Chapter 0614

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Chapter 0614: Qionghua Looks For Pills

Shi Qionghua acted in a very cautious manner, and even when she came to Sword Mountain Path and found no danger, she did not leave her residence.

A few days later, Ning Cheng still showed no signs of waking up. Seeing this, Shi Qionghua’s heart started growing anxious. But she had no Spiritual Pills, no valuable Spiritual Grasses and did not know much about healing. As such, she could not help but grow anxious with each passing day.

On the 9th day, Shi Qionghua could no longer wait around like this. If things continued to remain like this, a Spiritual Pill would not magically fall from the sky. But if she went out and interacted with the people outside, there might be a glimmer of hope.


In a place like Sword Mountain Path, when it came to healing abilities, if Sword Mountain Invigorating Spring Pavilion claimed to be the second, then no one would dare to say they were the first. Within the Sword Mountain Path lived many rogue cultivators, as long as their injuries did not go beyond the realm of healing, they could all find some hope within the Sword Mountain Invigorating Spring Pavilion.

Even some of the rogue cultivators from other regions would choose to come here to buy medicinal pills instead of going to other Pill Pavilions.

After Shi Qionghua left the rest stop, she made a quick inquiry and found the Sword Mountain Invigorating Spring Pavilion.

“Almost every bone in the body broken; damaged meridians on the verge of collapse; has not awakened yet……” After hearing Shi Qionghua’s description, a Celestial Gatherer old man working in the Invigorating Spring Pavilion frowned and repeated what Shi Qionghua just said.

“Yes.” Shi Qionghua replied with anxiety, “Senior, can people wake up from such a situation?”

The old man pondered over this matter for a long time before speaking, “I have seen a similar situation as you described once before. And to tell the truth, it should be easy to wake this person up. Cultivators cultivate primarily through their Life Essence, even if a cultivator’s corporeal body suffers extensive damage one could still recover as long as the cultivator’s Life Essence exists, which means that the cultivator’s Spirit Soul has not dissipated. Since your Senior Apprentice Brother still breaths, it means that his Spirit Soul still exists. Seeing this, there is only one possibility.”

“What is it?” Shi Qionghua almost followed up and asked.

The old man spoke with a slow pace, “It looks like your Senior Apprentice Brother suffered an extremely violent trauma, strong enough that even his Life Essence could not withstand, which caused him to lapse into a coma. If this truly were the case then you Senior Apprentice Brother would wake up in a while. However, even if your Senior Apprentice Brother wakes up, he could only continue as a cripple. It’s not because of his Life Essence suffering a violent shock, but because your Senior Apprentice Brother’s meridians have no way to recover.”

“Of course, this is only the best-case scenario. In a slightly worse scenario, even if you managed to wake up your Senior Apprentice Brother, he might turn into an idiot. With his Life Essence shaken to the core, it would be quite possible that it might end up splitting, how could such a situation be something simple?”

One had to say, this old man definitely possessed some excellent skills. His diagnosis did not deviate much from what had actually happened.

“What should I do then?” Shi Qionghua turned even more anxious, and she completely believed the old man’s words. That’s because Ning Cheng had indeed experienced extremely violent trauma. She had even seen it with her own eyes. What could be more traumatic than the collapse of the Immortal Jade Star?

The old man nodded, “Your Senior Apprentice Brother can’t make a complete recovery. When it comes to broken meridians, you will not find any solution for it within the Rugged Pillar Starland. However, you have to wake up your Senior Apprentice Brother forcibly and as early as possible. The later he wakes up, the more difficult would it become to heal his Life Essence, it’s just…..”

“Senior…..” After Shi Qionghua heard the old man, she became even more anxious and called out once again.

The old man spoke with some difficulty, “It’s just that the medicinal pill required to wake up your Senior Apprentice Brother do not come cheap. Each one costs more than a million purple coins. For you……”

The old man could make out that Shi Qionghua did not have high cultivation, only a Celestial Novice Cultivator. For a Celestial Novice Cultivator to pull out a million purple coins, it would prove almost impossible.

Shi Qionghua no longer cared for anything else and quickly spoke, “Senior, can I use Perpetual Moon Pills for the payment?”

“Certainly.” The old man suddenly stood up, “If you have Perpetual Moon Pills, you would only need 100 Perpetual Moon Pills to pay for it.”

Shi Qionghua quickly took out a hundred Perpetual Moon Pills and placed it in front of the old man. Although she acted with caution, she lacked experience. If changed to Ning Ruolan here, she would have definitely hesitated for a long time. Without seeing the medicinal pill for Ning Cheng’s treatment, she would have never taken out a hundred Perpetual Moon Pills, at least not without haggling for the price.

Seeing that Shi Qionghua really took out a hundred Perpetual Moon Pills, the old man excitedly put away the Perpetual Moon Pills and took out a jade bottle before handing it to Shi Qionghua. “The medicinal pill is inside. After you give this medicinal pill to your Senior Apprentice Brother, he should wake up within a day.”

“Many thanks, Senior.” Shi Qionghua grabbed the jade bottle and hurried out of the Sword Mountain Invigorating Spring Pavilion.


“Wait a minute…..” Shi Qionghua had not made it far when a cultivator called out to her.

Shi Qionghua stopped and doubtfully looked at a man and a woman heading towards her and asked with a cautious voice, “What’s the matter?”

“Junior Apprentice Sister Caifeng, although the three of us had gone out together to find a secret cave, you used the two of us to stop the demonic beasts while cleaning out the cave and leaving before even thinking about this husband and wife. Is that not too much?” The one speaking was a cross-faced female cultivator. She looked much stronger compared to the male cultivator with a pointed-face standing next to her.

“I don’t even know the two of you, and I’m not called Caifeng.” Shi Qionghua’s heart sank as she spoke. She realised that these two fellows had most likely taken a fancy to her Perpetual Moon Pills.

The male cultivator with the pointed face spoke in a much more straightforward manner, “Hand over your storage ring, and we’ll let you go this once. Otherwise, die.”

One was a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator while the other was a Celestial Shatterer Cultivator. She Qionghua felt sure that she was not an opponent for these two.

“Haha……. So it turned out to be the couple from Bai family who goes about robbing people left and right. You guys even managed to create such an interesting story.” An abrupt voice arrived.

Hearing this voice and seeing a young man approaching, the couple’s expression immediately turned ugly. This couple, who had followed Shi Qionghua to this place, had planned on taking care of Shi Qionghua once she left the Sword Mountain Path. However, when they saw Shi Qionghua taking out Perpetual Moon Pills, they could not stop their greed and wanted to grab everything from her immediately. However, they never expected the You Clan’s young master would show up and meddle in their business.

The male cultivator, who looked like a skinny monkey, held up his cupped fists towards the young man and spoke, “Brother You, we husband and wife had never shown even half a point of negligence to your clan. Yet, I still cannot understand why Brother You wants to accuse this husband and wife?”

The young male cultivator spoke up with scorn, “Since I’m feeling happy, just get out of my sight. Its trashy people like you two who make the whole Sword Mountain Path stink.”

The couple’s face turned even uglier, but the two of them did not dare to continue talking to this male cultivator before turning around and really leaving.

“Many thanks, Senior Apprentice Brother.” Shi Qionghua, on seeing this young male cultivator drive away the couple who wanted to rob her, quickly thanked him with a bow.

The young male cultivator smiled and did not have the time to speak when a light green figure suddenly descended next to him, “Lord Husband, how come you caught another beautiful woman?”

The young male cultivator blushed before hurrying up to the green-robed female cultivator and speak, “Younger Sister Xin, it’s not what you think. Just now, this Junior Apprentice Sister was stopped by the Bai family’s couple who wanted to rob her. I just happened to pass through this place and saw them in their act. I had to drive the two fellows away.”

“Oh, this junior sister looks quite beautiful, so I thought you took a fancy to this sister and was going to help you ask…..” The female cultivator in green robes giggled.

The male cultivator felt his heart flutter. Although Shi Qionghua wore a veil, it actually enhanced and showcased a unique elegance. From this, he could make out that the face behind the curtain would definitely not be ugly. Moreover, he also understood that it would be hard for such a lone female cultivator to survive in the Sword Mountain Path. If he took in and protected this female cultivator, he could at least give her a foothold.

Which of the young men within the You Clan did not have three wives and four concubines, but he only had a single wife, which in contrast looked very less. Even the Clan Head had talked to him about it before, but he simply laughed it off, because he simply did not find any good-looking female cultivators. Now this young girl in blue skirt had suddenly appeared as if she had fallen from the sky, it would truly be nice if she could marry him.

Just before this young male cultivator spoke, Shi Qionghua quickly spoke up with a respectful salute, “Many thanks once again for Senior Apprentice Brother and Senior Apprentice Sister’s help. I’ll be taking my leave now.”

After Shi Qionghua hurriedly pulled away, she turned around a corner and soon disappeared.

“Lord Husband, were you really tempted?” The green-robed female cultivator asked with a serious tone as she grabbed the hand of this male cultivator. “The You Clan is spread quite thin, and even the Clan Head wants you to take in more women. If you took a fancy to her, then just marry her. I saw her heading for the South Sword Rest Stop. That means she would have taken a temporary residence in the South Sword Rest Stop. Let’s go straight to the South Sword Rest Stop and let me act as a matchmaker.”

The male cultivator’s face showed a slight embarrassment as he spoke, “I’m afraid that she would not agree.”

The green-robed female cultivator giggled again before speaking, “Which girl in the Sword Mountain Path would not want to marry big brother? Don’t worry, let me take care of this.”

“Younger Sister Xin, thank you for your consideration.” The young male cultivator grew happier and happier. Since his wife acted in such a considerate manner, how could he not feel satisfied? As for the young girl who they just met, not to mention that he saved her life, even if there was no such thing, with his position in the Sword Mountain Path’s You Clan, which woman would hesitate for even a moment once he proposed a marriage? Looks like he really overthought about it.


When Shi Qionghua returned, Ning Cheng still had not woken up. She quickly slid the medicinal pill into Ning Cheng’s mouth, and it almost instantly turned into a liquid as it slid down his throat and started stimulating Ning Cheng’s Zifu.

The medicinal pill purchased by Shi Qionghua was still not good enough to heal Ning Cheng’s injuries or even to repair his meridians or his Life Essence. However, these medicinal pills at least acted as intended. The only function of this medicinal pill was to stimulate the Zifu and wake Ning Cheng up earlier.

Although the medicinal pill started to show its effect, Ning Cheng did not immediately wake up. However, Shi Qionghua clearly felt Ning Cheng’s aura turning stronger, which made her happy. At least the old man at the Sword Mountain Invigorating Spring Pavilion had not lied to her.

After an hour, Ning Cheng’s aura not only started to grow increasingly intense, his aura also began to show signs of stabilising. Not only that, but it also felt as if Ning Cheng’s body had started to involuntarily absorb the surrounding starry sky Essence Qi. It’s just that the starry sky Essence Qi around this place was a little too thin, so Ning Cheng could not absorb much.

Seeing the situation, Shi Qionghua quickly took out a bunch of Perpetual Moon Pills and placed them around Ning Cheng. Once the Perpetual Moon Pills came out, they almost instantly transformed into Perpetual Moon Pill Gas before drilling into Ning Cheng’s body.

Shi Qionghua watched Ning Cheng absorb the Perpetual Moon Pill Gas in complete silence. From the looks of it, even ten thousand Perpetual Moon Pills would not last for more than a few breaths in front of Ning Cheng.

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