Chapter 0451

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Chapter 0451: The Arrogant Newcomer

Cecile knew that Ning Cheng would retaliate. However, he never put Ning Cheng in his eyes; relatively speaking, he felt more concerned towards Ji Luofei. However, he discovered that Ji Luofei chose to not act at all.

Just as he felt slightly satisfied in his heart, he suddenly found his movements slowed down. Although he saw the tearing Spear Intent making its way to him, he, however, found himself unable to avoid it.

Fear instantly filled Cecile’s entire consciousness. He understood in an instant that he was no match against this cultivator in the Sea Opening Realm, “Live….”

Only a single character had come out when Ning Cheng’s long spear pierced through his eyebrows, followed by a trail of bloody mist. Cecile could not even beg for mercy, before Ning Cheng’s spear pierced through his head. The next moment, his soul-less body dropped to the ground.

Ning Cheng unhurriedly picked up his ring and walked up to Gary.

At this moment, not only were Gary and Bian Shao stunned senseless, even the other group of three men and a woman had equally horrified looks on their faces as they looked at Ning Cheng. Wasn’t he just a Sea Opening Realm Cultivator, how could he be so powerful?

A single shot to kill Cecile, while Cecile himself could not even show the slightest sign of resisting.

Seeing Ning Cheng coming over, Gary subconsciously took a few steps back, before speaking up, “You, what do you want to do?”

“Brother Gary, Cecile was just about to kill me a moment, did you see it?” As Ning Cheng spoke, formidable killing intent started gushing out from him, which caused Gary to feel as if his entire body had plunged into the ice-cold water. He suspected that if he spoke even a single word that made Ning Cheng feel dissatisfied, the next moment, the long spear in Ning Cheng’s hand would pierce through his head.

He had never seen such a powerful cultivator in the Sea Opening Realm like Ning Cheng. Not to mention a cultivator in the Sea Opening Realm, even if it were a cultivator in the Plundering Life Realm, it would not be this easy to kill someone like Cecile. He affirmed that if he chose to start a feud with this Ning Cheng, he would definitely end up dead.

“I saw it. Of course, I saw it.”

“Then, do you know why he wanted to kill me?”

“Cecile saw this friend’s Dao Companion. Therefore, he wanted to find excuses to take her away. However, his conduct truly was improper. Rootless Black City absolutely does not allow snatching belongings of cultivators that came in through Heaven’s Way. Much less Cecile trying to snatch away other female cultivators.” Gary, on feeling Ning Cheng’s killing intent growing more powerful by the moment, immediately spoke up without any hesitation.

Ning Cheng nodded then suddenly spoke up, “So that is the case. Many thanks to Brother Gary. Cecile had tried to kill me, so I had to retaliate in self-defence. In my heart, I really did not want to hurt Cecile. It was just an accidental injury. My name is Ning Cheng, by the way. Because I just arrived in this place, I’m not too familiar with the rules and customs here. If someone asks about this matter, I would like it if Brother Gary could help me testify.”

Gary couldn’t help but hurl heavy curses within his heart. How was this an ‘accidental injury’? Your attack pierced through Cecile’s head, this father could even feel your killing intent from that far away. Yet, this person labelled it as ‘accidental injury’. However, Ning Cheng’s killing intent had also wholly suppressed him by now, so he had no choice but to speak up, “Of course, of course. For Cecile to commit such an act, my Extinguishing Karma Starry Sky Fleet feels the most disgusted towards these kinds of people. Even if Brother Ning did not speak about it, I would have definitely come forward to help you testify.”

“Many thanks to Brother Gary.” Ning Cheng cupped his fists and spoke up with delight.

“It’s just a trivial matter.” Although Gary spoke those words from his own mouth; however, he had already regarded Ning Cheng as a dead man in his heart. Daring to kill the rotating cultivators on the Receiving Heaven’s Stone, there was no other outcome for such a person other than death. You might be powerful; however, you are only powerful in this place. When you reach the Rootless Black City, even if you turned twice as powerful compared to now, it would still be a dead end for you.

Ning Cheng ignored this Gary. Then turning towards the other black-faced cultivator, who was still in shock, and asked, “This friend should be Bian Shao from Black City Pill Union, right? Just now, the Extinguishing Karma Starry Sky Fleet’s Brother Gary showed his willingness to testify for me, I wonder if Brother Bian would also be willing to help me testify, eh?”

The formidable killing intent once again came crashing down. Bian Shao felt his entire body go cold. Hurriedly cupping his fists, he spoke up, “Of course, I am willing to… Such matters, we also hate it very much. How can we not testify for Brother Ning?”

At this time, he had already purged away any ideas he harboured towards the other female cultivator. Even if he felt bolder compared to before, he would never dare to order the woman to stay back.

“Many thanks to the two of you. It looks like there still are a few good people left in the world. Oh right, Brother Gary, I would also like to ask another thing. We would like to visit the Rootless Black City in the future; however, I don’t know if we could receive a special discount for obtaining Black Coins in exchange for Spirit Stones?” Ning Cheng gave a warm smile while the killing intent overflowing from him disappeared without even a trace. It was as if he had forgotten about the promised words from Gary and Bian Shao from a moment ago; behaving as if everything was back to normal.

Gary quickly spoke up, “Of course, there can be some concessions made; in fact, a lot of concessions. In the Rootless Black City, a Black Coin has an exchange price of 100 Spirit Stones. However, it is a little more expensive in this place. As for the specific price, each Merchant House will have a different price.”

Ning Cheng gave a gentle nod and spoke, “You truly gave me a little preferential benefit. Brother Gary, I’ll be going inside to roam around now. Goodbye.”

Ning Cheng had seen many cultivators coming out from the buildings behind as if they felt that there might be a good show to watch.

As for the group containing three men and a woman, they stood there in stunned silence. 1000 Spirit Stones for a Black Coin to 100 Spirit Stones for a Black Coin. How was this a small discount?

The four people on seeing Ning Cheng go inside quickly cupped their fists towards the Gary duo before following behind Ning Cheng. The several people had already witnessed that Ning Cheng definitely was not an ordinary person. Although his cultivation might appear inferior to them, his strength and skills, however, were definitely above them.

“Brother Ning, I’m Lan Wenbin, who also just arrived from Heaven’s Way. These are my fellow Senior Apprentice Brothers and Sister.” The skinny looking male cultivator chased after Ning Cheng before speaking up with cupped fists.

Just like Ning Cheng, they all needed to head to the Rootless Black City. If everyone could remain in a group, then they might suffer a lot less bullying.

Ning Cheng knew what the other party meant by his actions, he, however, did not care about it. In any case, the higher their combined strength, the better it might be for them. After the several of them introduced themselves to each other, Ning Cheng came to know that among the four people, the one with the highest cultivation was Wu Marui with the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 4th Level. Wu Marui was a tall man with an impressive grandeur; however, he was an inherently shy person.

Of the other two, one had the appearance of an ordinary youth, with the name Mao Liangpeng, possessing cultivation of Crucible Transformation 2nd Level. The other was the beautiful looking female cultivator, also owning the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 2nd Level, named Ji Ying.

All four of them arrived from a mainland that Ning Cheng had never heard of before, the Great Woodwind Mainland. As Ning Cheng asked about it, he found that the Great Woodwind Mainland definitely had a better environment compared to the Yi Xing Mainland; however, there was also a similarity, that is, its laws were also not complete. After cultivating to a certain degree, it was necessary to enter the Heaven’s Way, in search of a higher Realm.

“Brother Ning, you will have to remain careful from now on. I don’t think that Gary would come forward to testify on your behalf. Besides, we have only arrived at this place recently, other than making our way to the Rootless Black City; we do not have any other place to go. If it really is the case, then I suggest that we give them some Spirit Stones to see if they can look the other way in this matter.” After the few of them got familiar with each other, Lan Wenbin spoke with careful persuasion.

Ning Cheng gave a smile, “Brother Lan doesn’t have to worry about it. We still have to see if there is only one Rootless Black City, if there is really just a single Rootless Black City, then we definitely would need to leave early and reach the Rootless Black City as soon as possible.”

Seeing Ning Cheng himself speaking in such a manner Lan Wen bin also didn’t continue to persuade him.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, many thanks to you. If you had not killed that Cecile, Bian Shao would also not have spared me.” As a female cultivator at the Crucible Transformation 2nd Level, Ji Ying was quite sensitive. Bian Shao’s eyes had repeatedly swept over her, which she had already perceived.

Ning Cheng smiled, “Everyone is here to look for opportunities. Since I could help you out, then I also feel a bit better.”


Watching the six people including Ning Cheng enter the Merchant House behind them, Gary and Bian Shao’s faces turned gloomy. These six businesses formerly belonged to them; however, they now couldn’t even dare to take a step forward. The truth is they had never encountered such arrogant newcomers in their lives.

“Killing the Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce’s Cecile, and even wanting to enlist our help to testify? Who did this kid think he is? Even if he was in the Plundering Life Realm, so what?” Bian Shao kept staring at the backs of Ning Cheng and others as he spoke out in a hate-filled voice.

Gary also spoke up in a cold tone, “Brother Bian, I’ve been going over what happened just a moment ago. How could he be sure that we would testify for him? Did he secretly record us with a crystal ball?”

“That’s possible, if he recorded us using crystal balls, then it would really be bad. However, in that much haste, it shouldn’t be possible for him to think that far ahead, right?” Bian Shao frowned, before suddenly speaking up.

Gary waved his hand and spoke, “Whether or not he recorded us, we should be thinking of changing our strategy from now on. This surnamed Ning’s Dao Companion is beautiful. Just think about it, what if we pass on some information to the Junior City Master of the Rootless Black City, that an extremely attractive female cultivator is about to arrive at the Rootless Black City, what do you think his reaction would be?”

“I really have to admire brother, why didn’t I think of it?” Bian Shao immediately laughed in a happy tone. The few of them had grown accustomed to run around arrogantly in this place; however, they ended up encountering Ning Cheng, someone who could suppress them with just his killing intent. It caused their hearts to grow uncomfortable.

“Wait a minute, someone else is coming.” Gary waved is hand towards Bian Shao.


After Ning Cheng and the several others entered a Rest Stop, they learned that there were still quite a few people staying here. However, because of the various restrictions over the Merchant Houses, none of them could make it out.

It might also be because Ning Cheng had only seen a few shops within the Makeshift Market along with a monotonous street with just a few people walking around; however, the Rest Stops unexpectedly turned out filled with people.

“Did the few of you just come out of Heaven’s Way?” Just as Ning Cheng and the others stepped through the doorway of a Rest Stop, the man in charge of the Rest Stop immediately came forward to welcome them.

“That’s right. Can I ask if after leaving the Receiving Heaven’s Stone is the Rootless Black City the only stop for us?” Ning Cheng asked.

The man gave a smile and spoke, “Of course not, there is another place within the Void. This stone is one of the places; other than the safe zone of the Receiving Heaven’s Stone, the other place would be the Rootless Black City. Aside from these two places, if there were no large ships to ferry you around, you would only encounter a dead end. However, the several people who want to go to the Rootless Black City would need to wait for three days, as the ship to take you to the Rootless Black City would arrive in three days.”

“How much is the ticket?”

“Those people outside definitely would have told you a price of more than 50,000 Black Coins, right? However, the fact is that the price is not that high. Going from this place to the Black City generally costs around 50,000 Black Coins. Moreover, if you have more people with you, then you can even negotiate the prices. That is because several businesses deal with transporting people from here to the Rootless Black City.” This person didn’t seem to care about Gary at all, as he spoke up in direct words.

Lan Wenbin asked, “We just came in, so we don’t have any Black Coins on us. Can I ask what the exchange value is for a Black Coin?”

“If the several of you decide to stay in our Rest Stop, and also decide to take up a seat on our Chamber of Commerce’s Ship, then I can get you an exchange rate of 250 Spirit Stones for a Black Coin. At the same time, the admission tickets would cost you about 50,000 Black Coins and a night of stay here would be around 10,000 Black Coins. Moreover, 200 Spirit Stones in exchange for a Black Coin is the cheapest rate within the Receiving Heaven’s Stone. If you want the exchange rate of 100 Spirit Stones for a Black Coin, then you can only get that in the Rootless Black City. You won’t find this exchange rate anywhere around here.” The man spoke up with sincerity.

Ning Cheng felt a bit better on hearing this; however, Lan Wenbin sucked in a breath of cold air. From this place to the Rootless Black City, it would still cost them more than 10 Million Spirit Stones. Moreover, on arriving in the Rootless Black City, and finding a place to live, wouldn’t it need more Spirit Stones?

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