Chapter 0616

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Chapter 0616: Reaching Desperate Straits

Starry sky cultivators rarely opted for refining their physical bodies, mainly because body refining required a lot of cultivation resources. At the same time, one also needed a top-grade Body Forging Cultivation Method to match. Otherwise, trying to forge one’s body would be just a waste of both time and resources. If that were all, it still wouldn’t be too much. However, even if cultivators had access to suitable Body Forging Cultivation Methods, if they did not have excellent recovery resources to supplement the process, the body forging process could even permanently damage one’s body.

Once the body suffers irreversible damage, then not to mention continuing with forging the body, one would even have significant problems even in regular cultivation. As such, only those cultivators decided to take up body forging who not only had a deep foundation to support them but also a strong will to keep one going.

Shi Qionghua did not think that Ning Cheng was actually a Body Forging Cultivator, a body-forging cultivator who was also a rogue cultivator. This showed that this fellow definitely encountered some excellent opportunities. However, from Ning Cheng’s question, she could tell that Ning Cheng’s body refining was not the same cultivation method he used for cultivation.

She gave out a sigh and said all the things she knew, “I’ve heard that for body forging cultivators to undergo nirvana, they would need a lot of treasures, mostly top-grade treasures, which can help reshape one’s corporeal body. Even if you have a suitable cultivation method, without top-grade body-reshaping treasures, you would not be able to forge your body using the cultivation method. I’m afraid…..”

Ning Cheng understood what Shi Qionghua meant. She not only worried about him not having a suitable body refining cultivation method, but she also did not have any treasures that could help in achieving nirvana.

However, Ning Cheng did not feel worried about such a thing. He had derived his body refining cultivation method from the Embracing Yang Spirit Method. Now that he found a direction, he believed that he could deduce the path forward by himself.

As for treasures that could help in reshaping the body, Ning Cheng already had a few ideas about them. Previously, he had a Heavenly Cusp Flower, which could have potentially helped him now, but it was used up by Chasing Bull. However, the Heavenly Cusp Flower was only a low-grade flower. Now that he was in the Celestial Bridge Realm, Heavenly Cusp Flowers naturally would not provide much help to him.

Out of everything, the best treasure that he currently had was the 9-coloured Mirage Tree. It’s just that Ning Cheng had no idea if he could use the 9-coloured Mirage Tree to reshape his body. Moreover, he also needed the Power of Hope to move the 9-coloured Mirage Tree. Although he advanced to the Celestial Bridge Realm, whether or not he could use the 9-coloured Mirage Tree was an entirely different matter.

In addition to the 9-coloured Mirage Tree, he also had the Geocentric 9 Yin Essence, Rootless Green Bamboo, Essence of Wood and a few more good things.

After taking almost half a day to ponder over everything, Ning Cheng decided to use the Rootless Green Bamboo, a treasure that could help in resculpting one’s Life Essence and a lot more precious compared to the materials for resculpting the corporeal body. Regardless, Ning Cheng could not find anything better than the Rootless Green Bamboo.

If the Rootless Green Bamboo really could not remould his body, then he won’t choose to undergo nirvana until he recovered from his injuries.

Having made a decision, Ning Cheng turned his head towards Shi Qionghua and spoke, “Qionghua, I really have to thank you for this time. If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid it would have turned out much more unlucky for me …”

Shi Qionghua shook her head and spoke, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, you don’t have to say that. You saved my life back at the Changing Earth Mountain. It’s only natural that I would help you.”

After a little hesitation, Shi Qionghua continued, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, could you call me as Junior Apprentice Sister Qionghua from now on…….”

Apparently, when she heard Ning Cheng call out to her as Qionghua directly, it felt a bit too intimate for her. Although Ning Cheng had suffered severe injuries, there were still things, which she could not get used to all of a sudden.

Ning Cheng gave out a sigh in his heart. If it weren’t for the Yue Clan, how could Qionghua stand in front of him and not know anything about him?

Putting these thoughts aside, Ning Cheng spoke up, “Junior Apprentice Sister Qionghua, we can’t continue living here. I already heard the words of those two women when they came inside. In any case, continuing to live in this place would not be safe. If we don’t move out, we’ll only be inviting more danger.”

Ning Cheng was a perineal wanderer and had experienced a lot more compared to Shi Qionghua. Although the two women had not directly forced her, they definitely would oppress Shi Qionghua in other ways.

“But where should we go? With my speed, as soon as we left the South Sword Rest Stop with you on my back, someone would immediately attack us. Previously, when I went to help you get some medicines, I was almost intercepted by a couple. This place definitely is very unsafe.” Shi Qionghua spoke with some concern.

Although she knew that it was not safe in this place, Shi Qionghua also knew that once they left the Sword Mountain Path, she and Ning Cheng would have to face even more dangers.

“I know. I have a companion beast with good speed. Even ordinary Celestial Bridge Cultivators would not be able to catch up to it. As soon as we leave the Sword Mountain Path, you get on to my companion beast’s back and quickly leave.” Ning Cheng gave a calm reply.

He also had a much faster means of transport, the starry sky-grade airship. However, this starry sky-grade battleship was not a weapon. It was also too big and too eye-catching. Therefore, they should leave this place with the help of Chasing Bull.

“Where shall we go then?” Shi Qionghua felt an inexplicable trust in Ning Cheng’s words. If Ning Cheng said that they could get away from here, then they definitely could get away from this place.

Ning Cheng pondered over it for a short while before speaking, “When we go down, we’ll buy a jade strip containing the map of this planet. Let me take a look at it to decide where to head out.”

“Ok.” Shi Qionghua gave a simple response, “When are we leaving?”

“Right now.” After Ning Cheng said this, his Spiritual Consciousness swept towards the South Sword Rest Stop’s shop assistant, who had just touched the restriction right outside their door.

Shi Qionghua opened the restriction and asked in doubt, “What’s the matter?”

The shop assistant stood awkwardly at the door and said, “I’m really sorry, but the two of you will have to move out. Someone in the rest stop booked this room in advance, so you will have to move out of here for the time being…..”

Although Shi Qionghua usually stayed peaceful and seldom turned angry, the shop assistant’s words finally made her red with anger. This was clearly bullying. She had paid for living in this room for two months. How long has it been since she started staying here? It was just too ridiculous for them to ask her to move out.

Even though she had already planned to leave early, she still felt very uncomfortable with this situation.

Ning Cheng suddenly spoke up, “Then give back the rest of the rent.”

The shop assistant quickly bowed and spoke, “I’m sorry, this is not something that I decided. It was the Deacon of our rest stop who placed the rule that tenant’s accommodation fees would never be refunded.”

Shi Qionghua couldn’t help but speak up, “If we had left by ourselves, you could talk about not refunding us the rest. But now not only you’re driving us out but even refusing to return the rent?”

The shop assistant’s face grew red from embarrassment and still did not give an explanation; instead, he just said, “It’s the decision of our deacon.”

Ning Cheng showed a smile and spoke, “Since the room is non-refundable then it’s non-refundable. By the way, do you have any jade strips containing the full map of this planet? Can you sell one to me?”

“Yes, yes.” The shop assistant quickly took out a jade strip and handed it to Shi Qionghua, “This is my own. I don’t need any celestial coins or anything.”

“Good.” Ning Cheng motioned Shi Qionghua to take the jade strip and then spoke to the shop assistant, “Go back and tell that Deacon that Ning Cheng from Jiangzhou sends his regards and will come to meet him once I’m free.”

Shi Qionghua suddenly felt that ‘Jiangzhou’ seemed like a familiar word. She felt as if she had heard it somewhere before.

After that, Ning Cheng said to Shi Qionghua, “Qionghua, let’s go now.”

The next moment, Ning Cheng called out Chasing Bull.

The rest stop’s shop assistant did not feel surprised to see Ning Cheng calling out Chasing Bull. Many cultivators kept companion beasts around these parts. Moreover, a black bull, even as a companion beast, was not worth a lot of celestial coins.

As soon as Chasing Bull came out, it called out, “Master, oh heavens, who hurt my master this badly. This old bull will swallow them alive……”

Ning Cheng spoke with some anger, “Cut the crap, and start walking.”

Shi Qionghua knew what Ning Cheng intended. Ning Cheng originally intended to call out his companion beast after leaving Sword Mountain Path. However, since Ning Cheng called out his companion beast now, then apparently the situation had turned urgent. She quickly stepped up and lifted Ning Cheng on to her back. Without waiting for her to speak, Chasing Bull knelt on the ground knowingly and spoke, “I hope Mistress can climb onto my back with Master. This old bull will make sure to make the ride as smooth as possible.”

Shi Qionghua blushed and had no way to talk back to the unreasonable words of this stupid bull.

Watching Chasing Bull strut downstairs with Shi Qionghua on its back, the shop assistant had a strange feeling that he had never seen such a peculiar companion beast till now.

The moment Shi Qionghua walked out of the South Sword Rest Stop with Ning Cheng on her back, Ning Cheng immediately felt several Spiritual Consciousnesses locking in onto them.

“Master, where should we go?” As soon as Chasing Bull left the rest stop, it immediately asked.

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness had already scanned through the map within the jade strip in Shi Qionghua’s hand and had already singled out a place. Therefore, once Chasing Bull asked, he did not immediately answer and instead told Shi Qionghua, “Qionghua, give the jade strip in your hand to Chasing Bull.”

Ning Cheng would never change his mind once he set it on accomplishing something; moreover, Shi Qionghua also had no choice but to come with him. Now that he got on to the bull’s back, why would he care about to details?

After Chasing Bull swept through the jade strip, Ning Cheng immediately sent down an order to Chasing Bull, “Outside the Sword Mountain Path, there is a sword valley called Desperate Straits. Head there. Run for me now. The faster, the better. If I find someone managing to track us, just wait for me to stew you.”

Chasing Bull wanted to speak a few words, but after hearing Ning Cheng’s order, it did not dare to open its mouth anymore. Quickly spreading its hooves, it immediately transformed into a shadow before shooting out and disappeared from the ancient castle complex of the Sword Mountain Path.

The several cultivators standing on the side could not even feel the shadow and only saw Chasing Bull disappearing without a trace.

“What fast speed……” A cultivator subconsciously blurted, and then he remembered his task causing his expression to change immediately. Hurriedly taking out a messaging flying sword, the cultivator immediately imprinted a few words on to it and sent it away. Then quickly bringing out another flying sword, the fellow stimulated it with Celestial Essence and chased out following Chasing Bull.

Within the Sword Mountain Path, many cultivators stood waiting for Shi Qionghua and Ning Cheng. And just as Ning Cheng speculated, it was all due to You Clan’s machinations for dealing with the two cultivators. These cultivators all came due to You Fei, to force Shi Qionghua to head to the You Clan.

However, no one could imagine that Shi Qionghua would leave the South Sword Rest Stop so quickly and with such speed. Even the best Celestial-grade Battleship could not match up to such speed.

By the time these cultivators reacted, Chasing Bull had long since disappeared with Ning Cheng and Shi Qionghua on its back. Not only that, even their Spiritual Consciousness could not determine Chasing Bull’s direction. It would have truly turned out strange if the Spiritual Consciousnesses of these fellows could track an Array Formation Master like Ning Cheng.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, where are we going?” Shi Qionghua felt relieved to see that Chasing Bull’s speed had really thrown those people off their tracks.

“The Sword Valley…..”

As soon as Ning Cheng spoke the words Sword Valley, Shi Qionghua felt surprised and immediately recalled the description and location marked in the jade strip. It told that the sword valley, called Desperate Straits, contained terrifying Sword Auras that perennially raged throughout the area without any stoppage. Simply put, it was nothing more than plunging into an even more desperate situation as its name implied. Now that they’ve managed to escape, why would he want to jump into a place like the Sword Valley?

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