Chapter 0493

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Chapter 0493: The Fire Origin

However, what made Ning Cheng feel even more shock was that he could only observe this Thunder Tribulation through his Spiritual Consciousness, and not with his eyes. What kind of Thunder Tribulation was this?

“Boom-Chi-Chi….” The several descending lightning arcs bypassed everything and slammed into Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness causing it to tremble once again. No, his starry sky-like Sea of Consciousness was what shook.

This was the Thunder Tribulation for the qualitative change of his Sea of Consciousness; Ning Cheng suddenly had a vague thought within his heart, without any substantial basis.

This Thunder Tribulation descended wave after wave, raging around within Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness. Ning Cheng also could not help but feel a slight fear in regards to the stabbing pain that shot through his mind because of it. His Sea of Consciousness had somehow managed to recover after a total collapse; he did not even know how he managed to recover. All because he remained unconscious during the recovery of his Sea of Consciousness.

If his newly recovered Sea of Consciousness collapsed once again under these horrifying lightning arcs, it would be too late even to cry at that time.

Although his starry sky-like Sea of Consciousness looked and felt incredibly stable, Ning Cheng still stimulated the Everlasting Blue Thunder City.

His unusual Sea of Consciousness made him completely different from others, so he did not know what he should do in such a situation. However, Ning Cheng still had a way; that is; he possessed a few unique weapons that he could rely on. Apart from the Everlasting Blue Thunder, he still had the Celestial River Flame. Moreover, these items could also show their effects within his Sea of Consciousness.

Although the roaring lightning arcs continued to descend into Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness, the Everlasting Blue Thunder City proved truly useful in easily blocking these lighting arcs. Occasionally, some scattered lightning arcs would fall into the Sea of Consciousness, but they were far from enough to create any big ripples. Instead, his mighty Sea of Consciousness absorbed each strand that fell into it.

After several waves of lightning arcs, Ning Cheng finally started to marvel at the power of his new Sea of Consciousness. These absorbed lightning arcs rapidly enhanced his Spiritual Consciousness, which made Ning Cheng confident that his Sea of Consciousness and Spiritual Consciousness were far stronger than the time he just broke through to the Celestial Novice Realm.

His Sea of Consciousness’ Thunder Tribulation finally ended without any damage, all thanks to the help from the Everlasting Blue Thunder City. Ning Cheng now felt even more definite about his Sea of Consciousness resembling a starry sky. He decided to let the Everlasting Blue Thunder City remain within the middle of his Sea of Consciousness. Moreover, the vast and seemingly boundless Sea of Consciousness that resembled a starry sky gave him the one-of-a-kind throbbing feeling of stepping onto the highest summit of a starry sky.

Feeling the formidable Sea of Consciousness and the powerful Celestial Essence, Ning Cheng immediately wanted to head out and find an opponent to test out his limits once again.

Ning Cheng gave a casual wave with a hand, and everything around him came to a complete stop. Space itself seemed to have stopped flowing. It even showed signs of a collapse, and although it was a false collapse, it gave out a genuine feeling within its falseness.

“Boom…..” Suddenly an inexhaustible and horrifying flame sprung out of nowhere and curled upon itself, intending to burn everything within this stagnant area of the starry sky into ashes.

Ning Cheng’s hand stretched out again, and Celestial Essence shot out from his hand and grabbed this horrifying flaming clump before throwing it out like an ordinary ball in general.

“Bang.” A dull explosion rang out within the open space of the starry sky as ripples started to spread out, centred on the location of the blast. The flaming clump that Ning Cheng had thrown out had blown apart a large meteorite streaking past him in the starry sky to nothingness. The explosion also caused a faint black hole to appear at the centre and took a while before space returned to what it was like initially in that location.

What a powerful Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique, Ning Cheng murmured to himself as he calmed down; however, his heart still felt extremely happy. If he had not thrown that flaming clump, which was the result of his Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique, then the meteorite that Ning Cheng was currently standing on would have turned into nothingness. Ning Cheng was a grateful person. This rock under his feet was where Sifting Orchid had found to keep him safe. It was where he technically lived until this moment. He cannot destroy it.

With a long and joyous shout, Ning Cheng finally rushed out from the broken meteorite.


Within the starry skies, a vague shadow streaked across before anyone could even make out what it was.

This was Ning Cheng wielding the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud. Along the way, Ning Cheng could not help but marvel about the benefits of a mighty Spiritual Consciousness. If it was before, although he could utilise the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds to move around quickly, he could not push it to such limits without paying a heavy price.

Ning Cheng guessed that it should have been at least two years since he left the Ocean Gambling City and that he had been unconsciously sleeping for the past two years. Moreover, he also hypothesised that the change in his Sea of Consciousness had some relations to the Mysterious Yellow Bead. The Mysterious Yellow Origin most likely had played a significant part in the rebuilding process of his Sea of Consciousness within those two years. He did not have concrete evidence to support it, just a vague sensation tugging at the back of his mind.

Although his current Sea of Consciousness no longer resembled the original Sea of Consciousness, possessing cultivation even stronger than before, Ning Cheng did not let it go to his head. He knew that he still could not contend against Celestial Gatherer Cultivators yet. Ning Cheng also knew that even now, if faced against Ni Feng again, the situation would most likely turn out the same, in a dead end. If Ni Feng did not possess that pair of silver wings, only then could he have the chance of escaping.

Because of this, Ning Cheng did not immediately return to the Ocean Gambling City. Instead, he quickly rushed towards the location provided to him by Jing Wuming, the place that contained the Fire Origin Bead.

Jing Wuming had provided him with clear directions to reach the location. It was an unmanned planet within the starry sky. Vast and incomparably huge, it moved slowly through the starry sky. The planet’s surface temperature reached several hundred degrees already. As Ning Cheng stood right outside of this dark red planet, he could not help but admire Jing Wuming in his heart, who unexpectedly managed to find a trace of fire origin on this planet.

This was why Ning Cheng chose to rush here. He feared that in another few years, this planet might just disappear and could no longer search for that Fire Origin Bead.

According to Jing Wuming, he found the fire origin out of pure accident. Initially, because of someone chasing him, Jing Wuming ended up fleeing towards this planet. In the absence of an escape route, he chose to enter the collapsed space around the planet.

According to a general understanding, as soon as one entered a collapsed space of a planet, it would be similar to falling into the endless void.

However, Jing Wuming had told him that the collapsed space in this location was fake. After entering, one would experience a strong suction force, which was the prelude to a Void Collapse. At such a time, an ordinary cultivator could still manage to escape; however, one should not panic and let the suction force take them inside.

Following which that person would then appear in a cave filled with flames; however, this cave contained extremely high temperatures. If one could persist until the end, they could then sense the fire attributed origin.

Ning Cheng knew that everything that Jing Wuming spoke was the truth; at this time, Ning Cheng currently stood within the flaming cave inside the planet. However, the cave had nothing more than endless flames.

Ning Cheng did not know how Jing Wuming managed to get out of this place. From what he saw, for any cultivator entering this place, without any means of escape, nothing of them would remain behind. However, Ning Cheng could clearly make out something under these horrifying flames. For something surviving in such circumstances, it indeed was a strange occurrence.

As the flames within the cave rolled around, Ning Cheng did not pay attention to them and started walking the narrow path that went right through these flames. It, however, gave him the feeling as if the road leading towards the heart of the fire and would turn violent at any moment. If felt as if it would trigger volcanoes across the entire planet, and that it might just end up swallowing him whole without even bones left behind. Just like the time when the Sifting Orchid Star faced destruction, the scene only showed raging volcanoes and sandstorms all around if seen from the sky.

However, Ning Cheng no longer was the same cultivator as back then, but a Celestial Novice Cultivator. Even so, Ning Cheng still could feel the seemingly endless heat.

What made Ning Cheng excited, however, was that he really could feel the traces of fire origin.

At this moment, Ning Cheng even lamented the difficulty that Jing Wuming might have faced while obtaining the trace of fire origin. What he did not know that Jing Wuming had just advanced to the Celestial Novice Realm that year. If he had remained in the Domain Realm, he could never obtain even the slightest trace of the fire origin and return to Shi Yulan; instead, he most likely would end up losing his life in this place.

Ning Cheng just had this thought when the Celestial River Flame immediately appeared over Ning Cheng’s head; shortly afterwards, the Celestial River Flame transformed into an oval shield that completely covered Ning Cheng.

With his Celestial River Flame, Ning Cheng no longer felt any heat. However, even without the Celestial River Flame shielding him, Ning Cheng only felt a slight bit uncomfortable.

With the Celestial Flame Shield covering him, Ning Cheng immediately sped up and in just a few breaths of time, finally reached the end of the cave.

Reaching the end of the path in the cave, he found some fire attributed Origin Crystals sticking to the edges. Ning Cheng guessed that Jing Wuming had only reached this point, and the trace of fire origin that he managed to take back must be the Origin Crystals.

Just beyond the edge of the path in the cave was a colossal-sized magma lake with flames rolling around over its surface. It gave one a feeling of bubbling oil with all the bubbles popping out over the surface and exploding with a soft ‘pop.’

A fiery red bead floated over the surface right at what seemed to be the centre of the lake and a rich fire origin dissipating from this bead.

No wonder Wuming swore that this place contained a Fire Origin Bead; that is because he saw it with his own two eyes. However, this place also had a magma lake. He had a hunch that the horrifying temperature contained within this magma lake definitely could not compare to any kind of Lava Lake found elsewhere on Earth. If Ning Cheng wanted to obtain that Fire Origin Bead, then he had to cross this magma lake in front of him.

Ning Cheng’s gaze carefully swept around and immediately started formulating plans to make it through the magma lake. If he used his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds and ended up sucked into the magma lake halfway in, then even the Celestial River Flame would not be of any help in preserving his life.

Ning Cheng wanted to see if there was any way around the lake; however, his gaze suddenly concentrated over a humanoid figure within the flames.

Not a flame, but apparently a person; moreover, this person definitely felt alive.

“Just a puny Celestial Novice Cultivation and yet daring to come to this place coveting the Fire Origin Bead.” This flaming person actually spoke out on his own initiative.

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