Chapter 0606

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Chapter 606: One Against Hundred

“Something’s not right, it looks like this Exploding Golden Wasp King already has a master. You see, it keeps sending out messages, most probably to its master.”

The Exploding Golden Wasp King continually sent out communication signals, which some of the cultivators had managed to detect.

Nong Jiu spoke up with disdain, “It is best that this fellow has a master. After its master comes, we can directly kill that fellow who does not deserve this Exploding Golden Wasp. Let’s see if this Exploding Golden Wasp would recognise a new master then. As I said, I don’t want anything in the canyon, I just want the Exploding Golden Wasps.”

“The fellow who owns this Exploding Golden Wasp, he should have a lot of treasures on him. Whether or not this Exploding Golden Wasp recognises a new master after we kill its master, I don’t care. I just want a portion of the things on that cultivator.”



By the time Ning Cheng arrived, around a hundred Celestial Gatherer Cultivators had besieged his Exploding Golden Wasp King, Graceful Star. He also saw a few injured Exploding Golden Wasps next to his Wasp King Graceful Star, while a dozen more Exploding Golden Wasps’ bodies littered the ground.

Ning Cheng guessed that these Exploding Golden Wasps should be the underlings Graceful Star found here. At the same time, seeing so many Celestial Gatherer Cultivators besieging his companion beast, how could Ning Cheng hold back his anger? It was not about who was in the right and who was in the wrong, someone attacked his companion beast. How could he let this matter drop?

Immediately bringing out a spear, a scorching hot spear trace shot out. This one skill was the Nothingness Flame-patterned Spear.

“Pff-Pff-Pff……” Under Ning Cheng’s sudden attack, seven or eight Celestial Gatherer Cultivators immediately suffered severe injuries, and three died on the spot.

No one thought that Ning Cheng would take such action the moment he arrived; moreover, immediately move to kill. In their view, Ning Cheng came here to snatch the Exploding Golden Wasps just like them, why would they think that he would actually act against them.

“Kill him….” Seeing that Ning Cheng had come here alone, and had even disregarded everyone before killing, it immediately infuriated the cultivators here. In an instant, dozens of people rushed towards Ning Cheng; at the same time, a dozen more attacks rumbled towards Ning Cheng.

With his Wasp King Graceful Star in danger, how could Ning Cheng willingly stay at one place at this moment? Rushing into the incoming crowd, a scorching aura rolled up and swept through the entire area.

Maximal Flame Spirit Technique, after Ning advanced to the Celestial Novice Realm, he rarely used this Spirit Technique. However, with so many cultivators besieging him, he had to use this Spirit Technique.

All the cultivators who surrounded Ning Cheng felt the space surrounding them completely collapsing in an instant. Within this collapsed space, they all saw a swirling whirlpool that looked like it wanted to suck away all the people here. Moreover, this vortex also emanated a scorching heat that grew stronger with each passing moment.

“It’s a Spacial Collapse, the Laws of Space, run ……” The cultivators here were all knowledgeable. Seeing such a scene, they immediately roared with madness.

“That’s not right. This has nothing to do with the Laws of Space. It’s a false collapse caused by absorbing all the fire elements in this area…….”

Whether it was a real Spacial Collapse or a fake collapse, everyone knew that as long as one got sucked inside, it would only spell doom.

At this time, the cultivators here no longer wanted to fight with Ning Cheng and started to escape. In any case, they had to flee from the current crisis.

Since Ning Cheng decided to use the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique, how could he let the cultivators caught up in it escape? In just an instant, his Celestial River Domain fully extended out and integrated with the Maximal Flame Spirit Technique.

“Boom-Boom-Boom……” Terrifying explosions rang out as horrifying temperatures exploded out. Within this violent explosion, it felt like the space around them had disappeared entirely.

A few miserable screams rang out, and a gully, ten feet deep, appeared in front of everyone. Of the more than 20 cultivators that had gotten sucked in, more than half of them died while the rest suffered some severe injuries. Not even one managed to escape unscathed.

Before everyone could make things out clearly. Ning Cheng arrived at the entrance to the canyon.

With a shrill buzz, Wasp King Graceful Star landed next to Ning Cheng, and the remaining seven or eight injured Exploding Golden Wasps also descended behind the Wasp King Graceful Star.

At this moment, even a fool would understand why Ning Cheng did what he just did. It turns out, this Exploding Golden Wasp King really had a master, and its master had finally arrived. They all had jointly attacked the Exploding Golden Wasp King, so if this act did not anger its master, it would have been a weird thing.

“Haha, good skills. You actually killed Qian Yu.” Zhong Sunhong looked at Ning Cheng and laughed. “Looks like you have quite a few companion beasts. I saw a black bull before, and now I see an Exploding Golden Wasp King. Are you also from my Grand Demon Domain Starry Sky?”

He thought that Ning Cheng had killed Qian Yu, but he did not know that Ning Cheng had not killed Qian Yu but let Qian Yu go.

“Who killed my Exploding Golden Wasps? Better come forward.” Ning Cheng ignored Zhong Sunhong and glanced at the rest of the cultivators. Although there were still around seventy cultivators here, Ning Cheng did not feel the slightest bit afraid.

Except for Zhong Sunhong, who just kept laughing, the rest of the cultivators kept silent. No one spoke, Ning Cheng had come in with an awe-inspiring momentum, which everyone here had personally witnessed. After killing nearly 20 people, not to mention injuries, even the robes of this fellow did not show a single wrinkle. No one wanted to go head-on against such a powerhouse.

“Sorry, I didn’t know that these Exploding Golden Wasps belonged to you. I accidentally killed one of them. You can have this as compensation. I’ll take my leave now.” Zhong Sunhong threw out a storage ring to Ning Cheng before turning around and flying away.

Seeing Zhong Sunhong turning around and leaving, Nong Jiu’s expression turned ugly. He never imagined that the owner of this Exploding Golden Wasp King would be such a sturdy fellow. He had also witnessed Ning Cheng’s might along with the others. Seeing such strength, Nong Jiu knew that he could never fight against Ning Cheng one-on-one. Moreover, Zhong Sunhong, that cockroach, had turned around and immediately left.

When Zhong Sunhong turned around and left, several other people also left following him. Obviously, no one felt willing to fight against such a ruthless fellow like Ning Cheng. Immortal Jade Star had many good things, staying here would only put their lives on the line. Besides, none of them wanted to do a fool’s job.

As people left, Ning Cheng did not immediately chase after them. After all, he was still only one person.

“What about you all?” Nong Jiu looked back at the thirty or forty remaining people and asked.

If no one felt willing enough to lend a hand, then he would rather pay some compensation and leave. If someone here felt just like him and wanted to get rid of this arrogant fellow, then he would also not let this opportunity go. Although he could not beat the opposite party alone, there were still thirty to forty people here. If everyone presented a united front, Nong Jiu did not believe that the combined group would not be able to take down a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator.

“What else is there to say? This fellow is just too arrogant. With him killing more than twenty of us, if we let him go like this, it would be too cheap for him.” A robust-looking male cultivator spoke up in a cold tone.

Nong Jiu immediately felt happy in his heart and quickly spoke up, “Then let’s do it together. We have around forty people. How can we still feel afraid against a little Celestial Gatherer Cultivator with a united front?”

While speaking, Nong Jiu also brought out a weapon and shot out.

Seeing Nong Jiu taking the lead, the remaining thirty-something people also brought out their weapons and rushed forward. Everyone knew that to kill this cultivator, everyone would have to work together.

This time, Ning Cheng directly brought out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, while the spear in his hand shot out with a traceless spear line as it rushed towards Nong Jiu. Ning Cheng already understood that this Nong Jiu was the one in charge here. As long as he killed off Nong Jiu, he would not have to worry about the other cultivators here.

“Boom-Boom….. KaKaKaKa……”

The Everlasting Blue Thunder City’s power finally started to show its might at this time. As the various Dao weapon lights rushed towards the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, every single attack stopped dead in their tracks after slamming into the half-real shadow of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City. Which also meant that not a single attack reached Ning Cheng.

At this moment, Ning Cheng’s spear had already pierced through the distance between him and Nong Jiu, locking onto the white-robed cultivator.

Nong Jiu felt the killing power within the Spear Intent opening up a path as it penetrated into his Domain. It instantly made him realise that things had gone south. He could never think that Ning Cheng would dare to target him alone, completely ignoring the attacks from others. Was this fellow looking for death?

What he did not know was that whoever had a defensive weapon like Ning Cheng could completely ignore the other attacks.

As the killing power of the Spear Intent penetrated into Nong Jiu’s Domain, Nong Jiu crazily retreated. Nong Jiu knew that he had to avoid this attack at all costs. Moreover, as long as he avoided this attack, the other party would be at an absolute disadvantage. Although that half-real and half-illusory shadow of the Blue Thunder City looked powerful, it absolutely would not be able to block the continuous combined attacks from more than thirty Celestial Gatherer Cultivators.

“Katcha….” The shadow of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City finally reached its limit and shattered. Just as Nong Jiu guessed, it could not withstand the continuous bombardment of from so many cultivators. Once that projection broke, the remaining weapon light finally slammed on to Ning Cheng.

A stream of blood immediately erupted and Nong Jiu could even hear the sounds of bones breaking. He realised that that cultivator had suffered some severe injuries. However, he did not feel happy about it at all. His Domain had already collapsed entirely at this point, with a more powerful Domain shackle binding him. At the same time, the killing intent from within that spear grew to such horrifying levels that it completely penetrated into his bone marrow.

“Pff…..” The moment just after Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Domain and his spear’s momentum shackled Nong Jiu’s body, Ning Cheng’s spear tip penetrated through his glabella.

Nong Jiu looked at the spear shaft in front of his eyes and felt his heart fill up with unwillingness. Where did this fellow come from, and why had he never heard of this fellow? Under the siege of more than thirty people, how could it take only a single spear to kill him?

The cultivators besieging Ning Cheng felt shocked as they saw Ning Cheng killing Nong Jiu. At this moment, Ning Cheng completely ignored his own injuries and took hold of the spear once again.

A spear trace with a scorching aura immediately burst out and ripped apart several hundred feet of distance behind him. And around this scorching spear trace, one spear trace after another stretched out.

This was a variation of the Nothingness Flame-patterned Spear, which again had many similarities with his Axe Line.

“Pff-Pff-Pff……” With Ning Cheng’s spear growing stronger and stronger, the area around him turned into a bloody fog. And in just a blink of an eye, nearly ten people got pierced through by those scorching spear traces. The Exploding Golden Wasps, staying on the sides, on seeing so many people injured, once again rushed out.

Nong Jiu had died, while the spear behind Ning Cheng continued to grow strong. Seeing this, the rest of the cultivators no longer felt willing to stay here and fight against Ning Cheng. Using every means at their disposal, they immediately started flying away from Ning Cheng in desperation and disappeared without a trace. Even if there were any treasures here, no one felt willing to stay back. Staying here, they would have to engage in a meaningless fight against a powerhouse. None of them was a fool, and no one would willingly remain here.

Ning Cheng’s spear finally stabbed into the ground, holding his rickety body steady. He then took out a few medicinal pills and swallowed.

Among the cultivators who managed to enter the Immortal Jade Star, none of them was weak. If it were thirty-something ordinary Celestial Gatherer Cultivators besieging him, even if he ended up injured, he would not have suffered such severe injuries. Fortunately, Ning Cheng was also a body-refining cultivator; otherwise, he would have suffered even more severe injuries.

As his injuries improved a bit, Ning Cheng raised his hand and put away the several storage rings. For these cultivators who managed to stay inside for so long, they should have some good stuff on them. At this moment, although the injuries were not light, it still felt worthwhile to Ning Cheng. At least, he managed to harvest a lot.

“Well, it looks like in just a few months, you managed to advance to Starry Sky Grade 2.” Ning Cheng said while throwing out a storage ring filled with medicinal pills to Graceful Star and praised it. The Exploding Golden Wasp King Graceful Star managed to advance to the rank of Starry Sky Grade 2 Demonic Beasts in just a few months. It showed that in addition to the support of the abundant resources of the Immortal Jade Star, this Exploding Golden Wasp King also had high potential.

The Exploding Golden Wasp sent out a message filled with joy and told Ning Cheng that there was a large Exploding Golden Wasp Colony in the canyon. Moreover, the gorge also contained an Exploding Golden Wasp King in it. Once it killed the Exploding Golden Wasp King, the rest of the Exploding Golden Wasps would then follow it.

Ning Cheng felt shocked; no wonder Graceful Star decided to stay put in this place.

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