Chapter 0478

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Chapter 0478: Luring away the Explosive Golden Wasps

“Bang” It was not until when a Void Explosive Golden Wasp burst into the Void Warship, that one realised how short-timed the fight between Ning Cheng and the scarlet-robed youth was.

Faced with the Explosive Golden Wasp suddenly rushing into the Void Warship, Ning Cheng realised that it was already too late for any regrets. In any case, facing a person who wanted to use the Explosive Golden Wasps to massacre the city, he absolutely did not regret killing the opposite party.

The moment the Explosive Golden Wasp rushed in, Ning Cheng immediately summoned the Everlasting Blue Thunder City. It was too late to pull out his Nirvana Spear. All he could use was the 36 Cosmic True Devil Axes to try splitting apart the Void Explosive Golden Wasp.

“Bang-Bang-Bang-Bang…..” After several bursts of explosions, the stinger of the Explosive Golden Wasp finally exploded. Golden light rained down over the Everlasting Blue Thunder City’s shadow; however, none of it caused damage to Ning Cheng. While Ning Cheng had the Everlasting Blue Thunder City to block the incoming onslaught, the Explosive Golden Wasp could not stop Ning Cheng’s 36 small axes, despite possessing an inherently strong defensive ability. The Explosive Golden Wasp, under the formidable killing lights formed from the Axe Intents, ended up chopped in half from head to toe.

After killing the Explosive Golden Wasp, Ning Cheng did not wait for the next Explosive Golden Wasp to rush in, and in just a step reached the warship’s console near the door before pushing down the button to seal the doors of the battleship.

“Click” A sound emerged as the entrance to warship closed quickly.

A moment later, several jaws of the Explosive Golden Wasps rushed into the now-closed entrance of the warship, shaking the battleship in the process.

Ning Cheng did not dare to delay even for a moment. He immediately rushed towards the operating console of the warship. Quickly realising that this ship had superior performance compared to his 5-Star Warship, he also realised that it did not possess any intelligence of its own compared to his Advanced-level Sifting Orchid. His Sifting Orchid Warship had autonomous control of itself and did not contain any consoles; however, this Warship had many consoles.

Ning Cheng could not help but doubt if this ship even had an AI or if this AI needed to first recognise a master.

However, just when the swarm of Explosive Golden Wasps on the outside almost overturned the warship, Ning Cheng finally found the lift-off button on the console.

Ning Cheng quickly familiarised himself on how to control the warship and promptly tried to initiate the lift-off sequence. It was also at this moment that the rest of the Void Explosive Golden Wasps, which had not yet swarmed over, finally seemed to have discovered it.

Despite that, this Explosive Golden Wasps did not immediately swarm over.

Seeing that, Ning Cheng without hesitation took out the Void Explosive Golden Wasp’s Wasp King Egg. Not only did he remove the restrictions that he placed on it to seal its aura, he even deliberately catalysed the spread of this aura.

At this moment, numerous cracks riddled the inner Defensive Arrays of the Rootless Black City. All the cultivators guarding the Rootless Black City were now beginning to sink into despair. However, unexpectedly, at this moment, the seemingly inexhaustible Explosive Golden Wasps suddenly stopped their assault.

Not waiting for people to get over this matter, these Explosive Golden Wasps then immediately started swarming towards the black Void Warship.

The black Void Warship hovered over the area above the Rootless Black City for a long time. Regardless of whether the warship continued to fly around or not, at least the Explosive Golden Wasps no longer kept with their attacks over the Rootless Black City. All the Void Explosive Golden Wasps, after Ning Cheng brought out the Explosive Golden Wasp King Egg, immediately rushed towards the black Void Warship in a frenzied rush.

The cultivators, standing at high alert over the Rootless Black City’s walls, seemed to have forgotten about the fierce might of the Explosive Golden Wasps. At this moment, all of them trained their eyes at the Void Warship.

It was not until Shen Zimo remembered the words spoken to him that he cried out, “City Lord Ning is leading the Explosive Golden Wasps away. Association Head Wu, quickly prepare to patch the Array Formations.”

“Yes, yes…..” Wu Yingzhe, along with the people assisting him, quickly reacted and immediately started working on repairing the damaged Array Formations ruined by the swarm attacks from the Explosive Golden Wasps.

While the rest of the cultivators shot anxious glances at the black warship still hovering over the Rootless Black City. They could not help but think of why the black ship was not running away and just moved back and forth around the Rootless Black City.

Ji Luofei became even more anxious. She knew that Ning Cheng was inside the Void Warship.

It was not that Ning Cheng did not want to move the ship away; it is just that he still could not take full control over the entire Void Warship. Hearing the Void Warship giving out squeaking sounds, Ning Cheng knew that if he could not leave this place quickly, the Void Warship would finally blow apart.

After more than a dozen breaths, “Bang….” A white ray of light erupted from behind the Void Warship. The Void Warship finally stopped swaying around the Rootless Black City and headed straight for the endless Void in front of it.

The seemingly endless Void Explosive Golden Wasps, on seeing the Void Battleship leave, quickly chased after it. In just half an incense stick worth of time, not even half a Void Explosive Golden Wasps remained outside Rootless Black City.

If it were not for the broken array formations, along with the scattered bits and pieces from the corpses of the Explosive Golden Wasps inside the array formations, no one would believe that this city was besieged by a seemingly endless swarm of Void Explosive Golden Wasps just half an incense stick worth of time ago.

A one of a kind joy of experiencing rebirth after almost dying filled the survivor’s minds. Some of them could not even believe that the Void Explosive Golden Wasps had suddenly vanished. Some of the cultivators could not also begin to hesitate on whether to leave the Rootless Black City for good or not so that they would not end up surrounded by those Void Explosive Golden Wasps again in the future.

Shen Zimo immediately flew towards the Rootless Black City’s walls and shouted, “All the Dao Friends within the Rootless Black City. Although our City Lord Ning has just returned, City Lord Ning lured the seemingly endless Golden Explosive Wasps away from us. Without City Lord Ning luring away the Explosive Golden Wasps, all of us might have ended up turning into ghosts under the jaws of the Explosive Golden Wasps. City Lord Ning is the one who saved the entire city by himself…..”

“City Lord Ning…..”

“Long live City Lord Ning…”

Some of the cultivators who could not understand how the Explosive Golden Wasps vanished in such a short time immediately realised what had transpired. Even the most cold-blooded cultivator felt deeply grateful in their heart for such an act and cheered sincerely.

Only Ji Luofei and Yi Zhuzhu felt very worried in their hearts. Could Ning Cheng really escape from the clutches of that dense swarm of Void Explosive Golden Wasps?

Shen Zimo quickly shouted out once again, “Before City Lord Ning left, he told me that the Rootless Black City is for all of us. Now that the Explosive Golden Wasps have left, and no other Monstrous Beast Tide is coming over from the Void, we must use this time to once again reform the City Protecting Grand Array…..”

At this moment, everything that Shen Zimo spoke resounded throughout the area and no one dared to come forward and say half a word against it.


Ning Cheng currently was facing a lot tougher difficulties compared to the people back at the Rootless Black City. Three days later, he finally understood why the scarlet-robed youth chose to hide within the Explosive Golden Wasp’s colony. Back then, Ning Cheng had initiated the Void Warship’s energy generator in a hurry, yet only now did he find the Void Warship’s energy indicator.

When he finally found the energy indicator, Ning Cheng only saw a minimal amount of energy. According to the current consumption of the Void Warship, the remaining power could sustain him for just half a month at most.

The scarlet-robed youth feared running out of energy. Coupled with the scarlet-robed youth’s not-yet healed injuries, the young man could not have escaped the pursuit of the Explosive Golden Wasps. Ning Cheng hypothesised that luring away the Explosive Golden Wasps to commence a massacre; the scarlet-robed youth wanted to use that breathing time to heal himself as much as possible.

It was not until the fourth day that Ning Cheng finally found a Void Map within the Void Warship. At the same time, he also learned to control the general direction of the warship without the use of his Spiritual Consciousness, allowing his Sea of Consciousness some breathing space. Otherwise, continually using his Spiritual Consciousness to control the direction of the warship was too tiring.

As the burden on his Spiritual Consciousness relaxed, the speed of the Void Warship also soared under Ning Cheng’s control. Initially, a lot many Void Explosive Golden Wasps were able to match the speed of the Void Warship; however, Ning Cheng was now able to shake them off once again.

Nevertheless, Ning Cheng still felt very worried. With the energy reserves of this Void Warship, he could only fly for a maximum of half a month, what would he do half a month later?

Going by Ning Cheng’s original idea, he intended to lure away the Void Explosive Golden Wasps away from the Rootless Black City and then discard the Explosive Golden Wasps’ Wasp King Egg somewhere far away. For the Void Explosive Golden Wasps, once they obtained the Wasp King Egg, he should then be able to make his escape. After all, he never had any thoughts of obtaining both the Explosive Golden Wasps’ Wasp King Eggs.

However, he was still relatively close to the Rootless Black City; moreover, he also knew that the Void Explosive Golden Wasps were extremely vengeful and vindictive demonic insects. Once these Explosive Golden Wasps obtained the Wasp King Egg, those Explosive Golden Wasps were more likely to return to the Rootless Black City to complete the massacre.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng could not help but feel his self-confidence sinking to the bottom of his heart. The scarlet-robed youth must have found this Explosive Golden Wasp’s Wasp King Egg from the Blue Essence Stone Mine; at the same time, he also did not know if any of these Explosive Golden Wasps had seen him before. If that was the case, then these Explosive Golden Wasps might have recognised him as the main culprit in stealing one of the Explosive Golden Wasp’s Wasp King Egg.

If the Void Explosive Golden Wasps recognised him, then it would not matter even if chose to hand over both the Wasp King Eggs in his possession. At the same time, it would also not bode well for him in any of the situations.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng felt his mind starting to ache. To resolve this predicament, the only way was to massacre the Explosive Golden Wasps completely. However, with the sheer number of Void Explosive Golden Wasps, killing them all was something impossible, even for someone like him.

Seeing the energy reserves of the Void Warship depleting even faster, Ning Cheng’s heart grew more and more anxious.

At this time, Ning Cheng’s only hope was to turn to the scarlet-robed youth’s ring. However, the restriction on the scarlet-robed youth was somewhat complicated, even Ning Cheng would not completely unseal it in a short time.


On the thirteenth day, Ning Cheng saw that the energy indicator of the Void Warship was almost on the brink of extinguishing, causing his heart to grow even more anxious. At the same time, those Explosive Golden Wasps were akin to tarsal maggots, and there were always hundreds of them, if not thousands, following behind him. As long as he lowered his speed even for a short while, the rest of the Explosive Golden Wasps would quickly catch up to him.

At this moment, he still was not able to unravel the restrictions over the scarlet-robed youth’s ring, let alone use energy supplements inside to replenish the Void Warship.

Just as Ning Cheng anxiously thought about possible countermeasures, he saw a bright spot on the Void Warship’s Monitoring Screen turning clearer, which Ning Cheng quickly recognised as a flight-type weapon.

This flight-type weapon was apparently flying towards him, which caused Ning Cheng to turn even more anxious in his heart. After fighting with the scarlet-robed youth, he realised that his cultivation was still comparable to nothing within the endless Void.

This flight-type weapon dared to follow unscrupulously behind the swarm of the Explosive Golden Wasps; it showed that the person controlling it was definitely not someone ordinary. Sure enough, Ning Cheng saw the flight-type weapon rush into the swarm of the Void Explosive Golden Wasps a moment later. That hive of Void Explosive Golden Wasps that could easily massacre an entire city by itself could not catch the flight-type weapon that was currently tearing through the swarm. As it smashed and ripped past the hive, the hive simply could not stop its forward march for even half a moment.

Despite this, this swarm of Void Explosive Golden Wasps continued chasing after Ning Cheng, with not even one of them retreating.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank to the depths at the sight of this. He could not handle these Explosive Golden Wasps, yet with such a terrifying expert showing up, what should he do now? This expert definitely felt the aura of the Explosive Golden Wasp’s Wasp King Egg, which was most likely why they chose to pursue him.

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