Chapter 0496

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Chapter 0496: Treated as a spoiled rich idiot

When betting on numbers, the casino can take charge as the dealer or can let someone from the outside be the dealer. If an outsider becomes a dealer, the casino makes a cut over the proceedings; this ‘cut’ is a relatively small proportion of the betting money over the table

Ning Cheng had chosen to come to the ‘Betting on Numbers’ area with the casino as the dealer. Since he wanted to smash the house, he naturally would not choose to go to an ordinary table.

What’s more, Ning Cheng even carefully experimented with his surroundings covertly as soon as he entered the area and found that nothing in this place could hinder his Spiritual Consciousness at all. This made Ning Cheng feel pleasantly surprised, and at the same time, further cemented his belief that his Sea of Consciousness definitely could not compare to an ordinary cultivator. This casino definitely contained a very high level of Spiritual Consciousness Shielding Array Formation; however, it still could not stop his Spiritual Consciousness.

The dealer at this table was a middle-aged man with a slightly pale face. He shot a glance at Ning Cheng without any care. He did not possess the same ignorance as the other cultivators currently in this casino or this Ning Cheng. Although he might not have personally witnessed what had transpired a few moments ago, he definitely knew that anyone who dared to cause any trouble for the casino would soon vanish without a trace after leaving it.

There were three dice on the table, each with six faces. Each of those six faces had a number from ‘0’ to ‘5’. The dealer then scooped up the three dice with a clear glass and shook them around on the inside for a while.

The cultivators betting could clearly see the transparent glass, and the dice inside that continually tumbled around. Although this glass looked transparent, it shielded its contents from people’s Spiritual Consciousness, even without a Spiritual Consciousness Shielding Array Formation. As such, no one could use it to peek inside the glass. Unfortunately, in the face of Ning Cheng’s formidable starry skies-like Sea of Consciousness, this glass could not shield against his Spiritual Consciousness.

Ning Cheng gave out a sigh internally. He knew that without the help from one’s Spiritual Consciousness, even if one possessed perfect eyesight, keeping eyes trained on the dice tumbling around in the inside was just impossible. In this place, one could not use True Essence, nor could one use his or her Spiritual Consciousness, turning all of these cultivators into ordinary people. Yet, this clear glass was enough to make many people willing to bet on it.

“Bang” With an audible bang, the dealer’s hand slammed down on the table along with the transparent glass, just behind the yellow marked betting line. At the same moment that the clear glass hit the table, it suddenly turned silver, and the eyes no longer could see the condition inside the glass. The people could only hear the dice tumbling around inside the glass for a while before coming to a stop.

Many people quietly listened to the sound of the dice tumbling around. When the dice finally came to a stop, the dealer spoke up calmly. “Place your bets.”

At this point, a green light lit up over the table, indicating the opening of the bets.

Some of the cultivators, who had confidence in their hearing ability, immediately put down their chips, allowing Ning Cheng to observe that none of the bets placed was lower than 1 million Black Coins. Many cultivators had even put down a few tens of millions; however, none of the cultivators put down any bets in the hundred million Black Coin range.

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness landed on the three dice inside the silver tumbler, revealing the numbers ‘0’, ‘3’, and ‘2’. According to the rules of this casino, the tally started in order of nearness to the yellow betting line over the table. If two or all of them were at the same distance, then the sequence began with the highest number and so on.

Among the dice inside the silver tumbler, the number closest to the betting line was ‘2’, the second one was ‘0’ and the third was ‘3’, which meant that the tally of the numbers for this round was ‘203’.

Ning Cheng also carefully looked at all the other cultivators who put down their bets and found that one of them had put down a stake of 10 million Black Coins on 200 points.

One could say that if Ning Cheng were not here, then this round would most likely go to this person, as this person’s bet was closest to the current tally of 203 points.

Ning Cheng did not hesitate and put all of his 40 million Black Coins on 203 points.

The cultivator, who had placed down his bet on 200 points, glanced at Ning Cheng and showed some hesitation; however, he ultimately decided not to move the bet placed.

The dealer on seeing that Ning Cheng had put down a bet of 40 million Black Coins also could not help but shoot a glance at Ning Cheng.

In this casino, 40 million Black Coins did not amount to much, nor was it too low. Although a few others also shot glances at Ning Cheng, none of them actually cared about it.

After a while, the cultivators finally came to a stop with placing and re-arranging their bets, and the total Black Coins over the table reached a roundabout of 300 million. Ning Cheng could not help but secretly marvel such methods in his heart; no wonder casinos could make such a massive amount of money. If he had not chosen to participate, even if the casino lost 100 million Black Coins to the cultivator who placed the 10 million Black Coin bet, the casino still would earn 200 million off just this round alone.

What’s more, Ning Cheng knew that if the bet was not on the exact figure, one might not even earn ten times the commission if their tally was close; at most, they would only earn five times the commission.

The dealer overseeing this round of ‘Betting on Numbers’ did not immediately remove the glass. When all the people placed their bets, the green light at the middle of the table automatically turned red. As long as the red light remained glowing, it meant that one could not make any more changes to their bets, or even place new bets. After the red light started flashing, the silver glass automatically floated upwards, revealing the numbers.

“203 points. It really is 203 points.” After the silver glass finally floated up, all the people shot surprised looks at Ning Cheng. This was Ning Cheng’s first bet, and yet he managed to rake in a perfect score. This definitely was not just luck.

This time, becoming the centre of attention was just impossible, even if Ning Cheng did not wish for it. All eyes immediately swept towards Ning Cheng, who managed to earn 400 million Black Coins in just the first round, something that luck cannot explain alone.

Cold sweat appeared over the forehead of the pale-faced dealer controlling the table; that is because he ended up losing nearly 100 million Black Coins in this round. 100 million Black Coins did not mean much to either him or the casino. Not to mention losing 100 million, even if they end up losing 100 billion Black Coins, it did not matter much to the casino.

The reason why he broke out in cold sweat was that he knew Ning Cheng definitely had not relied on luck. How could one turn out lucky at the very first time?

However, no matter if the dealer felt afraid or not, he still had to shake the dice. This time, however, he turned even more cautious compared to the first round. This time, he swung the dice even longer than the last time, also changing the frequency and the speed of shaking compared to the previous bout.

“Bang” the middle-aged dealer once again slammed down the tumbler on the table with a bit more force than before.

“Place your bets….” The dealer called out loudly, while his eyes remained glued at Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng could even feel the dealer’s voice slightly trembling.

This time, the people who placed the bets in the previous round, no longer immediately put down their fortunes and were all staring at Ning Cheng. Apparently, not one of them believed that Ning Cheng relied on luck to win the previous round, just like the dealer.

Ning Cheng did not care about the extra attention at all and directly put down all of his chips worth 400 million Black Coins on 501 points.

The dealer’s hand was now visibly trembling. If the bet turned out correct, it would end up costing them 4 billion. 4 billion Black Coins still did not mean much to them; however, what if Ning Cheng decided to put down 4 billion in the following round?

The critical problem was that, at this moment, the dealer was not just facing Ning Cheng alone. Most of the other cultivators on seeing that Ning Cheng placed his bet on 501 points, immediately also chose to put their fortunes on ‘501’.

As the dealer counted the bets, he found that there nearly 700 million Black Coins worth of bets were now placed on the 501 points. If it turned out correct, they would have to shell out compensation of 7 billion.

After the people finished placing their bets, the red light lit up and soon started flashing, followed by the silver glass floating up automatically. The tally of the three dice did not vary at all, exactly 501 points.

“Lucky, lucky. It is exactly 501 points. Heavens, such great luck…..” This time many people made up their minds to ride the coattails. After realising that the point tally indeed came out as 501 points, some of the cultivators could not help but shout out in excitement.

The excitement immediately attracted the cultivators at the other betting tables. In just a few moments, a relatively large group of people gathered at that place.

Even if the dealer was a Celestial Shatterer Cultivator, he could not help but wipe the cold sweat off his forehead. 7 Billion Black Coins in one go; should he continue to the next round?

“Hurry up and roll the dice.” When the people saw the dealer seemed to have gone senseless, they immediately shouted out in dissatisfaction. Where else could they obtain such an opportunity to make a fortune? When it came to the casino, even if it wanted to find some trouble, it would not go for them. These people were just riding the coattails of someone else, a rich idiot who liked to bask in the limelight.

How could Ning Cheng not decipher the intentions of these cultivators? Although he wanted to wreck this place, the amount of money the casino lost had no meaning to him. What he felt slightly upset about in his heart was that the people wanted to ride his coattails, treating him like a rich idiot.

The dealer no longer wanted to shake the dice; however, faced with the crowd’s clamour all around, he had no choice but to continue.

“Ready… Set…. Place…..” After putting down the glass for the third time, everyone could clearly hear the tremor in the dealer’s tone.

This time too all the people stared at Ning Cheng. At the same time, the dealer quietly pressed a button below the table. He knew that the situation had gone beyond his control.

Ning Cheng calmly spoke up, “The money on me to place bets is not enough. Can a friend, who just won some money a moment ago, allow me to borrow some?”

No one answered Ning Cheng’s request and were even looking at Ning Cheng as if he was an idiot. Borrow money? Who among them even knew him?

Seeing no one answering, Ning Cheng gave a sigh and spoke, “I bet on 324 points. I’ll put all my 4 billion Black Coins on 324 points.”

This time, there were even more people placing down bets. In just a breath, nearly tens of billions of Black Coins piled up over 324. Those who had more capital showed more greed compared to Ning Cheng. Do not look at their reluctance to lend Ning Cheng some of their money, they all not only quickly put down their bets on Ning Cheng’s tally, they even put down a higher amount too.

Ning Cheng sneered inwardly, and just when the green light was about to turn red, he suddenly pushed his 4 billion worth of chips a bit to the side, “Forget it, since so many people are betting on 324 points, I’ll just bet on 325 points.”

All the people went blank for a moment, what did it mean? Not waiting for the people to figure it out, the red light immediately turned on. At this time, even if one felt courageous enough, no one could dare to change points.

The people all around suddenly started feeling uneasy. Ning Cheng had won a perfect run both times in the last two rounds. This time, he suddenly changed the bet. Who knew if his previous tally of 324 was correct or not?

The silver glass started floating, revealing precisely 325 points.

“Oh, shit….”



The dealer once again wiped the sweat off his forehead. Although he lost 40 billion Black Coins to Ning Cheng, he could not help feeling a little thankful in his heart. If not for Ning Cheng’s actions at the last moment, he would have lost nearly 100 billion Black Coins. Although 100 billion Black Coins was not a lot of money for the casino, he, however, could not afford it.

At this moment, he clutched the now-transparent glass in his hands, no longer daring to continue with shaking the dice. In case Ning Cheng decided to put down another 40 billion Black Coins, he would be finished. He must wait for the person in charge to come over.

Ning Cheng also did not try to rush him; he anyway was not dealing with this dealer.

At this moment, all the people who placed their bets in the last round were now looking at Ning Cheng with unfriendly gazes. Ning Cheng had caused them to lose a lot of money.

“You’ve gone too far, haven’t you? Even changing points at the last moment.” A late-stage Celestial Novice Cultivator stared at Ning Cheng and spat out those words, one at a time. Apparently, he felt distraught with the loss. Just now, he had lost 1 billion Black Coins, which genuinely made him angry.

“Whether I change points or not, it’s none of your business. If you don’t want to gamble then get the fuck out of here.” Ning Cheng unceremoniously shot that person down with a sentence. When he asked for some money a moment ago, this person did not even let out a fart. Now that this fellow lost his chips, this fellow wanted to call him out of jealousy. Ning Cheng had come here to play the villain and smash this place apart; if a Celestial Novice Cultivator expected him to be polite about it, then he also would not mind wrecking this person.

At the same time, he also knew that he could not let this Celestial Novice Cultivator continue. Otherwise, the other people at the back would take the chance to push forward. At that moment, the people of the casino would not even need to do anything, as the grandeur he built up would also significantly drop.

“You’re looking for death….” The Celestial Novice Cultivator had long since regarded Ning Cheng as a spoiled rich idiot. For a spoiled rich idiot to talk back at him, how could someone like him put up with it?

However, before he could speak another sentence, Ning Cheng had already latched a hand around his neck and lifted him up.

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