Chapter 0615

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Chapter 0615: How to advance

Seeing some of the Pill Gas escaping made Shi Qionghua feel some pity, and she immediately sat down near the edge and started absorbing some of the escaping Pill Gas from the perpetual Moon Pills to cultivate. She had never previously used the Perpetual Moon Pills that Ning Cheng had given her.

When Shi Qionghua started cultivating, Ning Cheng had already woken up. However, instead of opening his eyes immediately, he tried to heal his Sea of Consciousness first. Shi Qionghua’s medicinal pill had stimulated his Sea of Consciousness and had given him a brief respite. If he did not heal his wounds quickly during this period, he would once again slip into a coma once the effects of the pill wear off.

The reason why he chose to heal his Sea of Consciousness first and not the meridians or his corporeal body was because once his Sea of Consciousness recovered, he would not have to worry about procuring medicinal pills. The medicinal pills he had were countless times better than the medicinal pill that Shi Qionghua brought.

Shi Qionghua had never used Perpetual Moon Pills for cultivation; therefore, this time, when she used the Perpetual Moon Pill’s Pill Gas to cultivate, her cultivation progressed quickly. It wasn’t long before she began approaching the Celestial Shatterer Realm.

Initially, she carefully helped Ning Cheng absorb the scattering Pill Gas, trying not to let the Perpetual Moon Pills’ Pill Gas from spilling outside. Later on, however, she involuntarily immersed herself in the pleasure of cultivating using Perpetual Moon Pills and forgot that she was still inside a rest stop with no high-quality restrictions.

Moreover, considering how big of commotion Ning Cheng absorbing the Perpetual Moon Pills made, once the pills transformed into Pill Gas and scattered, even if Shi Qionghua did not cultivate, she could not stop it from diffusing into the surroundings.

“The aura of Perpetual Moon Pills?!” The cultivators outside the South Sword Rest Stop immediately sensed the aura of the Perpetual Moon Pills. As for the cultivators inside the South Sword Rest Stop, they felt an even stronger aura of Perpetual Moon Pills.

In a rest stop, with no high-level restrictions, cultivators would rarely use such a high quantity of Perpetual Moon Pills for cultivation.

Two female cultivators walked to the door of the South Sword Rest Stop. The younger of the two female cultivators wore a green robe and was the wife of the male cultivator who saved Shi Qionghua previously. At her side was a middle-aged woman. Just a casual glance at her would reveal four distinct Celestial Wheels behind her, suggesting that this middle-aged woman was at least a Celestial Bridge Cultivator.

“Aunt Yi, this…..” The green-robed female cultivator stopped in amazement before speaking up in surprise, “Is someone using Perpetual Moon Pills for cultivation? Which cultivator is it? To use such luxurious cultivation resource.”

The middle-aged woman nodded and spoke, “That’s right, someone inside South Sword Rest Stop definitely is using Perpetual Moon Pills for cultivation. This fellow sure has guts. To use Perpetual Moon Pills to cultivate in this place. Looks like a lot of cultivators are rushing this way, so they most likely got wind of this. Let’s go inside and have a look for ourselves.”

The shop assistant saw the two women coming in from afar and quickly greeted them with a smiling face and spoke, “I just thought that I felt an excellent feeling today, I never thought I would get to meet two distinguished guests at my door.”

The green-robed female cultivator did not care about the shop assistant’s bootlicking. She took out a portrait and spoke, “Is this female cultivator living in South Sword Rest Stop?”

The shop assistant looked at this portrait and immediately realised that the situation had turned bad. Looks like that woman does not have any idea of the severity of what she did. Creating such a big move during cultivation, although he had already reported it to the rest stop’s steward, the two women in front of him were from the You Clan.

“Answer quickly.” The middle-aged woman saw the shop assistant’s hesitation and gave out a dissatisfied snort.

“Yes. Yes.” The shop assistant responded quickly, “This female cultivator indeed is living in this rest stop, but the guests have already gone into secluded cultivation, so…..”

The green-robed female cultivator spoke up in surprise, “Was it this woman who just used Perpetual Moon Pills to cultivate, creating such a huge commotion?”

The shop assistant felt a little distracted as he thought if these two did not come here because of the Perpetual Moon Pills’ aura spillover, then why did they come here. He responded a moment later, “Yes, it is she who is cultivating.”

The green-robed female cultivator looked at the middle-aged woman in surprise. Although she did not speak, the middle-aged woman understood what she meant. Most likely, this female cultivator was not from this region and probably came from a big family.

The middle-aged woman coughed, “It doesn’t matter. We’ll be careful when we go up and try not to disturb her cultivation.”

After that, the middle-aged woman did not care about the anxious shop assistant and directly went upstairs. The green-robed female cultivator naturally ignored the shop assistant and quickly followed her.

Just when someone touched the restrictions over the door, Shi Qionghua instantly woke up. Only then did she discover the spillover of the Perpetual Moon Pills’ aura. Now that someone came to the door, it perhaps was for the Perpetual Moon Pills.

A moment later, Shi Qionghua saw two women through her Spiritual Consciousness and recognised the green-robed woman. She was the wife of the male cultivator who had saved her.

“Why did the two seniors came looking for me?” Shi Qionghua stood up, opened the restrictions, and asked.

The middle-aged woman and the green-robed female cultivator walked into the room. The green-robed woman saw Ning Cheng lying in the room and spoke with a smile on her lips, “Does junior sister still remember me?”

Shi Qionghua bowed and spoke, “Many thanks for your help.”

“My name is Yang Xin, It was my husband, You Fei who saved you. Today, I came with Aunt You Zhenyi.” Yang Xin spoke with a smile, and without waiting for Shi Qionghua to speak, took the initiative to sit down and even introduced You Zhenyi.

Although Shi Qionghua looked calm, she felt slightly uncomfortable. This room belonged to her, and yet without her permission, these two people seemed to have regarded it as their own home.

“You can sit down too. I didn’t think you could use Perpetual Moon Pills for cultivation.” Yang Xin behaved utterly opposite to how a guest should behave and looked at Ning Cheng in the room.

Ten thousand Perpetual Moon Pills meant nothing to Ning Cheng, and he had almost finished consuming them all. Although Yang Xin and You Zhenyi came in, they had not seen Ning Cheng’s grand momentum of absorbing the Perpetual Moon Pills for cultivation.

“I don’t have many Perpetual Moon Pills, and I’m already out of them now.” Shi Qionghua calmly gave an answer. She was actually telling the truth, the ten thousand Perpetual Moon Pills with her had really run out.

“That doesn’t matter. We did not come here to ask you for Perpetual Moon Pills.” Yang Xin spoke with a face full of smiles. “By the way, since my Lord Husband saved you yesterday, what do you think about him, my Lord Husband?”

“Senior Apprentice Brother You is a giant among men, this junior appreciates and admires people with a sense of justice and those who speak forthrightly.” Shi Qionghua spoke without exaggeration or inferiority.

Yang Xin shook her head and spoke, “You don’t need to address yourself as a junior. I’m here today for a happy thing…..”

Hearing those words, Shi Qionghua’s heart started sinking, she recalled what Yang Xin had spoken to You Fei previously.

Just as she suspected, Yang Xin continued, “In the Sword Mountain Path, our You Clan is the premier clan. Not only does it contain an Undead Realm powerhouse but also many in the Celestial Bridge Realm. Aunt Yi, who came with me today, is also a Celestial Bridge Expert. My Lord Husband is the next Clan Head of the You Clan and a formidable Celestial Gatherer Cultivator. Moreover, he also got you on his mind.”

“You’re alone in this place, and even Bai family’s couple could easily bully you around. I think it would be better if you marry into our family. That way, the two of us could then help our Lord Husband in the future. At least in the Sword Mountain Path, no one would dare to bully you anymore.”

Shi Qionghua stood up and spoke with a calm voice, “Many thanks for your kindness; however, I already have someone in my heart. As for the life-saving grace, I will definitely pay you back once my Senior Apprentice Brother wakes up. I hope the two seniors felt welcome here, but this junior will not bother to see you out.”

Hearing Shi Qionghua’s refusal, Yang Xin and You Zhenyi felt somewhat surprised. How could a woman in the Celestial Novice Realm and a rogue cultivator to boot, come to the Sword Mountain Path, and even refuse the olive branch extended by the You Clan? Did she not realise that she would not last long in this place alone?

The middle-aged woman’s eyes grew cold, “Do you know the consequence of rejecting my You Clan? My You Clan is not obligated to save your life. From the looks of it, you used quite a lot of Perpetual Moon Pills for cultivation in this place. It means that many people already know that you have Perpetual Moon Pills. Even if you never leave the Sword Mountain Path, someone would still come to find you. Do you think people would wait till your Senior Apprentice Brother to wake up to pay the life-saving grace of saving your life? Your Senior Apprentice Brother has already turned into a wastrel, how would he repay it?”

Shi Qionghua spoke with the same tone, “I make my own choices, and no one can control it.”

“Haha, alright, I’ll see what you’ll choose when you have no way to go. Xin’er, let’s go.” The middle-aged woman stood up in such a rage that her sleeves fluttered violently the moment she stood up.

Yang Xin stood up and looked at Shi Qionghua for a short while before shaking her head. She had never seen such a stupid woman before. At this time, others would feel anxious and would willingly line up to throw themselves to the people from the You Clan, yet this woman actually rejected the olive branch extended by the people from the You Clan. This was truly a stupid move.

Shi Qionghua watched the two women walk out of the room, and just as she was about to activate the restrictions on the door once again, she heard Ning Cheng’s voice, “Qionghua…..”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, you woke up…..” Shi Qionghua turned her head and exclaimed in surprise.

Ning Cheng gave a slight nod, then with a small movement of his Spiritual Consciousness, several array discs suddenly appeared out of thin air in front of Shi Qionghua, “Qionghua, quickly rearrange the restrictions in this room with these array discs. I can only use my Spiritual Consciousness, for now, I still have not fully recovered.”

“Ok.” Shi Qionghua, who felt like she suddenly found a pillar to rely on, quickly picked up the array discs thrown out by Ning Cheng and rearranged the restrictions within the room.

With all the array discs laid out, the escaping Perpetual Moon Pill’s aura quickly disappeared without a trace.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, how long would it take for your body to recover?” After arranging the array discs, Shi Qionghua asked nervously.

Ning Cheng remained silent for a while before speaking, “If I start using medicinal pills now and try my best to recover, it will take about ten days. However, I don’t want to heal immediately.”

“Why?” Shi Qionghua looked at Ning Cheng in surprise. If Senior Apprentice Brother did not heal his corporeal body, the two of them would not be able to live in this place for long.

“Do you have any high-grade Body Forging Cultivation Method? Or any method to advance one’s corporeal body after reaching Grade 9 God Body in body forging?” Ning Cheng knew that Shi Qionghua came from the Everlasting Sacred Shrine and had undergone body forging in her previous life. Maybe Shi Qionghua had a high-grade Body Refining Cultivation Method. For Ning Cheng, he only needed a direction for quenching his body further, not the cultivation method itself.

The reason why did not immediately use any medicinal pills to recover from the severe injuries was that he felt that every bone within his body had fragmented, while several cracks inundated his meridians. If he had a robust Body Refining Cultivation Method, Ning Cheng felt sure that he could quench his body to the next level once his flesh and bones underwent a reorganisation. Otherwise, in the future, if he wanted to temper his body, he would have to break down his flesh and bones to this extent once again to rebuild it. In short, at that time, he would have to go through all of what happened previously once again.

Shi Qionghua did not understand why Ning Cheng asked for a Body Refining Cultivation Method. She hesitated for a while before speaking, “I don’t have a high-level Body Refining Cultivation Method, but I do know that after someone’s attainments in body forging reach that of a Grade 9 God Body, and if they want to undergo another advancement, they would have to undergo some sort of nirvana……”

Shi Qionghua was not a fool. So when she talked about nirvana, she immediately understood why Ning Cheng asked her such a question. Wasn’t this the best time to experience nirvana?

Ning Cheng also suddenly realised something. Both his Sea of Consciousness and his flame’s advancement required undergoing nirvana[1]. So in a way, it was only logical that his body-refinement also needed to go through the same process. Looks like he truly was an idiot as he didn’t even think about such a matter.

[1] For those confused, Nirvana is a type of rebirth, where something stronger is created from the destruction of something. This is completely different from Buddhist’s Nirvana.

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