Chapter 0603

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Chapter 0603: Origin Appears

Qian Yu no longer cared about holding his ‘cool guy’ posture, the gourd at his waist immediately shot out circular bursts of purple awns, which instantly transformed into a threaded whirlpool.

“Boom.” A dull explosion of Celestial Essence erupted. The moment Ning Cheng’s Axe Fist slammed into the purple awn vortex, it directly blew the whirlpool open and created a huge ravine.

The explosion forced Qian Yu back several steps before he crashed into a huge ancient tree. The force of impact blew the tree to smithereens, but he stumbled back a few more steps before coming to a stop.

At this moment, not to mention Qian Yan, even the several other cultivators along with Qian Yu felt shocked as they stared at Ning Cheng. Although Qian Yu acted in a moment of a hurry, Qian Yu’s strength as a Celestial Scryer Cultivator was well known within the Spirit Heaven Star Land. Therefore, if just a single punch from the opponent could force him to such a state, then what level of strength had the other party reached?

Ning Cheng only stared at Qian Yu with a cold gaze but did not follow up. If Ning Cheng really wanted to kill Qian Yu, he would have killed him. Although Qian Yu had some strength, it had still not reached the level where it could threaten Ning Cheng. Moreover, if Ning Cheng really wanted to kill this Qian Yu, then he would also have to kill the cultivators accompanying Qian Yu. As such, although Ning Cheng was a decisive person when it came to killing his opponents, he did not want to kill the rest because of this.

“It was just a misunderstanding. I’ll take my leave.” Qian Yu finally calmed down from the shock and spoke to Ning Cheng with cupped fists. He felt sure that in front of this Celestial Scryer Cultivator, even the Spirit Heaven Starland’s Premier Celestial Scryer Cultivator would find it hard to win. If he continued to stay in this place, he would only find death.

“Want to leave? Did you not hear what my master said just now or have you gone deaf? You burned half of this Grandpa Chase’s tail, did you think you could leave just like that?” Not waiting for Ning Cheng to speak, Little Chase once again stretched out his hoof towards them and yelled out.

After yelling, it then turned its head and tried to flatter Ning Cheng, “Master, do you want them to cough up some compensation or do you want to stew them for a meal?”

Ning Cheng looked at this bull in speechlessness while thinking in his heart, how was this fellow a bull? He should be a dog. A coarse dog who sees the wind and sets the helm[1]. It also reminded him of Grey Toottoot who at least behaved like a wily dog around Ruolan; however, he had never seen any bull who acted like a hound.

“That’s not my intention.” Qian Yu immediately took out a storage ring and gave it to Ning Cheng, “Friend, take a look at the Spiritual Grasses and the other materials inside. I hope that it would be enough, it’s what I gathered till now.”

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept inside before he nodded and spoke, “In that case, I accept it.”

Qian Yu did not bother to say anything else to Ning Cheng; instead, he turned and left with the words, “Let’s go.”

The group quickly disappeared from there.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Qian, are we to act as if nothing happened?” The short cultivator spoke while feeling uncomfortable in his heart. Even though he felt shocked by Ning Cheng’s strength, he still could not let it go.

Qian Yu sneered, “Forget it? Before I kill that fellow, how can I willingly forget it? You people go ahead, I have some things to finish. Once I finish with those things, I will contact you again.”

After saying that, Qian Yu changed his direction and soon disappeared without a trace.

“What’s going on with Elder Brother Qian?” The female cultivator spoke while looking at the disappearing back of Qian Yu. The few of them had decided to team up, but because of such a small matter, Qian Yu chose to leave the group alone.

The cultivator, who had not spoken yet, gave a sigh and spoke up, “Looks like he decided to go into seclusion to advance to the Celestial Bridge Realm. Once he advanced to the Celestial Bridge Realm, he will then try to get it back.”


“A tiny ant, yet daring to have ideas over my master, only overestimating his capabilities.” Even with Qian Yu and company’s departure, the Wind Seeking Longevity Bull still scorned them with disdain behind their backs.

Ning Cheng stared at the Wind Seeking Longevity Bull and frowned. He felt that this bull was a bit too eccentric.

“Master, I think the name Little Chase is a little too unworthy of my image. Since the master I follow has such awe and prestige, then I cannot let anything ruin my master’s reputation. How about changing my name to Grandpa Chase?” After cursing at Qian Yu and company one last time, the Wind Seeking Longevity Bull then turned to Ning Cheng and immediately spoke up.

Ning Cheng gave a snort, “Why stop there, why not let me call you Ancestor Chase?”

The bull immediately understood that although this name felt dominant to others, it was also disrespectful to his master. Thinking of that, it quickly spoke up, “No. No. I suddenly feel that the name Grandpa Chase is not that good. Just continue calling me as Little Chase, or even Chasing Wind would be good.”

“Since you think Little Chase is not good, then let’s call you Chasing Bull from now on, okay? This way, you are still chasing something at least, don’t be such a prude.” Ning Cheng felt too lazy to talk any nonsense with this coarse bull.

Chasing Bull immediately nodded and spoke, “Master is master indeed. Changing a name with just a character. It is so nice. I am so lucky, I am so lucky. I’m fortunate to be with my master.”

“When you followed your previous master, weren’t you also fortunate?” Ning Cheng did not want to say this, but he really felt defeated in front of this dunce bull.

Chasing Bull quickly spoke up, “How could it be the same? How could my former master compare to my current master? The distance between you two is like the distance between heaven and earth. Moreover, that fellow was just an idiot; otherwise, how else could he not come out of the Sea of Twilight? Meeting master and witnessing master’s remarkable abilities, this bull decided to worship you as my master……”

Ning Cheng knew that this dunce of a bull was not a loyal fellow; rather, this fellow was an utterly shameless fellow who sets the rudder according to the wind. To be honest, Ning Cheng really did not have much liking towards this bull.

Chasing Bull also had enough knowledge. Seeing Ning Cheng’s displeasure, it immediately stopped talking.

Ning Cheng walked over to Chasing Bull’s side and carefully looked at it, before suddenly speaking, “That Qian Yu definitely is not a knowledgeless person, so why would he care about this Grade 3 Starry Sky Demonic Beast? Is the corporeal body that you took possession of a little weird?”

When Chasing Bull heard Ning Cheng’s words, it immediately knew that its owner had also noticed the problem. Realising it, it quickly spoke, “My master indeed has distinct and clear insights. You can see through things with just a glance. You are both wise and decisive……”

“Pa” Ning Cheng slapped the head of the Wind Seeing Longevity Bull and spoke, “Less nonsense. Just say what’s important.”

Chasing Bull did not dare to continue with long-winded words, “Master, this corporeal body is of a Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull[2]. This beast is born from heaven and earth. Once it grows powerful, it would then be able to use its inherent Spirit Technique, which is its Instantaneous Shift along with its Escape Technique. I did not expect that this little star would have such a beast. However, the biggest weakness of the Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull is that anyone can easily take possession of its body when it is still in its infancy. At the same time, this kind of beast can only undergo the process of body possession once. That Qian Yu definitely wanted to hunt down this Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull for possessing its body. Unfortunately, that kid simply had no skill, allowing this Grandpa Chase to gain a small advantage.”

“Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull?” Ning Cheng lamented that he knew too little. Even this dunce of a bull knew more things compared to him. However, Ning Cheng guessed that the reason Qian Yu wanted to grab this Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull was not for him but for his favourite companion beast for body possession.

Ning Cheng naturally did not know that the only reason that this Wind Seeking Longevity Bull knew that the body it took possession of was that of a Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull was due to the fusion of its Spiritual Consciousness with the dead bull’s mind. If it were not for it possessing the body, it would also be in the same boat as Ning Cheng, without any clue.

“Ah.” Ning Cheng looked at this stupid cow and gave out a sigh, “It’s truly a pity that I let you take possession of this Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull’s body. What a waste, akin to tortoise eating barley.”

Chasing Bull did not feel embarrassed about it; rather, it spoke with pride, “It’s just my luck, which allowed me to bath in my master’s light. But this Chasing Bull’s greatest achievement would be to become my master’s preferred mount someday.”

Ning Cheng ignored Chasing Bull and turned away. He knew that this bull would continue spewing endless words as long as someone gave it the slightest attention. Chasing Bull saw Ning Cheng turning away and quickly followed. It also felt secretly smug as it thought, ‘Master sure is too smart for his own good[3]. With such a good mount, he unexpectedly forgot to ride it.’

However, Ning Cheng had just walked a few steps forward when he suddenly changed directions. Utilising the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, he immediately rushed out with its fastest speed. He finally sensed a trace of Origin Aura.

The Immortal Jade Star truly contained an Origin. The news was actually accurate.

Ning Cheng flew for an incense stick worth of time before he felt something wrong. Looks like he was not the only one who sensed the Aura of Origin. As Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept out, he saw many cultivators flocking in the same direction.

Seeing so many cultivators, who seemingly sensed the Origin Aura, made Ning Cheng’s heart sink. Although Ning Cheng felt confident of grabbing the Origin Bead despite so many cultivators, what if some other cultivator managed to obtain it before him? This Origin had extraordinary importance to him.

“Master, there must be a treasure here. With so many people flocking to this place, it definitely must be a very precious treasure.” Chasing Bull had quite a decent speed. Ning Cheng had only stopped for a few moments when he found that Chasing Bull had managed to appear by his side without much delay.

“Chasing Bull, you sure have some decent speed.” Ning Cheng gave out an unexpected compliment.

Chasing Bull spoke up with pride, “This is nothing. It is not even my full speed. Besides, my main skills are Evasion Techniques and escaping through the high heavens…..”

“Well, since you claim to have such fast speed, how can I fly around on my own?” As Ning Cheng spoke, he had already descended on to the back of Chasing Bull. He did not choose to sit down but stood on the bull’s back.

Chasing Bull immediately understood that he went a little too far with its bragging and subconsciously slowed down. It was just feeling smug that its master had not ridden over his back, and the next moment, it found its master standing on its back.

“Why did you slow down? Without speed, you barely have any use for me. Might as well head back, peel off the skin, and stew the meat. I’ve never eaten a Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull, wonder what it tastes like?” Ning Cheng spoke while taking in a deep breath as if trying to take in the aroma of Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull’s cooked meat.

“The Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull does not taste good at all. It has no taste. Master, just think about it, since the Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull is so fast, then its meat would certainly be chewy…..” As Chasing Bull spoke, its speed also suddenly accelerated and quickly overtook many cultivators.

“What kind of demonic beast is that? How is it so fast?”

“It would make a good companion beast, with such great speed.”

“It doesn’t matter, that’s most likely a Wind Seeking Longevity Bull. As only Wind Seeking Longevity Bull is this fast. However, a Wind Seeking Longevity Bull as black as a crow is rare.”

Some cultivators could not help but exclaim on seeing a bull rush past them with such speed.

As Chasing Bull rushed forwards, it left many cultivators behind, which made Ning Cheng feel delighted. At least this stupid bull was not wholly useless.

“Hey, the cultivator standing on the back of the bull, you wait…..” A powerful Spiritual Consciousness swept towards Ning Cheng, followed by a voice that arrived from a considerable distance.

When the Spiritual Consciousness swept over Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng’s body turned slightly cold. He immediately understood that this Spiritual Consciousness did not belong to a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator. Even a more powerful Celestial Gatherer Cultivator would not be able to make him feel cold with just a sweep of his or her Spiritual Consciousness. This definitely was a Celestial Bridge Cultivator.

[1]To see the wind and set the helm” is an idiom that means “To be flexible and take advantage of the situation.”

[2] The characters ‘天麒’ translate to ‘ = Heaven, = Mythical Male Unicorn’ but since it sounds like a mouthful, and according to the description, I decided to translate it as Heavenly Bull, especially since Unicorns do not exactly exist in Chinese mythology. As for whether or not it is actually a unicorn, I doubt it as the raws keep referring to it as a bull.

[3] The actual phrase was 聪明反被聪明误, which translated to ‘A clever person may become the victim of his own ingenuity’, which in plain words means ‘too smart for one’s own good’.

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