000 Black Coins. You can go to the Rootless Black City first, while this female cultivator can go there afterwards.”

Cecile spoke in a taken-for-granted tone. In his view, this was all a natural matter.

“Not interested.” Ning Cheng barely restrained his anger. Behind Cecile was the Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce. He had no prior contact with this Chamber of Commerce, while he had just learned about cultivators in the Plundering Life Realm from Gary’s mouth. This level of existence was a full realm higher than Crucible Transformation Cultivators. Since the Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce can set up a base here, then it was only logical that they had at least one cultivator in the Plundering Life Realm. As such, he definitely had to be careful with his ways.

“Even if you are not interested, you will have to show interest. This master wants this woman today. If I say, go then go, if I say don’t go then don’t even dream about leaving.” If not for Ji Luofei, why would Cecile, a Crucible Transformation 5th Level Cultivator, even exchange a few words with a puny cultivator like Ning Cheng in the Sea Opening Realm? Moreover, it was his Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce’s turn for business today.

In the face of this, Ning Cheng calmed down. Even if Cecile wanted to kill him, he believed that if it were that easy to seize people in the Receiving Heaven’s Stone, then after passing through the Heaven’s Way, it would be tantamount to entering a lawless world. Even if this place relied on strength, there would still be a few public rules.

Thinking until here, Ning Cheng secretly prepared a crystal ball, before asking calmly, “My wife and I just want to take a stroll through the Receiving Heaven’s Stone, do you really intend to seize people forcefully? Is it possible that reason doesn’t exist in the Receiving Heaven’s Stone, in other words, is everything decided by you all? Who do you even represent?”

“Haha, still talking about reason with this master. That’s right; this grandpa has the final say here. This master, on behalf of the Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce, wants your woman. Moreover, you will even have to deliver her by yourself with your own hands. As for those 20,000 Black Coins, you can forget about it. Now that this master has laid down his words, then this woman will remain behind, even if she does not want to stay back she will be staying back.”

Cecile laughed, while a hand shot towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng pulled Ji Luofei back a few steps, slipping past Cecile’s hand before speaking, “Since we do not agree, did you really think that you would be able to kill us, husband and wife?”

“That’s right, I just have to kill you, what could you even do?” Cecile spoke up while slowly pulling out a blue knife. The knife had not fully come out when a few Knife Lights already shot towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng put away the crystal ball and no longer bothered to play around with Cecile, while immediately bringing out his Nirvana Spear. At the same time, a berserk Spear Intent tore through the space between him and Cecile as it shot towards Cecile. No matter who he was, daring to have ideas over Luofei, he would never show even half a shred of mercy towards people like him.

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