Chapter 0492

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Chapter 0492: Sea Of Consciousness Nirvana

Faced with the seemingly endless Declivity Gathering Silver Killing Lights, Ning Cheng’s control over the Everlasting Blue Thunder City turned even weaker. Every second was an eternity of torment, causing his mind to turn groggy as if the next moment everything would go completely out of control.

“Kacha….” A subtle yet clear sound suddenly resounded within Ning Cheng’s mind, which caused Ning Cheng’s heart to sink to the bottom. This sound indicated that his Sea of Consciousness had begun to collapse.

Since the time Ning Cheng had started cultivating, he had never heard of healing a collapsed Sea of Consciousness. Instead, he knew that once the Sea of Consciousness collapsed, he would turn into waste, a cripple for life.

“Ka-Ka” Several more cracking sounds emerged one after another, as Ning Cheng barely managed to sit up on the ground. With the last dregs of his powerful Spiritual Consciousness consumed, his Sea of Consciousness finally descended into a continual collapse.

“Puff-Puff….” The Everlasting Blue Thunder City’s shadow also dissipated, causing several bright lights to plummet into his body. Even if Ning Cheng had a Tier 7 God Body, it could not block these glittering lights. Several blood arrows shot out from the wounds and spurted out in all directions.

Ning Cheng felt his heart literally bleed; at this moment, his body’s injuries were a secondary thing. His Sea of Consciousness had almost completely collapsed, and that was what made him experience utter despair.

Ni Feng gave a sneer and spoke, “A puny Celestial Novice Ant managed to stop me for this long, even causing me to consume a significant amount of Celestial Essence. If I let you die, it would truly be a waste…..”

“Haha, Ni Feng, who is the waste here, why not show your ‘wastefulness’ in front of me?” With a laugh, a black-robed cultivator descended onto the broken comet.

This black robed cultivator just gave Ning Cheng a quick sweep and no longer paid him any attention. Instead, he focussed all his attention to the beautiful woman, Ni Feng, in front of him.

Ni Feng’s expression turned completely ugly to look at. If not for using up a significant chunk of True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness in dealing with Ning Cheng, she would not be afraid of this black-robed male cultivator at all.

“Wei Wu, this is none of your business, stop fooling around me.” Ni Feng gave a cold snort. At this moment, she stopped paying any attention to Ning Cheng and put all her attention over this newly arrived black robed male cultivator.

“I don’t want anything else, just that pair of silver wings. If you can give me that, then I will immediately leave. In your current state, you know that you would not manage to escape from me.” The black-robed male cultivator leisurely spoke while looking at Ni Feng. A few days ago, Ni Feng had slapped him when he was just eying her from a distance. Since Ni Feng looked worn out right now, how could he miss up such a great opportunity?

“Keep dreaming.” Ni Feng threw out what Ning Cheng had just said to her.

At this moment, Ning Cheng literally prayed for the two of them to start fighting. As long as the two of them began to duke it out, they would not care about him, just enough to provide him with a glimmer of hope to escape.

Whether or not could his Sea of Consciousness heal, he did not feel willing enough to fall into the hands of others.

These two people did not let Ning Cheng down; with an exchange of just a few words, they immediately started fighting.

The moment when the two of them started fighting, Ning Cheng barely managed to bring out Sifting Orchid and immediately ordered Sifting Orchid to rush out after barely crawling inside. If he had delayed things by even a single moment, it might result in the complete disintegration of his Sea of Consciousness, and he might lose the chance to bring out Sifting Orchid to escape.

Although Ni Feng wanted to catch Ning Cheng, she, however, could not get away. Moreover, Wei Wu did not care about Ning Cheng and just wanted to kill Ni Feng. He believed that once he killed Ni Feng, he could then chase after Ning Cheng. In any case, that ant escaped using a Rank 5 Battle Disc. Even if he allowed Ning Cheng a few hours of a head start, he still would not care about it.


“Sifting Orchid, find a secluded place to hide. If someone ends up chasing us, immediately find a way to enter a Void Collapse. My Sea of Consciousness is about to collapse completely, and I can’t take care of you anymore…..” Ning Cheng spoke while placing his ring on a table.

“Yes, master.” Sifting Orchid still spoke out in a calm tone. It did not seem to know that once it entered a Void Collapse, it would immediately turn into ash.

Ning Cheng also felt a little sad in his heart, as he genuinely did not want Sifting Orchid to enter a Void Collapse. Although Sifting Orchid was just an intelligent battle disc, Ning Cheng still felt very emotional towards this smart battle disc. After all, it had accompanied him for a long time.

After giving his commands to Sifting Orchid, Ning Cheng arranged a Shielding Array Formation with the last dregs of his strength. He then entered the Shielding Array Formation and then entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

Whether he could live or die, it was not something he had absolute control over at this moment.


Lan Ya waited for almost an entire day outside of Ning Cheng’s rented Immortal Cave and even sent in messages several times during her wait. However, she did not hear a word from Ning Cheng, which gave her a bad feeling.

She had only left Ning Cheng six years ago. According to reason, Ning Cheng should still be inside in seclusion.

She, anyway, had already prepared to leave the Lesser Thunder Star and only returned here to pay the Blue Coins she owed to Ning Cheng, before finally departing. However, Ning Cheng seemed to have vanished. Even if she wanted to break into Ning Cheng’s Immortal Cave, she could not do so in such an area.

Not hearing any news relating to Ning Cheng, Lan Ya felt slightly worried. After all, Ning Cheng had a too weak of cultivation for a place like this. A Crucible Transformation Cultivator could face death by a pinch of a finger from any resident in the Ocean Gambling City.

Lan Ya gave out a sigh; since Ning Cheng no longer seemed to reside in this place, staying here no longer felt meaningful. When she had initially left, not only had Ning Cheng seen her off, she also left behind warnings for him about not entering any of the gambling establishment within the Ocean Gambling City or the other potentially dangerous areas like the brothel and the arenas. She just hoped that Ning Cheng, at least, heeded that advice.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” Lan Ya suddenly turned around and stared at a man with a Celestial Shatterer Cultivation.

“Who are you? What are you doing loitering around in front of Brother Xiaocheng’s Immortal Cave?” The man also showed a frown while staring at Lan Ya.

Hearing this person address Ning Cheng as Brother Xiaocheng, Lan Ya carefully scrutinised the male cultivator from top to bottom before replying, “I’m called Lan Ya, Ning Cheng’s friend. It’s your turn to speak up who and what are you doing here.”

“So you are Senior Apprentice Sister Lan Ya. My name is Jing Wuming, a close friend of Ning Cheng. I heard Ning Cheng speak about you a lot.” The male cultivator spoke out awkwardly.

As the two of them spoke, they gradually realised that both of them had come to return the Blue Coins they owed to Ning Cheng. Lan Ya, just like Jing Wuming, had also signed up for the Striking Order Starry Skies’ Try-outs. However, unlike Lan Ya, Jing Wuming had been coming to this place for over a few months every day. However, he had to leave because of a lack of news from Ning Cheng’s side.

“It looks like Brother Xiaocheng is more unfortunate than fortunate. If it were not for Brother Xiaocheng, I’m afraid that I would not be alive today…..” Jing Wuming spoke with an ugly face.

As Lan Ya continued talking, she learned that Ning Cheng and Jing Wuming not only went to a casino; they had even ended up offending the casino.

“My cultivation is still not enough to help Brother Xiaocheng right now; however, I definitely vow to come back in the future. Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, since you have also passed the preliminary round, let’s go to the Orchid Borough Celestial River.” Although Jing Wuming seethed with hatred in his heart. He knew that his current abilities were indeed not enough to help Ning Cheng get revenge.

He never even considered that Ning Cheng would go out looking for the Fire Origin Bead. Ning Cheng had shallow cultivation, and to go out to search for the Fire Origin Bead one had to have the minimum cultivation of Celestial Novice.

Lan Ya nodded. She could only give out a secret sigh in her heart. She knew that Ning Cheng had very keen senses; however, Ning Cheng, in her opinion, not only had low cultivation, arguably he also lacked in experience. Which caused him to pay the price.


Ning Cheng opened his eyes, finding himself naked and suspended in the air, surrounded by a yellowish misty landscape with hints of steamy vapours.

Not dead yet, that was Ning Cheng’s first feeling. Where was this place? From what he remembered, he managed to escape before entering the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Therefore, this place should be the inside of the Mysterious Yellow Bead. As for the misty vapours that surrounded and nourished him, it should be the Mysterious Yellow Origin.

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness immediately swept out, confirming that he indeed was inside the Mysterious Yellow Bead and the Mysterious Yellow Bead impressively was still inside the Battle Disc Sifting Orchid.

An intense burst of ecstasy erupted within his heart; this meant that Sifting Orchid finally found a safe place. At the very least, no one has seen him yet.

Oh, something is not right; his Sea of Consciousness had utterly collapsed, right? How was he still able to sweep out with his Spiritual Consciousness? Was a collapsed Sea of Consciousness any good?

Ning Cheng immediately turned his attention towards his Sea of Consciousness. Before the collapse, his Sea of Consciousness experienced an almost limitless expansion as his cultivation grew, which also allowed his Spiritual Consciousness to experience a qualitative enhancement. However, no matter how good one’s Spiritual Consciousness enhanced, with the Sea of Consciousness wholly shattered, it only meant that it was just a bare and empty house.

He had clearly felt his Sea of Consciousness completely collapse just before that man and the woman called Ni Feng started fighting.

However, Ning Cheng currently felt shocked to discover that his Sea of Consciousness had utterly changed. How was this still a Sea of Consciousness? If he did not know that he genuinely was looking at his own Sea of Consciousness, Ning Cheng would have definitely thought that he was currently looking at a Starry Sky.

It seemed boundless, turning from clear to fuzzy as one’s eyes moved farther. There no longer was any indication of any sort of boundary. It felt as if this Sea of Consciousness could expand to endless horizons until one day his Sea of Consciousness could actually reach the size of a vast Starry Sky. In a way, the entire Starry Sky could theoretically be within the range of his Spiritual Consciousness.

What was going on? Ning Cheng felt genuinely shocked in his heart.

He once again examined his Sea of Consciousness. Honestly, it indeed resembled a well-defined Starry Sky. In the place of a Sea of Consciousness, a Starry Sky would be more appropriate.

That is not right, his Sea of Consciousness had not yet transformed into a Starry Sky. His Spiritual Consciousness still can sweep out. However, it could easily penetrate everything around him. Something that he could never do before. At this point, Ning Cheng clearly saw Sifting Orchid nestled quietly in a valley of what seemed like a broken meteorite and covered in dust and all sorts of debris from the starry skies.

Ning Cheng could not help but feel a little touched and moved with emotion. If it were not for Sifting Orchid, this world might no longer have a person by the name of Ning Cheng. Sifting Orchid might technically be a lifeless 5-Star Battle Disc, it, however, saved his life.

“Sifting Orchid…..” Ning Cheng finally left the Mysterious Yellow Bead and, for a moment, forgot about his Sea of Consciousness.

Sifting Orchid remained silent without any response. Ning Cheng softly touched some of the decorations inside Sifting Orchid, while his heart filled with deep sentiments. Sifting Orchid technically did not have any life; it was just a product of intelligent technology. He did not know what transpired before Sifting Orchid arrived at this place; however, he could feel that something must have happened along the way. Otherwise, Sifting Orchid would not ‘lose’ its intelligence.

Ning Cheng picked up his ring, washed once again, put some clothes on and walked out of Sifting Orchid.

In the broken meteorite’s valley, Sifting Orchid showed significant damage over its exterior, even exposing some of its interior parts.

After clearing away the dust, Ning Cheng carefully excavated Sifting Orchid from the ground and placed it securely within his storage ring. He did not understand the intricate mechanics of repairing Battle Discs and made up his mind to seek out someone to fix Sifting Orchid and then always keep it by his side.

That is not right, Ning Cheng suddenly remembered about the Shielding Array Formation that he laid out. The array formation did not have any backdoor for even someone like him. So how was his Spiritual Consciousness able to sweep out with such clarity while he still was inside the Mysterious Yellow Bead, without suffering even half a point of obstruction?

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng quickly placed a Shielding Array Formation around the valley and then immediately stepped outside. However, he found that without using any unique means, his Spiritual Consciousness simply bypassed his Spiritual Consciousness Shielding Array Formation and could clearly see everything inside.

What was going on?

Ning Cheng had just thought of this when a thundering sound suddenly erupted right over his head followed by a strong sense of oppression. It caused Ning Cheng to look up at the endless Starry Skies above him.

Was it a Thunder Tribulation? He had already crossed the Domain Realm Thunder Tribulation and even the Nirvana Thunder Tribulation, before stepping into the early stages of Celestial Novice Realm. How could he still face a Thunder Tribulation? This was just absurd.

Ning Cheng still had not worked it out when several lightning arcs started descending confirming that it genuinely was a Thunder Tribulation.

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