Chapter 0601

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Chapter 0601: Spiritual Consciousness Imprint

Many arguments and noisy voices broke out. Apparently, many people wanted to utilise their Miniature Worlds to bring people inside the Immortal Jade Star. However, Chuan Xinlou’s announcement was tantamount to eliminating any form of cheating. Even when it came to cultivator’s beast pets, they would all have to change to Spiritual Beast Bags to take them inside.

“Of course, if you have a Miniature World, you can take it inside; however, your Miniature World cannot have any life, even if it was a pet.”

With that, Heavenly Emperor Levelled Heart waved his hand and spoke, “The cultivators with the entry jade card for the Immortal Jade Star can now board the void airship.”

Ning Cheng did not feel worried about his Miniature World, which contained an Exploding Golden Wasp. He had already put the Miniature World into his Mysterious Yellow Bead’s Minor Five-element Array Formation. If Chuan Xinlou could see his Mysterious Yellow Bead, he would have already died.

Ning Cheng followed the numerous cultivators with jade cards in hands and flew towards the void airship. Ning Cheng had initially thought that since this jade card was so precious, only a few people would be heading inside, at most a few thousand people. After all, each starry sky received only a limited number of spots.

However, when he saw the number of cultivators heading to the airship, he realised his naivety. There were at least thirty to forty thousand cultivators heading to the airship, and almost everyone held a jade card in his or her hand. Yet, this was only the Grand Culmination Starland. If one counted the number of entries from the other Grand Starry Skies, then there would at least be a hundred thousand cultivators heading to the Immortal Jade Star.

Ning Cheng cursed on seeing such shamelessness. Each Grand Starry Sky had numerous other starry skies under their banner. Yet, seeing so many people, Ning Cheng realised that those bastards had created many more spots, which they then apparently sold through other channels. Obviously, everyone wanted to reap maximum benefits.

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept out a bit and found many acquaintances, Tang Yu, Helian Pengbo, Ziche Jun and others. However, when Ning Cheng saw that both Jing Yiyi and Shi Qionghua had also come aboard, he felt very puzzled. According to him, Shi Qionghua should have gone into seclusion. With a Celestial Novice Cultivation, would she not die by heading to the Immortal Jade Star with such cultivation?

After all the people entered the airship, the Void Airship gave a slight tremble before it rushed out of the Culmination Public Square. In just a moment, it reached and went through the Culmination Starland’s Planet-protecting Grand Array.

This was the most massive Void Airship that Ning Cheng ever saw. Even though it had a sleek deck, it could still accommodate tens of thousands with ease. Even then, it still had plenty of empty space. Some of the cultivators immediately took advantage of this opportunity by placing mats down on the open deck and using the remaining time to exchange items with each other.

Everyone knew that to be on this airship, one either had to be very rich or should at least have the strength to dominate everyone within their own realms in their respective starry skies. These kinds of people not only showed considerable interest in good things but also spent a lot of money.

Ning Cheng also looked around and bought some Starry Sky Grade 3 and above Spiritual Grasses.

In the distance, Shi Qionghua and Jing Yiyi also stood amongst the crowd. With Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Sacred Master Mi Hui, a powerhouse in the Destiny Realm accompanying them, they naturally did not have to stand on the deck amongst the rest of the cultivators for long before someone led them to a cabin.

Jing Yiyi on seeing Sacred Master finally retire, whispered into Shi Qionghua’s ear, “Junior Apprentice Sister Qiong, you never liked talking about male cultivators? So why are you still talking about that dead cultivator, Ning or something? Do you have a crush on him?”

Shi Qionghua nodded slightly and said, “You cannot say that, Senior Apprentice Sister Yiyi. Although I do not know much about this, I definitely feel that Senior Apprentice Brother Ning is a kind person. But I do not get this feeling from other male cultivators. For example, when I saw that booth in the front, I felt an inexplicable feeling of disgust in my heart. To be honest, even I do not have any idea about what’s going on either.”

Jing Yiyi glanced at where Shi Qionghua pointed and immediately spoke, “Are you referring to Yue Clan’s Talismans? I heard that this is a very famous Talisman Family. They originally belonged to Striking Order Starry Skies, but because of the Heavenly Emperor’s invitation, they then moved to Culmination Starland.”

At this moment, Ning Cheng stood in front of the Yue Clan’s Talisman display. However, he did not show even a scrap of killing intent. A cultivator at the full-circle Celestial Gatherer Realm had set up this talisman display. One had to say that the talismans were of decent quality and grade. At least for an average cultivator in the Celestial Scryer Realm, these talismans could be considered as modest life-saving treasures.

Therefore, Yue Clan’s Talisman earned a lot better business compared to the surrounding booths.

Ning Cheng kept a close look over the talisman booth and saw that Yue Clan’s Celestial Gatherer Cultivator standing up after a short while and speaking, “Friends, I’m all out of talismans. If you still want to buy Yue Clan’s talismans, please come to Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City’s Yue Clan Merchant House.”

With the talismans sold out, the surrounding cultivators also started to disperse. Ning Cheng, however, came up and spoke to the former with cupped fists, “Are you a disciple from the Yue Clan?”

“Yes, I am called Yue Yijing. What do you want?” The cultivator looked at Ning Cheng. He did not understand what Ning Cheng wanted. Moreover, he had also never seen this cultivator before.

“Oh, nothing much. I heard that the Yue Clan has someone by the name Yue Yangzhi. Do you know him?” Ning Cheng’s tone carried a faint pressure.

Yue Yijing frowned, and from what he saw, Ning Cheng seemed to have unusual origins. In any case, Yue Yangzhi was not an important character. As long as one found any person from the Yue Clan, one could easily find out about him. Thinking of this, Yue Yijing spoke up, “I know him. He made some significant contributions to the family and has a decent talent in refining talismans. I’m also a Talisman Refining Master from the Yue Clan, can I ask about how you know about Yue Yangzhi?”

Yue Yangzhi had only recently advanced to the Domain Realm and had not even reached the threshold of the Celestial Novice Realm. Moreover, the family only paid little attention to him due to his meritorious deeds. As such, how could this Celestial Gatherer Cultivator know about Yue Yangzhi?

Ning Cheng showed a faint smile and spoke, “It’s nothing much. He owes me something.” Finished saying that, Ning Cheng turned around, and left.

Looking at Ning Cheng’s back, Yue Yijing felt that this person definitely did not have any good intentions with those questions.


Immortal Jade Star was the closest to the Grand Culmination Starry Skies and was actually inside the Grand Culmination Starry Skies’ ruling area. The Void Airship only had to fly for two days before it reached the periphery of the Immortal Jade Star.

All the cultivators on the airship, including Ning Cheng, saw a faint yellow coloured film covering the star. Moreover, this film gave off the aura of a mighty array formation. This should be the Planet-protecting Grand Array set up by the joint forces.

The Void Airship from Culmination Starland was the first to reach the periphery of the Immortal Jade Star. However, the Void Airship did not have to wait for long when three more leviathan-sized Void Airships arrived and stopped at the periphery of the Immortal Jade Star.

Ning Cheng guessed that these Void Airships came from the other three Grand Starry Skies. From the looks of it, more than a hundred thousand cultivators would be entering the Immortal Jade Star.

More than a hundred thousand, yet there was only one Starry Sky Wheel. From this, one could imagine how difficult would it be for anyone who wanted to obtain the Starry Sky Wheel.

Ning Cheng and the others did not have to wait for long when the restrictions covering the Void Airship opened, and the vast starry sky aura started to pour inside. Chuan Xinlou’s voice arrived from afar, “All the cultivators holding the entry jade card from my Grand Culmination Starry Skies can now enter the Immortal Jade Star. I wish everyone good luck.”

With Chuan Xinlou’s words, tens of thousands of cultivators rushed out of the Void Airship. Ning Cheng also mixed in with the numerous cultivators and rushed towards the Immortal Jade Star. At the same time, he also noticed that it was not only the Void Airship from Grand Culmination Starry Skies had removed the restrictions, even the remaining three leviathan-sized airships also released their restrictions, allowing tens of thousands of cultivators to fly out.

One had yet to set foot through the Planet-protecting Grand Array, but everyone knew that the first one to land would obtain the most excellent opportunity. At this moment, words would have shown no effect as every cultivator crazily rushed towards the Immortal Jade Star.

Ning Cheng did not wield his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds and did not bring out his Starry Sky-grade battleship. Instead, he decided to enter through the Immortal Jade Star’s Planet-protecting Grand Array using a flying sword, just like a lot of other cultivators.

Breaking through the layers of clouds, in just over half an hour, Ning Cheng finally stepped on to the Immortal Jade Star’s surface. At this moment, the surrounding cultivators immediately scattered and in just a short time, no cultivators remained around Ning Cheng.

The entire planet looked like it had a faint yellow-coloured planet-protecting membrane from the outside, but just below it was a surface inundated with greenery. One could even make out many Starry Sky Spiritual Grasses of decent grades, with ordinary beasts running around over the surface in a relatively carefree manner.

Of all the cultivators entering the Immortal Jade Star, everyone wanted to grab as many resources as possible from inside. Ning Cheng also did not intend to stay in one place, he also wanted to obtain as many resources as possible from the Immortal Jade Star. However, before doing that, he had to get rid of the surveillance measures around him.

After half an incense stick worth of time, Ning Cheng opened up a cave in a remote place. Entering the cave, Ning Cheng then immediately took out the jade card and used his Spiritual Consciousness to scour it repeatedly.

To Ning Cheng’s disappointment, he did not find a single Spiritual Consciousness Imprint on the jade card even after an hour.

Ning Cheng then put down the jade card and started to search his body carefully.

Another hour later, Ning Cheng found a vague Spiritual Consciousness Imprint just below his wrist. Just as Ning Cheng suspected, the Spiritual Consciousness Imprint was not at all on the jade card as Chuan Xinlou had mentioned. Rather, it can be said that this imprint was on the jade card at some point, but once this jade entered the Immortal Jade Star, the Spiritual Consciousness Imprint would then automatically transfer to the body.

Ning Cheng did not touch this Spiritual Consciousness Imprint and used his Spiritual Consciousness to scour his body once again. Even cultivators in the Undead Realm would find it impossible to find this Spiritual Consciousness Imprint, but with his current strength, and the help from his starry sky Sea of Consciousness, he could finally locate it after some difficulties.

Half a day later, just when Ning Cheng thought that there was only one Spiritual Consciousness Imprint on the edge of his wrist, he once again found another vague Spiritual Consciousness Imprint, this one just below his feet. Ning Cheng felt sure that this Spiritual Consciousness Imprint was not from the jade card, but came from the Void Airship.

This imprint would have penetrated through his feet unnoticed and should have attached itself to him when he stood over the Void Airship’s deck.

Ning Cheng gave out a sigh in his heart. He decided to strip off his clothes and continue to look for more Spiritual Consciousness Imprints. As another day passed by, Ning Cheng determined that there was no other Spiritual Consciousness Imprint in his body. Carefully wrapping the two imprints with his own Spiritual Consciousness, he then quickly extracted them, before throwing the two prints and his clothes into his Celestial River Flame.

With the clothes burned to ashes and changing into a new set of robes, Ning Cheng finally felt some slight relief. When the others entered the Immortal Jade Star, they had immediately scattered to collect resources, while he took a day and a half to find the Spiritual Consciousness Imprints.

Ning Cheng also knew that the moment he destroyed the two imprints, it would immediately alert the people outside. However, he did not care at all. If someone killed him and burned his body to ashes, it would also end up destroying the imprints. Therefore, who could know if Ning Cheng had destroyed the marks himself or if someone had killed him and destroyed his body?

Getting rid of the imprints, Ning Cheng once again scoured the jade card repeatedly before sealing it up with many restrictions and rushing out of the temporary cave to look for things he wanted.

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