Chapter 0495

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Chapter 0495: Hitting the casino

A powerhouse, Ning Cheng thought to himself, as he could not perceive the other party’s cultivation at all; however, he could vaguely see five to six vague Celestial Rings behind him.

“This junior likes seeking opportunities by roaming around in the starry sky. This spear technique is something that this junior had learned from imitating a senior; however, who this senior, this junior does not know. I could only see a small bit of that senior’s demonstration. This junior has only begun scratching the surface of it…..” Ning Cheng quickly replied, inadvertently linking himself to a seemingly formidable senior.

“Oh, then you can show me how that senior demonstrated it to you.” The beggar spoke while nodding his head.

Ning Cheng knew that he could not refuse the demonstration. He raised his Nirvana Spear, then swinging it in an arc, shot it out into the empty space. The powerful Spear Intent manifested as a faint shadow, as it tore through the area in front.

“Bang.” An explosion erupted as the trajectory intercepted a meteorite flying around. Before the meteor could even come near Ning Cheng’s Nirvana Spear, Ning Cheng’s formidable Spear Intent had already smashed it into pieces.

The beggar clapped his hands together and called out, “Good, good Spear Technique, good Spear Intent.”

The middle-aged scribe also stood up and spoke with appreciation, “Although the Spear Intent is good, this person’s Spiritual Consciousness is even more formidable and promising.”

Ning Cheng felt shocked in his heart. He had only shot out at random, yet it was more than enough for the other party to conclude that his Spiritual Sense was formidable and promising. This was too surprising.

“Kid, I see that you have some potential, this King wants to accept you as a disciple; what do you think of it?” The beggar showed a warm smile and asked Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng quickly spoke up with a somewhat fearful voice, “Replying to senior, the senior who taught me the Spear Technique said that after I realised the essence of this spear, I can then come to Striking Order Starry Sky to find him. Without senior’s instruction, this junior dares not acknowledge someone else as my master.”

This person referred to himself as ‘King’; most likely, he might even turn out as a Celestial River King. Ning Cheng knew that becoming a disciple of a Celestial River King would provide him with the much-needed support; however, that would only be the case if he had nothing. He just had too many secrets on him, following this Celestial River King, who can be sure if he could even witness a tomorrow?

“So be it.” The beggar showed a slight disappointment. However, he also did not ask whom Ning Cheng wanted to meet after going to the Striking Order Starry Skies.

“This junior takes his leave then.” Ning Cheng really did not want to stay here for long. He even secretly prepared himself, once any of these two experts showed intentions to attack he would immediately make his escape with the help of the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds. Whether or not he could escape, that was an entirely different matter; however, he did not feel willing enough to find himself caught by any one of these experts.

Thinking of here, Ning Cheng could not help but give out a sigh. There were just too many formidable people within the starry skies. He had heard that the Orchid Borough Celestial River was only a garbage Celestial River, yet there still were so many Starry Skies’ powerhouses in here. If he went to a more powerful Starry Sky and encountered a wrong person, he might just end up pinched to death

The beggar hesitated and spoke, “Meeting each other is a form of fate. Although I have nothing to give you, I definitely can provide you with this video card. It might even provide you with some help, ha-ha……”

Ning Cheng quickly received the item respectfully and prudently and held it in his hand until the two experts finally walked away.

After the two people walked away, Ning Cheng then took out an empty storage ring and put the video card inside the storage ring before repeatedly placing dozens after dozens of restrictions over the ring, which finally calmed down his heart.

Ning Cheng knew about the function of the video card. This was a personal talisman-like object that he could use to communicate with that expert using Spiritual Sense. At a critical time, one could take out this video card to oppose his enemy. This video card could even display a little bit of strength in the image of the cultivator who created the video card. Something that could act as a deterring role. Usually, elders left such kind of talismans for their juniors as a life-saving measure. For this beggar-like figure to give such an object to Ning Cheng, a complete stranger was an infrequent event.

However, because Ning Cheng could not understand the thoughts of this beggar-like person, he did not dare to put the video card in his Miniature World. This thing could also potentially allow the beggar to snoop over him in secret, and Ning Cheng was not stupid enough to let it happen.

However, Ning Cheng also did not throw away this video card. No matter with what intention the beggar-like person left video card for him, Ning Cheng still wanted to take advantage of it if the situation called for it.

Originally, Ning Cheng had not planned to return to the Ocean Gambling City. However, armed with this video card, he decided to return to the Ocean Gambling City one last time.


Returning to the Ocean Gambling City again, was not something Ning Cheng found easy to accommodate, if not for the video card given to him by the beggar. Even if he wanted to return to the Ocean Gambling City to create some ruckus, he now felt reasonably confident that he could definitely leave that place. That beggar, at the very least, must be a Celestial River King or at least a Celestial Lord. Therefore, having such a character’s video card, he did not need to feel too worried.

However, what Ning Cheng did not expect was that no one came looking for him after returning to his Immortal Cave. After making it back, Ning Cheng also learned that both Jing Wuming and Lan Ya had come to this place. He also learned that it was just after he left Ocean Gambling City. This also made him realise that it took nearly two years for his Sea of Consciousness to reach nirvana.

Jing Wuming and Lan Ya had come to his place once again at a later date, for that, Ning Cheng could not help but feel a little grateful in his heart. For these two people to return to the Ocean Gambling City, there was no other reason apart from coming to see him. In any case, it proved that he still had a few caring friends in this strange place.


The Ocean Gambling City’s Premier Casino, this was Ning Cheng’s second time coming here.

He anyway had decided to leave the Ocean Gambling City finally and did not know whether he would come back to this place in the future. However, since he now felt emboldened enough, it was only natural that he got back what it owed to him before leaving.

“Kid, how dare you come to this place again? This grandpa will definitely kill you this time, fuck off now.” Ning Cheng had stepped through the door when that brown haired male cultivator spoke out some nasty words with a rough looking face. At the same time, he also threw a kick towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng did not even bother to speak a single word. All he did was move sideways slightly and lightly punched the huge bronze drum right outside the casino. Immediately, a muffled ‘dong’ resounded both inside and outside the casino.

“You’re looking for death…..” Deacon Teng immediately followed with a punch at Ning Cheng’s face. In his view, Ning Cheng was just a puny Plundering Life Cultivator; as such, he could smash Ning Cheng into pulp with just a punch.

This time Ning Cheng did not choose to dodge; stretching out his hand, he casually grabbed onto Deacon Teng’s fist. Under the force generated by the circulation of Celestial Essence, he directly pulled down the Deacon’s arm. A flame then flashed over the palm of Ning Cheng’s hand, and the next moment, the Deacon’s arm disappeared without a trace.

“Aah…..” Because of the quickness, this brown-haired deacon could only let out a scream after a while. Without waiting for him to return to senses, Ning Cheng casually slapped him across the face.

“Snap.” With a jarring sound, Deacon Teng directly flew up, with half of his face and most of his teeth slapped into nothingness by Ning Cheng.

The inside and outside of the casino turned utterly silent, as everyone stared at Ning Cheng with shock plastered all over their faces. The Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino was one of the first-rate forces within the Ocean Gambling City, yet this cultivator in the Plundering Life Realm unexpectedly dared to pick a fight in this place. Even if this Plundering Life Cultivator concealed his cultivation, and actually possessed cultivation of Celestial Gatherer Realm, it still was not enough to pick a fight in this place.

Ning Cheng indeed had concealed his cultivation. Although he was in the Plundering Life Realm when he came to this place in the past, he was only a Celestial Novice Cultivator right now, unlike what others thought. Moreover, without a Celestial Wheel, initiating concealment was almost similar to a child’s play. There were many cultivators in here within the Celestial Scryer Realm; however, even if they tried to conceal their cultivation, one still could not hide their Celestial Wheels.

“Did this friend think that one could depend on one’s high cultivation to wreck my Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino?” A dark and cheerless voice emerged, followed by an incomparably emaciated cultivator with a long face appearing in front of Ning Cheng.

“Master must help this servant. This person is very arrogant and rampant. Look what he did to me….” Deacon Teng, who managed to climb up from the ground, screamed through blood and tear-filled face while trying to stop the bleeding from what was left of his arm with his other arm.

This emaciated looking cultivator with the long face was the deputy owner of the Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino. However, he ignored Deacon Teng’s ramblings and kept his eyes peeled at Ning Cheng. He did not think of Ning Cheng as a Plundering Life Cultivator. He knew that Ning Cheng had concealed his cultivation; however, daring to create havoc in the Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino, how could such a cultivator be simple?

“Wrecking the place?” Ning Cheng calmly spoke up before continuing, “Did you see me smashing apart something? I came here as a guest, yet the Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino wants to behave like a big bully. Or is it that the people from the casino like to arbitrarily bully their customers?”

After saying that, Ning Cheng tossed out a crystal ball. While tossing out the crystal ball, Ning Cheng even suspected that he might have a chance at taking up photography as a career choice. He pretty much developed a habit of recording things with crystal balls anywhere he went.

In the crystal ball, the brown-haired male cultivator sported a fiercely arrogant expression along with his following words, “Kid, how dare you come to this place again? This grandpa will definitely kill you this time, fuck off now……” and then followed it with a kick.

“Is this the way the Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino usually treats its guests?” Ning Cheng casually asked.

“Take him to confinement and apologise to the guest.” A cold voice descended. Ning Cheng felt surprised by this voice, as he could not even pinpoint the location from where this voice originated.

“Yes.” The emaciated long faced cultivator replied with a respectful tone and raised his hand. Two Celestial Novice Cultivators quickly came up and directly towed away Deacon Teng.

After dragging away Deacon Teng, the long-faced deputy owner turned extremely polite towards Ning Cheng before speaking with a smiling face and cupped fists, “I am Yan Fahan, the deputy owner of this casino. I wish to apologise to this friend on behalf of the casino for any inconvenience. Does this friend want to gamble? If so, then please help yourself to our services.”

“Even if you want to apologise, this is not the first time that I suffered bullying in this place. As for whether I want to gamble or not, I’ll see to it myself.” Ning Cheng spoke as if he did not care about Yan Fahan and calmly walked into the casino. He came here to wreck this place apart today from the inside out, an apology from a deputy owner just did not cut it at all.

Seeing that the matter with Ning Cheng had already ended, people once again went back to their own businesses. Many of the cultivators though felt no concern over this matter still could not help but admire Ning Cheng secretly. Even if they did not care about this matter, would the casino honestly not care about such an issue? They definitely would not give up on it and act from within the shadows. However, they also felt perplexed about the reason behind the courage of this cultivator; not only had he concealed his cultivation, but this person also gave no indication from where he came from.

“Change these 40 million Black Coins for chips.” Ning Cheng took out 40 million Black Coins and arrived at the Chip Exchange Counter. These were all the Black Coins Ning Cheng had with him, the last of the Black Coins that Jing Wuming had not lost and decided to take them all out.

Ning Cheng did not immediately head out to gamble; moreover, because of the number of Black Coins he took out, nobody felt willing enough to accompany him to gamble.

After pondering over for a short while, Ning Cheng then decided to make his way to a ‘Betting on Numbers’ Station. Such stations were the most common gambling method in this area. One had to rely on their eyesight and hearing ability to guess at a number; as long as one put down a correct bet, one could earn compensation of up to 10 times. Of course, there were also betting rules for tallies close to the original score, i.e. if you bet on a number, and if your bet was the closest to the score, one could still earn compensation of up to 5 times.

The casino did not define a minimum tally; however, 555 was the score with the most substantial compensation. Like other places, one could not use their Spiritual Consciousness or True Essence and must rely on one’s eyesight and hearing ability to play.

As Ning Cheng entered this ‘Betting on Numbers’ Area, a position immediately opened up for him. Everyone had already witnessed Ning Cheng’s arrogant rampage at the casino’s entrance. Therefore, unless a compelling enough reason presented itself, no one willingly wanted to offend such a person.

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