Chapter 0465

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Chapter 0465: Void Explosive Golden Wasp

“Everyone, you did not hear me wrong. This is not a ‘Black’ Essence Stone Mine but a ‘Blue’ Essence Stone Mine. However, it is somewhat challenging to stake claim over this Blue Essence Stone Mine, as a swarm of Void Explosive Golden Wasps protects it. As Void Explosive Golden Wasps, I do not have to say anything about it, since everybody already is very clear about these wasps. Fortunately, this swarm of Void Explosive Golden Wasps has only just moved in. They haven’t lived in this location for a long time, so their numbers are not that high. We have more than a hundred people here; as long as we pay attention and work methodically, we can definitely destroy these Void Explosive Golden Wasps……” Xu Liangzhi stood up and spoke out with cupped fists.

Some of the unaware cultivators, on hearing the words Blue Essence Stone Mine, almost shook with excitement. Blue Essence Stone Mine aah, one had to know that there was not a single Blue Coin in circulation within the Rootless Black City; however, once one left the Rootless Black City, one would have to depend heavily upon Blue Coins.

These unaware cultivators ignored the warning about the Void Explosive Golden Wasps; however, not every cultivator within the group could ignore the Void Explosive Golden Wasp.

There was not a single cultivator living in the Void who did not fear the Void Explosive Golden Wasps. A single wasp did not pose much threat, but these wasps always moved around in a swarm, with the largest among them growing up to a few feet long. These wasps possessed two main methods to attack, one of them was ‘Absorption’, and the other was ‘Golden Explosion’.

Once the wasp’s mouthpiece attached itself to a cultivator, even a powerful cultivator would not escape getting sucked dry, turning into dry debris. However, these wasps had an even more frightening move, the Golden Explosion.

The tail-needle of the Void Explosive Golden Wasps can also self-detonate. After the tail-needle explodes, it would disintegrate into a dense and terrifying cluster of Golden Awns. These Golden Awns not only contained powerful toxins, once they stabbed into the body they would immediately dissipate into one’s Essence Blood, something complicated to treat and often times incurable.

Because of this, the Void Explosive Golden Wasps earned a fearful reputation; ordinary cultivators, after encountering Void Explosive Golden Wasps, would immediately choose to escape. Nobody would willingly come forward to fight these Void Explosive Golden Wasps.

Moreover, none of the cultivators that came here was below the Crucible Transformation Realm. Since they could survive within the Rootless Black City, it also proved that they were not simple characters. Therefore, after the initial surprise, these cultivators quickly realised the dangers involved in this matter.

Void Explosive Golden Wasps aah, if this place contained too many Void Explosive Golden Wasps, then not to mention a hundred Crucible Transformation Cultivators, even if they brought along a thousand Crucible Transformation Cultivators, it would not be enough.

The shock and surprise that the information brought made them feel as if the air itself had solidified.

Xu Liangzhi had already guessed such an outcome. So he coldly spoke out, “Everyone. What do you think is the purpose of cultivation? Of course, it is to stand at a higher peak. However, can anyone reach a higher peak by secluding oneself in an Immortal Cave? Did you think that cultivation resources would just drop into your laps from the sky? Not to mention about others, even me, Xu Liangzhi, the Junior City Master of the Rootless Black City, has to look for my own cultivation resources.”

“That’s right, the Void Explosive Golden Wasps might be powerful; however, we do not need to feel afraid of them. We have Array Formation Grand Masters with us. They can work together to arrange walls of Defensive Array Formations around us, which we can use to catch and eliminate them one by one. As long as we completely eradicate these Void Explosive Golden Wasps, we would obtain the opportunity to claim the Blue Essence Stone Mine as our own.”

“Did you ever think about the total value of Blue Coins in there? Moreover, I assure you that I will definitely kill more than ten times the number of Void Explosive Golden Wasps compared to the other collaborators, and will only take a 20% share. If you still want to leave, then I will also not force you at all, you can all leave by yourself.”

Because of the words of the Junior City Master, these Crucible Transformation Cultivators turned quiet immediately. ‘Leave’? Wasn’t it equivalent to courting death? Without the Void Ship, from this location to the Rootless Black City, other than courting death, was there any other different path?

Xu Liangzhi waited for a while. Before speaking up with satisfaction, “Good, since everyone is unwilling to leave, let’s start now. Since I am the person who organised this team, I should also be the one to take up most of the responsibility. Wait for me and a few others as we set up the methods to cope with the hive, the others can then rely on the Array Formations and prevent the Void Explosive Golden Wasps from returning to rescue the others…..”

Hearing that Xu Liangzhi wanted to head to the front lines to deal with the hive, while the others were only responsible for the stray Void Explosive Golden Wasps, the surroundings turned even more silent.

The forces concentrated within the Void Explosive Golden Wasp’s Wasp Nest definitely would be the strongest; since Xu Liangzhi put it like that, then it wouldn’t pose many problems to the rest of the people. A small part of the cultivators within the team couldn’t help but think that Xu Liangzhi had selfish motives; something inside the Wasp’s Nest must have attracted his attention. Unfortunately, none of them had the strength to actually compete against Xu Liangzhi.

“Do it…..” Xu Liangzhi immediately issued the command; several Array Formation Masters then immediately rushed out and started arranging many Defensive Array Formations.

Hiding in the distance, Ning Cheng kept his eyes trained on Xu Liangzhi and his actions. He knew that this was the best moment for a sneak attack. He was sure that if he were to sneak attack at this moment, there was a 90% chance that he could successfully kill Xu Liangzhi while his mind remained focused on dealing with the Void Explosive Golden Wasps.

However, no matter how many times Ning Cheng simulated the sneak attack in his mind; he did not actually act upon it. He also had not arranged any Entrapment Formations ahead of time, nor did he arrange any form of Killing Formation; at the same time, he even did not think himself lucky enough that Xu Liangzhi would not perceive the fluctuations of the Array Formations arranged by him.

Facts proved that Ning Cheng choosing not to act was the correct decision. The Array Formation Grandmaster in Xu Liangzhi’s team was already arranging an Array Formation that was exceptionally close to a Rank 7 one. Moreover, Xu Liangzhi also remained extremely careful. On his ship, these Array Formation Masters had already checked everything around their immediate periphery.

This person was definitely not the kind who would just relax and laze around after arriving.

Despite knowing that it was the best time to act, Ning Cheng chose not to do anything, as he gleaned a few insights into Xu Liangzhi’s thought process while observing him. Xu Liangzhi’s focus was not the Blue Essence Stone Mine, but on the Void Explosive Golden Wasps in the distance.

Ning Cheng also knew about some information regarding the Void Explosive Golden Wasps, something that he learned from the handbook; that is, this insect was a first-grade killer within the Void. Moreover, there was only a handful of Void Explosive Golden Wasps in this place, this point alone made a few things clear to him. Ning Cheng realised that this signified the possible birth of the Void Explosive Golden Wasp’s new Wasp King.

The most powerful member of the Void Explosive Golden Wasps was the Wasp King, somewhat similar to the Insect Queen that he encountered back on Earth. However, the Wasp King differed from the Insect Queen in that it was not responsible for the giving birth to offspring. They had only one task, which was to dominate the entire Void Explosive Golden Wasp swarm. No matter how many Void Explosive Golden Wasps the colony contained, it would only have a single Wasp King; moreover, apart from the Wasp King, it would also include single Queen Wasp.

Only when the Wasp King grew old and realised that it is on the brink of death would it then search for a safe place to give birth to a new Wasp King. This newly birthed Wasp King would then devour the old Wasp King’s aura to strengthen itself. Regardless of any Void Explosive Golden Wasps, as long as they encountered the Wasp King, they would immediately surrender themselves. However, if two Wasp Kings met, it would always result in a life and death duel between them. The one left alive would become the new Wasp King of the combined colony.

There were not many Void Explosive Golden Wasps. This indicated the impending death of the current Wasp King. It would only keep the most trusted of the Void Explosive Golden Wasp Swarm around it in such a moment while searching for a place to give birth to its descendant.

The primary purpose of Xu Liangzhi definitely was not the Blue Essence Stone Mine but the posterity of the Void Explosive Golden Wasp King. Once he managed to obtain the posterity of the Void Explosive Golden Wasp King, his strength would increase exponentially. Once recognised as the master by the Void Explosive Golden Wasp’s Wasp King, its value would increase exponentially compared to the Blue Essence Stone Mine.

Now that he realised that Xu Liangzhi was going after the Void Explosive Golden Wasp’s Wasp King, how could Ning Cheng choose to kill Xu Liangzhi at this moment? His mind immediately shifted gears towards the Void Explosive Golden Wasp’s Wasp King. As long as he obtained the Wasp King Egg of the Void Explosive Golden Wasp’s Wasp King, what else would he feel afraid of in the future while traversing the Void?

Just as the several Array Formation Grandmasters finished throwing out the Array Flags, a buzzing noise immediately erupted. The next moment, a massive swarm of Void Explosive Golden Wasps swarmed out of nowhere. A cultivator at the Crucible Transformation 4th Level had not yet brought out any weapon, when a Void Explosive Golden Wasp pinned its mouthpiece onto him, turning him into a dried-up husk at speed visible to the naked eye.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but shiver in fright at such a sight, was this Xu Liangzhi out of his mind? The Void Explosive Golden Wasps present in this place were at least a thousand years old, while none of them seemed low-levelled. Did this fellow really think that just bringing around a hundred people would allow him to walk away from this place with the Wasp King’s egg?

Xu Liangzhi’s expression instantly changed. He shouted out anxiously, “Hurry up and bring out your defensive weapons. The number of Void Explosive Golden Wasps here has increased tenfold. There were only a few hundred the last time around.”

Ning Cheng immediately understood something; it looks like most of these Void Explosive Golden Wasps came in later.

The just-arranged Array Formation immediately burst open under the assault from thousands of Void Explosive Golden Wasps. The more than 100 Crucible Transformation Cultivators, along with a Plundering Life Realm Cultivator ended up surrounded on all sides by the Void Explosive Golden Wasps. Even Xu Liangzhi, who had prepared himself to enter the Wasp Nest, could not leave the encirclement of the Void Explosive Golden Wasps. At this moment, not to mention rushing into the Wasp’s Nest, it would be lucky if they could even escape this encirclement.

Ning Cheng carefully spread out his Spiritual Consciousness around him and started moving towards the nest; the role of his Origin Cultivation Method and Origin Aura fully manifested at this moment.

His Spiritual Consciousness blended into the surrounding Void; so even with so many powerful cultivators coming here, nobody noticed him.

Ning Cheng quickly found out that what he guessed was genuinely correct; in the midst of a vast Wasp’s Nest, there were two giant eggs, the size of basketballs, lying side by side.

A dispirited yet colossal Void Explosive Golden Wasp also sat beside it inside the Wasp’s Nest. This Void Explosive Golden Wasp had not died yet. From its aura, this Void Explosive Golden Wasp should be the Wasp King. Only a few dozen meters away from the Wasp’s Nest, a dozen Void Explosive Golden Wasps stood motionless. Apparently, they were the Guardian Wasps.

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness then swept towards the scene where the swarm of the Void Explosive Golden Wasps clashed with the cultivator group before carefully moving past them.

After a stick of incense worth of time, more than 50 of the cultivators died, while only one to two hundred Void Explosive Golden Wasps perished. The sole Plundering Life Realm Cultivator trapped along with the others definitely was an extraordinarily powerful cultivator. However, although he could occasionally kill a few Void Explosive Golden Wasps, there were just too many Void Explosive Golden Wasps in this place.

Ning Cheng remained extremely careful. However, just as he entered the Wasp’s Nest, the wretched and weary-looking Wasp King immediately noticed it. Instantly, the hair on the Wasp King stood up straight, before a low and deep roar echoed out.

Ning Cheng knew that this call entailed something terrible. He immediately brought out his Nirvana Spear and shot towards one of the Wasp King’s eggs.

The Wasp King instantly stood up, intending to block Ning Cheng’s Nirvana Spear with its mouthpiece. At the same time, the dozen Guarding Wasps also rushed towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng had no intentions to break a Wasp King’s egg; his goal was just to carry off one of the Wasp King’s Egg.

Ning Cheng’s strategy showed its effects immediately. He attacked one of the Wasp King’s eggs knowing that the Void Explosive Golden Wasp King would move to save it; however, at the same exact moment, he used his Spiritual Consciousness to wrap around and instantly take away the other Wasp King’s Egg, while simultaneously retreating with his Nirvana Spear. This entire process took not even a single breath before the dozens of Void Explosive Golden Wasps started rushing inside towards him.

He could kill the Void Explosive Golden Wasp King if he wanted to; however, Ning Cheng did not do it. Not because the rest of the Void Explosive Golden Wasps returned, but because he just did not want to kill this Wasp King.

Within the Wasp Nest, apart from the Void Explosive Golden Wasp King, and the Guardian Wasps, there were now hundreds of Void Explosive Golden Wasps swarming in. The trapped Crucible Transformation Cultivators immediately felt the pressure ease up. Some of the cultivators immediately took the opportunity to escape; Xu Liangzhi also quickly made his escape amongst them. He knew better than anyone did that his plan to capture the Wasp King’s Egg had ended in utter failure.

Just as Xu Liangzhi crazily rushed towards the Void Ship, a long spear suddenly descended straight for him from the Void. In just a twinkling of an eye, this long spear arrived right in front of him. The horrifying killing intent emanating from it immediately sent chills down his body.

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