Chapter 0552

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Chapter 0552: The Crazed Ning Cheng, Part 1

After half a day, Ning Cheng finally came to a stop.

From the looks of it, he could not escape the pursuing Celestial River Battleship. Especially since that battleship was of a much higher quality. Moreover, he also wanted to see if he could manage to take on the people seeking him. If Ning Cheng could get rid of them, he would not show mercy. If he could not kill them, he would then immediately leave the Striking Order Star Land and head to another Celestial River.

He kept in mind what Shen Qinyu had spoken that the Yue Clan was not just a Talisman-oriented Clan, but also a clan endorsed by Heavenly Emperor Striking Order. Once his identity ended up exposed, staying in this place would not be of any benefit to him.

In the face of such a famous and well-networked starry skies’ clan, he wished not to provoke them as far as possible.

“No wonder you dared to kill people from my Yue Clan, you sure have some courage.” Yue Huangfu did not think that Ning Cheng would dare to stop and even patiently wait for him. Moreover, this Ning Cheng really was just a Celestial Shatterer Cultivator at best.

Ning Cheng looked at Yue Huangfu put away his Celestial River Battleship and spoke in a calm tone, “Do you think that your Yue Clan is something amazing? However, I have to admit that your Celestial River Battleship is a good one. At least, it doesn’t look like a knockoff.”

Although he did not care about what he spoke, Ning Cheng kept a firm lock on Yue Huangfu’s actions.

Yue Huangfu had a slender build, and a little taller compared to him; however, his eyes betrayed the disdainful killing intent he felt towards Ning Cheng. At the same time, this fellow also possessed a cultivation level at the Full-circle of Celestial Gatherer Realm. Moreover, his Celestial Wheel even showed signs of fusion, meaning he was already a half-a-step into the Celestial Bridge Realm. If it were the Ning Cheng before he entered the Sea of Twilight, Ning Cheng affirmed that he most likely could not fight against Yue Huangfu and would have to keep retreating as far as possible. However, now that he understood the Dusk Spiritual Technique, and had further improved on integrating his Celestial River Flame into his Domain, he did not feel much fear towards Yue Huangfu.

As for Yue Juan, Ning Cheng simply ignored her altogether.

“Good; what a pity though that you can only look at one, since you met me, Yue Huangfu.” Yue Huangfu sneered, and then glanced at Yue Juan. He wanted Yue Juan to help him block Ning Cheng’s escape.

When his words reached the end, Yue Huangfu’s momentum suddenly exploded out, giving the feeling of a gigantic grinding disc that hurtled towards Ning Cheng, hell-bent on crushing him into a paste.

The surrounding space immediately transformed into a whirlpool under his momentum, with Ning Cheng in the centre of the vortex. The moment Yue Huangfu’s momentum transformed into the maelstrom to crush Ning Cheng, he also took out two silver coloured talismans and broke them, one in each hand.

Talismanic weapons, this was the first time for Ning Cheng to witness such a thing. The talismans used by others were only one-off goods, something that one could only use once. However, this cultivator from the Yue Clan unexpectedly had refined his weapon into a talisman.

Ning Cheng could make out that the talisman this fellow used was not a one-off object, but a real weapon.

With the whirlpool manifested by the momentum pressing in, Ning Cheng could feel it starting to affect his breathing. This fellow definitely was a powerful Celestial Gatherer Cultivator. Moreover, under this whirlpool condensed out of this fellow’s momentum, it allowed the other side to occupy an advantageous position.

Ning Cheng felt secretly shocked in his heart; the starry skies really had many experts akin to fleeting clouds. Within this whirlpool like domain, if replaced by his past self, he would definitely find it extremely difficult just to defend. Sure enough, one had to meet all kinds of experts to experience all types of skills.

The moment Yue Huangfu’s whirlpool crazily started to curl up around him, Ning Cheng also completely extended out his Domain infused with the Celestial River Flame.

Although his cultivation was not on the same level as Yue Huangfu, his Sea of Consciousness had already surpassed that of Yue Huangfu. When Yue Huangfu manifested the whirlpool, it displayed a crushing momentum; however, once Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Flame-infused Domain stretched out, Yue Huangfu’s Domain immediately showed signs of stagnation. Even the wildly spinning whirlpool manifested from the crushing momentum had ended up wholly suppressed, issuing bursts of cracking sounds, as if it were a dried piece of bamboo thrown into the fire pit.

The next moment, however, Yue Huangfu’s momentum once again started to soar, while he spoke with a chilly tone, “No wonder you are so arrogant, all because of such a formidable domain. However, even if you have a formidable Domain, did you think you would live after meeting me, Yue Huangfu? Die for me…”

During his speech, the weapon-converted talisman in his hand transformed into two rays of light, one of which exploded with a thunderous explosion, as if it exploded from somewhere in the depths of one’s heart. In just an instant, nearly inexhaustible lightning arcs slammed down. These lightning arcs felt as if they had eyes of their own as they immediately shot towards Ning Cheng without any wasted movement or time.

The other ray of light transformed into something akin to a sleek embroidery needle that gave of a bright blue radiance. This light smashed towards Ning Cheng mixed with the endless thunder rays, wanting to pierce through Ning Cheng. If replaced with a cultivator with a weaker Spiritual Consciousness, that cultivator would have never realised it at all.

If the seemingly endless thunder rays managed to tear open Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Flame-infused Domain, then this needle, mixed in with the thunder rays, could easily threaten Ning Cheng’s life. Moreover, even if the thunder rays could not tear open Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Flame-infused Domain, the needle itself was fully capable of tearing through and shooting towards Ning Cheng’s Dantian.

“Trying to sneak in an attack on me, stop dreaming.” Ning Cheng laughed. Raising one hand, the Treasured Thunder Spear suddenly materialised in his hand before suddenly shooting out with an attack. Ning Cheng did not even bother about the seemingly endless bombardment of the lightning arcs, and instead, directly shot towards the embroidery needle transformed from a talisman.

Yue Huangfu’s face turned ugly to look at; he was a half-step Celestial Bridge Cultivator, so why would he sneak attack a Celestial Shatterer Cultivator? His talisman’s attack had transformed into an embroidery needle, and this was something that had nothing to do with a sneak attack.

When the Treasured Thunder Spear had not shot out, it seemed as if faint thunder lights were flashing around it; however, after the spear shot out, only flaming patterns surrounded the naked eye. These blazing patterns seemed to want to burn down everything in its path to ashes, while the Spear Intent contained in it grew increasingly powerful with each passing moment.

“Boom…..” The Treasured Thunder Spear quickly pierced through Yue Huangfu’s whirlpool formed from his momentum and directly smashed into the embroidery needle formed from this fellow’s weapon talisman, before exploding into flames.

The originally lightning arc-filled space instantly transformed into an area with blazing flame patterns that looked like blooming fireworks in general, erupting in a dazzling display.

The embroidery needle almost instantly disintegrated into specks of light under Ning Cheng’s Nothingness Flame Patterned Spear; however, his Nothingness Flame Patterned Spear had still not completely disappeared. The remnant power directly broke through the two fellows’ Domain and slammed into Yue Juan, the nearest to him.

Yue Juan quickly brought out a shield to defend; even so, she found herself in a challenging situation.

Yue Huangfu stared at Ning Cheng in complete shock. He did not feel much surprised when Ning Cheng’s attack had broken through his talismanic phantom, nor did he feel too much shock when Ning Cheng’s mighty Celestial River Flame-infused Domain had managed to block his whirlpool’s crushing power. He also did not feel shocked that Ning Cheng’s Nothingness Flame Patterned Spear was a lot more formidable compared to his talismanic phantom.

What he felt the most shocked about was that Ning Cheng did not even bother about the other talisman that had brought forth the seemingly endless lightning arcs. Had he gone mad? Was he really looking for death? Even a Celestial Bridge Cultivator would not dare to take such terrifying lightning arcs lightly.

However, he quickly realised that Ning Cheng had not ignored it without reason. When those seemingly endless lightning arcs slammed into Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng not only did not end up dead under the bombardment, he actually roared, causing the momentum oozing from his body to skyrocket. At the same time, dense thunder rays surrounded the Treasured Thunder Spear in his hand.

“You have a Thunder Spirit Root as your main spirit root…..” Yue Huangfu screamed out. Cultivators with a Thunder Spirit Root were always a rarity, and any sect or academy would go out of their way to worship them and put them on the pedestal. Moreover, a cultivator with such a spirit root would always have a much higher combat capability compared to cultivators with other spirit roots, within the same cultivation level.

Ning Cheng showed complete indifference to his Phantom Thunder Talismanic Weapon. Apart from his slightly messy hair and robes, this fellow even erupted with an even stronger momentum under such a situation; this showed that this fellow definitely was not someone with a mediocre Thunder Spiritual Root.

“Younger Sister Juan, attack together.” Yue Huangfu no longer dared to look down on Ning Cheng. After saying a sentence, he raised a hand, and a sizeable rusty copper coin appeared suspended over his head.

A familiar aura immediately grabbed Ning Cheng’s attention. Ning Cheng looked at the rusty copper coin and suddenly gave out a tearing cry, “Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin…..”

Yue Huangfu laughed, “You sure have eyes; you even recognised this Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin.”

Ning Cheng felt his entire body turning ice-cold; he could not even say anything. At this moment, he looked rooted to the spot. He had given this Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin to his wife, Shi Qionghua. How could it appear here? Why? Why?

After Yue Juan heard Yue Huangfu’s words, she immediately brought out a sword. She knew that her cultivation could not match up to Ning Cheng’s, and already expected that she could not kill Ning Cheng. She just wanted to intercept Ning Cheng to help Yue Huangfu a bit.

“Poof….” To Yue Juan’s surprise, her sword actually tore through Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Domain and then pierced through Ning Cheng’s shoulder.

“Ah….” Yue Juan felt surprised at the results. She could not think that her sword would have such an effect. If she knew this, she would have directly stabbed into Ning Cheng’s glabella.

Yue Huangfu also did not think that Yue Juan would manage to injure Ning Cheng with her attack and felt equally happy in his heart. No matter what was going on, it was the best opportunity to get rid of Ning Cheng.

At this moment, Ning Cheng’s momentum abruptly skyrocketed, and he gave out a heaven-rending howl. The next moment, the Treasured Thunder Spear in his hand transformed into an invisible spear trace.

This trace felt like it came from the distant horizon; however, it directly tore through the horizon and appeared in the space right in front of the opponent. There simply was no way to resist or even block this attack.

The formidable Spear Intent and the murderous desire completely bound Yue Juan. Even if Yue Juan wanted to move, she simply could not even twitch a muscle. She could only watch the spear shadow tearing through the horizon and appearing in front of her in abject horror.

“Save me…..” Yue Juan finally managed to scream; however, no sound came out. The power of this spear seemed to have gathered every scrap of killing power before appearing in front of her. This level of killing power had completely suppressed her mind.

“Poof…..” A bloody mist spewed out. Yue Juan tried desperately to look at the distant Yue Huangfu, but could not, before finally dying.

Yue Huangfu had already gone into shock. He could sense the powerful killing intent and the formidable killing power from Ning Cheng’s attack that pierced through and killed Yue Juan, something that he had never felt in his entire life. When the strike erupted, Yue Huangfu actually wanted to run away, escape as far and as quickly as possible.

It was not until that spear killed Yue Jian did his thoughts wavered somewhat. Such a powerful attack, such a powerful spear intent. Yue Huangfu could not help but stare at Ning Cheng in complete shock, no longer feeling the superiority from before.

“Speak, this Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin, where did you get it? If you don’t make it clear, I won’t let a single ant alive in the Yue Clan.” Ning Cheng completely ignored the sword piercing through his shoulder and slowly took one-step after another towards Yue Huangfu. His voice had already turned hoarse, and even his eyes had turned entirely bloodshot.

Yue Huangfu subconsciously took a few steps back. Just as he was about to answer, he suddenly realised something. Why did he have to answer? The other side was only a Celestial Shatterer Cultivator; he had the Treasure Fall Copper Coin, along with an almost endless supply of talismans. Why did he feel afraid of this fellow?

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