Chapter 0494

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Chapter 0494: Playing chess in the starry sky

Was this a flame spirit? That did not seem right. Ning Cheng, however, was more concerned about the Origin Bead. Moreover, he also had never heard if Origin Beads could evolve to possess a Spiritual Wisdom.

More importantly, this flaming humanoid figure gave out a cultivator-like aura, indicating that it might not be a pure Spiritual Object of the world.

“It’s none of your damn business.” Ning Cheng spoke out irritably, while once again turning his attention to carefully observing the magma lake in front of him.

This flaming man seemed restricted to the other edge of this magma lake; apparently, there appeared to be no way to fly directly across the magma lake. However, even if this person seemed surrounded and trapped by the flames at the edge, Ning Cheng had no idea for how long has this person remained stuck in this place. Nevertheless, Ning Cheng affirmed that this person could not leave this place; otherwise, he would not let the flames continue to burn him.

The flaming person kept yelling; however, there was no way that it would deter Ning Cheng. At the same time, it made Ning Cheng even more determined, “You seem to be someone with a Wood-attributed Main Spirit Root. For someone like you to come here is just adding dry wood to fire.”

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness had swept towards this flaming person and seen that the flames over his body were actually burning through his Wood-attributed True Essence. A person with Wood Attributes, coming here to try to obtain the Fire Origin Bead, really did not seem to know the word ‘death’.

Huh, Ning Cheng suddenly thought of how he used his Spiritual Consciousness a moment ago. Since he could use his Spiritual Consciousness, could it mean that he could also fly across? If this magma lake did not have a Forbidden Space Restriction or even a suction force, it stood for the reason that this flaming person should be able to escape. So why did this person choose to stay in this place and let the flames burn him?

Ning Cheng once again tried to use his Spiritual Consciousness to communicate with the Fire Origin Bead suspended in the middle of the magma lake. However, what shocked him, even more, was that his Spiritual Consciousness easily wrapped around the Fire Origin Bead.

What was all this about?

No matter what it was all about, with Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness wrapped around the Fire Origin Bead, he immediately tried pulling it towards him. However, the Fire Origin Bead only swayed a bit and returned to its original position.

Ning Cheng guessed that his Spiritual Consciousness should not be strong enough right now; either that or he still had ways to go in gaining control over his powerful Spiritual Consciousness. From what he experienced, it looks like he would have to find a way to move across the lake to reach the bead.

“How are you able to use your Spiritual Consciousness in this place?” The flaming person cried out in shock.

Hearing that question, Ning Cheng immediately understood something. This flaming person probably was a lot stronger compared to him, and that this person could not use his Spiritual Consciousness. Realising this, Ning Cheng felt very refreshed in his heart. His Starry Sky-like Sea of Consciousness indeed was different from others.

“Although I’ve never seen the outer world, I’d wager that anyone from my place can use their Spiritual Consciousness in this place. What is so great about it anyway? I guess you come from some lower-level Planar Boundary. Urgh, just speaking to you is beneath my status.” Ning Cheng spoke out with an utterly despising tone and look over his face.

Ning Cheng did not actually mean to show despise towards this flaming person. At the same time, although the flames seemed to have bounded this flaming person, who knows if he would attack him suddenly? Moreover, this person’s cultivation most likely was stronger than his own cultivation. The only reason he spoke in such a manner was to see if he could instigate anger in this person. That way, once he genuinely showed intentions to attack him, Ning Cheng could still trace his actions and take necessary measures.

“Huh….” Contrary to what Ning Cheng expected, this flaming person did not show any signs of anger. Instead, this person only looked at Ning Cheng in shock and could not speak even a word for a long time.

At this moment, this person could not help but doubt if the cultivation method he cultivated indeed was too bad. Could anyone from that person’s home honestly use his or her Spiritual Consciousness in this place? Moreover, this person is just a Celestial Novice Cultivator; yet could bring out his Spiritual Consciousness at will, while I am in the Celestial Bridge Realm and still stuck in this damnable place.

“May I ask this brother about the Planar Boundary you come from, and if it is possible to go there?” The flaming person took a long time before he finally spoke up.

“Just a country bumpkin after all. Oh well, it does not hurt in letting you know, I am from the Milky Way Galaxy. Whether or not you can go over there and find an opportunity is all up to you.” Ning Cheng casually spoke out some words. At the same time, activated his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds.

“Where is this Milky Way Galaxy? Huh, Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds… Where the hell did this cultivator come from?” The flaming person muttered to himself as he saw Ning Cheng fly over the magma lake.

What made Ning Cheng feel relieved was that his Spiritual Consciousness was strong enough. Although this magma lake produced a strong suction, it actually could not suck him into the lake.

Standing in front of the Fire Origin Bead, a terrifying heat wave blasted over him. Ning Cheng even felt the Celestial River Flame within his body twitching slightly; apparently, his Celestial River Flame held some fear and apprehension towards this Fire Origin Bead.

Ning Cheng raised his hand and moved to grab the Origin Bead, immediately causing a violent flame to erupt from it. Ning Cheng could not help but feel shocked; when he obtained the Water Origin Bead, it gave out a soft feeling. So why did this Fire Origin Bead give out such a violent reaction? Once swept over by this flame, would anyone even survive?

Ning Cheng immediately sent a thought towards the Mysterious Yellow Bead, intending to enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead to avoid those terrorising flames. Do not look at his Tier 7 God Body; in the face of these terrifying flames, it would still prove insufficient.

However, what made Ning Cheng feel even more amazed was that the moment he communicated with the Mysterious Yellow Bead, the Mysterious Yellow Origin Aura immediately fused with the Fire Origin Bead Aura.

The formerly powerful flames, on coming in contact with the Mysterious Yellow Origin, immediately converged its raging nature and turned extremely docile. Even without Ning Cheng making any motion to grab it, the Origin Bead automatically fell into Ning Chen’s palm. Crystal-clear and mellow to touch, the bead also sported dense flame markings over it.

With a slight movement of Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Sense, the Fire Origin Bead then dissolved into his Mysterious Yellow Bead.

The Mysterious Yellow Bead, which initially contained only some water vapour, immediately came alive. It felt as if the fire of life had suddenly sprouted within it and at the same time, the Fire Origin Bead completely disappeared without a trace.

Sure enough, it was just like what Elder Brother Cang Wei mentioned; his Mysterious Yellow Bead needed all five kinds of Origin Beads to form a Primal Chaos World.

However, the five kinds of Origin Bead were scattered throughout the vast universe. Where and how should he go about to find them? Finding the Water Origin Bead and the Fire Origin Bead was all due to luck, would his luck still hold for the rest of the beads? Even with an infinite lifespan, it would prove extremely difficult.

Even with an infinite life expectancy, could it be enough for the endless expanse of the universe?

“Did you take the Fire Origin Bead?” The flames covering the flaming man dimmed noticeably, gradually revealing his original appearance.

Ning Cheng felt startled in his heart. Did this not mean that he ended up saving this flaming person when he collected the Fire Origin Bead? If this burning man held malevolent intentions, he might be in danger despite saving that person’s life. This person initially came for the Fire Origin Bead; logically, this person also coveted the Fire Origin Bead, right?

“Yes, I already collected the Fire Origin Bead; however, I can also tell you that it has already integrated with me. Since I saved your life, you better not dare to chirp around; otherwise, I don’t mind taking out the Fire Origin Bead once again.” Ning Cheng casually threw out a threat.

“No, no, good things come to those with morals. I’m just happy, happy…” The flaming man quickly spoke up with cupped fists. At this time, the flames covering his body had disappeared entirely, revealing an old-looking cultivator with bark-like skin.

Ning Cheng was just about to turn around and leave when the Celestial River Flame that was protecting him suddenly gave out a wild fluctuation.

“Do you want the Fire Origin Crystals in this place? If that is the case, help yourself to it.” Ning Cheng immediately understood that the pressure from the Fire Origin Bead had ended up suppressing his Celestial River Flame. Although it really wanted to devour the Fire Origin Crystals in this place, it did not dare to move around. If not because its master needed its protection, it would not even dare to come out.

Now that Ning Cheng had tamed and picked up the Fire Origin Bead, the Celestial River Flame immediately turned restless. Hearing Ning Cheng’s order, a blue flame instantly spread out, and the Fire Origin Crystals within the cave rapidly started to decrease.

“Hey, leave some for me…..” The old cultivator with the burnt bark-like skin had clearly witnessed Ning Cheng taking away the Fire Origin Bead. Now that Ning Cheng was crazily devouring the Fire Origin Crystals, this person quickly rushed from the edge of the magma lake and began picking up the Origin Crystals.

When Ning Cheng saw that, he also started peeling the Origin Crystals over the edges of the rock wall, a dozen at a time.

At this point, the Celestial River Flame had completely changed colours, turning from blue to purple. Even if Ning Cheng did not have much understanding of this flame, he knew that his fire had reached a new peak state.

The person with the burnt bark-like skin also obtained a sizable harvest and could not help but look at Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Flame in envy. He could not help but ask, “Excuse me my friend, is your Milky Way Galaxy far away from this place?”

Ning Cheng understood that this person truly wanted to go to the Milky Way Galaxy after hearing his words. He showed a smile and spoke, “I advise you not to go to the Milky Way Galaxy. Unless you become a Starry Skies’ Emperor, you anyway will not be able to reach it. I’ll be taking my leave now.”

Ning Cheng knew that this man with burnt bark-like skin had much higher cultivation compared to him. However, the other party currently was feeble right now. Who knew if he would scheme against him after recovering? In the face of such kind of an expert, it was best for him to act discretely and with careful consideration.

The man with burnt bark-like skin did not care about Ning Cheng leaving. He could not help but mutter to himself, “Milky Way Galaxy, where is this place? There are so many good things there and even people with such powerful Spiritual Consciousness…”

Ning Cheng quickly rushed out of this uninhabited planet and wielded his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds at full power. Although he did not want to head back to the Ocean Gambling City, he still had to head back to the Lesser Thunder Star. At the very least, he had to go to the Thunder Enforcement City and meet up with Jing Wuming. At the same time, meeting Lan Yan within the Thunder Enforcement City would also be the best.

With such powerful Spiritual Consciousness, Ning Cheng flew through the starry sky like a blurry shadow. Not only was he fast, but he also did not feel tired.

After flying continuously for almost half a month, Ning Cheng finally saw the Lesser Thunder Star, which was not too far away from him.

However, just at this moment, a vague feeling of danger suddenly surged into his mind. Ning Cheng had no time to ponder on what the threat was when a huge hand stretched over towards him as if it wanted to take him away.

Ning Cheng had no time to think about it, bringing out the Nirvana Spear, a strong Spear Intent Trace rushed out.

“Bang” As that huge palm rumbled over, the spear in Ning Cheng’s hand shot back, causing Ning Cheng to shoot backwards due to the counterforce.

“Huh, a Celestial Novice Cultivator, without even a Celestial Wheel, yet having such a powerful Spear Intent, remarkable…..”

A light voice passed through Ning Cheng’s ears, followed by a visual of Ning Cheng finding two people playing chess in space.

He almost rubbed his eyes; that is right, it indeed was two people playing chess in the starry sky. Out of the two of them, one was dressed as a middle-aged scribe, and one was a messy man with a broken bowl hanging around his waist. Coupled with this rumpled man’s dirty looks, that person looked like a genuine beggar.

The two men had a chessboard, seemingly controlled by an array formation, in front of them, filled with game pieces made out of meteorites.

“Brother Nan, what do you say? You did not manage to catch that meteorite, and you even failed to catch a Celestial Novice Kid. It’s definitely a failure, ha-ha, you better admit defeat….” The middle-aged scribe spoke up.

Ning Cheng understood immediately that these two people were genuinely playing chess in this place and used chess pieces made out of meteorites caught and refined from the starry sky. From the looks of it, the man dressed in beggar-like garb, called Brother Nan, lost the match because he could not find a meteorite and thus could not play chess. From the looks of it, Ning Cheng involuntarily wandered into the path of a distant meteor, which this person wanted to grab.

“If you lose, you lose. There is nothing remarkable about it.” The beggar stood up from the chessboard in front of him. “Looks like I’m really unlucky, not only did I lose to a few old fogies, I didn’t think that my bad luck would even carry to chess. However, since you are already here kid, I can see that you have some good spear skills. Why don’t you tell me about the origins of your spear strike.”

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