Chapter 0477

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Chapter 0477: You’ll Regret It

After Ning Cheng spoke those words, he did not rush out of the Rootless Black City. Instead, he pushed deeper into the city.

Since the Void Explosive Golden Wasps laid siege to the Rootless Black City, almost all the cultivators of the city were now at the city walls resisting the invasion of the Explosive Golden Wasps. Therefore, when Ning Cheng rushed towards the inner areas, he did not encounter anyone. If not for all the cultivators within the city speeding towards the city walls to resist the Explosive Golden Wasps, then perhaps one might end up mistaking this incomparably silent place as a dead city.

After half an incense stick worth of time, Ning Cheng arrived at a very remote street within the city. A dark shadow, on sensing Ning Cheng coming over, felt startled and suddenly jumped out of the darkness. As this vague dark silhouette jumped out in panic, however, it ended up right in front of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng had already deployed his False Domain, and at the same time, shot out several Axe Shadows.

Inside Ning Cheng’s False Domain, this vague shadow instantly slowed down to a crawl. Finally, Ning Cheng saw what that vague shadow was. This shadow was a cat-like creature slightly larger than a domestic cat; however, its fur was pitch-black and smooth, just like a mirror at night.

This apparently was an extremely sensitive demonic beast; moreover, there this demonic beast also sported a single horn on its head.

[TL Note: After consulting with other translators, I decided to change the term ‘Monstrous Beast’ to ‘Demonic Beast’ from now on to avoid confusion in the later chapters where ‘Monster’ and ‘Demon’ are relatively two separate species. I will change the terminologies in the previous chapters later.]

When the demonic beast found itself bound within Ning Cheng’s False Domain, it immediately started to panic and started swaying side to side frantically. However, Ning Cheng did not wait for this demonic beast to work itself out of his False Domain and immediately shot out 12 Axe Shadows.

These 12 Axe Shadows then combined into three Axe Traces, which ultimately sealed all the escape routes of the one-horned demonic beast.

“Puff…..” A spray of blood erupted. This demonic beast was still was swaying side to side within Ning Cheng’s False Domain trying to free itself when Ning Cheng’s Cosmic Devil True Axes split it into two neat halves. The two halves then dropped to the ground with a plop sound.

Ning Cheng did not care about the now-dead demonic beast. Instead, he extracted a symbol-like object from the claws of one of its paws.

Ning Cheng quickly broke apart the restriction over this symbol-like object, which the transformed into a basketball-sized grey and white egg. Seeing the egg, Ning Cheng gave out a sigh. It was a Wasp King Egg.

When he was still outside the Rootless Black City, his Spiritual Consciousness sweep revealed a familiar aura of the Void Explosive Golden Wasp’s Wasp King Egg within the Rootless Black City. This reason why he felt this aura to be familiar was all due to the Wasp King Egg in his possession.

Now that he killed this unknown demonic beast, he realised that this Wasp King Egg was actually one of the two Wasp King Eggs that he had initially encountered.

A few years ago, near to the Blue Essence Stone Mine, he had seen two Explosive Golden Wasp’s Wasp King Eggs. It was also from there that he obtained one of the two Wasp King Eggs. Because he was not greedy, he had only robbed them of one egg. Moreover, after he sealed up the Wasp King Egg that he took, the Void Explosive Golden Wasps had also not chosen to pursue him to settle accounts.

He had not thought that after such a long time, the other Wasp King Egg had not only not hatched but had somehow ended in the hands of a small demonic beast, which then somehow snuck into the Rootless Black City.

For the Void Explosive Golden Wasps, their target was the only Wasp King Egg within the Rootless Black City. Thus, it would have been strange if the Void Explosive Golden Wasps had not chosen to attack the Rootless Black City crazily.

At the same time, Ning Cheng understood that this now-dead demonic beast had not brought this Wasp King Egg inside this city by itself. Instead, this matter must have some relations to the Void Battleship outside. This demonic beast acted as a lure to bring this Wasp King Egg to the Rootless Black City, attracting the Explosive Golden Wasps to clash with the Rootless Black City’s cultivators. However, why did those cultivators controlling the Void Warship do such a thing? Ning Cheng had not figured out this part yet.

Whatever be the case, that person probably did not think that he had encountered a Wasp King Egg previously, which immediately allowed him to detect the aura of the Wasp King Egg while outside the Rootless Black City.

The moment that Ning Cheng took out the Wasp King Egg, the Void Explosive Golden Wasps immediately started attacking the Rootless Black City with even more ferocity. Fortunately, Ning Cheng had sealed the Wasp King Egg’s Aura quickly, before rushing out of the Rootless Black City.

Ning Cheng rushed out of the Rootless Black City so fast that most of the cultivators couldn’t even feel it, except for a few of the cultivators who paid close attention to Ning Cheng’s movements.

As soon as he rushed out of the Rootless Black City, the seemingly inexhaustible Explosive Golden Wasps immediately moved to encircle him. Ning Cheng once again used the modified version of the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique. A line of fire erupted, causing a passage to open up which directly led to the Void Battleship currently sealed by the Array Flags.

Under the fully activated Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, Ning Cheng arrived at the side of the battleship in less than a breath. At the same time, he struck out with his Nirvana Spear at full force at the Concealment Array Disc hovering over the Black Void Battleship.

“Click” A sound emerged, under the full force of Ning Cheng’s attack, this top-level Concealment Array Disc crumbled apart at the next instant, turning into a scrap of slag. A large black ship appeared in front of Ning Cheng, with the entrance to the black Void Battleship wide open.

Ning Cheng immediately shot through the entrance of the battleship. He had already realised that this entrance was not open for him but for the demonic beast that he had just killed.

A scarlet-robed youth was sitting on the floor of the battleship covered in blood; apparently, recuperating. This person sported severe injuries, with a huge gaping hole that ran through his chest. Also, this injury caused his aura to turn sluggish.

“Who are you?” The scarlet-robed young man on seeing Ning Cheng rush into the battleship immediately shot a fierce gaze towards Ning Cheng. At the same time, an enormous quantity of murderous intent was gathering within his body; however, the speed was quite slow because of his severe injuries. Even if he wanted to fight Ning Cheng, he could not muster enough power.

Ning Cheng did not bother with any nonsense, while he shot out with the Nirvana Spear in his hand. Directly stabbing it towards the scarlet-robed man’s glabella.

He did not care who this person was, because he dared to lure the Void Explosive Golden Wasps to destroy the Rootless Black City, it was clear to Ning Cheng, that he was more of an enemy and definitely not a friend. As such, there was no need for any sort of polite words.

“Stay your hand….” the scarlet-robed young man shouted out in anger. The expression on his face was as if an ant was trying to bite an elephant. With Ning Cheng’s puny cultivation, he unexpectedly dared to attack him.

However, why would Ning Cheng choose to stop? On the contrary, the Nirvana Spear’s Spear Intent grew even more explosive.

“Bang…..” However, what shocked Ning Cheng was that even with the aid of such explosively powerful Spear Intent, which should have at least severely injured the young man; the young man easily caught the Spear Head with his hand.

He immediately realised that if not for this young man’s severe injuries, Ning Cheng would not be qualified to earn even a gaze from this scarlet-robed young man.

“Poof….” At the same time, just when the scarlet-robed young man grabbed the Spear Head, he immediately vomited out a mouthful of blood.

His cultivation was more than just twice as powerful compared to Ning Cheng. Unfortunately, his injuries were also extremely severe. Otherwise, it was impossible for these Void Explosive Golden Wasps to stop him. At the same time, it would be even more impossible for someone like Ning Cheng to injure him.

Because of his severe injuries, when he caught Ning Cheng’s Nirvana Spear, it ended up adding another internal wound on top of his already severe injuries, causing him to vomit out a mouthful of blood.

Ning Cheng, although shocked in his heart, did not dare to show any form of neglect. His 36 Cosmic True Devil Axes suddenly appeared around him. This was the first time he had encountered such a powerful opponent. Although Cang Wei might turn out stronger than this fellow, he and Cang Wei were friends, while Ning Cheng and this scarlet-robed young man definitely were not friends.

“Poof-Poof-Poof…..” Axe Shadows crisscrossed across the cabin of the battleship. In just a moment, these Axe Shadows formed a Murderous Axe Entrapment Formation, which surrounded the scarlet-robed young man.

The scarlet-robed young man once again vomited out a lot more blood; at the same time, he could no longer hold onto Ning Cheng’s Nirvana Spear. As his hand loosened slightly, Ning Cheng’s Nirvana Spear turned half an arc in front of his eyes and once again gathered all the killing intent before blasting towards him.

“Aah….” The scarlet-robed young man shouted wildly while suddenly standing up and punching straight at the incoming Spear Head of Ning Cheng’s Nirvana Spear.

Contrary to what he expected, the seemingly endless Spear Intent seemed to have suffered no effect under the scarlet-robed young man’s fist. However, the formidable True Essence supporting the punch immediately resulted in a fierce backlash. This backlash travelled along the long spear in Ning Cheng’s hand causing him to shoot back like a cannonball before finally coming to a stop after hitting the cabin walls of the Void Battleship with a loud ‘bang’ sound.

Because Ning Cheng almost ended up nailed into the cabin walls of the battleship, he also ended up suffering some significant internal injuries and spat out a few mouthfuls of blood.

Although it might seem as if Ning Cheng had suffered severe injuries due to slamming into the walls of the battleship; however, only Ning Cheng himself knew that those injuries were a result of the opposite party’s terrifying True Essence rampaging through his body. Otherwise, with a Rank 6 Imperial Body, in any event, he would not suffer injuries to the extent of spitting blood on just the first impact.

Although the scarlet-robed young man managed to wound Ning Cheng, his injuries were also severe. At the same time, the Murderous Axe Array formed by the 36 Cosmic True Devil Axes only made his condition even worse.

“Poof-Poof….” Once again vomiting out a few mouthfuls of blood, the scarlet-robed young man finally sat down, while half of his upper shoulder sported an additional deep and bloody wound inflicted by Ning Cheng’s Cosmic True Devil Axes.

With the current quality of Ning Cheng’s Cosmic True Devil Axes, combined with Ning Cheng’s already formidable Axe Intent, he unexpectedly only managed to leave behind that wound on half of a shoulder. This fact alone showed that the cultivation of this person was a lot stronger compared to Ning Cheng and that too by unknown times.

Ning Cheng did not even bother to wipe off the blood from the corners of his mouth. As soon as he got up, the Nirvana Spear shot towards his outstretched hands once again. The next instant, he pounced over towards the scarlet-robed young man with even more ferocity.

“Puff.” A sound emerged as the spear finally managed to pierce into his flesh. The scarlet-robed young man just was unable to continue even if he wanted to. As the Nirvana Spear stabbed through his glabella, it also triggered the destruction of his Sea of Consciousness. Even so, the Nirvana Spear still could not blow up his entire head.

The scarlet-robed young man powerlessly raised his hand and weakly held onto the Nirvana Spear that pierced through his glabella. He then shot an ice-cold glare at Ning Cheng and spoke up, “You will regret this…..”

After saying those words, the scarlet-robed young man finally could not hold on any longer as he eventually fell to the ground, dead.

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