Chapter 0625

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Chapter 0625: Two slaps to depose

Ning Cheng suddenly asked Yi Jin, “Do you have a detailed Starry Sky Map to the Rootless Black City?”

“No.” Yi Jin shook his head. Their cultivation had not yet reached that point. The only reason they managed to arrive at the Border City was that they encountered an airship while travelling through the void. Only the big Chambers of Commerce, who controlled a considerably sized fleet, would have a Starry Sky Chart. Ordinary cultivators like them simply would never get the chance to own one.

By this time, Song Tong had already arrived near Ning Cheng. Then glancing at Yi Jin, he showed a sneer before speaking with cupped fists, “Friend, presumably you already know that my name is Song Tong.”

“Fuck off.” Ning Cheng unceremoniously spoke out, causing Song Tong’s expression to change immediately. However, Ning Cheng continued with an even more dismissive tone, “I have no interest in talking with trash who would willingly give their Dao Companions to others to sleep with; you better get lost from my sight. Otherwise, next year, this day would be your death anniversary.”

Song Tong’s face immediately turned livid. He never thought that Ning Cheng would have such a direct personality, and would even mention the one thing in public that he did not want to expose.

As soon as some of the nearby cultivators in the distance heard Ning Cheng’s words, their gazes immediately focussed on Song Tong. A lot of people already knew Song Tong and knew that Song Tong had a Dao Companion by the name of Zang Lianrong. However, Zang Lianrong had suddenly stopped showing up a few years ago. Many people thought that she most likely had fallen in the starry sky. Only now did they realise that Song Tong had actually given away his Dao Companions to someone else. No wonder this fellow’s cultivation rose so quickly during these recent years.

“Humph…..” Song Tong immediately snorted. Although he couldn’t go against Ning Cheng, someone else could help him deal with this fellow.

Song Tong had just uttered a cold humph and had not yet spoken the next word when Ning Cheng suddenly raised his hand and slapped him two times.

Song Tong never thought that Ning Cheng would suddenly attack, and even if he knew about it in advance, he couldn’t escape Ning Cheng’s two slaps.

“Slap-Slap” The two slaps from Ning Cheng struck each of Song Tong’s cheek and sent him flying through the air accompanied with two trails of blood.

Song Tong uncontrollably flipped through the air a few times before his feet slammed down and snapped, causing him to fall like a dead dog on to the ground.

Everyone could see Song Tong struggling on the ground to get up; however, even after struggling for a long time, he still couldn’t get up.

The surrounding cultivators’ gazes directed at Ning Cheng immediately changed. Song Tong was a Celestial Novice Cultivator; in this area, he was akin to an unbeatable existence. Who would dare not to hear Song Tong’s words? Who would dare to violate Song Tong’s decree? But now some unknown cultivator had managed to depose Song Tong with just one attack, no only two slaps, to the point that he could not even get up.

Even Crucible Transformation Cultivators could see that this cultivator had completely wasted Song Tong’s cultivation.

If someone in this area offended Song Tong, Song Tong would have easily wasted that person’s cultivation. And just to be sure, that person would never manage to see the light of the next day. Moreover, Song Tong also had another identity, which was Steward Miao’s errand dog, because he was good at bootlicking and useful to him. If he was not helpful, then he couldn’t even act like an errand-dog, and Steward Miao would never keep such a waste around him.

The female cultivator, who followed Song Tong, also looked shocked. She also had a Celestial Novice Cultivation. However, since the cultivator in front of her could easily waste Song Tong with just a slap, it also meant that the other party could quickly trash her with a slap.

Before she could speak, however, Ning Cheng’s gaze fell on this female cultivator, “Are you also with this scumbag?”

The pretty-looking female cultivator quickly waved her hand and replied, “No, I am from the Border City Chamber of Commerce. The Border City Chamber of Commerce has a Cultivator Item Exchange in progress. Just now, when Song Tong came to give his report to Steward Miao, Steward Miao and the several other guests there immediately decided to invite this friend to the exchange. So I just came here to pass along the message. If this friend does not want to go, I will go back and convey the same.”

How could Ning Cheng not realise the hidden intent? It must have been that when Song Tong reported to Miao Wuqian that he had a Grade 3 Celestial Pill on him, the others at the exchange managed to hear it. Whether Miao Wuqian acted for himself or for the benefit of the others, he wanted Ning Cheng to take the initiative to send the medicinal pill to them through her. If Ning Cheng refused, the female cultivator would head back and report it, which would cause someone to immediately head out to teach him a lesson.

“No need.” Ning Cheng categorically refused, not afraid of going to this so-called Cultivator Exchange. With his current cultivation, going to such a low-level cultivator exchange would not mean anything.

“Ok, sorry for disturbing this friend.” The female cultivator quickly bowed before turning around and leaving. As for Song Tong, who lay on the ground paralysed, she did not even bother to look at him.

“Wait-Wait….” Ning Cheng suddenly stopped this pretty-looking female cultivator.

The pretty-looking female cultivator trembled before quickly turning around and showing a respectful front. “What does this friend want?”

A moment ago, Ning Cheng had slapped Song Tong twice, wasting Song Tong’s cultivation permanently. If this fellow decided to use such strength on her, she would also end up in the same state as Song Tong, without much of a difference. Song Tong might be a Celestial Novice Cultivator, but she was definitely stronger compared to him. However, the difference between the two was not too significant.

Even if someone else killed this foreign cultivator, her cultivation would not recover. Moreover, absolutely no one in this place would come to rehabilitate an insignificant cultivator like her once she lost her cultivation.

“I’d like to buy a detailed Starry Sky Chart of this part of the starry sky, preferably a Starry Sky Chart that touches the edges of each low-level interface. Can you tell me where can I buy this in Border City?”

When the female cultivator heard Ning Cheng’s request, she felt relieved and carefully replied, “It would be difficult for this friend to purchase such a Starry Sky Chart. Moreover, these are not sold in any of the major stores. Only some of the big Chambers of Commerce would have such a Starry Sky Chart. But the Chambers of Commerce who owns it would never take them out for sale.”

This female cultivator did not explain why these Chambers of Commerce would not sell these Starry Sky Charts if they had them. However, Ning Cheng speculated that one of the reasons for not selling these Starry Sky Charts was that it would definitely affect the Chambers of Commerce’ businesses once sold.

Ning Cheng frowned. Although his Starry Sky Wheel had an integrated Starry Sky Chart, because he had not yet fully refined it, the Starry Sky Chart in it was not complete. It only contained a few directional markers for some of the significant areas and lacked many of the minor directional markers. If he could not purchase the Starry Sky Chart to the Rootless Black City, then he would have to explore the void on his own. In such a case, if he ended up picking the wrong direction to search, it would waste a lot of time and effort.

In any case, he had to get his hands on a Starry Sky Chart. If he had to, Ning Cheng would even head to the mansion of the Supporting Taro Star’s Celestial Lord. Moreover, the feud with Mu Pu was also quite deep, which means that sooner or later he would have to kill that sharp chinned Celestial Lord.

“Where’s Mu Pu?” Ning Cheng had just thought of it when he immediately asked.

Mu Pu? The female cultivator immediately felt shocked when she heard Ning Cheng speak the words ‘Mu Pu’. Was this not the Celestial Lord of Supporting Taro Star. Looks like this foreign cultivator had quite the courage, no wonder he recklessly wasted Song Tian’s cultivation. But still, how could someone dare to ask about the whereabouts of Mu Pu? Wasn’t that akin to courting death?

A Celestial Shatterer Cultivator actually dared to inquire the whereabouts of a Celestial Lord.

Although she deeply despised Ning Cheng in her heart for such actions, the female cultivator still spoke with a respectful attitude on the surface, “Master Celestial Lord went to the Second Revenant Star and has not yet returned.”

Having said that, she waited for Ning Cheng to ask something before continuing, “If this friend wants to purchase this Starry Sky Chart, then it’s not completely impossible.”

“Oh, does that mean you can get it?” Ning Cheng looked at this female cultivator, who obviously looked like she did not hold a high position in doubt. Could she actually get the Starry Sky Chart?

“With this little sister’s cultivation, I naturally cannot obtain the Starry Sky Chart. However, I already told you about the Cultivator Item Exchange. There are quite a few major characters present there; therefore, someone among them must have such a Starry Sky Chart.” The female cultivator gave a respectful reply.

Ning Cheng thought over it for a short while. The Cultivator Item Exchange in the Border City would definitely involve people with some identity. Therefore, they should definitely have some ‘good’ materials for exchange. Which also meant that there was a high chance that someone would also have a Starry Sky Chart.

Thinking till here, Ning Cheng then nodded to the female cultivator and said, “Then lead the way. I’ll go to this exchange.”

After that, Ning Cheng then turned to the Yi Jin couple and spoke, “You two wait here for me. Once I obtain the chart, I’ll immediately return.”

The Yi Jin couple quickly agreed. Ning Cheng wasted the cultivation of a Celestial Novice Cultivator with just two slaps, which already had thoroughly shocked them. Arguably, a Celestial Shatterer Cultivator would never be able to depose a Celestial Novice Cultivator with such ease. Since Ning Cheng could do such a thing, then it could only mean that Ning Cheng’s strength went beyond that of ordinary Celestial Shatterer Cultivators.


Border City Chamber of Commerce had its headquarters in the Border City’s most prominent street.

Moreover, this Chamber of Commerce had a more extended history compared to the Supporting Taro Star’s Celestial Lord Mu Pu. According to the rumours, the first Association Head was now an expert in the Heaven Seated Realm. Unfortunately, after the Association Head left the Supporting Taro Star, he never returned.

Nevertheless, Border City Chamber of Commerce still enjoyed the highest status within the Supporting Taro Star. Even Celestial Lord Mu Pu had to give some face to this Chamber of Commerce.

Ning Cheng took Shi Qionghua and followed the female cultivator to the fifth floor of the Border City Chamber of Commerce, into a large and luxurious hall. The hall had ample brightness and shone with impeccable clarity.

Nearly two hundred cultivators sat on either side of the hall, with dozens of women standing around waiting on them.

When Ning Cheng came in, all the cultivators within the hall turned their attention to Ning Cheng, but no one spoke. Sitting at the most prominent table were five or six cultivators, including a middle-aged man with wheatish complexion, who glanced at Ning Cheng and then looked at Shi Qionghua before speaking in a calm voice, “This friend should be the one Song Tong mentioned, right? The one with Grade 3 Celestial Pills?”

“Yes, that’s me.” Ning Cheng did not wait for someone to come greet him and took the initiative to find two seats before he sat down together with Shi Qionghua.

“My name is Miao Wuqian. Although it was not in-line with the rules, I still invited you here. I hope your Grade 3 Celestial Pills would bring some surprises to the exchange.” The middle-aged man saw that Ning Cheng seemed to not put him in the eyes and spoke with a slight frown.

He had called Ning Cheng over for two purposes. The first was to let the rest of the cultivators here exchange for some of his Grade 3 Celestial Pills. In that case, most of the people here would feel indebted to him. And the second was to bring Ning Cheng to his side. Although Celestial Shatterer Cultivators did not mean much within the Border City, if this foreign Celestial Shatterer Cultivator joined his camp, it would also make Miao Clan’s Chamber of Commerce even stronger.

And, of course, there was another purpose. Miao Wuqian heard that this Celestial Shatterer Cultivator had a beautiful Dao Companion, which he confirmed it just now. The female cultivator sitting next to this Celestial Shatterer Cultivator was much better compared to all the women in his mansion’s inner courtyard.

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