Chapter 0611

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Chapter 0611: The Starry Sky Wheel Emerges

The four starry sky emperors did not care about the blockade around the Immortal Jade Star as they directly smashed through it and entered. This caused the aura of the Immortal Jade Star to overflow suddenly. How could the cultivators who kept a close watch over the Immortal Jade Star hold back, especially when they saw the Immortal Jade Star’s Planet-protecting Grand Array completely smashed open?

In just a moment, countless flight-type weapons, along with numerous cultivators, immediately rushed in behind the emperors.

When the several starry sky emperors rushed in, they did not care about the Immortal Jade Star’s Grand Array. In their view, with the four of them entering the Immortal Jade Star at once, the cultivator who snatched away the Origin Bead would not be able to escape regardless of the means. Even if the cultivator managed to seal the Earth Origin Bead somehow, the aura of the Earth Origin from his body would not come off in just a short period.

However, after these starry sky emperors rushed into the Immortal Jade Star, they immediately realised that they were wrong. They should have first sealed off the Immortal Jade Star’s Grand Array before coming in. Moreover, they simply could not sense even the slightest shred of aura belong to the Earth Origin Bead, only finding a Wind Thunder Apricot.

Seeing Yi Jiufeng and Qian Jierui’s speed, Chuan Xinlou gave out a sigh in his heart. He knew at this moment the blood oath between them had already dissolved with the disappearance of the Earth Origin Bead. At this moment, everyone fought with everyone, the one who managed to grab something and escape would be its owner.

“Brother Levelled Heart, I don’t sense the Earth Origin Aura. We should really seal up the Planet-protecting Grand Array. Once the cultivator with Earth Origin Bead escapes, we would never be able to find that fellow again.”

Zhangkang Tianji, who looked like a barbarian, voiced the same problem as Chuan Xinlou. They just had to seal the Immortal Jade Star, that way that cultivator would not be able to leave the Immortal Jade Star and the Earth Origin Bead would eventually fall into their hands.

Chuan Xinlou gave a sigh, “Brother Heaven Crossing, the moment we broke into the Immortal Jade Star, we can no longer seal away the Immortal Jade Star. Since we made it inside, why would the other starry sky emperors decide to stay outside? If we sealed it by force, it would immediately enrage the cultivators outside and would force them to blow apart the Planet-protecting Grand Array from the outside. Once things reached that point, everyone would have to fend for themselves.”


The more Ning Cheng continued sinking through the ground, the more he felt that he made the right decision. Holding the Earth Origin Bead and sensing the Laws of Earth while escaping through the earth. It was just a perfect match.

In just a short while, Ning Cheng almost entirely integrated his aura with the aura of the surrounding earth. Ning Cheng believed that if he continued to hold on to the Earth Origin Bead, he might be able to comprehend some sort of an earth-attributed Spirit Technique, something far better than the low-level Earth Escape Technique. However, Ning Cheng did not dare to continue holding the Earth Origin Bead for long. He felt afraid that some powerhouse would manage to sense the aura of the Earth Origin Bead.

Thinking of that, Ning Cheng threw the Earth Origin Bead into the Mysterious Yellow Bead. The moment Ning Cheng threw the Earth Origin Bead into the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it immediately underwent a qualitative change. A burst of Earth-attributed fluctuations erupted within the Mysterious Yellow Bead. It originally contained Auras of Water and Fire that came from their respective Origin Beads, but then suddenly a more solid aura started to emerge within it. This was the real Earth Origin Aura. Sensing these changed, Ning Cheng knew that no one could separate the Earth Origin Bead from him now, and the Earth Origin Bead had now become an integral part of the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

From now on, the Earth Origin would slowly spread within his Mysterious Yellow Bead and blend with the other origins inside. It was as if Ning Cheng had planted a seed today, and one day this seed would germinate and start growing.

After the fusion of the Earth Origin Bead, Ning Cheng then converged his aura, allowing him to integrate with the surrounding earth and continue to sink.

He had smashed open the Monitoring Array Formation on the surface of the Immortal Jade Star, which most likely would cause those keeping an eye on them to immediately rush into the Immortal Jade Star. At this moment, the only thing he could do now was to prevent others from discovering him and escape through the earth. As long as he could hide from those cultivators on the Immortal Jade Star till they finally left, he would eventually succeed.


While Ning Cheng continued to sink down the Immortal Jade Star to escape, a massive war had erupted over the surface of the Immortal Jade Star. Previously, because the Immortal Jade Star had considerable size, the more than a hundred thousand cultivators that came in had not created much of an impact. Moreover, these cultivators would never willingly get into conflict with others while searching for resources.

However, this time, more than a million high-level cultivators had suddenly poured into the Immortal Jade Star, which immediately caused the supply of resources over the Immortal Jade Star to go into a steep decline. With the addition of more and more cultivators, although it led to more and more good things to emerge, it also resulted in fights breaking out everywhere within the Immortal Jade Star.

Not to talk about fights between ordinary high-levelled cultivators, even Yi Jiufeng and Qian Jierui, two of the big four powerhouses, started to fight with each other. After the disappearance of the Earth Origin Bead, the connection and the slight trust between the four giants had long since disappeared without a trace.

“Yi Jiufeng, if the Wind Thunder Apricot were taken away by a cultivator from your Grand Spirit Heaven Starry Sky, so even if you took away the Wind Thunder Apricot later, I, Qian Jierui would not have interfered. But this Wind Thunder Apricot was snatched by my Devil Domain Cultivator. To snatch this Wind Thunder Apricot, a starry sky emperor like you actually stooped so low as to kill a cultivator who just advanced to the Celestial Bridge Realm. Do you still have any shame?”

Qian Jierui spoke with an ice-cold tone. His robes flapped without any wind as wave after wave of horrifying imposing aura oozed out of him.

Yi Jiufeng gave a calm reply, “I had already mentioned that I need only the Wind Thunder Apricot. I anyway killed that ant already, so are you still going to blabber about it?”

“Give the Wind Thunder Apricot to my Devil Domain as compensation for my Devil Domain’s genius that you killed. Otherwise, I will have to take drastic actions.” Qian Jierui’s tone turned colder by the moment.

“Haha…..” Yi Jiufeng laughed, “If something fell into my, Yi Jiufeng’s, hands, no one can force it out of my, Yi Jiufeng’s, hands. Not even someone like you, Qian Jierui. I’ve known for a long time that there was nothing to gain by cooperating with a bunch of people like you. No one can raise a flower without putting in the work. I guess this saying is true, after all. It looks like this emperor will have to look out for herself, and if you want to fight, then come on, I’ll take you on any time.”

Qian Jierui felt so angry that he no longer wanted to talk any nonsense. A large number of black awns erupted as they rushed towards Yi Jiufeng. Saying a thousand or ten thousand words made no difference, might as well use their hands to write the chapter.

Yi Jiufeng did not fear Qian Jierui at all. The moment Qian Jierui acted, she also gathered her Celestial Essence and shot out, creating a path filled with visible scars. These scars formed from Celestial Essence almost instantly collided with Qian Jierui’s black awns and immediately blew up the surrounding area.

The Immortal Jade Star did not have high-level laws governing it. Therefore, once these two Eternal-level starry sky emperors started fighting, how could the fluctuations compare that of fights between average people?

Yi Jiufeng did not give any way causing Qian Jierui to grow even angrier. The moment they began, the two of them immediately clashed with their true fires[1].

Chuan Xinlou and Zhangkang Tianji, the original ones who initiated the cooperation, seem to have disappeared. They did not even bother to persuade either of them. Everyone knew that Yi Jiufeng had thick skin on top of being arrogant, and her actions of killing a Celestial Bridge Cultivator from the Devil Domain and snatching the Wind Thunder Apricot from his dead hands highlighted it even further. As for Qian Jierui, as the premier powerhouse from the Devil Domain, he naturally had to stand up and speak to take advantage of the situation. If Qian Jierui and Yi Jiufeng had set their minds to fight with each other for the Wind Thunder Apricot, then there was no reason for Zhang Kantian and Chuan Xinlou to intervene. What’s more, the two of them also had no intentions to speak anyway.

Yi Jiufeng, this woman was the first to rush into the Immortal Jade Star among them, at that point, things had already progressed beyond any point of reconciliation. If the two of them had joined forces to deal with Yi Jiufeng, it would have immediately held them back.

Some unknown cultivator had snatched away the Earth Origin bead, and they only knew that it was a middle-aged man with a wheatish complexion. Moreover, the Starry Sky Wheel had also not appeared since the beginning. Not to mention, there was still the Good Fortune Treasure that they wanted to fish out. At this moment, Zhangkang Tianji and Chuan Xinlou both felt uncomfortable in their hearts. It would have truly been a joke for them to try acting as mediators.

With the battle between two starry skies’ Heaven Emperors growing in intensity, their residual power caused a large trench started to appear gradually over the Immortal Jade Star, surrounded by thousands of miles of ravines. The mountains began to crumble, and the rivers rose up.

It felt like a massive earthquake had started to rampage through the Immortal Jade Star, and cultivators and demonic beasts fell to their deaths amidst the fight between the two powerhouses.

If that were all, it would not be the scariest things. The most terrifying thing that happened because of the fight was the endless stream of Explosive Golden Wasps that kept streaming out.

These Explosive Golden Wasps had mostly kept to themselves within the canyons while making the cliffs inside as their home. However, with the two powerhouses fighting on the Immortal Jade Star, even the Explosive Golden Wasps could not continue to live in seclusion.

With so many Explosive Golden Wasps rushing out, the low-levelled cultivators simply had no way to resist them. Some of the cultivators who could not manage to rush out of the Immortal Jade Star immediately turned into food for the Exploding Golden Wasps rushing out.

The Exploding Golden Wasp King felt extreme anger on finding its home under imminent destruction and lead the endless Exploding Golden Wasps everywhere to slaughter every cultivator it encountered. However, among the cultivators in the Immortal Jade Star, apart from the Big Four, there were also other Eternal-level Starry Sky Emperors. Although tough, one of the Starry Sky Emperor finally managed to kill the Explosive Golden Wasp King when it tried to besiege the Starry Sky Emperor.

With the Exploding Golden Wasp King dead, the rest of the Exploding Wasps instantly turned into headless chickens and could no longer form back into the previously giant Exploding Golden Wasp Hive. Some of the Exploding Golden Wasps escaped towards the Immortal Jade Star, while some Exploding Golden Wasps rushed into the starry sky.

Ning Cheng had already entered the depths of the Immortal Jade Star and had no idea about what was happening over the surface of the Immortal Jade Star. However, when he felt the earth around him swaying with occasional bursts, Ning Cheng immediately stopped and realised that things had taken a turn for the worse.

Since the earth, this deep inside the Immortal Jade Star trembled with such intensity, then it meant that someone started a big fight over the surface of the Immortal Jade Star. If a significant conflict erupted over the planetary surface of the Immortal Jade Star, there was an extremely high chance that it would lead to a planetary collapse.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng turned anxious. If he did not have the Mysterious Yellow Bead, once the Immortal Jade Star finally collapsed, it would also result in his death as the effect would be much fiercer near to the core of the Immortal Jade Star. However, Ning Cheng did not dare to enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead right now. Moreover, since the five essential elements of the Mysterious Yellow Bead had not yet come together, only he could remain inside for long periods while someone else could not.

However, the Immortal Jade Star currently had numerous Eternal-level Starry Sky Emperors. Once his Mysterious Yellow Bead got exposed, could he hide inside? The answer was no, the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s Aura would definitely not escape the Spiritual Consciousness detection of the Eternal-level Heavenly Emperors. As such, at this moment, he could only hide the Mysterious Yellow Bead in the depths of his Zifu and did not dare to make any movements with it.

The core of the Immortal Jade Star started to tremble with higher intensity. At this moment, Ning Cheng had no choice but to stop as he anxiously tried to think about countermeasures. Rushing out at this moment obviously was not a feasible option.

At this very moment, an aura filled with vicissitudes of time suddenly washed over him. The source of this aura was not far from him. Sensing this aura, Ning Cheng simply forgot about the imminent explosion of the Immortal Jade Star and immediately headed towards the source of this aura filled with vicissitudes of time.

A three-foot sized roulette-shaped wheel appeared in front of him, with unusual patterns covering every inch of this roulette-shaped wheel. The planetary core of the Immortal Jade Star surrounded and covered it. The battle above the Immortal jade Star’s surface had finally caused the planet to start splitting, allowing Ning Cheng to sense this aura.

In just a moment, Ning Cheng felt more than shocked as he realised that this was the Starry Sky Disc.

The same moment that Ning Cheng realised that this was the Starry Sky Disc, several Spiritual Consciousness swept over. Ning Cheng internally screamed in his heart while cursing at his bad luck. The fight above exposed this Starry Sky Disc. Moreover, the moment he sensed and appeared next to the Starry Sky Disc, those Starry Sky Heavenly Emperors also managed to sense the aura of the Starry Sky Disc.

[1] True fires here is refers to the two of them fighting with their full power.

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