Chapter 0515

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Chapter 0515: Unfathomable Mystery

“Looking for death…..” The man with the wild hair slapped his palm out.

That man with the wild hair had an Undead Cultivation; as such, that slap brought forth a powerful Celestial Essence Force, turning all the seats between him and that young girl into fly ash.

Although Ning Cheng and Ruan Mingshu sat quite the distance away, they could also feel the suppression brought forth due to an authoritative domain. One could only imagine that the young girl with just a Celestial Novice Cultivation faced a more unfortunate than a fortunate situation.

Ning Cheng secretly shook his head; looks like this Celestial Novice young woman really likes to run her mouth. Just when he and Ruan Mingshu had come in, this young woman referred to them as ‘a fresh flower stuck in shit’. He only had the cultivation of Celestial Novice Realm; as such, Ning Cheng did not care about what others thought of him. However, not many people would have the same mentality as him. Invariantly, the words of that young woman annoyed and attracted the ire of that wild-haired man.

Although the Revolving Jade City did not allow any sort of fights within the city, it only depended on the situation. Once a junior with poor cultivation took the initiative to insult others with higher strength, even if that junior ended up dead, no one would do anything about it. This was an unspoken law within any city and not just the Revolving Jade City.

Just when all the people thought that the young woman would die, the woman with a veil covering her face suddenly stood up and shot out a palm slap in the same manner.

“Boom…..” Raging True Essence’s from both sides rushed towards each other. If such powerful Celestial Essence actually collided, it would turn the entire Rest Stop into fly ash. Most likely, in that scenario, the Rest Stop would cease to exist or become a pile of ruins, at the very least.

In was at this time that a white-robed young man sitting on the other side, raised his hand and the explosive Celestial Essences suddenly disappeared; it looked as if he had casually snatched it out of the air. The rest stop remained safe and sound, except the destroyed seats resulting from when the man with the wild hair had struck out.

Not to mention Ning Cheng, at this moment, every other guest within the rest stop remained silent. Such powerful strength could only belong to a Heaven Seated Powerhouse.

A Heaven Seated Powerhouse appeared in a small and insignificant rest stop. Moreover, this man still looked so young and even unusually handsome.

Ning Cheng gave out a sigh in his heart. He was just a puny Celestial Novice Cultivator, who still struggled in the Arena, while this young and handsome looking male cultivator already had a Heaven Seated Cultivation. One really could not judge two people just by their appearance.

Not to mention this young man, even that woman with a veil covering her face, Ning Cheng found it difficult to perceive her cultivation; now that he carefully looked at it, she had an Undead Cultivation, at the very least. Otherwise, she could not have managed to block the attack from that man with the wild hair.

“For this junior to prance around senior, I ask senior for punishment.” The man with the wild hair immediately sobered up. A cultivator in the Heaven Seated Realm could kill dozens of people like the wild-haired man with just his fingertips.

The white-robed man waved his hand and spoke, “It’s none of your business. Just go get your drink.”

“Many thanks for such kindness.” The wild-haired man quickly thanked him before carefully walking to the server. He then took out and placed a stack of Blue Coins on the table with the words, “Please accept this compensation.”

After paying the Blue Coins, the wild-haired man no longer dared to stay in that place. He turned and quickly left the rest stop.

Once the wild-haired man left, the woman with a veil over her face walked to the white-robed youth and apologised with a graceful bow.

“It’s all right. This younger sister is quite a naive little girl. You do not have to care about such minor matters. If you don’t mind, you can come to me for a cup or two of Spirit Tea sometime.” The white-robed man showed a faint smile and spoke with a genial tone.

The veiled woman quickly apologised, “Little Mei and I will not disturb senior anymore. Many thanks to senior for taking care of us.”

With that, the woman hurried back, then whispered to the young girl sitting beside her, “Sisi, if you do this again, I will take you back.”

“Got it.” The young woman grumbled out a few words in an unhappy tone.

The white-robed man did not care, standing up, it gave the impression that he wanted to leave. The rest stop’s server also came to thank him; however, the man just waved his hand and showed a smile before walking away. Only, he decided to walk towards Ning Cheng, before suddenly smiling at Ning Cheng and speaking, “Brother, you have quite a good vision. Work hard, okay.”

With that, he also showed a very charming smile to Ruan Mingshu before slowly walking out of the Rest Stop.

After the white-robed youth left, the atmosphere in the rest stop once again returned to normal.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Mingshu, it looks like walking with you makes me noticeable to others, hehe.” Ning Cheng seemed to be laughing at himself; however, he felt furious in his heart.

He did not even know this white-robed youth, yet this white-robed youth left a Spiritual Consciousness Tag on him, which was inexplicable. Moreover, it was an exceptionally well-hidden Spiritual Consciousness Tag. Ning Cheng felt sure that if not for his Starry Skies’ Sea of Consciousness, the Sea of Consciousness resulting from crossing the Nirvana Thunder Tribulation, he might not necessarily have noticed this mark even if he advanced to the Celestial Bridge Realm.

Ruan Mingshu showed a faint smile, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, it’s just that he doesn’t know you. I originally was not in a good mood today, but now I want to drink even more. What would you like to drink? Spirit Tea or Spirit Wine?”

“I wanted to have a black pot of ‘None to depend on’, but since they have a blue pot here, I want to give it a shot.” Ning Cheng had strong thoughts surging within his heart. Whether it was Ruolan, or Luofei and Qionghua. This ‘None to depend on’ might just give him a temporary release that he so desired.

“Well then, please help us get two blue pots of ‘None to depend on’.” After Ruan Mingshu called the server over, she and Ning Cheng relocated to a window seat and sat down.

Ning Cheng also felt a little absent-minded. He could not help but think as to why the white-robed youth thought it necessary to place a Spiritual Consciousness Tag on him. To say that he discovered the Mysterious Yellow Bead on him was definitely impossible. Once information about the Mysterious Yellow Bead leaked, the white-robed youth would have killed him and taken his things away.

What made him even more anxious was that the Spiritual Consciousness Tag seemed to sink slowly into his robes without any stop. Once it attached itself to his body, he would have to remove it immediately.

It was not that he did not want to remove the Spiritual Consciousness Tag immediately. However, this Spiritual Consciousness Tag came from a Heaven Seated expert. If that person detected that a Celestial Novice Cultivator had managed to remove his Spiritual Consciousness Tag, the consequences would not look good.

“Sisi, didn’t you just say that that man looked like a pile of shit stuck to a flower? Just looking at him makes me feel a little angry, to the point that I want to spill a pot of wine over him…..” The woman with the veil covering her face sent a sound transmission to the young woman sitting next to her.

The young woman shot a surprised look at the woman wearing a veil over her face and spoke, “Sister Qinyu, I didn’t think that a gentle and demure lady like you would have such a demon-like heart. Don’t need to feel angry, I’ll help you do it…..”

Without finishing her words, the young woman grabbed a jug and walked up to Ning Cheng. Just as she arrived at Ning Cheng’s side, she suddenly staggered, and the jar of wine in her hands immediately spilt onto Ning Cheng.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it.” The young woman seemed to look at Ning Cheng with a surprised look; however, her eyes did not contain even a hint of apology within them.

The woman with the veil quickly came over and pulled the young woman back with the words. “Sisi, what are you doing?”

With that, she looked at Ning Cheng with an apologetical look, “This friend, I’m really sorry. I did not think that Sisi would act with such insensibility. If you change your robe, I can help you clean your robe for you as an apology.”

Even the ordinarily soft and gentle looking Ruan Mingshu had a somewhat ugly look over her face. This brat’s action obviously looked intentional. Any cultivator could easily make out such deliberate ‘arbitrary’ actions; otherwise, it would only highlight his or her weakness.

Ning Cheng snorted and immediately took off his outer garments before tossing it to the side. Then with a cold expression on his face, he spoke up, “There is no piece of clothing that I can’t afford. I don’t need your help.”

With that, he quickly took out an outer robe and put it on. However, in his heart, he felt quite happy with such a development. Whether or not was this matter intentional, he anyway had thoughts about throwing out the previous outer robe when the jug of wine came pouring over it.

Ruan Mingshu stood up and spoke out to the veiled woman, “Although you might be a senior, you deliberately indulge in playing small tricks on others. Did you think that you would not face any scruples in the Revolving Jade City with just your cultivation?”

The young woman who had splashed wine on Ning Cheng gave a snort before speaking, “Can’t even differentiate good intentions…..”

The veiled woman quickly stopped the young woman once again before turning to Ning Cheng and Ruan Mingshu and apologetically speaking up, “I am not a senior. In fact, I just have a Celestial Gatherer Cultivation. I had used a Talisman just now, which allowed me to block that person……”

Ning Cheng immediately understood a few things, no wonder he could not sense Undead Realm cultivation fluctuations from this veiled woman. It turns out that she initially used a talisman to create that effect.

“Forget it, just tell Little Mei to be careful about her words around people. Not everyone would be like me.” Ning Cheng also stopped Ruan Mingshu, who looked like she actually wanted to continue arguing.

These people helped him, whether intentionally or not, it turned out to be a good thing. Just the act of expressing his anger and generosity properly was enough.

“Many thanks for this friend’s magnanimity. We will be taking our leave. Sisi let us go. I won’t be bringing you out again the next time.” The veiled woman once again apologised to Ning Cheng before pulling the young woman out of the rest stop.

Ning Cheng had trained his Spiritual Consciousness at the two women, and it was not until the two of them reached the door that he heard the young woman, named Sisi, muttering, “Sister Qinyu, didn’t you say that you wanted to pour wine all over that fellow? Why did you apologise to him…..”

Hearing those words, Ning Cheng immediately grasped something in his mind. That woman initially had helped him intentionally. However, what he could not understand was how this veiled woman knew that someone had put a restriction over him, and why did she want to help him. After all, the two of them did not even know each other.

“Let’s go back. With such things happening, I don’t feel like drinking anymore.” Ning Cheng did not want to stay in the place where someone had marked him with a Spiritual Consciousness Tag. Now that he had gotten rid of his outer robes, he tried to leave this place as fast as possible.

“Okay.” Ruan Mingshu replied with her usual soft voice. However, she did not forget to purchase the two pots of wine sent over by the server, before whispering to Ning Cheng, “Let’s head to my room to drink. Although it is a fake wine, I still want to taste it.”

Although Ruan Mingshu spoke out with her usual demure tone, it contained a hint of incomprehensibility within it, causing Ning Cheng unexpectedly to feel desirous enough to comply with her wishes.


“Huh, what’s going on? Jingshan, find out what happened in that rest stop. Why did that male cultivator take off his robes in the rest stop and why did those fellows leave?” On one of the more bustling streets of the Revolving Jade City, a white-robed youth suddenly frowned and stopped before speaking to one of the people around him.

“Yes….” The middle-aged man next to him quickly responded and immediately left.

Not long after, the middle-aged man returned to the white-robed man’s side and reported, “Reporting to master. The little girl involved in the previous incident in the rest stop deliberately splashed a pot of wine on that male cultivator. Following which, the male cultivator immediately took off his outer robed. The two sides almost came to blows because of that incident.”

The white-robed youth nodded before speaking, “Then let’s forget it. Guess that fellow got lucky.”

He did not overthink about it, that young woman indeed was a troublemaker and had even referred to that pair as a flower stuck in shit. It was only reasonable to expect the two sides would end up in conflict eventually.

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