Chapter 0553

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Chapter 0553: The Crazed Ning Cheng, Part 2

As Ning Cheng stepped closer one-step at a time, his killing intent soaring exponentially with each step. It reached to the point that the whirlpool-like Domain condensed by Yue Huangfu’s momentum started cracking under the suppression of Ning Cheng’s Domain.

Yue Huangfu could no longer withstand such a crushing momentum and immediately brought down the Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin. At the same time, he also threw out as many talismans as he could, completely filling up the area with nearly inexhaustible talismans on the verge of exploding. The Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin expanded, transforming into a huge coin with a square-shaped hole, which then came crashing down.

At the same time, his two talismanic weapon transformed into two sharp blades that cut through Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Domain.

Ning Cheng completely ignored this three-pronged attack; at this moment, only a monstrous hatred and self-loath filled his eyes. He had even tossed aside the Treasured Thunder Spear.

Yue Huangfu felt even more shocked with Ning Cheng’s movements; he simply could not figure out what Ning Cheng wanted to do?

Facing this kind of attack, even a Celestial Bridge Expert would find it extremely difficult to ignore it. However, this minor Celestial Shatterer Cultivator, not only did not resist it with full power, this fellow even gave up the weapon in his hands. What was this? It did not look like the opposite party wanted to escape.

A cultivator, who wanted to escape, would definitely not behave in such a crazy manner; let alone have a crazed look in their eyes while walking step after step towards him, without even a weapon at hand.

However, no matter what this Celestial Shatterer Cultivator wanted to do, facing this level of an attack, he would definitely die. If he had tried to resist against this attack, there was still a chance to stay alive; however, forgetting to put up a resistance under such insanity, was it not any different from looking for death?

Yue Huangfu had just thought of this when he saw Ning Cheng clench his fist and throw out a punch.

Yue Huangfu felt ecstatic seeing such actions; this fellow had definitely gone crazy. He now felt assured that as long as Ning Cheng did not pull his punch, his three-pronged attack would definitely decimate Ning Cheng countless times over. Not to mention the other attacks, just the sharp blades formed from his talismans would severely injure Ning Cheng. Coupled with so many talismans on the verge of explosion, it would genuinely be a strange thing if he did not die.

Although it was less fun to kill this fellow without torturing him, Yue Huangfu did not care about it anymore. This Celestial Shatterer Cultivator gave him a terrifying feeling. He would rather go against a real Celestial Bridge Cultivator and then escape than continue to fight against this Celestial Shatterer Cultivator in front of him.

“Poof” Beyond Yue Huangfu’s expectations, one of his talismans that had transformed into a sharp blade directly sliced across Ning Cheng’s arm and lopped off one of Ning Cheng’s arms just below the shoulder. However, Ning Cheng remained utterly unaware of it.

Seeing the second talisman, that had transformed into another sharp blade, about to slice into Ning Cheng’s waist, Yue Huangfu’s eyes flashed with a trace of fierceness. It was really a heaven-sent opportunity that this fellow had suddenly gone insane while fighting. Otherwise, it would be a lot more hassle to take care of this Celestial Shatterer Cultivator.

At this moment, Yue Huangfu suddenly saw Ning Cheng’s fist slamming into his Dantian region. What happened? Why did his Form-Changing Talismanic Blade not slash through this fellow?

No! How did everything around him come to a standstill? Even his Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin had suddenly come to a stop in mid-descent. Even the endless talismans on the verge of exploding had suddenly gone still, some of the talismans were also in the midst of an explosion, yet looked frozen in time like a picture. As for the second Form-Changing Blade that was just about to close in on the opposite party’s waist, it had also gone completely still, along with his own breathing. What, in the name of heavens, was going on?

No, only two things had not come to a complete standstill. Yue Huangfu’s consciousness was one, and the Ning Cheng’s fist was the other.

“Laws of Time…..” Yue Huangfu instantly realised what was going on and screamed out internally, while his eyes betrayed the extreme fear he currently felt. A Celestial Shatterer Cultivator had touched upon the surface of the Laws of Time. What did this mean? Crazy, the world has gone completely insane…

No, this definitely was not the truth. It must be a dream. The Laws of Time, even it were an Eternal-level Powerhouse, he had never heard of any of them who touched upon the Laws of Time.

Yue Huangfu screamed and screamed to the point of crying tears; however, his voice remained utterly frozen in time, he could not even speak a single word.

“Boom!” Ning Cheng’s fist slammed into Yue Huangfu’s Dantian; however, it did not turn Yue Huangfu into a meat paste, nor did it blow away Yue Huangfu.

Only after this ‘Bang’ sound did everything return to a normal pace. At the same time, the Form-Changing Blade that had previously almost sliced into Ning Cheng’s waist instantly reverted to a weapon talisman and fell down.

The Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin, suspended in the air, also fell down powerless. At the same time, Yue Huangfu heard a muffled explosion ring throughout his body.

Yue Huangfu’s eyes suddenly went dim as if they were on the verge of death. The sound he heard a moment ago was the sound of his Dantian breaking. The next moment, sounds of his meridians collapsing within his body rang out, followed by the final sound of his Sea of Consciousness disintegrating.

Finished. My entire life ended. This Dantian had broken apart with no hope of recovery while even his meridians had collapsed. Even if he could somehow repair them, his Sea of Consciousness had already disintegrated. He had nothing left anymore.

“I’ll kill you…..” Yue Huangfu screamed with tears of blood, and he slumped to the ground.

“Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom……” At this moment, those talismans on the verge of exploding and the ones in the middle of blowing up finally exploded; however, Ning Cheng stood still in the centre of those exploding talismans, without any movement and allowed the violent talisman explosions to rip through his messy robes and hair. Those explosions felt as if they wanted to tear apart Ning Cheng into nothingness. At the same time, those talisman explosions caused continuous patches of blood fog to erupt from him.

As the violent explosions from the talismans finally dissipated, Yue Huangfu finally managed to prop himself up on the ground and looked at Ning Cheng, who remained motionless in the centre of the exploding talismans. This time, he felt nothing but terror. After the opposite party had destroyed his Dantian and Sea of Consciousness with a punch, this fellow could have avoided these talismans. Yet, let alone stepping aside, this fellow even allowed these talismans to explode onto his body.

If it were an ordinary Celestial Shatterer Cultivator, even if just a small portion of these talismans exploded, it would have been more than enough to snuff out their lives without even a scrap of their flesh remaining. However, this fellow only suffered a few severe fleshy injuries. He immediately understood that this person had not only grasped the surface of the Laws of Time while possessing a Celestial Shatterer Cultivation but also had a God Body resulting from forging his body.

Heavens! How could Striking Order Starry Skies have such a terrifying cultivator? Where did this monster come from?

Ning Cheng completely ignored his severed arm. He stepped forward towards Yue Huangfu propped over on the ground, and then enunciated each word, “Where did you obtain this Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin? Say it!

“In your dreams. This grandpa Huangfu has already died. I will never speak to garbage like you, dream on…..” Yue Huangfu screamed.

His path had already come to a screeching end, what else would he fear?

Ning Cheng did not ask again; raising his hand, he pointed at Yue Huangfu’s glabella. Although he had never conducted a soul search, Ning Cheng had experienced a few battles within his Sea of Consciousness. With his powerful starry skies’ Sea of Consciousness, even if he had not done such a thing in the past, it definitely could prove useful.

“You’re going to die…..” Yue Huangfu screamed wildly. He quickly understood what Ning Cheng wanted to do. However, before he could even do anything, Ning Cheng had already grabbed his life essence and kept repeatedly searching through it.

If Ning Cheng had some proficiency in soul searches, he could have easily found what he wanted. However, he was not someone proficient in soul searches; as such, the already-scattering life essence suffered through unimaginable pain.

“I beg you, don’t soul search me. I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you everything……” Yue Huangfu finally could not help but beg for mercy. Under this kind of terrifying pain, he could not tolerate it any more. It was no different from Soul Burning; moreover, the other party not only used their formidable Spiritual Consciousness to search, it even contained a terrifying Spiritual Soul Flame.

However, Ning Cheng did not seem to hear Yue Huangfu’s pitiful screams and continued to tear apart and search Yue Huangfu’s life essence.

Yue Huangfu’s pleading voice grew weaker each passing moment before it finally dissipated.

“Plop….” Ning Cheng finally loosened his hand, and Yue Huangfu’s body fell to the ground, with his Spiritual Soul extinguished.

Ning Cheng stood in front of Yue Huangfu’s body while shivering. Yue Huangfu, Bright South Celestial River, Die Yuan Star, Yue Clan’s premier genius. This Yue Clan was a Talisman-focussed clan in Striking Order Starry Skies and enjoyed a very high status.

More than a decade ago, a cultivator named Yue Yangzhi arrived at Dei Yuan Star. This fellow also shared the same surname as the Talisman-focussed Yue Clan. However, he came from somewhere called the Qin Wu City located in a low-level True Cultivation Planet called Ink Essence Planet. The Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin was something that he had brought with him. After this person found Die Yuan Clan’s Yue Clan, it also led to the exposure of the Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin, which the Yue Clan had taken away by force and then handed it over to the Yue Clan’s Premier Genius, Yue Huangfu.

To prevent news from leaking out, they immediately extracted the information about Yue Yangzhi’s Yue Clan. Following that, the Yue Clan quickly eradicated this fellow’s entire clan in the guise of relocating it. At the same time, using that opportunity to silence Yue Yangzhi.

The Yue Clan had already reached the limit of its development within Striking Order Starry Skies. Moreover, Yue Huangfu’s father, Yue Changtai, had finally become a Tier 7 Talisman Emperor. A realm of Talisman Emperor something rare within the starry skies. Moreover, because Yue Changtai became a Talisman Emperor, the Yue Clan ended up receiving an invitation from the Grand Culmination Starry Skies. Coupled with the now-almost stagnant growth of the Yue Clan within Striking Order Starry Skies, the entire clan choose to evacuate Die Yuan Star and relocate to the Grand Culmination Starry Skies.

Although Heavenly Emperor Striking Order did not want the Yue Clan to leave, Heavenly Emperor Striking Order could not muster enough courage to bargain with Grand Culmination Starry Skies. However, although the Yue Clan decided to move to Grand Culmination Starry Skies, it was not an easy thing to reach that place. As such, a part of the Yue Clan remained behind and temporarily took up residence within Striking Order Star Land’s Lucky Heaven City.

Moreover, because Yue Huangfu wanted to participate in the Time Wilderness trials, he also decided to stay in Lucky Heaven City. Now that the Time Wilderness had closed off, he planned to head back to the Grand Culmination Starry Skies with the rest of his clansmen.

“Qionghua……” Ning Cheng roared out in a crazed state; at this moment, it felt like his own Spiritual Soul was about to separate from his body.

If this Yue Yangzhi had brought the Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin into the starry skies, what happened to his Qionghua?

Two lines of tears, mixed with blood, streaked down his face, while a chaotic aura churned within the depths of his heart. Even if he stood rooted in that location, Ning Cheng could not control the trembling of his body.

This kind of torment made him want to tear open all the planar boundaries within the void and reach Ink Essence Planet’s Qin Wu City. For the first time, he felt an endless sense of regret that filled his whole heart and mind. He regretted that he let Qionghua leave when they were still on the Sifting Orchid Star.

The chaotic aura within his body grew stronger with each passing moment, while the trembling of Ning Cheng’s body became more and more powerful. It looked like his body would explode under all this violent anger in the next moment.

Any cultivator would have immediately realised that this phenomenon was a precursor to succumbing to the devilish flames. However, Ning Cheng remained utterly ignorant of this and continued suffering in his heart. In addition to the feeling of remorse, he also felt endless hate; he hated that his cultivation was not enough to tear apart the void’s planar boundaries.

At this moment, he could not see or notice anything at all.

“In my eyes, even if one added up all the Mirage Stones in this universe, it would still remain inferior to your sadness. Let alone Mirage Stones, if killing me could make you happy, I would not show even half-a-point of regret. Some things in the world cannot be resolved with just a sorry.”

“That is what I wanted. If I didn’t wish for it, you could not have done it.”

“Don’t call me Senior Apprentice Sister from now, just call me Qionghua.”

“Darling, I will be back soon. Uncle Yu left me a Void Cleaving Talisman. Once I take care of this matter, I will come back to accompany you, and then we can return to Jiangzhou to visit Little Sister Ruolan.”

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  1. Hmmm. Interesting. Technically the clan responsible was already wiped out by the Yue clan so I’m wondering if he’ll still find a way to blame them.


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