Chapter 0512

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Chapter 0512: Dog Slaughterer

Gongxi Kui felt slightly startled. He did not think that someone would immediately challenge him right after he killed Lupe such a brutal manner. However, when he saw Ning Cheng, he immediately felt furious in his heart. It looks like he has been too gentle with his ways recently. For even a Celestial Novice ant to dare come forward to challenge him.

“Is that person a Celestial Novice Cultivator?” Lan Ya and Shi Yulan both shot a surprised glance at this newly appeared person. Usually, over 90% of the Celestial Novice Cultivators did not have Celestial Wheels. However, Celestial Shatterer and Celestial Gatherer Cultivators without any Celestial Wheels were quite a rare sight.

Moreover, Celestial Wheels represented the strength of a cultivator; without Celestial Wheels, even a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator was not someone strong.

A Celestial Novice Cultivator, did this person want to court death?

“Since you want to die that badly, come right up then.” Gongxi Kui spoke with a cruel smile. He decided to use the indefatigable person, who recently took the stage, to test his knife and once again set up his prestige.

“Dog Slaughterer….” Ning Cheng casually spoke as he stretched out his hand. The Treasured Thunder Spear appeared with faint Thunder Lights flashing around Ning Cheng’s hand.

Ning Cheng turned out to be a cultivator with a Thunder-attributed Spirit Root, which really surprised Gongxi Kui. In general, such kind of cultivators led a life sheltered like treasured feathers and rarely came to places like the arena. However, Ning Cheng’s introduction as ‘Dog Slaughterer’ made him angry. He no longer wanted to waste any words; overflowing with murderous intent, the ball suspended over his head exploded.

“Roar…..” Yellow sands immediately covered the sky, quickly transforming the 19th Battle Stage into a roaring desert.

The billowing yellow sands were like the stormy sea, curling up as waves of yellow sand walls. The yellow sands soon submerged the battle ring, and no one could peer into the fight between the two cultivators. One could only feel waves of killing intent that steadily seeped out from the inside.

Sure enough, it definitely displayed a formidable domain control. These yellow sands were a unique treasure. Moreover, every sand particle was something that Gongxi Kui had painstakingly refined, which he then integrated with his domain.

The domain of others was mostly just invisible spacial control; however, Gongxi Kui had already materialised his Domain. However, he could not transform the intangible Domain into something tangible all by himself; and instead, had to rely on his weapon to achieve that effect.

However, in the eyes of an ordinary cultivator, it was still a terrifying ability as only cultivators with remarkable skills and talents could transform their domains into something tangible. Gongxi Kui, however, managed to achieve the same effect in a roundabout way.

Nevertheless, in Ning Cheng’s view, it was just laughable. Ning Cheng had the Starry Skies Sea of Consciousness. His Spiritual Consciousness not only was much more formidable compared to an ordinary cultivator, but even its quality was also on a completely different level. He firmly believed that external objects could not help in completely transforming one’s domain into something tangible. Turning tangible implied actual spacial coagulations, along with a manifestation of formidable spiritual powers.

However, Ning Cheng had just advanced to the Domain Realm when his domain quickly reached full completion, forcing him not only to face the Domain Realm Thunder Tribulation but also the Nirvana Thunder Tribulation and the Sea of Consciousness Thunder Tribulation back to back. As such, Ning Cheng’s control over his domain was not as good as Gongxi Kui’s control.

After Gongxi Kui’s yellow-sands covered the sky, he immediately felt something hindering and even binding it. This kind of impediment was not the same as the resistance he encountered from Lupe’s skeletons but came from an invisible obstacle that had no touch or feel. There was just no way to proceed.

Gongxi Kui had not entered the 19th Battle Stage for a day or two. He instantly realised what might have happened. It was a result of an even more powerful domain, which had bound his yellow sand’s physical domain manifestation.

A layer of cold sweat seeped down his body, while the old teachings of Gongxi Clan appeared in his mind. The Gongxi Clan’s yellow sand domain, which belonged to a particular class of physical Domains, only had a few opponents that could go against it. However, once this domain encountered a more powerful intangible Domain, the first thing to do was to get out of the battlefield as quickly as possible and immediately retreat.

Gongxi Kui had made a debut many years ago; not to mention opponents at the same level, he had even killed many with Celestial Gatherer Cultivations. However, he had never encountered a cultivator who could lock down his physical Domain with a formless Domain, until today. Moreover, the strength showcased by the opponent’s intangible Domain was not something he had even heard of in his entire life, something capable of utterly restricting his yellow sands. With such a formidable formless Domain, was this person really a Celestial Novice Cultivator?

Regardless of whether the other party was a Celestial Novice Cultivator, Gongxi Kui had decided to follow the ancestral teachings of retreating before throwing in the towel.

Bringing out the small bow once again, he did not just use it to shoot a single invisible yellow sand arrow but pulled the bowstring three times in succession while quickly retreating.

There was an old adage ‘once you’ve shot the arrow, there’s no turning back’; however, this phrase had no place in a fight between starry skies’ cultivators. If Gongxi Kui had not immediately retreated and forcibly confronted Ning Cheng after firing those three arrows, Ning Cheng would have had to face a lot more pressure compared to this moment.

Now that Gongxi Kui shot those three arrows and quickly retreated, the potential of his traceless bolts had also significantly weakened, which was equivalent to forcibly slowing down the bolt’s speed. Gongxi Kui had regarded Ning Cheng the same as Lupe, and if Lupe had replaced Ning Cheng, even under retreat, the three shots would have definitely posed a deadly threat to him. However, Ning Cheng, who already had the upper hand in this kind of domain confrontation, could already see every move made by Gongxi Kui.

Gongxi Kui had just retreated when Ning Cheng’s Treasured Thunder Spear shot out from his hand.

The moment that the Treasured Thunder Spear shot out, an awesome feeling emerged in Ning Cheng’s mind. It was something that he had never experienced when using the Nirvana Spear. Although he could still use the Nirvana Spear as an intermediary for his Spear Intent, and use it to display that traceless killing intent, Ning Cheng could not use it to understand the essence connecting it to the Spear Intent.

At this moment, Ning Cheng completely forgot everything around him; whether it was the yellow sands or the traceless yellow sand arrows, everything turned insignificant. His whole mind had submerged itself into that single spear. This spear could cut through all domains, could break through all obstacles.

The yellow sand domain manifested by the ball automatically split apart, even the traceless yellow sand arrows had also disappeared. On the battle ring, no, within Ning Cheng’s consciousness, the entire world had condensed into this spear. Any obstacle that dared to appear in front of this spear would turn to ashes.

Gongxi Kui could only look on helplessly as this spear locked onto him; his body had also turned stagnant, making him realise that he could not escape. At this moment, Gongxi Kui’s heart only contained regret, regret about the fact that he should not have retreated. Ancestral teachings were not necessarily correct all the time, or rather, the inherited instructions wanted to convey that meeting such an opponent only resulted in a dead end but passed the lessons down in a more tactful wording.

Gongxi Kui could only watch as this spear cut through all obstacles before piercing his glabella. What he felt turned out completely different from what Ning Cheng currently experienced; however, both of them saw the same thing. Before dying, Gongxi Kui only saw a spear with thunder light surrounding it, preventing him from escaping.

The scene over the battle ring froze; all the spectators could only look dumbfounded at the battle ring that seemed frozen in time.

At this time, the yellow sand over the battle ring had stopped flowing, Gongxi Kui remained frozen in place, and even Ning Cheng did not show the slightest movement. At the same time, even the spear looked frozen in time.

The only thing that seemed to have any semblance to any sort of movement was that the distance between the Treasured Thunder Spear’s tip and Gongxi Kui’s glabella seemed to shrink bizarrely. Yes, the distance between the two objects seemed in motion. In other words, the distance between the two objects experienced an eccentric contraction.

“Poof….” The fine-eyed sound of the spear entering the glabella emerged. Although extremely faint, it still stood out through the faint Thunder Lights and the yellow sands that covered the sky. A blood-red stream of liquid then silently gushed out and looked like a blood flower blooming within the yellow sands that covered the sky.

“Bang….” After the blood flower bloomed, the frozen scene over the battle ring instantly accelerated. The yellow sand once again started flowing, covering the entire battle ring; however, Gongxi Kui’s body had already slumped to the ground without even a sound. Everything that happened felt like an illusion, and yet it did not seem like an illusion.

Ning Cheng stood still with his eyes closed; this single spear had allowed him to experience too many things. These were all something vague and indistinct before; however, Ning Cheng clearly felt and understood each and everything currently. Evidently, the previous instances that he used the Nirvana Spear, which remained devoid of any Spiritual Nature, had created a few misconceptions. The Nirvana Spear, although an unfathomable weapon, it could not provide him with much use with his present strength and cultivation.

Since Ning Cheng stood on the battle ring in silence, the audience below the battle ring also remained silent.

This fight was a lot quicker compared to the last bout, and contained a one-of-a-kind poetic and artistic flavour to it; however, at this moment, none of the audience could sober up from the shock produced from the previously frozen scene.

After a few breaths, Ning Cheng finally opened his eyes, and a ring floated out from Gongxi Kui’s corpse before falling into his open palm. Gongxi Kui’s weapon had an intrinsic connection to his Life Essence; now that Ning Cheng killed him, the ball also burst into a pile of yellow sand.

After Ning Cheng turned Gongxi Kui’s body into powder with a fireball, he waved his hand once again. The yellow sand that had scattered everywhere gathered into a heap before neatly piling up on one side of the battle ring.

The spectating cultivators finally woke up from the trance created by the Spear Intent; seeing the turbulent yellow sand piled up neatly on one side, they immediately erupted in thunderous applause. They all felt that they did not come here in vain; although the fight was short-lived, it was positively fantastic and blood rising.

Ning Cheng held out his cupped fists, while still standing over the battle ring, and spoke out in a resonant voice, “Many thanks to the friends for coming to the 19th Battle Ring to spectate. This Dog Slaughterer wants to lay claim to the 19th Battle Ring and would like to challenge Kirk now. I’m sure that this will be Kirk’s last fight, and this 19th Battle Ring will no longer have a person named Kirk after today.”

The audience once again burst into more thunderous cheering. Everyone misunderstood Ning Cheng’s words, making them think that he wanted to wrest away the 19th Battle Ring and become the sole champion. In any case, such an event was not a small matter.

In this arena, only three battle rings had an individual champion taking complete control of the battle ring. Were they going to witness the addition of the 19th Battle Ring to those three?

When Ning Cheng killed Gongxi Kui, he immediately decided to spend the rest of the month in this place. He felt delighted by the growth he experienced in just a single fight, which made him sure that continuously engaging in such battles provided him with a lot more benefits compared to going into seclusion for a few months or even half a year. Comprehending such a powerful Domain-piercing Spear Intent, Ning Cheng felt that he would not necessarily feel too much pressure if he were to face Ni Feng again right now.

“So powerful….” Lan Ya stared at Ning Cheng for a long while after recovering from the shock. She had never seen such a powerful Celestial Novice Cultivator; was this person really a Celestial Novice Cultivator?

Shi Yulan also sobered up from the shock. Although it was the first time for her to experience the battle intents of others, it definitely proved helpful for her cultivation. She felt that it would prove extremely beneficial for her if she could come here often to watch this person’s fights.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Lan Ya, this person helped you kill Gongxi Kui, you no longer have to worry about taking care of Gongxi Kui. Moreover, this starry skies’ wanderer is too strong, I have never seen such a powerful Celestial Novice Cultivator.” Shi Yulan spoke while staring at Ning Cheng still standing on the stage; even her tone had a slight quiver to it. She could not help but think that if one day she also had such a strong intent, it would not be impossible to kill that Shang Mou Celestial River King.

“Kirk, come out, don’t turtle up inside your shell. Kirk…..” The audience under the battle ring forcibly began to call out Kirk. When Gongxi Kui killed Lupe, the spectators felt it not worthwhile to come here. However, after Dog Slaughterer killed Gongxi Kui, it truly made them feel glad that they decided to go to the 19th Battle Ring to spectate. Now that Dog Slaughterer challenged Kirk, how could the spectators miss such a potentially exciting fight?

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