Chapter 0513

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Chapter 0513: Breaking down the Spear Intent

Kirk looked older than Gongxi Kui did, with his long hair tied into a swirling bun and slightly darker skin. Because of this, he appeared free and unrestrained to others.

The moment that Ning Cheng killed Gongxi Kui with that spear, Kirk also had a clear view of it. Initially, he also had the same thought as Gongxi Kui; that is, Ning Cheng would die without a doubt. However, the result completely surprised him, with Gongxi Kui dead; at the same time, he died in a short time.

Although Kirk shared a similar strength compared to Gongxi Kui, he definitely did not want to fight Ning Cheng now. Even if he had to fight, he must wait until he investigated this person thoroughly before fighting.

However, now that Ning Cheng challenged him in front of so many people, if he did not come to receive the open challenge, it would be equivalent to forfeiting his role as one of the champions. At the same time, he would also have to tuck his tail between his legs and leave the Revolving Jade City.

Not to mention that this kind of extreme humiliation was not something that he could accept, even the income that he earned from the 19th Battle Ring was not something that he wanted to leave. A cultivator wilfully forfeiting a steady income, what would he use to buy cultivation resources then? Cultivating in the starry skies require adequate financial resources. Without sufficient financial resources, there was no need to talk about cultivation.

For these reasons, Kirk had no choice but to come forward and accept the challenge.

“Friend, I am Kirk. Judging by this friend’s demeanour, it seems that you came specifically to the 19th Battle Ring to challenge me. If there is any personal grievance, please speak frankly. I, Kirk, will take full responsibility.” Although Kirk spoke in an awe-inspiring tone, only a few people could make out the guilty conscience behind those words.

Under normal circumstances, he would not speak any nonsense the moment he took the stage for a challenge. However, today when he entered the scene, he immediately started talking in a long-winded manner, even talking about personal grievances. However, the arena would never voice any complaints regarding such a matter; no matter what reason you had for taking the stage, it did not violate any of the arena’s regulations. As such, no one wanted to hear Kirk’s story.

“This person feels scared.” Lan Ya whispered to Shi Yulan; at the same time, she suddenly felt grateful towards this Dog Slaughterer on the stage.

“Just a load of crap.” Ning Cheng raised the Treasured Thunder Spear before it shot out as a Thunder Line.

Ning Cheng felt that the most important thing that he lacked was sufficient combat experience. He vaguely realised that as long as he could fight a couple more battles, he could then create a complete spear technique. Something no weaker than the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique.

Since Ning Cheng had already started, Kirk also did not dare to talk nonsense. Bringing out a pair of thin knives with a white edge, a couple of white Icy Lights immediately erupted.

Kirk’s pair of Ice Blades were only low-grade Dao Artefacts; however, they were Apex Ranked goods within low-grade Dao Artefacts. Moreover, crafted from Void Abyss Ice, one could easily use it as long as one had a water-attributed or an ice-attributed Spirit Root as their main Spirit Root. As long as such a person wielded this pair of Ice Blades in their hands, one could improve his or her overall strength by a full level.

The moment that Kirk brought out his Ice Blades, the surrounding temperature immediately started falling rapidly. Not to mention the battle ring, even the audience could feel the chill. Some of the cultivators with lower cultivation quickly conjured up their shields to protect themselves from the icy aura.

Ning Cheng did not feel surprised by such a display; instead, he increasingly felt that entering the arena was the right choice. In this kind of place, one could encounter a variety of opponents; as such, this place definitely could help him in sharpening himself. Moreover, which cultivator, who dared to stand on this stage, did not have formidable skills of their own? Just take Gongxi Kui’s yellow sand ball, or even Kirk’s Frost Ice Blade Lights.

The icy aura was not the end, just the beginning. Once Kirk thoroughly stimulated the pair of Ice Blades in his hands, the surroundings turned colder and colder. In just a few breaths, the place no longer contained just a cold aura; instead, it had transformed into a sea of ice.

Even the surrounding air seemed frozen as it made creaking-like noises. Inside this seemingly inexhaustible Profound Ice Sea, Ning Cheng looked frozen entirely.

Kirk’s two Profound Ice Knife Lights ignored even the air that had almost solidified into Profound Ice and acted like two white shadows that wanted to split apart Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng quickly awakened when facing the incoming danger in the form of those fear-inducing Ice Blade Knife Lights as he suddenly recalled the Treasured Thunder Spear and immediately shot out with it.

“Bang-Bang-Bang-Bang….” This time when the Treasured Thunder Spear stabbed out, it no longer remained a spear surrounded by faint thunder flashes; instead, the thunder flashes rolled up and merged into a clump of smaller thunderbolts at the tip. These thunderbolts cut through the surrounding space that had transformed into Ice Frost, opening up a path for the Spear Shadow to slam into the two incoming Ice Blade Lights

Bursts of cracking sounds emerged, giving others the impression that Ning Cheng’s long spear seemed to be tearing through a frozen river’s surface, causing the surrounding ice to crack apart.

Just when the formidable counter-attack from the Celestial Essence erupted, the pair of Ice Blade Lights slid past the Treasured Thunder Spear. As such, instead of stopping, it directly shot past the Ice Frost Space and exploded onto Ning Cheng’s chest. Ning Cheng immediately felt as if a bomb had exploded over his chest, and the thunder flashes from the Treasured Thunder Spear instantly weakened, allowing the surrounding Ice Frost to turn even colder.

“Bang.” Ning Cheng slammed into the battle ring’s restriction while feeling secretly surprised at the vigour of Kirk’s Celestial Essence. A bloodstained open wound appeared over Ning Cheng’s chest, which quickly froze up in the cold. The horrible cold quickly started infiltrating Ning Cheng’s body through the now-frozen injury over his chest. Not waiting for this Ice Frost to ravage his meridians, the Mysterious Yellow Origin Aura mixed with a slight trace of fire rapidly melted the Ice Frost.

Ning Cheng knew that he lacked in the Celestial Essence department, and this disadvantage caused the loss in the previous exchange. However, unlike the spectators, who could only feel the Ice Frost, he could actually feel the Killing Power and the Killing Intent within the Ice Frost.

Because he wanted to feel the Killing Intent within the Ice Frost a few moments ago, he deliberately did not counter-attack, which was what had pushed him back flying. Simply put, he had underestimated his opponent. In the face of a Celestial Shatterer Cultivator, he unexpectedly held a low opinion of the enemy. The only reason why he could kill Gongxi Kui in the previous round was not due to his strength that rushed Gongxi Kui; it was due to his domain that helped him crush Gongxi Kui’s Domain.

Kirk had also gone flying back just like Ning Cheng; however, he felt that his opponent, who managed to kill Gongxi Kui, did not seem as dominant as he thought. Under the influence of the Cold Poisons within his knife lights, even if this person could prevent the complete destruction of his meridians, it would still result in greatly diminishing the opponent’s combat power.

Kirk once again stimulated his twin Ice Blades; however, this time, the Knife Lights not only transformed the surroundings into an ice mist, it also instigated billowing Ice Waves. As if the sky itself collapsed, it immediately rushed towards Ning Cheng. Even the surroundings suffered complete suppression; or rather, it was a suppression innate to Ice Frost.

The Treasured Thunder Spear in Ning Cheng’s hand shook; in addition to the thunder flashes, a layer of purple flames erupted over the spear.

A horrifying heat suddenly erupted from the Treasured Thunder Spear in Ning Cheng’s hand. The horrendous temperature was like a volcanic eruption. The abrupt appearance of the seemingly endless Ice Waves not only did not weaken it, it even slowly strengthened it.

The spectating cultivators felt that they had suddenly emerged from the depths of infinite chill only to drop into the centre of a blazing volcano. Or rather, it felt as if one side contained an endless ice pit, while the other was a horrifying volcano.

This no longer felt like spectating; instead, it felt more like torment brought forth by the combination of fire and ice.

The ice covering Ning Cheng quickly turned into vapour as he calmly stared at Kirk. At this moment, he finally broke down the first Spear Technique from his elusive Spear Intent.

The moment that the spear covered with Celestial River Flames blasted out, all ice in the surroundings started to melt, transforming into a spear that one could only feel in their thoughts.

His powerful domain also spread out through the Treasured Thunder Spear; at this moment, Kirk not only felt his twin Ice Blades turn sluggish, but even his body was also starting to stagnate.

What a formidable Domain? How powerful does one’s Spiritual Consciousness need to be to form such a powerful domain? Kirk finally understood how Gongxi Kui died. As it turned more difficult to extricate him from this kind of Domain, he only understood at this moment that he was not a match against Ning Cheng.

“Ka-Ka-Ka….” As the frost blocking the Treasured Thunder Spear wholly dissipated, the Treasured Thunder Spear brought along thick flames that struck Kirk’s Ice Blades. The Ice Blades immediately scattered; although Kirk’s Spiritual Consciousness had forcibly bound itself to the Ice Blades, his Spiritual Consciousness could not even compare to Ning Cheng.

“Puff….” With a spurt of blood, Kirk once again flew back.

Without waiting for Kirk to beg for mercy, Ning Cheng’s Treasured Thunder Spear shot out once again. This time, the scorching flames around the Treasured Thunder Spear had disappeared, and only the Thunder flashes flashed around it.

The spectators around the battle ring felt stunned at the fast-changing battle scene in front of them. As everyone stared at the frost and fire filled area over the battle ring, they realised that it was not just a battle of domains but also a struggle of attribute transformations.

“It’s extreme…..” This time it was not Lan Ya, but Shi Yulan who spoke up. She found that even with a Celestial Gatherer Cultivation, once she went to challenge any of them on the battle ring, she might not manage to beat either of them.

Lan Ya took in a deep breath, “I feel a familiar aura from those flames, but I can’t figure out where I had seen them.”

“Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, it might be due to you psychologically standing on the side of Dog Slaughterer; after all, he helped you with your revenge. It is only natural that you would feel some connection with this person. However, the fact is, we do not know this person at all. The starry skies’ aura on this person indicates that he definitely is a perennial starry skies’ wanderer. Those starry skies’ wanderers rarely have friends, and women are just an outlet for them.” Shi Yulan tried to explain from the side.

Lan Ya nodded, “It most likely is as you say. Junior Apprentice Sister Yulan, you seem very familiar with the starry skies’ wanderers. What do you think would happen to women if they chose to become starry skies’ wanderers?”

“Maybe the women wandering the starry skies for a long time might also have a personality like the other male cultivators, right?” Shi Yulan replied with some uncertainty.

“Then would they also treat male cultivators as an outlet?”

“Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, what do you want to know?”

“Did you forget what I said to you before? That I intend to become a starry skies’ wanderer. If Junior Sister Apprentice Yulan has no place to go, you can accompany me to wander around the starry skies.” Lan Ya replied with a smile.

Shi Yulan did not smile, she replied cautiously, “I don’t know about others; however, even if I became a starry skies’ wanderer, I won’t treat male cultivators as an outlet. Just the thought itself makes me feel disgusted. I hope to find someone I like him in the future, and the two of us will always be together……”

“Bang…..” The sound of something exploding over the battle ring immediately interrupted Lan Ya and Shi Yulan’s conversation.

The two of them then saw the frost and ice mist completely dissipate from over the battle ring, while Kirk had brought out a massive round shield while retreating to block a single spear from Dog Slaughterer.

However, the flashing Thunder flashes had not let up and stabbed into Kirk’s glabella. Kirk opened his mouth and seemed to want to say something, but it felt as if a force had bound him keeping him from speaking out.

“Puff” The Treasured Thunder Spear pierced through Kirk’s glabella, and in the same manner as Gongxi Kui, Kirk also fell down dead. This time, the spectators in the audience reacted quickly, breaking out in roaring cheers, mixed with a lot of excitement.

Ning Cheng stood still, as his mind still reminisced about the one spear from a moment ago, the one with the Celestial Flame Aura wrapped around it. That one spear had allowed him to break through all of Kirk’s Ice Frost and even kill Kirk in one fell swoop.

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