Chapter 0607

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Chapter 0607: Frantic Harmonisation with Celestial Bridge

At this time, in addition to the four giant starry sky-class void airships suspended outside the Immortal Jade Star, one could see several smaller ships. Amid these ships, someone had built a small starry sky public square.

This starry sky public square had a variety of shops, apparently serving the cultivators with access to the Immortal Jade Star. Once these cultivators came out of the Immortal Jade Star, they would definitely bring out a lot of starry sky Spiritual Grasses and many other raw materials; perhaps even some rare treasures. At that time, most of the cultivators would choose to sell or exchange their gains for appropriate cultivation resources.

A little further, there was a greyish-black airship suspended in the void. The colour of this airship almost blended into the colour of the starry sky around it. Even if one looked closely in its direction, one would still be hard-pressed to notice it.

At this moment, in one of the luxurious cabins within the airship, someone had set up a huge array formation display on one side of the bulkhead. Four people sat inside and intently stared at this huge array formation display.

If Ning Cheng were here, he would have recognised one of them, Heavenly Emperor Levelled Heart, who looked like a middle-aged Confucian scholar.

Just beside this middle-aged Confucian scholar, sat a young and beautiful-looking woman. If it weren’t for that pair of red phoenix eyes that exuded raw prestige, this woman would have been the perfect woman. Unfortunately, even if one disregarded that pair of red phoenix eyes that exuded raw prestige, it could do nothing to dissipate this woman’s cold temperament, which gave others the impression that this woman did not have a shred of softness within her. This woman was the premier expert from the Grand Spirit Heaven Starry Sky, Yi Jiufeng[1]. The cultivators familiar with this woman knew that this woman initially had the name Yi Jiuhuang[2]. However, after she advanced to the Eternal Realm, she changed her name to Yi Jiufeng.

Among the other two, one was a longhaired old man with a dark face. His name was Qian Jierui, the premier powerhouse from the Devil Domain. The other one was a robust and rugged-looking man with a naked upper body. Although this fellow looked like a barbarian, no one dared to look down on this man, who was the premier powerhouse from the Demon Domain.

The huge array formation display only showed the Yellow Sand Lake, over which these four people kept a close watch. Numerous cultivators surrounded the Yellow Sand Lake’s edge, which had a bead suspended in the middle. This was precisely where the Immortal Jade Star’s Earth Origin Bead had appeared, which in turn had drawn in numerous cultivators to the edge of the Yellow Sand Lake. At this moment, most likely, no one among those cultivators knew that someone kept a close watch over their every move.

“Before there was a cultivator who reached this Origin Bead Lake while standing on the back of a black bull. Although that cultivator left afterwards, his black bull doesn’t seem simple.” After saying that, old man Qian Jierui from the Devil Domain looked at the Demon Domain’s powerhouse. He could make out that this black bull was not something simple, which also meant that Zhangkang Tianji also had noticed it.

Not waiting for Zhangkang Tianji to answer, Yu Jiufeng’s red phoenix eyes pricked up before she spoke, “There’s nothing simple about it, and even an idiot can see that it’s a true mythical beast, the Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull. I didn’t expect the Immortal Jade Star to have such a beast, it actually managed to escape our gazes. But that cultivator standing over that beast’s back, I don’t think this fellow came from my starry sky.”

“We can’t be sure if this Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull is a native of this Immortal Jade Star, or if that cultivator had brought it inside by himself. Didn’t you notice that Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull behaving as that cultivator’s companion beast? As for that cultivator, I’m sure he must have changed his appearance.”

Zhangkang Tianji spoke with an emotionless voice.

After a short while, Zhangkang Tianji added another sentence, “Besides, we haven’t found much on the Immortal Jade Star. Do we know where the Starry Sky Wheel is? What about the Wind Thunder Apricot, do we know about it?”

Chuan Xinlou nodded, “I also agree, he should have changed appearances. Since this cultivator could tame the Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull, then he presumably is not a simple person. Moreover, he even left a Monitoring Array Disc before leaving. I’m sure that he would be coming back.”

“Brother Levelled Heart, do you think that the junior with the Good Fortune Treasure would appear in the Immortal Jade Star?” Zhangkang Tianji spoke more politely with Chuan Xinlou compared to Yi Jiufeng.

Chuan Xinlou pondered over this for a moment before replying, “It’s hard to say as even after a few months, no one has come to collect the Earth Origin Bead. Moreover, there is nothing special about any of the cultivators who managed to get anywhere near it. This, to be honest, feels weird. According to principle, the Earth Origin Bead would only show itself if a Good Fortune Treasure appeared. Moreover, anyone who owned a Good Fortune Treasure would also be able to sense it. Since they can sense it, then they definitely would try their best to take away the Earth Origin Bead. Maybe…… he[3] entered the Immortal Jade Star, but was delayed by something else.”

Qian Jierui showed a smile as he spoke, “Brother Levelled Heart, Immortal Jade Star appeared quite close to the Culmination Starland. The kid owning the Good Fortune Treasure most likely comes from the Culmination Starland. Last time I heard that a cultivator by the name of Wanderer appeared within the Culmination Starland and managed to climb to the 81st floor of the Nine-by-Nine Celestial Scryer Tower. Many people say that this person never came out, but I have some doubts…….”

On hearing Qian Jierui’s words, Yi Jiufeng and Zhangkang Tianji also looked at Chuan Xinlou with an odd look.

Chuan Xinlou showed a smile and spoke up with his usual uncharacteristic face, “Does Brother Qian think that I whisked away that Wanderer from Jiangzhou? Are you suspecting that Jiangzhou’s Wanderer has a Good Fortune Treasure on him?”

Qian Jierui spoke up with a broad smile, “I didn’t say that.”

Chuan Xinlou nodded, “It’s no wonder that Brother Qian feels confused. I also suspect that Wanderer might have a Good Fortune Treasure on him. After all, only he managed to ascend to the 81st floor of the Celestial Scryer Tower. As far as I know, to get to the 81st floor, one must have a certain understanding of the Laws of Space and even the Laws of Time. Only with that could one accomplish such a task. However, the party in question is just a Celestial Scryer Cultivator, which obviously goes beyond any understanding and expectations. But if this fellow had a Good Fortune Treasure, then it would be much easier to explain.”

“By the looks of it, Brother Qian seems to have forgotten that the four of us made a Blood Oath that the Good Fortune Treasure would be owned jointly by the four of us. Unless the four of us reach an agreement, it would remain this way and will never change. Could it be that Brother Qian is not able to remember our oath? Because I, Chuan Xinlou, for one don’t make jokes about the Blood Oaths that I make.”

Zhangkang Tianji laughed before speaking, “Since Brother Levelled Heart put it this way, so how could someone like me doubt Brother Levelled Heart. However, I heard that the Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City has a fragment of the Good Fortune Indestructible Axe. Did Dao Brother Levelled Heart had the chance to see it?”

Although Zhangkang Tianji ostensibly announced that he trusted Chuan Xinlou, his words also indicated that the Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City already had a fragment of a Good Fortune Treasure, which had an underlying intent to incite hatred. Chuan Xinlou showed a slight frown on hearing those words but did not bother to answer.

Yi Jiufeng suddenly interjected, “Are you implying that this Earth Origin Bead appeared due to the fragment of the Indestructible Axe?”

Chuan Xinlou had no intention to avoid suspicion, and spoke with a flat tone, “A fragment of the Good Fortune Indestructible Axe can’t trigger the appearance of the Earth Origin Bead. I’m sure that it’s because of the appearance of a complete Good Fortune Treasure.”


Ning Cheng, accompanied by Exploding Golden Wasp King Graceful Star, finally left the entrance of the canyon. Although he wanted to find a group of underlings for his Exploding Golden Wasp King, he did not intend to enter the canyon for now. He was about to advance to the Celestial Bridge Realm, so even if he wanted to head inside, Ning Cheng would wait until he advanced to the Celestial Bridge Realm.

On a flat ground, Ning Cheng arranged a huge Spiritual Gathering Array, while also supplementing it with several Defensive Array Formations and Shielding Array Formations. With all the preparation done, Ning Cheng finally took out the praying mat that he originally acquired in the Time Wilderness.

Taking out a pile of Perpetual Moon Pills, Ning Cheng then took out a Harmonising Celestial Pill and immediately swallowed it.

Under the operation of the Mysterious Yellow Formless, incredibly rich Celestial Essence started to flow out and an Essence Qi vortex almost immediately formed around Ning Cheng. Even Graceful Star and Chasing Bull, who currently acted as Ning Cheng’s Dao Protectors got pushed to the periphery. Regardless, the two of them also quickly started to absorb the vibrant starry sky Essence Qi.

Without the Shielding Array Formation, if Ning Cheng made such a big move, it would have definitely attracted a lot of attention. Fortunately, Ning Cheng’s attainments in array formations had long surpassed the detection level of the cultivators in this place. Although the Concealment Array Formations would not eliminate the starry sky Essence Qi fluctuations, it would at least not attract any cultivators.

At this time, the Celestial Essence fluctuations around Ning Cheng reached a limit, and with the ignition of the Harmonising Celestial Pill, the Celestial Essence fluctuations around Ning Cheng turned even more violent. A moment later, intense starry sky Essence Qi fluctuations erupted and filled every inch of space around Ning Cheng before drilling into him like fine threads. Soon Ning Cheng discovered that his meridians had grown a lot tougher during these past years and to such an extent that even if the Celestial Essence fluctuations around him grew twice as powerful, they still would not be able to tear them apart.

This made Ning Cheng feel relieved, and he swallowed two more Harmonising Celestial Pills. Sure enough, the Celestial Essence within Ning Cheng grew even more berserk as the Harmonising Celestial Pills started to melt. At this moment, not only did his meridians feel the impact, but also his Sea of Consciousness began to tremble.

Sensing such changes, Ning Cheng grew happier. This was the first time he felt his Sea of Consciousness tremble before an advancement. Only with a more significant impact could he obtain more gains; otherwise, even though his Sea of Consciousness would grow much stronger under regular promotion, it would not experience a qualitative change.

The frenzied Celestial Essence needed a place to vent anyway, sensing that, Ning Cheng no longer hesitated anymore. To let his Sea of Consciousness experience a qualitative improvement during the advancement, he directly emptied a bottle filled with Harmonising Celestial Pills into his mouth.

“Boom……” This time Ning Cheng felt like someone had set off a stick of dynamite in a warehouse full of explosives. The terrifying Celestial Essence’s scorching power burst throughout Ning Cheng’s body.

His meridians finally could not take it anymore and finally started to tear apart with cracks everywhere. Even his starry sky Sea of Consciousness trembled violently with extreme pain. All of this caused Ning Cheng to feel extremely shocked as he understood that the Harmonising Celestial Pill did not just have a doubling effect. Instead, once the number reaches a certain level, it would immediately trigger a qualitative change.

Swallowing so many Harmonising Celestial Pills had an incredibly potent effect, but he also had many Perpetual Moon Pills around him. Under Ning Cheng’s Mysterious Yellow Formless, the Perpetual Moon Pills started to burn. Pure starry sky Essence Qi began to pour into Ning Cheng as if he was a bottomless pit. But that was not the end. Vibrant starry sky Essence Qi also started to pour out from the praying mat before drilling into Ning Cheng’s body.

At this moment, Ning Cheng felt like the inside of his body had become an explosives testing ground. Not only had the robes covering his body disintegrated, even the land surrounding him, on which he sat, started to crack apart.

After his robed disintegrated, blood started to gush out of his orifices. Sweat and blood began to mix while dripping from Ning Cheng’s forehead. No one had to remind him that he just performed an idiotic act. If he could not hold it together, maybe he would be the first cultivator to explode under the effects of overconsuming Harmonising Celestial Pills.

Cultivators who died under the explosion of medicinal pills were not a minority; however, dying due to overconsuming Harmonising Celestial Pills and their combined effects, it truly would feel ridiculous. How precious were Harmonising Celestial Pills? Each pill commanded a sky-high price. Who would be foolish enough to swallow so many Harmonising Celestial Pills to cause an explosion?

The Mysterious Yellow Formless crazily operated its heavenly cycle, forcing the Formless Cultivation Method to act as a huge grinder and help grind down the huge influx of starry sky Essence Qi. Even so, it still could not keep up with the horrifying flow of Celestial Essence at this time. Moreover, the Celestial Essence only grew stronger with each passing moment reaching horrific levels in just a short while.

At this time, Ning Cheng suddenly sensed some sort of barrier. Sensing that, he roared and tried to direct the Celestial Essence, which was about to explode out of his control, towards it.

[1] Jiufeng = 9 Phoenix

[2] Jiuhuang = 9 Phoenix, Feng () and Huang () in the two names share the same meaning

[3] These people have no idea about who owns the Good Fortune Treasure, the ‘he’ here is only a general reference to the owner of the Good Fortune Treasure.

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