Chapter 0514

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Chapter 0514: Nothingness Flame Patterned Spear

Without the support from the Starry Skies’ Sea of Consciousness, Ning Cheng felt sure that he could not compete against Kirk; the Starry Skies’ Sea of Consciousness was just too powerful.

Moreover, without the Fire Origin, he could not have quickly melted the Ice Frost that had seeped into his body and had the potential to destroy his meridians. Without melting the Ice Frost that could soon ruin his body’s Meridians, it would have become increasingly disadvantageous for him in the fight.

During the last attack that contained the Celestial River Flame’s Fire Attribute, he managed to combine his Celestial River Flame with his Spear Intent, creating an entirely new attack. When stimulating the spear, it brought along endless flame patterns, these flame patterns were similar to the Axe Line Killing Intent that he had first comprehended, that turned every obstacle in its path into nothingness, allowing the Spear Intent to push forward unhindered.

The strength of his Domain and the strength of his Celestial River Flame determined the power of this attack. From now on, Ning Cheng decided to name this attack as ‘Nothingness Flame Patterned Spear’

Ning Cheng gave out a sigh; at this moment, he wanted to try challenging Ni Feng. With his current ability, even if he could not match up to Celestial Gathering Cultivators, the difference should not be too far. Once he goes back and upgrades his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, he could then use it to escape at any time if he could not beat his opponent.

“Ladies and gentlemen, starting from today, I will take up the title of ‘champion’ of the 19th Battle Ring, and all the cultivators within the Celestial Scryer Realm can come to challenge me. I will not entertain any fellows at the Celestial Bridge Realm and above. The name ‘Dog Slaughterer’ might feel somewhat disrespectful to the opponents; therefore, since I am a starry skies’ wanderer, I will change my name to ‘Wanderer’.” Ning Cheng stood over the stage and spoke with cupped fists. Since he already dealt with Kirk and Gongxi Kui, he naturally must change his name.

Over at the 19th Battle Ring, the third champion only felt anxiousness wash over him, he could not help but wonder if Ning Cheng would continue with challenging him. However, he then heard Ning Cheng’s next words, “When I am here, I am the champion. When I am not here, there would still be a champion here.”

Although he spoke with a domineering and overwhelming tone, the only remaining champion did not feel anything wrong with the words. Instead, after hearing Ning Cheng’s words, he actually felt relieved. As long as Ning Cheng did not challenge him, it remained acceptable, and everything else was secondary.

In fact, Ning Cheng had deliberately used those words to comfort the third champion; meaning that as long as you did not bother this god, this god would not kill you.

For Ning Cheng, even though he could become the sole champion of the 19th Battle Ring, he could not stay here at all times. Once he left, the arena would arrange for the rest to come to take the stage for challenges. They definitely would not stop just because of his absence. It would only leave the battle ring unused.

Of course, if he had an exclusive contract with the arena, then even if the champion were not there, the battle ring would remain empty. However, not every winner had the qualifications to sign a contract with the arena. Only those extremely popular champions had the eligibility to sign such a deal with them.

How can one become extremely popular? Natural invincibility and eternal victories were the answer. However, in the arena, there could never be an eternal victor; as long as you dared to stay in the field, someone would always appear to take you down a notch. Therefore, any cultivator after experiencing the ways of the arena held the same thought of renouncing their champion’s identity. Apart from a very few conceited cultivators, someone would always appear to dominate the winner.

After Ning Cheng finished speaking, he quickly walked down from the battle ring and left the arena.

Lan Ya still wanted to meet Ning Cheng; however, Ning Cheng did not give her the opportunity. Lan Ya also knew that she and Shi Yulan could not stay outside for a long time; as such, they too hurried back to the Bright Gist Resting Pen.


As soon as Lan Ya rushed into the Resting Pen, she quickly arrived outside of Ning Cheng’s room. Seeing the sign outside the living quarters that read ‘In seclusion’, Lan Ya then left with Shi Yulan.

When Ning Cheng had returned, he immediately put up an ‘In seclusion’ sign outside his room. He did not want to meet Lan Ya right now, as he had many things that needed attention. He wanted to upgrade his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, while also checking up on his present funds.

From Gongxi Kui’s ring, Ning Cheng obtained 2 billion Green Coins, as well as a large number of materials, medicinal pills and other healing items along with a large number of starry skies’ crystals for cultivation. On top of that, it also contained a Celestial River Class Void Battleship without any combat capabilities. According to Ruan Mingshu’s words, it was only a knockoff.

From Kirk’s ring, apart from 1 billion Green Coins, it also contained a pile of starry skies’ crystals, many crafting materials and a few weapons along with a Celestial Grade Battleship.

Cultivating within the starry skies, one generally looked for a place with sufficient starry skies’ Essence Qi to go into seclusion. Either that or they used starry skies’ crystals. These starry skies’ crystals had similarities to the Spirit Stones found in the True Cultivation World; however, the Essence Qi contained inside it was a lot more formidable as compared to the Spirit Qi inside the Spirit Stones. At the same time, it also had four grades – low, middle, high and best quality.

However, for low-level cultivators, the best resource for cultivating within the starry skies’ was not the starry skies’ crystals, but the natural pill formed from the starry skies’ Essence Qi; that is, the Perpetual Moon Pill. However, the Perpetual Mood Pill only formed under extremely harsh conditions; as such, it had a price that far exceeded that of the starry skies’ crystals. At the same time, the higher one’s cultivation was, the worse was the effect of the Perpetual Moon Pill. There were other higher-grade natural resources within the starry skies; however, Ning Cheng had never encountered such items.

Ning Cheng figured that although he had close to 10 billion Green Coins on him, this amount of money would not last long if he wanted to purchase cultivation resources that could have some effect over him. Despite that, Ning Cheng still felt that the haul he obtained was relatively good.


Ruan Mingshu had just walked into the double-room when she saw a few faint multi-coloured flashes of lights coming from Ning Cheng’s room. Seeing that, she could not help but frown, when she saw those thunder flashes around Ning Cheng’s room previously, she had thought that Ning Cheng had a Thunder Spirit Root. However, looking at the faint multi-coloured light, did Ning Cheng obtain another treasure?

Ning Cheng also felt helpless in this regard. Ruan Mingshu had arranged the restrictions over their room. Although he could easily remove Ruan Mingshu’s restrictions and replace it with his own restrictions, it would be too obvious. He currently lived in Ruan Mingshu’s room, if he also removed the other person’s restrictions and replaced it with his own restrictions, would it not be akin to announcing that he did not have any belief or trust over that person.

Therefore, he could only arrange a separate Isolation Restriction within Ruan Mingshu’s restrictions. This Isolating Restriction could isolate his aura; however, it could not prevent some of the light from escaping.

When Ruan Mingshu returned, Ning Cheng also felt it. Since he had just finished upgrading his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, he immediately decided to put it away for now.

The Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds now had three distinct pairs of shimmering lights over it, which meant that the speed of his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds had once again increased by a considerable margin. If he could find the Wishful Treasure Light Cotton and the Sky Treasure Silk, his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds could then contain five distinct pairs of shimmering lights.

Ning Cheng knew that once the pairs of shimmering lights over the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds reached six, the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds would then undergo a qualitative change. Unfortunately, Ning Cheng did not know how to obtain six pairs of shimmering lights over his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds. He only had the necessary knowledge to upgrade his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds to five pairs of shimmering lights.

The entrance’s restriction quivered slightly. Ning Cheng quickly opened the restriction and spoke with a smile over his face, “So it was Junior Apprentice Sister Mingshu.”

Previously, Lan Ya and Shi Yulan had also come to find Ning Cheng; however, Lan Ya and Shi Yulan both immediately returned after seeing the ‘in seclusion’ sign outside over his door. However, even though Ruan Mingshu looked more reasonable than Lan Yan and Shi Yulan, she still took the initiative to disturb Ning Cheng’s ‘cultivation’.

“I saw a flash of light, so I reckon that you were only refining a weapon. Therefore, I took the initiative to come in. I hope that I did not disturb Senior Apprentice Brother Ning too much.” Ruan Mingshu slightly leaned over and spoke with a gentle voice.

Ning Cheng waved his hand and spoke, “Nah, how could it be of any disturbance. I managed to procure a good weapon and just finished refining it. Well, Junior Apprentice Sister Mingshu, do you want to come in and have a seat?”

Ruan Mingshu seemed to have her own worries; she hesitated for a short while before speaking up, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, can you accompany me for a walk?”

“Naturally.” Ning Cheng spoke without any hesitation. No matter what Ruan Mingshu meant, he did not want to refuse her requests right now. He had borrowed Ruan Mingshu’s Array Disc, and it remained outside of the city.


Ruan Mingshu had a tall stature and looked very elegant; however, these did not count, it was her unique style and beautiful face that made her stand out as a noble.

In contrast, Ning Cheng, who walked beside her, looked a little too unremarkable.

When the two of them walked into a rest stop, they immediately attracted a lot of attention.

“Alas, a fresh flower stuck in shit.” A beautiful young girl sitting in the corner of the rest stop shook her head and spoke with some disdain.

Another woman sitting next to her with a scarf, looking dignified and virtuous, spoke with a slight smile, “Sisi, you might be wrong this time. Do not look at that male cultivator as just having a Celestial Novice Cultivation; his temperament is on the same level, if not higher, compared to the female cultivator beside him. It is just that he is deliberately converging his own aura and spirit, which makes him appear unremarkable. If I’m not mistaken, then he has a perfectly forged body.”

“That can’t be? I heard that people with such forged body are absolutely perfect, doesn’t he know?” The young girl exclaimed in surprise and spoke with starry-eyed infatuation.

“Don’t worry too much; the Revolving Jade City is currently filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Do not look down on anyone.” Another woman spoke with unflinching words, “Today in the Celestial Forest Arena, a starry skies’ wanderer with a Celestial Novice Cultivation easy killed two of the reigning champions of the 19th Battle Ring. Before that incident, who would have believed such a thing?”

“Elder Sister Qinyu, I know.” The young girl stretched out her tongue.

At this time, two more people walked into the Rest Stop. The one with a head full of wild hair, who had just burst into the Rest Stop through the door, spoke with a laugh, “Server, two pots of ‘None to depend on’, the blue pots.”

“Junior Apprentice Sister Mingshu, does this place have the real ‘None to depend on’?” Ning Cheng quickly asked after he heard those words.

Ruan Mingshu showed a faint smile, “There is no real ‘None to depend on’ in the entire Striking Order Starry Skies. This blue pot of ‘None to depend on’ is just a high-grade imitation.”

Ning Cheng shook his head silently, why did this starry sky only contain knockoff and imitation goods?

“A mouse lusting for barley…..” The young girl who spoke out with a disdainful tone when Ning Cheng and the other girl walked in once again spoke up in an out of place manner. However, this time, her voice was slightly louder, and Ning Cheng heard it clearly.

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