Chapter 0466

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Chapter 0466: Who dares kill my son

This feeling felt very familiar to Xu Liangzhi. Several decades ago, he felt the same facing a Monk’s Staff, which led him to taste the flavour of death the first time. It resulted in the destruction of his corporeal body; if not for his father’s timely intervention, this world would not have a Xu Liangzhi.

Living such a blissful life, how could Xu Liangzhi be willing to die? He immediately twisted his body as quickly as possible to get out of the path of this horrifying killing intent. However, Xu Liangzhi promptly found that his current situation was ten times more frightening than that year’s; he found that the opposite party had complete control of the space around him.

He no longer felt himself a part of the surroundings; whether it was Escape Talismans or his other life-saving measures, he found himself unable to activate any of them at this moment.

“Ning Cheng, if you dare to kill me, my father will surely turn your bones to ashes…..” At this moment, Xu Liangzhi felt incomparable regret within his heart; he should never have let down his vigilance towards Ning Cheng. Would someone, who dared to extinguish the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce, dread him when his father was already in seclusion?

He had no idea that this person was this dead-set on killing him, to the point that he would even sneak-attack him the moment he managed to escape from the Void Explosive Golden Wasps. At this moment, he could not rely on anyone else; he had to rely on his own abilities.

“Then I allow me to also turn your father’s bones to ashes to accompany you…..” When Ning Cheng’s cold voice reached Xu Liangzhi’s ears, his Nirvana Spear had already pierced through Xu Liangzhi’s glabella.

“Poof…..” A bloody light erupted, and Xu Liangzhi’s head, surrounding his glabella, exploded into a bloody mist. Even his Life Essence did not have the chance to escape. Under the rampage of Ning Cheng’s Nirvana Spear, even his Spiritual Soul faced complete destruction. At the same moment that Xu Liangzhi died, an invisible mark attached itself to Ning Cheng’s body.

Ning Cheng did not notice this mark. He raised his hand and grabbed a ring, while simultaneously activated his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds before disappearing from the place. The moment that Ning Cheng vanished from his location, the rest of the surviving Crucible Transformation Cultivators and the Plundering Life Ream Cultivator finally managed to rush in.

From the start to the end, only a single moment had passed by; however, this brief instant was more than enough for Ning Cheng to calmly make his escape.


From inside the City Master’s Mansion in the Rootless Black City, a powerful and incomparably monstrous aura shot into the sky.

“Who dares kill my son…?” A furious roar accompanied this murderous aura as it echoed throughout the Rootless Black City. The next instant, a grey shadow shot across the Rootless Black City before disappearing into the endless Void.

Although the grey shadow disappeared, the horrifying grandeur and the aura of tyrannical cultivation caused the entire Rootless Black City to tremble with fear. Even the few Plundering Life Realm Cultivators turned pale. This aura was definitely beyond that of the Plundering Life Realm. Even without actual advancement, there was only a hair’s worth of distance to the next promotion.

All the cultivators residing within the Rootless Black City understood who this person was; this definitely was none other than City Master Xu Kai from the City Master’s Mansion, the foremost person within the Rootless Black City. As for his son, he was none other than the Rootless Black City’s Junior City Master Xu Liangzhi.

At this moment, people did not need to guess as to what happened; all of them instinctively knew as to who killed Xu Liangzhi. Other than that person, Ning Cheng, with heaven-defying courage, who exterminated the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce recently, who else would dare to kill Xu Liangzhi?

Some of the people felt fortunate that they didn’t take the initiative to find trouble with Ning Cheng. Someone who even dared to kill the City Master Mansion’s Junior City Master, who else would dare to even think of making a move against him? If they had willingly come forward to find trouble with Ning Cheng, they might just end up heading the same way as the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce.


In the endless Void, Ning Cheng was still in a frantic hurry. After he killed Xu Liangzhi, he felt a lot more comfortable. However, he knew that Xu Kai, who managed to become the foremost person within the Rootless Black City, definitely would not be a pushover nor would he have reached that position in a fluke. Which faction among the Rootless Black City was not arrogant? How could it be easy to dominate all these factions?

Moreover, this Xu Kai had gone into seclusion for several hundred years; yet, the prestige of the Rootless Black City’s City Master Mansion had not dropped the slightest. From this single point alone, it showed that Xu Kai was quite strong.

Without a safe path, Ning Cheng found it even more difficult to traverse the Void by himself. The Void Blade Lights and the Void Turbulences, along with the occasional meteorites that would suddenly pop out without any rhyme or reason, made Ning Cheng feel very uncomfortable. In just a short day, his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds suffered several more injuries.

Feeling the path turning more dangerous as time passed by, Ning Cheng finally stopped. This definitely was not the right way to continue. Moreover, he also felt a perilous premonition that Xu Kai could find him at any time. This premonition came without any reason.

Ning Cheng found a Void Island and decided to temporarily make a stop there to see if there was anything wrong with him. At the same time, he also arranged several Killing Formations around him in case of any emergencies.

Even if Xu Kai was more powerful, he still was a cultivator in the Plundering Life Realm. He has not advanced from the Plundering Life Realm yet. Since he arranged these many Array Formations, who could affirm if he certainly would be able to kill the opposite party?

Just as Ning Cheng dropped a few dozen Array Flags, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. Silhouettes of cyan coloured Lightning Arcs appeared within the range of his Spiritual Consciousness. Even within the Void, it shone brightly.

Was someone attempting to cross a tribulation? Soon Ning Cheng became sure; someone definitely was trying to pass a trial within the Void.

Those lightning arcs did not feel as dominant on the surface when compared to the time when Ning Cheng crossed his tribulations; however, Ning Cheng could sense that the intensity of this Thunder Tribulation definitely was a lot higher when compared to the Thunder Tribulation he faced when advancing to the Sea Opening Realm.

Ning Cheng, when comparing his own Thunder Tribulation to other person’s Thunder Tribulation, realised that this person’s Thunder Tribulation was a lot stronger than the Thunder Tribulations faced by any other cultivator on the same level as him. From this, he also inferred that since this person’s Thunder Tribulation was this powerful, then this Thunder Tribulation definitely was not for an ordinary advancement. Not even a Crucible Transformation Cultivator wouldn’t face this kind of a Thunder Tribulation when advancing to the Plundering Life Realm.

The thought of this Thunder Tribulation not belonging to a Crucible Transformation Cultivator advancing to the Plundering Life Realm caused Ning Cheng to feel a sharp surprise. If that were indeed the case, then wouldn’t it mean that this Thunder Tribulation was for someone attempting to advance from the Plundering Life Realm to a higher realm?

In this Void, the nearest place was the Rootless Black City. Within this area, who would even choose to cross their Thunder Tribulation, besides the Rootless Black City’s foremost person, Xu Kai?

Xu Kai appeared in this place, thinking of this Ning Cheng’s heart immediately sank. With the help of his Spiritual Consciousness, he could glean that the location of where that person was crossing his tribulation was only a maximum of one to two thousand miles away from him.

He killed Xu Liangzhi only a day ago. Even if Xu Kai was stronger, how was he able to find him in just a day? One had to know that he personally had to fly for a month from the Rootless Black City to the location of the Blue Essence Stone Mine.

However, that was not important; the most important point was about how Xu Kai came to know his location? Ning Cheng did not believe that Xu Kai had arrived here purely out of luck.

Ning Cheng’s expression turned solemn, he knew that there was no use for anxiety at this moment. Immediately scanning his own body with his Spiritual Consciousness several times, he finally found a vague Spiritual Consciousness Tag on his body.

Ning Cheng immediately understood; this Spiritual Consciousness Tag should have attached to him when he killed Xu Liangzhi. At that time, his thoughts mainly focused on escaping, which caused him to have not realised it.

At this moment, Ning Cheng turned even calmer. No matter how Xu Kai found out about it, no matter why Xu Kai was here to cross his tribulation, he had no choice but to come up with a solution to his predicament. If Xu Kai successfully passed his trial; at that point, even if he chose to run away with all his might, the only road in front of him would be death.

With this thought in mind, Ning Cheng immediately stripped off the Spiritual Consciousness Tag on his body before conjuring a clump of flames and completely obliterating the Spiritual Consciousness Tag.

While incinerating the Spiritual Consciousness Tag, Ning Cheng felt a powerful Spiritual Sense sweep over him, which allowed him to instantly realise that it belonged to Xu Kai. Xu Kai was in the midst of crossing his tribulation; however, he was also worried that Ning Cheng would end up escaping.

At this moment, an impulsive thought crept into Ning Cheng’s mind, that this would be the best time to make his escape. Since Xu Kai was in the midst of crossing his tribulation, there was no way that he could divert his attention to kill him. Once he escaped, and without Xu Kai’s Spiritual Consciousness Tag on him, that Xu Kai would not necessarily be able to overtake him.

However, Ning Cheng quickly dismissed the idea; not only did he reject the thought, his Spiritual Consciousness even extended towards the place where Xu Kai was attempting to cross his tribulation.

This allowed him to clarify one matter; Xu Kai wasn’t voluntarily trying to cross his tribulation. Most likely, Xu Kai was about to break through from the Plundering Life Realm and advance to a more powerful realm and was in the midst of searching for a place that would help him cross the tribulation when he learned about the death of his son, Xu Liangzhi, at Ning Cheng’s hands. When Xu Kai learned of this matter, he immediately rushed out here.

As a result, with his cultivation already at a critical point, and under the eruption of his True Essence, he did not have to actively initiate the descent of his tribulation; instead, the Thunder Tribulation itself came to find him on its own initiative. Otherwise, he would have never taken action to waste time in crossing the tribulation before killing Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng increasingly felt that his guess was correct. Just as his Spiritual Consciousness felt the furious and wild Thunder Tribulation Arcs descending, an excited expression immediately flashed through his eyes. At this time, he not only did Ning Cheng not chose to run away; instead, he actually shot towards Xu Kai.

Xu Kai felt incomparably depressed in his heart. He did not need any pills to aid him in advancement; the only reason he had gone into seclusion several hundred years ago was to finally come out and face the tribulation with a sturdy and robust foundation. However, Xu Kai never imagined that his son would end up dying at the hands of others at such a critical juncture. How could he endure such a matter?

Because of his overflowing anger, it made him ignore all the costs of killing Ning Cheng and then face his tribulation. Otherwise, if it ended up creating a Heart Devil, he might never be able to overcome it. However, his overflowing anger ended up unconsciously stimulating his True Essence. At once, his True Essence completely broke through the shackles he had placed on it, which immediately attracted the descent of the Thunder Tribulation.

When the Thunder Tribulation, Xu Kai did not worry much about it because he believed that he could get through the Thunder Tribulation. Even if Ning Cheng managed to take this chance to escape, after crossing the Thunder Tribulation, he could still kill that person because of his Spiritual Consciousness Tag. However, Xu Kai had never imagined that just as this Thunder Tribulation descended, Ning Cheng would also end up finding his Spiritual Consciousness Tag. Not only did he locate it, he even managed to peel it off.

This made Xu Kai incomparably anxious. If Ning Cheng chose to escape now, then once outside of his Spiritual Consciousness range, it would prove difficult to locate this person.

However, what he found even more inconceivable was the stupidity shown by Ning Cheng after he purged the Spiritual Consciousness Tag. Not only did he not flee, but he also made his way towards him.

Xu Kai sneered in his heart. This person indeed was quite arrogant. Since he was currently in the midst of facing his tribulation, even if he did not do anything, as long as Ning Cheng came within the range of the descending Thunder Tribulation, he would end up in ashes.

Facing a Thunder Tribulation relating to the advancement of a cultivator at the Great Circle of the Plundering Life Realm, how could the opposite party, just a puny cultivator at the Sea Opening Realm, dare to approach? Xu Kai couldn’t help but think if this person honestly did not know the immensity of the heavens.

At this moment, he couldn’t help but feel his son’s worthlessness, to end up dead at the hands of such a person.

“You’re that Xu Kai, that Junior City Master Xu Liangzhi’s cheap old man? Are you here to kill me?” Ning Cheng stood not far away from Xu Kai and watched Xu Kai try to resist the wave after wave of the descending Thunder Tribulation. Even his tone remained calm as if he was chatting with a friend.

Xu Kai looked much older compared to Xu Liangzhi, with long fluttering hair; however, similar to Xu Liangzhi, he had the same natural and unrestrained quality to him.

“Little beast, did you really think that this father would not be able to do anything to you just because of the descending tribulation? Die for me.” Xu Kai suddenly moved towards Ning Cheng, who was not far away, while he simultaneously raised his hand to grab Ning Cheng.

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