Chapter 0612

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Chapter 0612: Immortal Jade Star Crumbles

Ning Cheng knew that if he hesitated for even a moment, this Starry Sky Wheel would not belong to him. Not only would this Starry Sky Wheel not belong to him, but even his life also would not belong to him.

Although it took him a lot of time to reach the core from the surface of the Immortal Jade Star, it would probably take only a breath for the Starry Sky Emperors to arrive here. This time frame also included sensing the aura of the Starry Sky Wheel, reacting to it and entering the core.

The moment the Starry Sky Wheel appeared, almost all the powerhouses in and above the Life and Death Realm sensed it. At this moment, who would willingly let go of such an opportunity? As long as any cultivator sensed the Starry Sky Wheel, they immediately plunged into the ground to rush towards it.

Ning Cheng felt truly anxious. He didn’t even look at the Starry Sky Wheel before tossing it into the Minor Five-element Array Formation within the Mysterious Yellow Bead. At the same time, Ning Cheng immediately cast the Maximal Flame Spirit Technique. From the time he saw the Starry Sky Wheel to when he stored the Starry Sky Wheel and used the Maximal Flame Spirit Technique, it had not exceeded one breath.

“Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom……” Horrifying explosions started to ring out in the depths of the Immortal Jade Star. The Immortal jade Star already had reached the brink of collapse a few moments ago. Therefore, when Ning Cheng unleased the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique within its core, it finally caused the Immortal Jade Star head into an irreversible collapse.

The huge star almost instantly exploded into countless pieces. At this moment, the cultivators on the surface of the Immortal Jade Star found themselves in a slightly better position. Many of the cultivators managed to bring out various defensive weapons in time, allowing the strong destructive momentum to force them into the starry sky. However, many cultivators could not escape from this destructive momentum caused by the collapse of the Immortal Jade Star and turned into ashes in just an instant. The cultivators who had already entered below the surface of the Immortal Jade Star were the first to bear the brunt of the violent explosion.

However, at this time, most of the cultivators below the surface of the Immortal jade Star had significantly high cultivations. Therefore, although this level of explosions could severely hurt them, the power still had not reached the level to take their life. In fact, it was a long way off.

As for Ning Cheng, even though he obtained the Starry Sky Disc, he did not dare to enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead. If news got out that he grabbed the Starry Sky Wheel, it would cause a majority of the cultivators here to chase after him. However, if he exposed the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it would cause all the cultivators within this planar interface to hunt him down.

Moreover, on the off chance that any of those Eternal-level Starry Sky Emperors knew how to tear through the planar interfaces, where could he escape to then?

The same moment that Ning Cheng cast the Maximal Flame Spirit Technique, he also brought out dozens of middle-grade defensive-type Dao Artefacts. In the centre of the encirclement of these defensive-type Dao Artefacts, he then summoned the Everlasting Blue Thunder City. At the same time, he also wrapped himself within his Celestial River Domain, creating as many defensive layers as possible.

It was all thanks to his mighty Starry Sky Sea of Consciousness. Replaced by an ordinary Celestial Bridge Cultivator, they would have no way to bring out and control so many defensive-type weapons at the same time; however, Ning Cheng could.

Although the Everlasting Blue Thunder City was a treasure in itself, it at least did not have the aura of Good Fortune Treasures, and it could very well explode after summoning. The Eternal-level Starry Sky Emperors, in the middle of the exploding star, would not necessarily be able to detect him while resisting the explosion.

“Katcha, Katcha……” The dozens of middle-grade defence-type Dao Artefacts that Ning Cheng had brought out cracked like eggshells in general and the layers of defences around him started to crumble into nothingness. A moment later, the Everlasting Blue Thunder City’s projection also cracked open before dissolving. As for the defensive layers of Celestial River Domain around Ning Cheng’s body, it was akin to thin sheets of paper stacked over each other. They couldn’t even last for a moment before the planetary explosion ripped it apart.

At that moment, anyone watching the Immortal Jade Star from a distance would see the Immortal Jade Star exploding into countless pieces like a big firework.

The horrifying moment formed by the Immortal Jade Star’s explosion quickly ripped through Ning Cheng’s flesh and almost turned his bones into powder.

The shockwave generated from the Immortal Jade Star’s explosion threw Ning Cheng’s body straight out. Together with many cultivators, the shockwave blasted them straight into the starry sky in different directions.

Ning Cheng struggled to cling on to the Boundary Breaking Talisman. However, just when he tried to stimulate the Boundary Breaking Talisman, he found that his body did not respond to any command due to the severe and almost fatal injuries. At this moment, not to mention stimulating the Boundary Breaking Talisman, even a random pebble within the starry sky would have taken his life.

Realising this, Ning Cheng felt a glimmer of regret within his heart. Regret about not entering the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Although those Eternal-level Starry Sky Emperors would immediately chase after him once he stepped into the Mysterious Yellow Bead and exposed it, he at least could have seen the light of tomorrow. But because he did not enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it had immediately turned into an almost fatal problem.

At this moment, Ning Cheng did not have any control over his body, and the shockwaves from the Immortal Jade Star’s explosions pushed him further and further away.

Fortunately, no one paid any attention to Ning Cheng at this moment. He was not the only cultivator pushed out by the violent shockwaves of the exploding star. Countless cultivators, both dead and barely alive, littered this area within the starry sky.

A familiar figure appeared in Ning Cheng’s vision, and he saw Shi Qionghua standing on a deck at some distance a moment later. Shi Qionghua had apparently not entered the Immortal Jade Star and stood among the low-levelled cultivators on the outer deck as they all watched the cultivators shooting out of the recently collapsed Immortal Jade Star in stunned silence.

“Qionghua, help me…..” The moment Ning Cheng reached near to the edge of the airship, he tried his best to shout out a sentence.

After the Immortal Jade Star collapsed with an explosion, Shi Qionghua stood nervously on the deck watching the distant exploding star. She felt worried about her Sacred Master and Senior Apprentice Sister Jing Yiyi. However, she did not leave the floor to look for them. From the chaotic shockwaves that pushed the cultivators haphazardly, she could only watch in helplessness and try to find any traces of her Senior Apprentice Sister.

At this moment, she suddenly heard a familiar call. The moment she listened to this call, she immediately realised that this voice belonged to Ning Cheng.

When Ning Cheng had rescued her that time by letting her escape first, he had also used the same voice.

She did not even think about it, and immediately rushed towards Ning Cheng, who had already gone far away. Ning Cheng had drifted far away not because he wanted to stray away but because he could not control his body anymore.

Fortunately, by this time, the impact force had dissipated a lot, and Shi Qionghua managed to catch up with Ning Cheng in just a few breaths. She found Ning Cheng covered in blood and unmoving with something clutched within his hands.

Ning Cheng used every ounce of his remaining strength to put the Boundary Breaking Talisman in Shi Qionghua’s hands and said, “Qionghua, I am Ning Cheng. It’s too late to explain. You have to use this Boundary Breaking Talisman to take me away; otherwise, I will die…….”

Mustering the last bit of strength to complete the actions and saying those words, Ning Cheng finally went into a coma. Not to mention that he had somehow managed to survive the collapse of a planet while at its core, even those Eternal-level Heavenly Emperors, who encountered the planetary explosion within the ground, had ashes covering their faces.

The reason Ning Cheng managed to stay alive was all due to luck. He had a lot of defensive-type Dao Artefacts, along with the Everlasting Blue Thunder City. Of course, the most important contributing factor was his formidable Spiritual Consciousness, which helped him control so many layers of defences at the same time.

Together with the Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique, which he had cast out first, he experienced a moment of safety within the Maximal Flame Spirit Technique. Although the technique caused the final collapse of the star, the explosion instantly annihilated his Maximal Flame Spirit Technique. However, the technique also helped him by absorbing and dissipating a significant portion of the explosion’s power.


“Kid, if this emperor did not extract your spirit……” Zhangkang Tianji had just rushed out of the Immortal Jade Star and had only spoken half a sentence before he stopped as if someone had slapped his face. His Spiritual Consciousness had obviously caught the aura of the cultivator who caused the destruction of the star; however, a moment later, that puny cultivator disappeared.

He was not the only one to stop, but the three other people Chuan Xinlou, Yi Jiufeng, and Qian Jierui also lost Ning Cheng’s trail.

“That should be the fellow who taken away the Earth Origin Bead. I did not expect him to take away the Starry Sky Wheel too. Looks like he really has good fortune on his side. But how could this puny cultivator remain safe and sound amidst the explosion caused by the Immortal Jade Star’s collapse?” Chuan Xinlou frowned and looked back at the still-collapsing Immortal Jade Star.

Zhangkang Tianji clenched his teeth as he spoke, “That bastard escaped in the blink of an eye. That ant must have used a Boundary Breaking Talisman. But this Boundary Breaking Talisman did not even create the slightest trace. How it is this strong? Who exactly refined this talisman?”

“Does it not mean that this fellow also has the Good Fortune Treasure?” Yi Jiufeng gave a cold humph and spoke.

Chuan Xinlou shook his head and spoke up, “I heard that Good Fortune Treasures have a world of its own inside of it. If he really had a Good Fortune Treasure, he would have immediately entered the Good Fortune Treasure to avoid the Immortal Jade Star’s destruction. However, he did not do this. Therefore, it is very likely that this fellow does not have a Good Fortune Treasure on him.”

“Maybe that bastard deliberately did not enter the Good Fortune Treasure, fearing that it would expose his Good Fortune Treasure, which would have immediately drawn our attention. That kid sure has a devious mind, he even made sure to break the Monitoring Array Formation before taking action.” Qian Jierui spoke in a whisper.

Chuan Xinlou still shook his head and spoke, “During the moment the Immortal Jade Star exploded if anyone had a Good Fortune Treasure, they would have immediately entered the Good Fortune Treasure to escape.”

The other three remained silent, apparently agreeing to Chuan Xinlou’s explanation.

After a moment, Zhangkang Tianji suddenly turned to Qian Jierui and Yi Jiufeng and spoke up with anger, “If you two hadn’t fought, how could the Immortal Jade Star collapse this quickly? If the Immortal Jade Star hadn’t collapsed, how could that kid escape? The two of you simply cannot accomplish anything but definitely know how to spoil everything.”

Qian Jierui gave a cold snort but did not feel any resentment towards Zhangkang Tianji. Instead, his imposing aura flared up once again and shrouded Yi Jiufeng, “Yi Jiufeng, the Immortal Jade Star exploded because of your meddlesome activities. You will have to give my Devil Domain an explanation.”

Seeing the two of them on the verge of a fight once again, Zhangkang Tianji and Chuan Xinlou simply ignored them and entered their own respective Void Airships.

After entering the Void Airship, Chuan Xinlou looked at the starry skies in the distance with a sneer at the corner of his mouth. He felt sure that the cultivator who managed to escape had a Good Fortune Treasure. Otherwise, how could he hide the auras of the Earth Origin bead and the Starry Sky Wheel without even refining them?

However, he also had to admit that this puny cultivator had a devious mind. Even amid the explosion, that fellow had not entered the Good Fortune Treasure, which most likely indicated that he did not want to others to sense the aura of the Good Fortune Treasure from overflowing. This idea would have worked on anyone else but not on someone like Chuan Xinlou.

A puny Celestial Scryer Cultivator was not worthy of such a treasure, whether it was the Earth Origin Bead, or the Starry Sky Wheel, or even that Good Fortune Treasure, they all would ultimately be his, Chuan Xinlou’s, one day.


In any case, the hustle and bustle created by the Immortal Jade Star for several years ended in an anticlimactic manner. Of the three treasures, apart from the Wind Thunder Apricot that Yi Jiufeng took back to the Grand Spirit Heaven Starry Sky, people found that the remaining two treasures were taken away by a nameless junior.

No one managed to uncover the identity of this nameless junior, even the ‘Big Four’ Eternal-level Starry Sky Emperor could not be of any help. In addition to that, more than a hundred thousand cultivators died because of the destruction of the Immortal Jade Star. This caused the Celestial Scryer Genius Tryouts to end in a complete failure.

News also spread that the collapse of the Immortal Jade Star was a result of a direct clash between the Devil Domain’s Qian Jierui and Spirit Heaven’s Yi Jiufeng. The two of them did not hold back in the slightest, causing their attacks to land directly on the Immortal Jade Star. As a result, both sides suffered injuries, and no one could do anything about it.

That battle caused the relationship between the Grand Devil Domain Starry Skies and the Grand Spirit Heaven Starr Skies, who already had a bad relationship, to deteriorate even further. Just short of mobilising their starry sky cultivator army, every communication between the two grand starry skies had reached a total freezing point.

As for Zhangkang Tianji, he did not speak any nonsense and directly returned to the Grand Demon Starry Sky with his cultivators. While Chuan Xinlou acted more peacefully. He returned to Grand Culmination Starry Skies’ Eternal Heaven City and announced that he was going into seclusion for an indefinite time. As for the rest of the cultivators, they all headed back to wherever they came from.

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