Chapter 0467

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Chapter 0467: Fighting under Thunder Tribulation

However, before he could even catch Ning Cheng, a bunch of Lightning Arcs shot towards Ning Cheng.

Any life that meandered in during the descent of Thunder Tribulation, as long as it arrived within its range, the Thunder Tribulation would strike it down to death without mercy. This was equivalent to challenging the dignity of the Thunder Tribulation. Since Ning Cheng stood under the scope of the descending Thunder Tribulation, it would also strike him down without exception.

Ning Cheng immediately brought out his Everlasting Blue Thunder City; even the Nirvana Spear appeared in his hands. At the same time he coldly spoke out a few words, “Xu Kai, you should care about yourself, idiot.”

Since he dared to come here, he naturally did not feel much fear towards the Thunder Tribulation Arcs. Therefore, when he started, despite seeing the Lightning Arcs shooting towards him, he did not feel too flustered about it.

Xu Kai’s hand paused slightly. He did not expect that Ning Cheng not only dared to attack him in such a situation, not even about the Lightning Arc shooting towards him. Did this fellow not fear death? These were Tribulation Thunder Arcs originating from a cultivator trying to cross the tribulation at the Great Circle of the Plundering Life Realm; how could a cultivator in the Sea Opening Realm not care about it?

“Boom-Boom-Boom….” Several Lightning Arcs struck the Everlasting Blue Thunder City and Ning Cheng; at the same time, several more Lightning Arcs descended onto Xu Kai’s body.

“Bang-Bang, Ka-Ka…..” Several explosive and rupturing sounds erupted; Ning Cheng’s robes also turned into rags while flesh and blood exploded out under the residual impacts from the Lightning Arcs.

However, when the Lightning Arcs descended onto the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, they all disappeared without a trace.

However, what made Xu Kai stunned, with his mouth agape, was that although Ning Cheng looked bruised and lacerated, he actually did not look much affected at all. In fact, Ning Cheng behaved as if he did not care about it. Not just that, he even felt that Ning Cheng’s strength had risen.

However, the Lightning Arcs descending over him prevented him from continuing to observe. The Lightning Arcs he had to face were a lot denser compared to the Lightning Arcs shooting towards Ning Cheng.

As several more Lightning Arcs descended, Xu Kai’s armour exploded into green smoke that scattered in four directions. Even the shield protecting him gave off ‘Ka-Ka’ sounds, while copious amounts of blood mist erupted from his body. The Lightning Arcs would not allow anyone to pass, even if one’s cultivation were even higher, one could only rely on one’s self to trudge through the adversity and pain.

However, this was not the end of it. While these Lightning Arcs descended, Ning Cheng’s Nirvana Spear also shot out and unexpectedly helped the descending Tribulation Thunder Arcs in dealing with Xu Kai.

The powerful killing intent radiating out from the Nirvana Spear caused even the Void Blade Lights and meteorites streaking around in the Void around their periphery to split apart in the face of Ning Cheng’s powerful Spear Intent.

“Such formidable spear intent…..” Xu Kai had already withdrawn his hand shooting towards Ning Cheng and brought out a pair of Heaven Terminating Dual Needles.

The Heaven Terminating Dual Needles shot out two white lights that quickly entwined around Ning Cheng’s Spear Intent. Ning Cheng’s originally boundless Spear Intent, entwined by the two white lights rapidly turned weak before it started to fade away. In just a few breaths, this Spear Intent disappeared without even a trace left behind.

Ning Cheng felt shocked in his heart at this sight, he knew exactly how powerful his own Spear Intent was, yet Xu Kai dealt with his Spear Intent in such a simple manner, which immediately put him at a disadvantage. What was even more frightening was that because he inserted himself within the range of this descending Thunder Tribulation, it did not increase the danger towards Xu Kai. On the contrary, the injuries suffered by Xu Kai under this descending Thunder Tribulation actually reduced because of his involvement. He ended up helping Xu Kai in sharing the might the descending Thunder Tribulation; moreover, with this help, Xu Kai also would not need to draw support from the Thunder Tribulation to kill him.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng immediately made a quick retreat.

“Little beast, did you think that you could actually walk away from this place alive?” When the third wave of the Thunder Tribulation Arcs descended, Xu Kai not only chose to ignore this descending Thunder Tribulation, even his Heaven Termination Dual Needles transformed into a seemingly boundless ocean of white light. The killing power within it was like the wind and waves of a ferocious storm that lashed out at Ning Cheng. Even if Ning Cheng had not inserted himself into the situation, the descending Thunder Tribulation did not pose much threat towards him. However, now that Ning Cheng shared a portion of the descending Thunder Tribulation Arcs, Xu Kai definitely had a lesser share of Lightning Arcs to face.

A fierce glint flashed through Ning Cheng’s eyes, he knew that if he did not find a way to cope up with the Thunder Tribulation, he would definitely die today. He had never imagined that Xu Kai would turn out this strong. Even if he used his False Domain, in the face of Xu Kai’s imposing momentum, it would not be of much use at all.

On the contrary, under Xu Kai’s imposing momentum, he would be the one to end up suppressed systematically. Initially, he had intended to absorb the descending Lightning Arcs using the Everlasting Blue Thunder City and then try using the Everlasting Blue Thunder City to erupt with even more Lightning Arcs, which he could then use to attack Xu Kai in tandem with the descending Thunder Tribulation. However, after gauging Xu Kai’s strength, Ning Cheng immediately gave up the idea.

His Nirvana Spear once again rumbled forth; however, this time he did not shoot towards Xu Kai. Instead, he used it to pull headfirst into the descending Tribulation Thunder Arcs.

Every Thunder Tribulation possessed a spirit, this Ning Cheng already knew about. When he faced his tribulations, he knew that the angrier the Thunder Tribulation became, the more powerful would the descending Thunder Tribulation be.

“You’re looking for death…..” Xu Kai immediately understood Ning Cheng’s idea. Under his monstrous anger, the murderous aura contained within the Heaven Terminating Dual Needles’ white ripple-ly waves became even more violent.

Since Ning Cheng could survive under his Thunder Tribulation for so long, he realised that it should be because of Ning Cheng possessing a Thunder Spiritual Root; at the same time, there was also that strange shadow of the Thunder City. That shadow of the Thunder City, he had already regarded as his own thing.

Ning Cheng turned indifferent towards the berserk fury of the Heaven Terminating Dual Needles’ waves; he gathered his True Essence and unleashed crazy attacks over the descending Thunder Tribulation Arcs. Despite the furious ripple-like assaults from the Heaven Terminating Dual Needles directed at him, which were more than sufficient to claim his life, he still dared to attack the descending Thunder Tribulation Arcs.

“Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom…..” The Thunder Tribulation finally turned berserk from anger; the already powerful descending Lightning Arcs no longer remained nine, but instead turned into 36.

The wave of descending Lightning Arcs was like the raging sea, which fell from the Void in the form of a Thunder Waterfall.

Ning Cheng did not feel any sadness or happiness in the face of it; he knew that the Lightning Arcs had already targeted him. Since it already had its aim on him, then that was it. He would let this Rootless Black City’s City Master taste his, Ning Cheng’s, Tribulation Thunder. At this point, he did not feel fear; instead, he even happily attacked the descending Thunder Waterfall.

Xu Kai experienced a dramatic change of expression. He had never seen such a terrifying Thunder Tribulation. In the face of such a Thunder Tribulation, how could he dare to distract himself by even half a bit? His Heaven Terminating Dual Needles’ white light ripples, which were initially heading towards Ning Cheng, instantly retracted before shooting towards the descending Thunder Waterfall.



All kinds of tearing explosion sounds rang out within this piece of the Void. There were no more Spacial Wind Edges or even meteorites streaking anywhere near to this location; in any case, in the face of these kinds of terrifying explosions, anything and everything would turn to dust within its fury.

“Kacha….” Xu Kai’s secondary armour finally cracked open, while his shield also turned into flying ash.

The wild Thunder Waterfall and the Thunder Tribulation Arcs that descended onto Xu Kai’s Heaven Terminating Dual Needles’ ripples caused them to curl up into dim lights one after another. It looked just like the water vapour on the surface of a lake in the early morning, enveloping them in its entirety.

“Poof-Poof….” A few mouthfuls of blood gushed out, while Xu Kai no longer had a single unfazed area over his body. Even if it were he, trying to block such a terrifying Thunder Waterfall on top of the Tribulation Arcs, was something he found extremely dangerous.

“That crafty bastard…..” Xu Kai cursed angrily in his heart while he once again coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Ning Cheng fared much better compared to him; that was because Ning Cheng possessed an Everlasting Blue Thunder City. Along with his Thunder Spiritual Root, he could actually absorb the Thunder Source to improve upon his cultivation.

When the 36 Lightning Arcs along with the Thunder Waterfall finally weakened, Xu Kai’s imposing momentum once again rose.

Seeing that the next wave of the Thunder Tribulation has not yet descended, Xu Kai’s eyes flashed with extreme ferociousness; his Heaven Terminating Dual Needles merged into the Void, while he gave out a crazy shout, “Little beast, give me death…..”

“Boom-Boom-Boom….” Just as Xu Kai’s Heaven Terminating Dual Needles were about to strike Ning Cheng, numerous Thunder Tribulation Arcs along with another Thunder Waterfall once again descended.

Ning Cheng shot out with the Nirvana Spear in his hand and spoke to Xu Kai with disdain, “You haven’t seen this grandpa facing his tribulation. Did you really think that the two waves of these Thunder Tribulation Arcs would be as far apart as when you faced your tribulations before? Idiot…..”

“Bang…..” Ning Cheng’s Nirvana Spear struck just above the white rippling lights of the Heaven Terminating Dual Needles; using the powerful counterforce generated, Ning Cheng instantly pulled away.

Only, he moved towards the centre of the Lightning Arcs, causing the wild and violent Lightning Arcs to once again descend onto Ning Cheng’s back.

“Ka-Ka….” Xu Kai felt as if his five viscera and six bowels had blasted open under the impact over those explosive Thunder Tribulation Arcs; even his second more-powerful shield had turned into ashes. Under the fury of this terrifying Thunder Tribulation, he had no means to block it. Moreover, his Heaven Terminating Dual Needles were still in the midst of attacking Ning Cheng.

By the time he recalled his Heaven Terminating Dual Needles, he had also noticed that Ning Cheng’s strength had once again soared. The next moment, the long spear in Ning Cheng’s hand thundered towards his glabella along with another wave of Thunder Waterfall.

This little beast unexpectedly advanced to the 8th Level of Sea Opening Realm under his Thunder Tribulation. This caused Xu kai’s heart to quake with extreme anger. Although there were still numerous dense Thunder Tribulation Arcs shooting towards Ning Cheng, he could not feel the slightest joy within his heart.

“Kacha…..” The Heaven Terminating Dual Needles, under the furious onslaught of the Thunder Tribulation Arcs and the Thunder Waterfall, finally cracked apart. This caused a thick swath of Thunder Waterfall to land directly upon Xu Kai’s body, causing half of Xu kai’s body to disintegrate.

At the same time, Xu Kai also saw a swath of Thunder Waterfall descending onto Ning Cheng’s shoulder. However, Ning Cheng did not experience a similar outcome to him. All he saw were some exposed white bones.

This fellow not only possessed a Thunder Spiritual Root and that Thunder City’s shadow to resist the descending Tribulation Arcs, he even was a Body Forging Cultivator.

Xu Kai’s heart sank; at this moment, he regretted coming out to seek revenge against Ning Cheng. He should have first advanced, before heading out to kill Ning Cheng.

“Bang, Ka….” Several more Thunder Tribulation Arcs and another Thunder Waterfall descended. Xu Kai crazily stimulated his cracked Heaven Terminating Dual Needles to try to block this wave of attack. He could feel the shackles over his body were about to break. As long as he could get through this wave of Thunder Tribulation, he would advance directly. At that time, even if there were several Ning Chengs, it would not be enough to kill him.

“Bang…..” Just as the Lightning Arcs and Thunder Waterfall descended onto Xu Kai’s weapon, Xu Kai felt his entire body shake. The cultivation shackles over his body suddenly shattered while a powerful force crazily started to manifest in him.

This kind of feeling could not be described with words; Xu Kai’s eyes flashed with a hot light, he knew that he finally succeeded in advancing just in time. He also unexpectedly did not have to face any Heart Devils.

As long as he had three breaths of time to recover, he could then easily breeze through the rest of this Thunder Tribulation and then kill Ning Cheng.

However, not to mention three breaths, he could not even enjoy a single breath of time. At the very moment of his advancement, when his True Essence had not yet fully transformed, the Nirvana Spear arrived right in front of his glabella.

What he saw was a matchlessly terrifying Spear Intent with a nearly skeletal-body covered in blood behind it. At this moment, the barely skeletal-body was holding the rod-shaped Nirvana Spear while shooting towards his glabella. Xu Kai’s will reached an all-time low. He had just advanced, only to find himself at death’s door. This level of despair caused an incomparable hatred to manifest within his heart.

“Poof…..” Xu Kai clearly heard the sound of his head bursting open and even saw the eruption of the bloody mist.

In the end, he actually died at the hands of an ant in the Sea Opening Realm; it was something that made him feel irreconcilable.

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