Chapter 0497

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Chapter 0497: The Owner Comes Forward

“Friend, spare my life……” The Celestial Novice Cultivator tried to remind him of no fighting within the casino. However, he then recalled that these rules did not mean anything to this person. This person even dare to initiate a fight with Deacon Teng, so why would he fear someone like him?

“The casino does not allow fighting…..” The dealer finally recalled that he had a mouth and spoke up before putting down the glass tumbler to shake the dice and started walking away. Initially, this matter did not have anything to do with him; however, he no longer wanted to shake the dice now and preferred to do anything but that.

Ning Cheng raised his hand, hurled this Celestial Novice Cultivator to the ground, and spat out angrily, almost yelling, “Get the fuck out of my sight.”

The Celestial Novice Cultivator simply did not want to experience his bones broken by Ning Cheng, quickly got up, and slinked away as fast as possible.

The dealer did not try to find any trouble for Ning Cheng; however, he had no choice but to return to his place after that incident. After such a noisy situation, the cultivators who suffered a loss also did not dare to speak up anymore. At the same time, nobody called out to Ning Cheng.

“You can get down now.”

A slightly hoarse voice arrived; it was as if the dealer heard the words of a fairy, as he replied with his most respectful and prudent voice, “Yes, Master Fu.”

Ning Cheng also shifted his attention to the recently arrived cultivator, who looked very ordinary with thin eyes and a long face. Although this person had a hoarse voice, he sported a calm expression. There were also two vague Celestial Wheels hovering behind him, which indicated that this person was, at least, a relatively strong Celestial Shatterer Expert.

“Everyone, today I want to gamble with this friend alone. I hope everyone could forgive me for this.” After this cultivator allowed the original dealer to get down, he immediately spoke up with cupped fists to the rest of the cultivators around the ‘Betting on Numbers’ table.

This slender-eyes cultivator apparently held a prestigious position in the casino. As after this person spoke up with cupped fists, the rest of the cultivators who wanted to make a fortune by riding on Ning Cheng’s coattails immediately backed away; however, they did not immediately leave.

The reason these cultivators only backed away, was not that they did not want to continue placing their bets but because of what they instinctively felt, that Ning Cheng purposely came to this place to pick on something. Now that the famous people of the casino came out to deal with Ning Cheng, none of them wanted to miss witnessing such an exciting showdown.

In just a short time, people from the other ‘Betting on Numbers’ tables also cleared their tables and gathered at that one table. It was not only the people from these tables, but even cultivators gambling in other areas also started making their way to this table. Many of the people knew the identity of this slender eyed person, who was one of the stewards of this casino. Under any normal circumstances, this person would never come out at all; however, since this person came out, everyone obviously knew that he wanted to deal with Ning Cheng.

“I go by the name ‘Fu’ and am one of the humble stewards of this casino. Can I have this friend’s name?” This slender-eyed man did not care about what others thought of his actions and took the initiative to introduce himself to Ning Cheng with cupped fists.

This person is Fu, huh, Ning Cheng thought as he also held up his cupped fists and spoke, “I’m called Ning Cheng. Because my friend lost some money in this place and almost lost his life in the process, so I decided to come here to help him get back the money he lost that day. I hope that Master Fu can enlighten me.”

Hearing Ning Cheng’s words, the surrounding people immediately understood something. Ning Cheng really came here to stir up trouble intentionally. That was because his friend not only lost money but also had almost died. However, Ning Cheng did not seem to have high cultivation. Even if Ning Cheng wanted to stir up trouble, could he genuinely accomplish it? The cultivation of any one of the people running the casino was a lot higher than anyone present here, this person’s actions, in the public’s opinion, was just actively seeking death.

“So that’s how it is. In that case, let us get started. Let me roll the dice, while Brother Ning can place the bets, how about it?” This Fu showed a warm smile, indicating that he did not take Ning Cheng’s words seriously. This also displayed his confidence that he would never lose to Ning Cheng. No matter how much money Ning Cheng’s friend lost in this place since Ning Cheng dared to come to his casino, it also showed that Ning Cheng had no idea about the immensity of the heavens.

Ning Cheng naturally did not care about what this person though and spoke up, “Certainly. Let me change these Black Coins into Blue Coins.”

Without even waiting for Ning Cheng to initiate the exchange, someone immediately came forward and helped him replace the 40 billion Black Coins with 400 million Blue Coins.

That person, named Fu, grabbed the glass. At the same time, the happy expression on his face vanished as he took away his attention from the surroundings. At this moment, he concentrated every shred of his focus on the dice and the glass tumbler in this hand.

Holding the transparent glass tumbler, he scooped up the dice into it and started shaking it around.

The surrounding people immediately focussed their attention at the movement of this Fu’s hands. No, that is not it. It felt as if this person did not even move his hand at all. They could not see a faint shadow of the dice inside. Not to mention that the people could not use their True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness in this place, if they could even use their True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness, they could have never perceived even the slightest shadow of the dice in his hand.

Nor could they tell anything by just listening to the sound. If one had to say anything about hearing a peep, it would have been the sound of surrounding cultivators breathing. The sounds of the dice tumbling around on the inside of the glass tumbler had utterly disappeared at this moment.

There was no shadow, nor was there any sound. In other words, shaking the dice around in a transparent tumbler had no meaning.

A few moments later, he suddenly slapped the glass tumbler down onto the table with the dice still inside it. From the start to the end, that was the only sound that came out. This sound immediately sobered the surrounding cultivators, who then all looked at each other. Only a single thought flashed through their minds, a mountain above a mountain. If this person had taken control of the dice before, then none of them would even choose to gamble at all.

The surroundings had a Spiritual Consciousness Shielding Array Formation, with the silver tumbler made out of materials that naturally blocked Spiritual Consciousness. Until the moment the glass came off, no one could know the tally of the points inside the glass.

All the people immediately shifted their gazes towards Ning Cheng. All of them wanted to know on what number Ning Cheng would bet.

“Brother Ning, your turn.” The person named Fu spoke up in a very polite tone and even smiled at Ning Cheng. The previously focused expression on his face completely disappearing without a trace, giving him a temperament of an ordinary cultivator once again.

Ning Cheng took out all the 400 million Blue Coins and placed them over the ‘000’ marker; at the same time, his Spiritual Consciousness remained trained over the silver glass tumbler. When this Fu had put down the silver glass tumbler, Ning Cheng immediately understood that this Fu could also see the situation inside the glass tumbler with his Spiritual Consciousness. If not for Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness improving qualitatively, this Fu could have already noticed his Spiritual Consciousness trained at that glass tumbler.

Because of his formidable Spiritual Consciousness, it also allowed Ning Cheng to find out about this Fu’s Spiritual Consciousness lingering around; however, this Fu could not detect his Spiritual Consciousness.

The tally of the points on the dice was ‘142’; however, Ning Cheng knew that putting down his bet over ‘142’ did not have any use. Since the other party could already see the point tally, he would never let Ning Cheng win. Therefore, Ning Cheng chose to place his bet on the ‘000’ marker.

This Fu’s eyes showed a slight surprise, surprised that Ning Cheng had not placed his bet over the ‘142’ marker; however, the shock in his eyes quickly disappeared. He lightly spoke up, “Brother Ning, are you sure about the score tally you put your bet on?”

“That’s right. I’m sure.” Ning Cheng spoke up nonchalantly.

“Good. This time, regardless of a victory or loss, I definitely admire Brother Ning as an expert.” After speaking a sentence of appreciation, the green light on the table turned into a red.

This Fu’s Spiritual Consciousness always remained trained on the three dice; although he mouthed off his admiration towards Ning Cheng, he did not care at all about it.

The silver glass tumbler started floating, and Fu felt a moment of fuzziness through his Spiritual Consciousness. Startled by it, Fu’s Spiritual Consciousness descended onto the three dice once again with more force.

Once the silver glass tumbler fully uncovered, it showed all the three dice showing the number ‘0’. Tallying to a score of ‘000’.


“So strong…..”

“It really is all zeros. This time, he made out with 4 billion Blue Coins…..”


Various arguments with varying degree of intensity broke out all around. Although these cultivators spoke out the words ‘so strong’, they were not just referring to Ning Cheng’s strength but also thinking about the formidable prowess of this Fu. Apparently, this Fu had intentionally stirred the tumbler to show a ‘000’ score tally; otherwise, how could a ‘000’ tally emerge? Such a coincidence was just too absurd.

However, what was more shocking to the people were Ning Cheng’s actions; for Fu to manipulate the score tally to a ‘000’, the people could still somewhat digest it, as this Fu definitely was one of the top class figures within this casino.

Yet, the face of this Fu showed a slightly pale complexion. He took a deep breath and spoke to Ning Cheng with cupped fists, “This friend has strong gambling skills, and this Fu definitely is not an opponent for you.”

He knew that going for another round would not help at all. Although he could use his Spiritual Consciousness to see the workings, he felt wholly bound in front of all these people. Going for another round, most likely, would result in the same outcome.

“If that is the case, does it mean that your casino cannot find someone to bet with me? Truth be told, I came here to win money, if you can’t let me gamble, how can I get rich?” Ning Cheng tossed a few chips around in his hand while speaking in a very disdainful tone.

Finished speaking about it, Ning Cheng no longer paid any attention to this person named Fu and instead held up his cupped fists towards the other cultivators in the casino that surrounded them and spoke, “Fellow friends, I do not want to say that the Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino has any problems with it. However, from the looks of it, they would not allow one to continue gambling if they won some money already. If no one keeps them in check, the casino might even reverse black and white, might even threaten to do something…..”

“Ning Cheng, I admit that your gambling skills might truly be superior to me, but if you want to slander my casino, then you are not qualified…..” As this Fu spoke up, several powerful auras quickly surged over.

Ning Cheng simply did not care at all. He casually threw out a crystal ball from his previous visit and spoke up, “False accusations, it’s not something that I can decide by myself anyway. Everyone can see it with their own eyes.”

The crystal ball floated up and cast a clear picture on a nearby white wall. Ning Cheng did not use Spiritual Consciousness, letting the image to project directly on the wall; otherwise, he could have made the image pan itself in the air.

On a ‘Betting on Arrays’ station, Jing Wuming suffered a false accusation despite putting up a perfect Array Formation. Even going so far as to labelling Jing Wuming for ‘sleight of hand’, followed by the casino’s Deacon openly threatening Ning Cheng. The crystal ball captured Deacon Teng’s aura perfectly, proving that it definitely was not a fake.

Almost everyone in the casino knew Jing Wuming due to his frequent visits. Understanding what happened from the projection, every person’s eyes then shifted to the cultivator, surnamed Fu. If not handled well, this casino would face complete destruction shortly.

At this moment, everyone finally understood Ning Cheng’s motives. Whether Ning Cheng could live after this display was up for debate; however, since he came here, this Ning Cheng definitely had plans. For a self-conscious cultivator, swallowing such an insult was not in their nature. As such, it was no wonder that Ning Cheng wanted to smash this place apart.

When the crystal ball came out, although no one spoke, the crowd indistinctly stood over Ning Cheng’s side.

“Haha….” A loud laugh came out as a few cultivators came down from the second floor.

“This incident indeed is a mistake originating from our casino. We have already stripped Teng Hongkuang off his freedom and have relegated him to slavery. As for Steward Ni Feng, who has some connection to this matter, she, unfortunately, has not returned after going out a few years ago. Once she appears, we will definitely hand her over to Brother Ning. For this matter, since it was a fault from my casino’s personnel, this Qiu would like to apologise to Brother Ning.”

The one who spoke was a middle-aged man in a yellow robe walking in the front, sporting a short beard. Although this person looked apologising on the surface, his tone gave off a natural vibe, giving people a sense of transcendentality. At the same time, although this person acknowledged the wrongdoings of his personnel, he also worded it in such a way that the casino had nothing to do with it.

“As for the original loss, my casino is willing to pay Brother Ning 1 billion Blue Coins. What does Brother Ning think about it?” This person named Qiu walked to the front of Ning Cheng and spoke. With a tone that was sincere and natural.

Ning Cheng had already inquired about Qiu Hongfang before coming here. This was the principal owner of this casino. Ning Cheng still had his Spiritual Consciousness spread out, and although this Qiu Hongfang spoke in a natural and sincere tone, he felt a faint trace of killing intent within those words.

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