Chapter 0491

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Chapter 0491: First Battle as a Celestial Novice

“Boom-Boom-Boom…..” Another wave of tribulation thunder descended. This time, Ning Cheng found it too late even to bring out the shadow of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City. Crazily operating the Mysterious Yellow Formless and the Body Forging Cultivation Method was all that he could do. A whirlpool condensed out of the starry skies’ Essence Qi with Ning Cheng at its centre as he continuously absorbed it.

Ning Cheng did not have the time to marvel at the powerful absorption capabilities of Celestial Novice Cultivators when it came to the starry skies’ Essence Qi when even more tribulation thunder arcs bombarded his body.

Flesh and blood once again separated from his body; however, what made Ning Cheng feel surprised was that his bones did not continue shattering. Instead, they were gradually solidifying and healing under the constant operation of the Body Forging Cultivation Method.

Ning Cheng immediately understood the underlying reason, that is, this Nirvana Tribulation simply was too powerful. However, after his cultivation started to advance towards the Celestial Novice Realm, it simultaneously improved his absorption of the Thunder Source, which directly influenced his Body Forging Cultivation.

This Nirvana Thunder Tribulation felt as if it could go on forever. Ning Cheng, after barely forming a balance with the descending sword-like lightning arcs, did not feel willing enough to bring out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City. He thought that this was the best opportunity to improve his Body Forging Cultivation.

Although Ning Cheng had absorbed a massive quantity of starry skies’ Essence Qi, he felt that the rate of utilisation was now turning slower. When he was in the Plundering Life Realm, if he absorbed this much starry skies’ True Essence, it would definitely enhance his strength. However, currently, his cultivation was once again slowly turning stable, and could no longer continue forward with the same hurricane-like speed as before.

Ning Cheng could not help feel helpless about such a situation. He knew what caused it. The laws in this place were much stronger compared to the True Cultivation World he came from, and he could absorb the starry skies’ Essence Qi, which was more effective than Spirit Qi, even before reaching the Celestial Novice Realm. All of these factors allowed his cultivation to soar. In just three years, he grew from Crucible Transformation Realm all the way up to the grand-completion Plundering Life Realm.

Now he even had broken through to the Celestial Novice Realm; however, this caused the effect of the starry skies’ Essence Qi over him to worsen immediately. In other words, compared to other cultivators, he no longer held superiority. If he wanted to cultivate at the same speed as before, he could only do so if he found a place with better quality starry skies’ Essence Qi, or obtain and use a higher grade of matching cultivation resources.

Fortunately, his Body Forging Cultivation Method remained unaffected; therefore, it caused his body to strengthen continuously even under the descending Thunder Tribulation Arcs.

“Bang” When the last few lightning arcs struck Ning Cheng’s body, Ning Cheng’s body that had supposedly suffered grievous injuries under the descending thunder tribulation, began to heal at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Ning Cheng remained prone on the ground while continuously operating the cultivation method to supplement the Body Forging Cultivation Method and re-condense his body. Although his cultivation could not rise anymore at this moment; however, his body had actually managed to break through to the Tier 7 God Body.

As the Thunder Tribulation finally dissipated, the surrounding area once again turned quite like before.

Not knowing for how long, Ning Cheng finally opened his eyes and slowly sat up.

Feeling the starry skies’ Essence Qi flowing within, Ning Cheng could not help but shout out in joy. His previously fragmented body under the Thunder Tribulation no longer looked injured at all. If it were not for his messy hair, and the surrounding ruins, that proved he had undergone a Thunder Tribulation, Ning Cheng would have doubted if he had advanced just by taking a nap.

Advancing to a Tier 7 God Body, Ning Cheng also felt as if his body had turned even perfect. The perfected body resulting from undergoing repeated forging finally started to manifest itself fully.

The only regret was that his skin colour had turned slightly pale, which probably was a result of excessive blood loss. If he continued to cultivate, he should slowly return to normal.

Ning Cheng raised his hand, and it once again gave him the feeling that he could grab anything with his hand at any time, whether tangible or intangible.

This should be the result of his Domain reaching grand completion, Ning Cheng thought while letting out a sigh of relief. When he was in the Sea Opening Realm, he had managed to obtain a Fake Domain. Although he had no one to teach him, because of the help provided by the Mysterious Yellow Formless, he finally managed to reach the Plundering Life Realm, while even his Domain had unknowingly almost reached grand completion.

Looking back at his combined Domain Realm and Nirvana Tribulation descending almost simultaneously, others might consider it incredible, but Ning Cheng did not feel much surprised about it at this moment.

Reaching the grand completion in the Domain Realm always led to inciting the Nirvana Tribulation. It also showed that his understanding of Domain was far beyond that of ordinary cultivators; as such, the rapid advancement to the grand completion of the Domain Realm was not a strange event. This was somewhat similar to Jing Wuming’s statement before he left; that is, he had ample savings.

Unfortunately, such good things might never appear for the second time. From now on, Ning Cheng would have to work hard like the others to absorb the starry skies’ Essence Qi and advance systematically like ordinary cultivators.

Ning Cheng wanted to get up and wash before changing into a fresh set of robes before going out and testing the limits of his cultivation. Most importantly, he wished to turn his Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique into a real spiritual technique. Only after advancing to the Celestial Novice Realm did Ning Cheng feel that he could now display the full might of, at least, common Spiritual Techniques.

However, at this moment, a ray of light rapidly shot towards him. In just half a moment, this ray of light descended onto the broken comet that Ning Cheng stood on.

Ning Cheng quickly put on the robes with his fastest speed and then looked at the person who arrived on the broken comet.

It was a gorgeous woman, wearing light cyan-coloured tights that perfectly outlined her figure. The supple bulge at both the front and the back, combined with her somewhat watery eyes, made it so that people cannot help but want to get close to her.

However, these were not what Ning Cheng felt most concerned with, what Ning Cheng cared most was that this young woman had a pair of silver wings behind her. That ray of light that he just saw a moment ago must have come from that pair of silver wings. It instantly reminded Ning Cheng of his own Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds.

Just as Ning Cheng’s gaze fell on the pair on the pair of silver wings, the wings behind the young woman suddenly disappeared.

“Senior.” Ning Cheng greeted her with cupped fists. This young woman felt as if she had higher cultivation than even Lan Ya. There were also two vague and indistinct Celestial Wheels floating behind her, indicating that she probably possessed a Celestial Gatherer Cultivation.

Thinking of the Celestial Wheel, Ning Cheng found that he had not condensed a Celestial Wheel even after advancing to the Celestial Novice Realm. Was it a problem with his cultivation method, or was it because he improved in a short time?

“Quite the perfect body, you would not be an unknown even in a great region. Looks like you have a perfect Body Forging Cultivation Method, good, good…..”

In front of this young woman, Ning Cheng could not help feeling a bit embarrassed. This young woman apparently saw him while he changed clothes. However, when this young woman spoke about the perfect Body Forging Cultivation Method, Ning Cheng immediately became alert.

“If I’m not wrong, you should be called Ning Cheng, right?” The young woman’s unbridled gaze swept Ning Cheng from top to bottom. “Teng Hongkuang really must have turned blind to actually think of you as a cultivator in the early stages of Plundering Life Realm. If I had not come here by myself, with the aura of Nirvana not yet fully dissipated from the surrounding, how could I have known that you just crossed the Nirvana Tribulation?”

“Who is this senior?” Ning Cheng grabbed the Nirvana Spear and stared at this young woman with caution in his eyes.

He had never seen this woman, yet this woman knew that he was Ning Cheng. If it were someone from the Graceful Star Mainland, then it would be fine. After all, he was still a well-known figure in the Graceful Star Mainland. However, in this piece of starry skies, he was not even a passer-by. So how did this woman know him?

“Previously when you hid in your Immortal Cave in the Tyre area, our people couldn’t drag you out. However, you are out of luck now. Meeting me, Ni Feng, right after crossing the Nirvana Tribulation is your reward. If you hand over your cultivation method, then I can give you a chance to live as my slave. Otherwise…..”

As Ni Feng spoke until here, she stared at Ning Cheng as if looking at lamb ripe for slaughter.

“You are from Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino.” Ning Cheng suddenly realised. This woman named Ni Feng had said the name Teng Hongkuang, which most likely referred to the name of that brown-haired male cultivator called Deacon Teng.

“I heard that you were very cunning, but didn’t think you’d have such a slow reaction. I’ll give you three breaths of time, one…..” Ni Feng spoke with disdain.

“Keep dreaming.” Ning Cheng clenched his Nirvana Spear tightly and stared at Ni Feng. He knew that escaping from the woman in front of him would prove impossible.

“Let’s see if I’m dreaming shall we….” Ni Feng spoke as she raised her hand and shot out dozens of silver rays, almost similar to her silver wings.

Ning Cheng, facing Ni Feng’s attack, could no longer feel his Domain. The area that he formerly controlled disappeared while the dozen bright rays even suppressed his breathing. The seemingly bright glow gave Ning Cheng a terrifying feeling of danger.

Ning Cheng immediately stabbed out with his Nirvana Spear; however, those light easily deflected his Nirvana Spear. Nevertheless, at the same time, the formidable Spear Intent transformed into a piercing Spear Trace.

“Bang-Bang-Bang….” As the silvery light blew over Ning Cheng’s Spear Trace, Ning Cheng’s Spear Trace collapsed almost instantaneously. The powerful counter-force forced Ning Cheng to shoot back and slam into the edge of the crater previously formed when he surmounted the tribulation.

“Huh, such powerful Spear Intent. An ant that just advanced to the Celestial Novice Realm can unexpectedly block my Declivity Gathering Silver Kill. Let’s see how many more you can block……”

As Ni Feng spoke, her hands started moving around like waving flowers, causing endless silver rays of light to shoot out at Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng immediately felt as if the space around him was squeezing up on itself. This kind of restrictive bondage made it as if he could not move anymore, just waiting for the opposite party’s silver lights to kill him. At this moment, he could no longer use the Nirvana Spear to block these silver lights.

Ning Cheng immediately summoned the Everlasting Blue Thunder City. Unlike the previous flickering shadow, this shadow of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City has some solidity to it. The lightning arcs were more clearly visible, and the edge of the Thunder City even showed a touch of granite.

“Bang-Bang-Bang….” The densely packed Declivity Gathering Silver Killing Lights fell on the Everlasting Blue Thunder City; however, these Declivity Gathering Silver Killing Lights, which were more than enough to take Ning Cheng’s life, unexpectedly came to a stop over the Everlasting Blue Thunder City. In addition to the thunderous roars, one could only hear the various crackling sounds of the crisscrossing lightning arcs of the Thunder City.

Ning Cheng finally felt the powerful benefits provided by his Spiritual Consciousness. If replaced by his past self, facing this kind of bombardment, his Everlasting Blue Thunder City would have already collapsed and could have only barely provided him with some support. As for fighting back, there was no need even to think about it.

“Good stuff….” Ni Feng’s eyes lit up, as she used both hands to shoot out even more of those Declivity Gathering Silver Killing Lights.

Ning Cheng barely managed to survive due to the shadow of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City the previous round and reluctantly kept the Everlasting Blue Thunder City from dispersing. Once the Blue Thunder City scattered, he could end up smashed into a meat paste by those horrifying Declivity Gathering Silver Killing Lights.

This caused Ning Cheng to feel even more shocked in his heart; he and this woman had a massive difference in strength. If this woman did not stop, it would eventually end up exhausting his Spiritual Consciousness to fend off those Declivity Gathering Silver Killing Lights. Even his Sea of Consciousness might end up collapsing. Only at this moment did he finally understand the disparity of strength between a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator and a Celestial Novice Cultivator.

Ni Feng also felt equally astonished. She had never thought that a puny Celestial Novice Cultivator could last this long under the continuous bombardment from her Declivity Gathering Silver Killing Lights. If this Celestial Novice Cultivator somehow advanced to the Celestial Gatherer Realm, would she still be his match?

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