Chapter 0490

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Chapter 0490: Celestial Novice

“That’s right.” Ning Cheng laughed; in any event, Jing Wuming had already walked out from the decadence of losing Shi Yulan anyway.

Jing Wuming understood Ning Cheng’s intent and spoke up, “Since your Immortal Cave is rented for 10 years, I will leave the Ocean Gambling City after the time is up at the latest. You can come along with me if you want. This place, anyway, is not somewhere you want to live in.”

Ning Cheng nodded, “Of course, I will tag along with you. I do not want to live in this place any more than you do. However, I am not very familiar with the Lesser Thunder Star, where do you want to go?”

Jing Wuming spoke up cautiously, “If there is no accident, I will definitely advance to the Celestial Shatterer Realm within these ten years. I had initially signed myself up for the Striking Order Starry Skies’ try-outs held within the Orchid Borough Celestial River. If selected, I might get to leave the Lesser Thunder Star.”

“What are these Starry Skies’ Try-outs?” Ning Cheng quickly asked.

“These are try-outs for the Celestial Scryer Realm. The participants must be cultivators who have not yet formed their Celestial Bridge. Therefore, only Celestial Novice, Celestial Shatterer and Celestial Gatherer Cultivators can take part in these try-outs. These try-outs are not organised by the Orchid Borough Celestial River, but by the Striking Order Starry Skies. Although Orchid Borough Celestial River is just an inconspicuous Celestial River within the Striking Order Starry Skies, it attaches huge importance to this event. If a true genius can emerge from within the Orchid Borough Celestial River, Striking Order Starry Skies would also reward Orchid Borough Celestial River amply…”

“Wait.” Ning Cheng interrupted Jing Wuming and spoke, “Wuming, do you mean that this selection starts from each planet, then goes all the way up to Celestial River and finally to the Striking Order Starry Skies?”

“Yes, I heard that even the try-outs at the Starry Skies level are not the end. Only the best of the Nirvana Cultivators can enter the vast universe on behalf of the Starry Skies they represent to participate in the final competition. As to what is the ultimate prize at the end, I do not know. However, as long as one could enter the Striking Order Starry Skies, or even enter the core of Orchid Borough Celestial River, the rewards one could obtain are simply beyond imagination. I don’t have any high hopes, to be honest; as long as I could leave the Orchid Borough Celestial River, I would feel satisfied.”

However, as Jing Wuming spoke until here, his tone also heated up, betraying his expectations of hoping to achieve better results.

“Unfortunately, your cultivation is too low. Otherwise, we could have participated together. It would have been much more thrilling.” As Jing Wuming thought of Ning Cheng’s cultivation, he could only give out a sigh.


Jing Wuming wanted to advance to the Celestial Shatterer Realm as soon as possible. At the same time, Ning Cheng also wanted to improve his cultivation as fast as possible. As such, the two of them quickly made their preparations to go into secluded cultivation.

Although within the Plundering Life Realm, Ning Cheng’s cultivation had not slowed down by even half a point. Within the Lesser Thunder Star, he suffered no bottlenecks for cultivation. Besides, he could also absorb the Starry Skies’ Essence Qi. Not only could he incorporate it, but Ning Cheng could even transmute it for his own use.

It was all possible because of the Mysterious Yellow Formless, whose power relied on the Mysterious Yellow Origin; at the same time, the Mysterious Yellow Bead was the birthplace of the Mysterious Yellow Origin.

For Ning Cheng, the present conditions of cultivation in this place were excellent. Therefore, after two years of continuously cultivating within seclusion, Ning Cheng had finally reached the grand-completion of the ninth level of the Plundering Life Realm.

After Ning Cheng came out, the first thing he did was to look for Jing Wuming. He wanted to know if Jing Wuming came out or not. If Jing Wuming had not left, he would then quietly exit the Lesser Thunder Star to find a place to surmount the incoming tribulation.

According to Jing Wuming, it would take him at least a few years to advance to the Celestial Shatterer Realm. However, Ning Cheng did not see Jing Wuming anywhere and only found a jade strip in his place.

“Brother Xiaocheng, I went out. I had originally thought that it would take me six to seven years to advance to the Celestial Shatterer Realm, as I did not expect my savings to be enough to get me through it. However, because of my mood experiencing a breakthrough, I unexpectedly broke through in just a little more than a year. Since you are still in seclusion, I decided to head to the Thunder Enforcement City after coming out. I hope that you can cultivate well. If I do not come back in ten years, I will have someone bring you some Blue Coins to help you come to the Thunder Enforcement City. Wuming.”

Ning Cheng put away the jade strip. Ning Cheng already knew that the Thunder Enforcement City was the principal city within the Lesser Thunder Star. It was the city where the Celestial Lord resided. Since Jing Wuming went to Thunder Enforcement City, it definitely was to participate in the Starry Skies’ try-outs.


Ning Cheng easily changed his aura and carefully left Ocean Gambling City. He was just a minor character who had gone into seclusion a few years ago. As long as he did not appear too high profile, the people from the casino would not pay any particular attention to him individually.

After coming out of the Ocean Gambling City, Ning Cheng did not immediately look for a place to surmount the incoming tribulation. Instead, he brought out his own 5-Star Battle Disc and got ready to leave the Lesser Thunder Star and enter the Starry Skies.

The reason why Ning Cheng chose to surmount the incoming tribulation in the starry skies was so that he could immediately go looking for the Fire Origin Bead after overcoming the incoming trial. The Mysterious Yellow Bead needed such an object to make it more stable anyway.

As Ning Cheng controlled the most common and garbage-looking warship to leave the Lesser Thunder Star, no one deemed it necessary enough to notice it. In any case, a cultivator with such low cultivation, even if turned into a slave, would not bring in much money.

The 5-Star Battleship Sifting Orchid had a speed lot faster compared to standard flying weapons and devices. However, within the starry skies, only the word ‘slow’ could describe the speed of this airborne weapon.

After flying for almost two months, Ning Cheng finally came to a stop at a barren and broken comet and decided to use it for surmounting his incoming tribulation.

Theoretically, unless one broke through to become a Celestial Novice Cultivator, one could not absorb the starry skies’ Essence Qi. However, as long as one could consume even a sliver of it, it would bring about an effect stronger than that of a Rank 9 Heavenly Pill from the True Cultivation Civilisations.

Cultivating for about half a day, Ning Cheng finally incited the Thunder Tribulation for the Domain Realm.

Standing under the continuously descending lightning arcs, Ning Cheng felt it lacking something. Ning Cheng knew that not many cultivators could block the descending tribulation in such a manner. However, to Ning Cheng, this level of Thunder Tribulation felt too weak.

After the several waves of Thunder Tribulation ended, the Mysterious Yellow Origin within his body suddenly became active, and gently loosened up the shackles and helped Ning Cheng break through the obstacles of the Plundering Life Ream and enter a new realm.

As brand new feelings and various emotions poured into his heart, Ning Cheng instantly forgot about the matters relating to the Thunder Tribulation.

At this moment, he felt as if he had become the master of the universe, and felt as if he could grasp anything and everything within the palm of his hands. It felt as if the entire starry skies had become his plaything, and felt as if he could arbitrarily change anything within the space.

No, this feeling is not correct. At the same moment that Ning Cheng perceived something wrong, he also gained a much clearer understanding of something else through the Mysterious Yellow Origin. In other words, with the help of the Mysterious Yellow Origin, he got a more thorough understanding of his own Domain.

This was Domain, this was his Domain; Ning Cheng finally came to an understanding.

His Domain was different from that of Lan Yan and Jing Wuming. According to what Ning Cheng heard, the Domain Realm was where one would focus on forming a Domain. He was a cultivator who had just entered the Domain Realm; as such, his Domain definitely had not reached grand completion. Only when a cultivator’s Domain reached grand-completion would they be qualified to attempt the Nirvana Tribulation before advancing to a true starry skies’ level powerhouse, the Celestial Novice Realm.

However, at this moment, he felt that his Domain was gradually perfecting itself. He could even control the scope of his Domain and could use his Domain to bind anything and everything around him arbitrarily.

This was not the process someone would experience, and build upon, allowing his or her Domain to reach grand completion; instead, it felt as if his Domain had already started at grand-completion and was further perfecting itself.

What was going here? Ning Cheng closed his eyes and immersed his mind into his Domain. As Ning Cheng felt his own Domain, everything around him turned silent. Only an occasional meteorite whistled past over his head.

“Boom… Katcha…..” A lightning arc descended without even a warning, breaking Ning Cheng’s silence.

Still unprepared, two more thick lightning arcs descended and stuck straight at Ning Cheng’s chest. These two lightning arcs almost tore apart Ning Cheng from the inside out. Even his bones deformed from the power. The flesh over his chest ripped out and sprayed the surroundings with blood. This terrible change immediately cased Ning Cheng to sober up.

What is going on? Had he not just gotten through the Domain Realm’s Thunder Tribulation? How could such a terrifying lightning arc descend?

“Boom-Boom-Boom…..” Not waiting for Ning Cheng to understand, another dozen similarly thick lightning arcs started to descend. Although these lightning arcs had not yet struck Ning Cheng’s body, the horrifying power contained within it caused Ning Cheng to feel fear involuntarily.

This Thunder Tribulation definitely wanted his life; at the same time, none of Ning Cheng’s past Thunder Tribulations could compare to the one he currently faced.

Ning Cheng no longer thought about the issue with his Domain and quickly brought out his Everlasting Blue Thunder City.

“Bang-Bang-Bang…..” Since the moment he stepped into the Soul Essence Realm, Ning Cheng had never experienced a state similar to what he currently faced. The Everlasting Blue Thunder City had just come out when the descending lightning arcs shattered it apart. The superfluous lightning arcs then continued their trajectory downwards towards him. A large portion of flesh and blood blew out under the explosive impact of the lightning arcs. The bones no longer remained deformed, and were breaking apart an inch at a time, even his internal organs suffered massive damage.

Ning Cheng, at this moment, honestly felt the fear of death. Could he even survive today?

36 Cosmic True Devil Axes, Flame Deacon Diagram, Nirvana Spear, the shadow of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, Ning Cheng brought out everything he had one after another….

“Ka-Ka-Ka-Ka…..” The True Devil Axes blew apart one after another, the Flame Beacon Diagram turned to ash under the descending lightning arcs, and even the Nirvana Spear shot into the depths of the comet due to the impact. As for the shadow of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, it once again blew to smithereens.

The incredibly powerful lightning arcs forced Ning Cheng into the ground, while Ning Cheng could not even breathe properly. What was going on?

The next wave of thunder tribulation was already brewing within the endless starry sky. Ning Cheng did not have to think about the outcome, if he waited for the next wave of thunder tribulation to descend then, it would only mean death for him.

He had a Thunder Spirit Root that could absorb Thunder Source to help in his cultivation; he also possessed the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, an object that could similarly consume the Thunder Source. However, this descending Thunder Tribulation was too terrifying, too powerful; he just could not fight against it at all.

No, this was not the Domain Realm’s Thunder Tribulation; it should be the Nirvana Tribulation.

Ning Cheng suddenly came to an understanding. He had just advanced to the Domain Realm; however, his Domain had already reached grand completion. Because of the laws in this place, he had involuntarily instigated the Nirvana Tribulation.

After understanding this reason, Ning Cheng’s fighting spirit once again soared to great heights. The reason Ning Cheng felt afraid before was due to a lack of logic behind the descending tribulation, now that he realised that this was the Nirvana Tribulation, how could he remain fearful of it?

Moreover, he was also a Body Forging Cultivator; therefore, at this moment, Ning Cheng crazily started operating the Mysterious Yellow Formless and the Body Forging Cultivation Method at the same time.

What caused Ning Cheng to feel pleasantly surprised was that after he involuntarily gained mastery over his Domain, his cultivation began climbing upwards rapidly, and his broken body began to heal at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“Boom-Boom-Boom….” Dense and thick lightning arcs rained down. At the same time, Ning Cheng also no longer showed his previous hesitation. To die with one’s head held high, without a shred of fear. Nirvana meant re-birth, how else could one find Nirvana if one did not face death? Ning Cheng did not know if the others also met a similar Nirvana Tribulation as him; however, he could only think in that direction.

Although his corporeal body showed severe signs of continually breaking down, even resulting in a fragmented body; however, after Ning Cheng realised that this was a Nirvana Tribulation, he knew that his cultivation had improved by a lot in a short period. Bringing out the shadow of Everlasting Blue Thunder City and forcibly pulling out the Nirvana Spear, Ning Cheng used the two of them to block the descending lightning arcs.

“Ka-Ka-Ka-Cha…..” The shadow of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City blew open, and the Nirvana Spear blasted into the depths of the broken comet once again.

The excess lightning arcs continued to descend onto Ning Cheng’s body causing the powerful Thunder Source and the starry skies’ Essence Qi to start aggregating. Although Ning Cheng’s vitality plummeted, his cultivation climbed up wildly. Even the Mysterious Yellow Origin went all out and overflowed into Ning Cheng’s body as if it sensed the peril its master faced.

“Boom…..” A convoluted and the most profound sense of breaking through all shackles caused Ning Cheng to turn slightly sluggish. At this moment, he felt as if his Sea of Consciousness had suddenly transformed into a starry sky. This kind of powerful feeling caused Ning Cheng to feel ecstatic. He knew that this most likely signified the entrance into the Celestial Novice Realm.

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