Chapter 0608

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Chapter 0608: The Might of Celestial Bridge

“Boom” An explosion resounded, and everything above Ning Cheng’s head turned dark.

This was not because Ning Cheng managed to break through the cultivation shackles, but because of the descent of the horrifying Thunder Tribulations.

“Ka……” At the same time, a subtle sound suddenly resounded within Ning Cheng’s body that only he could hear. Hearing this, Ning Cheng knew that he finally managed to put a crack in the barrier to the Celestial Bridge Realm.

Not waiting for Ning Cheng to rejoice, thirty-six gigantic lightning arcs descended.

“Boom-Boom-Boom……” Lightning arcs continuously struck Ning Cheng’s body, causing blood and flesh to scatter.

Ning Cheng deliberately did not bring out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City and wanted to use these lightning arcs to quench his body and will. He also had a Thunder Spiritual Root, which could absorb the thunder source contained within these lightning arcs.

“Ka-Ka…..” The first wave of thunder tribulation had just descended, but the power contained within it had already broken most of Ning Cheng’s bones and vaporised large patches of flesh. Although his attainments in body refining had already reached the peak of Tier 9 God Body, the power within this first wave of Celestial Bridge Realm’s thunder tribulation had already far exceeded the maximum capacity of the Tier 9 God Body.

The power contained within was not something that he could bear for long.

Regardless, Ning Cheng continued to sit on the ground; however, everything below his knees had transformed into a haze of blood and flesh. Yet, he still did not bring out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City. As a body-refining cultivator, Ning Cheng had to suffer much more pain compared to others. Ning Cheng knew that he had no choice but to endure through all of it. If Ning Cheng failed just after the first wave of thunder tribulation, how could Ning Cheng expect to get out of this place? How could he think about searching for the Gate of Good Fortune with Cang Wei?

What’s more, the powerful Essence Qi within his body was almost on the verge of bursting out. But the horrifying thunder tribulation helped him ease out the rapid expansion of the Essence Qi within his body to a certain extent, despite inducing some fear.

Enduring the excruciating pain of broken bones grinding against each other, Ning Cheng once again gathered the berserk Celestial Essence within his body to smash apart the barrier to the Celestial Bridge Realm.


The first wave of the descending thunder tribulation had just passed; however, the remaining lightning arcs had not yet dissipated from Ning Cheng’s body when the second wave of thunder tribulation descended. Judging by the momentum, this wave definitely contained more than thirty-six lightning arcs.

Ning Cheng bit his teeth, but still did not bring out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City. Instead, he crazily gathered the Celestial Essence raging inside his body and forcefully directed it into the barrier to the Celestial Bridge Realm.

Subtle ‘kaka’ sounds started to emerge within his body before they all merged into a torrent. It felt as if a primal chaos-filled space had opened up within his body. A feeling of extreme relaxation then emerged within Ning Cheng’s heart as the berserk Celestial Essence finally found a vent. At this moment, whether it was the strength of Ning Cheng’ Celestial Essence or the toughness of his meridians, or even his starry sky Sea of Consciousness, each of them grew exponentially strong.

“Boom-Boom-Boom……” The second wave of thunder tribulation finally reached his body. One thunder tribulation arc after another, and a lot bigger compared to the ones in the first wave of thunder tribulation, struck Ning Cheng’s body without any gaps in between.

However, at this moment, Ning Cheng not only did not suffer a more substantial injury, even his original wounds healed at speed visible to the naked eye.

At this moment, the Harmonising Celestial Pill’s violent Celestial Essence Force, the terrifying burning Essence Qi from the Perpetual Moon Pills as well as the Thunder Spiritual Source that Ning Cheng had absorbed started to improve Ning Cheng’s cultivation rapidly. Even though Ning Cheng’s cultivation had grown at a crazy pace in the past, it never experienced such insane improvement.

As his cultivation soared, the various injuries started to disappear, while his Sea of Consciousness also started to expand rapidly.

This wave of thunder tribulation had just passed when Ning Cheng finally stood up, and the millions of Perpetual Moon Pills around him burned up to form into a dense pill mist. As Ning Cheng’s cultivation continued to climb, the third wave of thunder tribulation descended.

Just like the first and the second wave of thunder tribulations, where Ning Cheng did not bring out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, Ning Cheng still did not bring out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City in the face of this third wave of thunder tribulation. Unfortunately, Ning Cheng had no access to a better body refining cultivation method, nor could he use his Mysterious Yellow Formless to come up with one due to the lack of direction. Otherwise, this thunder tribulation would definitely provide him with a huge help in refining his body.

While Ning Cheng took the crazy bombardment of the lightning arcs head-on to surmount the tribulation, Chasing Bull and Graceful Star stood in the distance acting as Ning Cheng’s protectors. Seeing the scene in front of it, Chasing Bull felt truly shocked. It had seen many people surmounting tribulations. Even when it came to Celestial Bridge Realm’s Thunder Tribulation, it had seen many people undergoing it; however, where had it seen such a powerful thunder tribulation? In the face of such a thunder tribulation, even an ordinary Celestial Bridge Cultivator would not manage to last past the first wave of lightning arcs.

“My master’s thunder tribulation is so terrifying that it’s almost comparable to the thunder tribulation for the Heaven Seated Realm.” Chasing Bull finally opened his mouth and spoke. After that, it seemed to have recalled that the Exploding Golden Wasp King could not speak yet. Thinking of this, it could not help but shoot a glance filled with scorn at this Exploding Golden Wasp King. “Graceful Star, you need to speed up your cultivation too. You can’t even speak right now. If you kept following my master like this in the future, don’t you know that you would only be losing my master’s face?”

The Exploding Golden Wasp King had been absorbing the overflowing Perpetual Moon Pill Mist around them, which had spread out due to the terrifying thunder tribulation, for cultivation. But now a stupid bull dared to say that it lost master’s face. Such a remark instantly made it angry, and its wings immediately opened up, while an angry screech came out of its mouth. The next moment, the powerful Wasp King’s imposing aura pressed down on to Chasing Bull.

With the anger shown by the Exploding Golden Wasp King, the Exploding Golden Wasps behind the Exploding Golden Wasp King immediately flew up in a frenzied craze and surrounded Chasing Bull. At the same time, every Exploding Golden Wasp also screeched with anger.

“Elder Brother, I was only joking, can’t I make a joke? It’s too petty. You win, this Grandpa Bull yields to you…..” Facing the Exploding Golden Wasp King’s anger, Chasing Bull suddenly gave up and quickly retreated a dozen steps to give way. At the same time, it also swore that once its master surmounted this tribulation, it would definitely give this little wasp some lessons.

Ning Cheng looked up at the gradually clearing sky. He knew that he had finally surmounted this tribulation. As he absorbed the last dregs of the Essence Qi, the last bit of injury also disappeared without a trace.

After clearing away the dust and grime covering his body, Ning Cheng finally put on a set of robes and swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness. The surroundings instantly cleared up, and Ning Cheng found that his starry sky Sea of Consciousness had improved to a whole new level. At this moment, Ning Cheng felt that he could quickly kill a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator with a Spiritual Consciousness Blade.

Even Ning Cheng could not gauge as to how strong had his Celestial Essence grown compared to the past. At the same time, his Celestial River Domain had also become more robust, while the area it enveloped had also increased significantly.

Was this the Celestial Bridge Realm? An inexplicable self-confidence emerged within his heart and mind. Sure enough, the more one’s strength improved, the more confidence one gained.

Even after advancing to the Celestial Bridge Realm, Ning Cheng still did not have any Celestial Wheels; however, Ning Cheng no longer felt any interest in obtaining Celestial Wheels. Despite that, with just a thought, three vague Celestial Wheels simultaneously appeared behind Ning Cheng. He wanted to head to the Yellow Sand Lake to snatch the Earth Origin Bead. Therefore, his plan would have a much better outcome if other people thought that he was still only a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator.

However, before heading to the Yellow Sand Lake, he also wanted to help Graceful Star find a group of underlings.

“Master, congratulations on entering the Celestial River Realm and becoming a Celestial Bridge Powerhouse.” Seeing Ning Cheng put away the Spiritual Gathering Arrays and come out, Chasing Bull immediately shot towards Ning Cheng with a flattering look over its face.

Ning Cheng had just advanced to the Celestial Bridge Realm and felt happy; therefore, he did not feel irritated about Chasing Bull’s motor mouth; instead, he only nodded in self-satisfaction.

“When I saw Master trying to surmount the tribulation, I felt apprehensive and anxious and could not even blink for a moment. However, Graceful Star only cared about its own cultivation and did not care about the master’s safety.” Seeing Ning Cheng feeling good, Chasing Bull immediately voiced a complaint.

Ning Cheng immediately flew over to the mountain-like bull’s back and spoke, “Did turning anxious help you in any way? As for Graceful Star, it had the right idea to try to improve its strength. Stop spouting nonsense and head back to the location found by Graceful Star. We are going to kill that other Explosive Golden Wasp King.”

“Yes, master.” Chasing Bull, with its head down, gave a weak answer. If it knew earlier that flattery would be akin to kicking the horse in the rear, it certainly would not have acted as a suck-up.


Reaching the entrance of the canyon the Exploding Golden Wasp King Graceful Star had found, one would discover deep craters outside this canyon, indicating that this place had recently experienced a great battle.

“Let me explore it first and look at the situation inside.” Ning Cheng immediately stopped Graceful Star and Chasing Bull from rushing inside.

Ning Cheng had already witnessed the terrifying strength of an Exploding Golden Wasp Colony back in the Rootless Black City. Moreover, if he had not lured the Exploding Golden Wasp Colony away from the Rootless Black City at that time, the Exploding Golden Wasp Colony would have completely decimated the city. Because of this experience, Ning Cheng decided to use more caution. It would turn out bad if surrounded by a large group of Exploding Golden Wasps. After all, his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds could not actually teleport, despite possessing a teleport-like speed. It still needed some space to make an escape.

Although Ning Cheng had a Boundary Breaking Talisman, it was a life-saving treasure. He did not want to waste it casually.

After advancing to the Celestial Bridge Realm, Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness had grown much stronger compared to Celestial Gatherer Cultivators, and even his starry sky Sea of Consciousness had expanded by a lot. In the past, when Ning Cheng used his Spiritual Consciousness to probe the canyon, he could only see a blur. However, his Spiritual Consciousness could now easily penetrate this blur and see the continuous cliffs inside.

The sight immediately caused Ning Cheng to pause. How was this an Exploding Golden Wasp Colony? It would be more appropriate to call it a country of Exploding Golden Wasps. Around each cliff, one could find numerous Exploding Golden Wasps, stacked layers upon layers. One simply could not count them at all. Even a random Exploding Golden Wasp that flew around, Ning Cheng could see that they had already reached the level of a Grade 3 Starry Sky Demonic Beast.

Looking further inside, one could easily make out numerous Exploding Golden Wasps that had reached the level of starry sky Grade 4 and Grade 5 Demonic beasts. From this, one could easily speculate that the Exploding Golden Wasp King controlling this ‘colony’ should have already reached the level of at least a Grade 7 starry sky demonic beast.

If he had not told off Chasing Bull and Graceful Star from going inside, only death would have followed them.

Ning Cheng frowned and glanced back at Graceful Star who stood behind him, and spoke with some dissatisfaction, “Of all the Exploding Golden Wasps inside, the worst cultivation among them is of starry sky Grade 3. If we went inside, the few of us would not be enough to fill the gaps between their teeth. You didn’t even investigate the situation inside, and you actually thought of snatching the throne of this place. Did you actually forget the word ‘death’?”

Graceful Star truly hadn’t investigated the situation. I had just come here and seen some scattered Explosive Golden Wasps. It then gathered those Explosive Golden Wasps under its banner. It was just that it did not have the time to enter and compete for the throne against the Wasp King inside when a group of cultivators besieged them.

“If I knew this, I would have forced those hundred cultivators inside and made a fortune. It would have been an interesting sight to see the Exploding Golden Wasps surrounding that bunch of cultivators.” Ning Cheng gave out a sigh. He investigated the canyon for a long time and realised that he, in the most unlikely twist of fate, ended up saving the lives of those cultivators. It really made him depressed.

At the same time, he also had to thank those fellows. If it weren’t for those fellows stopping Graceful Star, Graceful Star would have most likely rushed inside. As one could imagine, if an Exploding Golden Wasp King, with small arms and legs, entered this ‘country’ of Exploding Golden Wasp King, it would have died without a proper burial.

At this moment, the Exploding Golden Wasp Colony inside the canyon seemed to have discovered Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness. It immediately caused a stir, and a group of Exploding Golden Wasps immediately started to swarm out.

“Graceful Star, enter the Miniature World; Chasing Bull, immediately head to the Yellow Sand Lake.” Seeing that his actions stirred the Exploding Golden Wasp Colony inside, Ning Cheng quickly picked up Graceful Star and leapt onto Chasing Bull’s back, and in just a few breaths disappeared from this place.

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