Chapter 0602

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Chapter 0602: Ning Cheng’s Mount

Ning Cheng released the Exploding Golden Wasp King, Graceful Star, from the Miniature World. Under Ning Cheng’s cost-free feeding, the Exploding Golden Wasp’s Wasp King had already grown to a length of three feet and had a pale golden colour that permeated its entire body. With the Wasp King growing so fast, it had already come close to evolving into a real starry sky-grade demonic beast.

“Go, try to improve your cultivation, and don’t hesitate to eat anything. This star does not have a master.” Ning Cheng raised his hand and let the Exploding Golden Wasp’s Wasp King loose.

Wasp King Graceful Star, on this masterless star, could definitely find the best evolution treasures for itself, which were much better than merely using Perpetual Moon Pills and Starry Sky Crystals.

Graceful Star gave out a joyous squeal. It felt quite frustrated staying inside the Miniature World over such a long time. However, since its master did not let it out, it could not feel anything but helplessness. Now that Ning Cheng let it loose, it immediately gave out a squeal of joy before it disappeared from view with just a wave of its wings.

Ning Cheng did not feel worried about the Exploding Golden Wasp King straying too far. No matter how far Graceful Star went, he would always know Graceful Star’s location.

After Graceful Star left, Ning Cheng then began to collect every Spiritual Grass that he encountered. As long as it was a Spiritual Grass, he would put it away regardless of its grade.

The low-grade medicinal pills that Ning Cheng refined had no use for him; however, he could feed them to the Exploding Golden Wasp’s Wasp King.

Although many cultivators had entered the Immortal Jade Star, the star itself contained many more things inside. It was akin to a hundred thousand people looking for something on Earth. Although it might seem like a large number but scattered across the planet, such a number did not amount to much. Moreover, the Immortal Jade Star was also many times larger compared to Earth. But with more than a hundred thousand people searching with their Spiritual Consciousness for things, it naturally could not compare to a search party comprised of ordinary people.

Ning Cheng wore the Miniature World Ring on his hand and piles after piles of Spiritual Grasses started to accumulate inside as Ning Cheng continued with the collection.

During these few days, Ning Cheng did not feel the Aura of Origin, nor did he meet any other cultivator. It felt like even with a hundred thousand cultivators entering the Immortal Jade Star, he was the only person in here.

On this day, Ning Cheng had just finished collecting all the Spiritual Grasses growing on a slope when he heard a roar. Not waiting for Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness to sweep out, a giant black-coloured bull rushed over. A flame burned on the bull’s tail, but it looked like the beast wanted to escape from this flame as fast as possible. Under its craze of escape, it seemed not to care about anyone appearing before it.

Ning Cheng raised his hand and threw out a punch. The giant bull that rushed towards him in a frenzied rush got caught up in the trajectory of Ning Cheng’s punch. At this moment, it was too late to retreat, even if it wanted to withdraw.

A muffled ‘bang’ resounded and the Grade 3 Starry Sky Demonic Beast got blown back under Ning Cheng’s punch before it hit the ground dead.

Ning Cheng looked at his fist and felt secretly surprised. He had not fought with anyone for a long time. As such, Ning  Cheng had no idea as to what extent had his strength improved. He had not expected that he would be able to kill a Grade 3 Starry Sky Demonic Beast with just a punch. This also told Ning Cheng that the power of his punch had far surpassed that of ordinary Celestial Gatherer Cultivators.

Ning Cheng turned around and was about to leave, ignoring the giant bull that had just died on the ground. A Grade 3 Starry Sky Demonic Beast had no particular use to him. However, just when he took a few steps forward, he once again glanced back at the black bull before returning. He then took out a praying mat from his storage ring.

“Little Chase, this looks like a Wind Seeking Longevity Bull. Take a look at it and see if this bull’s corporeal body is of any use to you?” Ning Cheng said and raised his hand to extinguish the flame burning on the bull’s tail. Whether or not this bull was a Wind Seeking Longevity Bull, Ning Cheng himself was not sure about it.

A vague bull-faced shadow appeared over the praying mat. The shadow came out and spoke, “Master, I want to possess a human’s corporeal body. I heard that a human’s corporeal body is the most suitable for cultivation. This ugly bull even has a burnt tail, it would simply not match my image……”

“You can dream as much as you want but don’t forget that there might not be another opportunity. Don’t come complaining that I did not give you a chance.” Ning Cheng had long since known that the Wind Seeking Longevity Bull’s life essence was a crafty dunce of the highest quality, something that did not deserve polite words.

“No, no, how can I? It’s just that if I want to possess this corporeal body, I would need a Heavenly Cusp Flower and some Perpetual Moon Pills.” The Wind Seeking Longevity Bull’s Life Essence could understand the hidden threat in Ning Cheng’s words. Frightened because of the implications, it immediately changed its mind. Besides, it has long since grown tired of staying within the praying mat. Now that it got an opportunity to move out, it would definitely jump out. Otherwise, who knows when such an opportunity would present itself.

Ning Cheng had a Heavenly Cusp Flower, which he had initially prepared for other purposes. However, it had no use now. So he took out the Heavenly Cusp Flower and a storage ring containing some Perpetual Moon Pills before passing them on to the Wind Seeking Longevity Bull’s Life Essence with the words, “Hurry up, I don’t have much time to wait for you.”

At this moment, the Wind Seeking Longevity Bull did not utter half a word before it carefully grabbed the storage ring and the Heavenly Cusp Flower before it entered the black bull’s body on the ground.

Ning Cheng sat down on a nearby boulder and started tidying up the Spiritual Grasses in his storage ring while waiting for Little Chase to fuse with the corporeal body.

Two hours passed by quickly, and Ning Cheng felt Little Chase’s excitement. He guessed that the fusion with the corporeal body should be reaching its end. Moreover, this physical body must be of high quality; otherwise, it would not have felt so excited.

At this moment, another shadow rushed over in his direction. Ning Cheng only glanced at this shadow but did not even bother standing up. Just a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator, someone that he did not have to pay much attention.

The shadow stopped not far from Ning Cheng and was of a man with a slender build. He had a starry sky gauze over his head and a purple jade gourd around his waist, which looked very chic. This fellow only gazed at Ning Cheng for a short while before shifting it to the black bull with a flash of happiness.

“Friend, this bull is my prey. After I injured it, it used an Escape Technique to escape. I wasn’t able to catch up to it until here……” The man spoke and raised his hand towards the black bull.

Ning Cheng shot out a Wind Edge towards the former before standing up and speaking with a dull face, “Is that how your master taught you about obtaining things?”

The man, suppressed by Ning Cheng’s Wind Edge, had to take back his hand and looked at Ning Cheng with a frown, “Friend, this really is my prey. I was the one who shot the fireball that burned away half of the bull’s tail. You should have already seen it, did you not? I am Qian Yu, a disciple of the Spirit Heaven Starland’s Sealed Heart Sect. I need the hide of this bull to make a weapon. I hope that this friend could help me out of this predicament. If you need compensation, I am also willing to pay you some compensation.”

Apparently, this man had already gauged from Ning Cheng’s Wind Edge that he was not simple. Just a Wind Edge caused a feeling of danger to arise within this man’s heart.

No matter what, Ning Cheng would not give away his Wind Seeking Longevity Bull. Now that Little Chase’s Life Essence was fusing, how could he willing give away this Wind Seeking Longevity Bull to others? It is just that he found this situation somewhat strange. By all respects, this Wind Seeking Longevity Bull was only a Grade 3 Starry Sky Demonic Beast. As a Grade 3 Starry Sky Demonic Beast, one could easily procure them from any makeshift market. So what was this fellow’s intention?

Although feeling puzzled in his heart, Ning Cheng spoke with a cold voice, “I was wondering how my mount was injured. Turns out you were the one to injure it. Well, since you are here, compensate me for my mount’s injuries and scram.”

“Hahaha……” After hearing Ning Cheng, Qian Yu suddenly laughed and spoke, “I have met many arrogant people before, but I never saw anyone as arrogant as you. Do you think that I am afraid of you?”

When Qian Yu burst into laughter, a few more lights descended near the two.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Qian Yu…..”

“Elder Brother Qian.”

Of the people who arrived, it was a man and a woman who had spoken up. However, judging by the form of address, these people seemed to be on the same side of Qian Yu.

“Brother Qian, since this bull is dead, why not take it away?” A short cultivator glanced at the Wind Seeking Longevity Bull on the ground before speaking with cupped fists to Qian Yu. As for Ning Cheng, the cultivator treated him like air.

Qian Yu pointed at Ning Cheng and spoke, “This man says that this bull is his mount. Since I hurt his bull, he wants me to pay for it. Looks like no one has heard of my name Qian Yu outside of Spirit Heaven Starland.”

At this moment, why would Qian Yu keep up a good-natured appearance? While talking, killing intent oozed out of him, and the surrounding space started to give out squeaking-like noises.

“What else to say, just kill this cockroach. I don’t know which hole did this cockroach came out, but it looks like it doesn’t realise the immensity of the heavens……” A female cultivator gave out judgement and dismissed Ning Cheng with just a glance.

“Is Qian Yu someone remarkable? I haven’t heard of anyone with such a name.” Another voice arrived, and a purple robed cultivator descended near them.

“So it’s Brother Zhong from the Grand Demon Domain Starry Skies. Brother Zhong might not have heard of the name of this younger brother, but this younger brother has definitely heard of the resounding name of Brother Zhong. Could it be that Brother Zhong wants to reverse black and white just because you have not heard of the name Qian Yu?” Qian Yu did not get angry with this purple-robed cultivator and spoke with a slow tone.

The purple-robed cultivator did not expect Qian Yu to say such words and just when he wanted to ridicule Qian Yu, the giant black bull on the ground suddenly climbed up and ran to Ning Cheng’s side in a few steps.

After the black bull got up and rushed to Ning Cheng’s side, he lifted his front hoof and pointed at the arrogant Qian Yu and spoke, “Kid, you plotted against your grandpa Little Chase, your Grandpa Chase will remember it. One day, this Grandpa Chase will chew on your bones.”

After that, the black bull then turned to Ning Cheng and said, “Master, this is the kid who secretly lit my tail on fire. It even burned my precious bull’s tail to half its original size. Master must get revenge for me.”

Several people stood there in stunned silence. It was not difficult for a starry sky demonic beast to learn human language, as long as one refined a medicinal pill from the transverse bone[1]. However, what caused the few people here to feel stunned was that this bull really was this cultivator’s mount.

Ning Cheng laughed in his heart, he did not expect this annoying bull to finish fusing its Life Essence so quickly.

The purple robed cultivator gave a loud laugh and spoke, “I, Zhong Sunhong, this time finally got to know about the illustrious name of Grand Spirit Heaven Starry Skies’ Qian Yu. Powerful, formidable, someone who actually injures other people’s mounts.”

As this purple robed cultivator laughed, he brought out a flying weapon and soon disappeared. From the looks of it, this fellow came here just to ridicule Qian Yu, without any intention of helping Ning Cheng.

The anger in Qian Yu’s eyes subsided, and he looked at Ning Cheng and spoke with a somewhat calm tone, “I took a fancy to your mount, name a price.”

“This grandpa also took a fancy to your head; cut it down and give it to me.” Without waiting for Ning Cheng to speak, the black bull opened his mouth and spoke once again.

Ning Cheng naturally did not intend to keep quiet. He could not go against someone like Chuan Xinlou, but for a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator to dare show such arrogance in front of him, why would he take such bullshit lying down? He directly shot forward and threw out a punch.

This violent Axe Fist filled with killing intent also had the support of Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Domain, causing a jagged Axe Line to appear out of thin air. Qian Yu also had fully stretched out his domain but felt a trace of Axe Intent penetrate into his bone marrow.

What a powerful Celestial Gatherer Cultivator, the expressions of Qian Yu immediately changed. The moment Ning Cheng acted, he knew that he had vastly underestimated this Celestial Gatherer Cultivator in front of him. Qian Yu had heard and even taken note of all the Celestial Gatherer Powerhouses from all the grand starry skies. However, he had never heard of such a powerful cultivator like the one in front of him amongst the list.

[1] The raw states it as ‘Pubic Bone’ but it sounds weird considering the context, so for now I decided to use individual character meanings for this, giving us ‘transverse bone’

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