Chapter 0626

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Chapter 0626: Item Exchange Meeting

This Miao Wuqian really took advantage of the prestige of Celestial Lord Mu Pu and was able to sit on the top with the people at the exchange meeting.

Unfortunately, Ning Cheng did not consider Mu Pu a threat anymore. So how could he take this Miao Wuqian seriously? Ning Cheng did not even bother to ignore Miao Wuqian and just wanted to exchange something for a Starry Sky Chart. With the Starry Sky Chart, he would then leave immediately. Staying here for even a day extra would make him uncomfortable.

As soon as Miao Wuqian saw that nonchalant face, his expression immediately turned cold as anger started to well up inside of him. If this foreign cultivator acted like this without not knowing his name, it would have at least some justification. However, this fellow ignored him for the second time, as if he was akin to air.

At this time, a man with a face showing the vicissitudes of living in the starry skies stood up and took out a piece of silver-coloured material and spoke, “I have a piece of Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence here. I will only exchange it for a good flight-type weapon or a defensive-type weapon.”

The gazes of everyone within the crowd immediately concentrated on the silver-coloured material in the man’s hand. Even Ning Cheng looked at this man in doubt. He vaguely felt that this man had taken out something for exchange with a seemingly deliberate attempt to interrupt Miao Wuqian’s anger to help him. If that was really the case, that this fellow definitely had a good heart.

However, the other party only had a Celestial Shatterer Cultivation. If he ended up crossing Miao Wuqian, he presumably would not end up in a better situation. However, what attracted Ning Cheng were not these antics, but the Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence in his hands. Ning Cheng had also obtained quite a few pieces of Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence from the Angry Axe Valley.

This was a top-grade artefact-crafting raw material within the low-level interfaces. Moreover, this artefact-crafting raw material was no less valuable compared to some of the starry sky raw materials. For some weapons, if it used Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence as one of the raw materials, it would make it even more expensive.

Since this fellow took out a piece of Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence, so did it mean that he also came from the Graceful Star Mainland? Thinking of this, Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness immediately penetrated into it. If this Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence came from the Angry Axe Valley, then it would contain some traces of Axe Intent within it. So Ning Cheng wanted to use this fact to confirm his theory.

However, an Origin Aura instantly attracted Ning Cheng’s attention, telling him that this was not a piece of Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence. Instead, it was a metal-attributed Origin Crystal. Ning Cheng could never think that a metal-attributed Origin Crystal would actually show up in this little Border City. This immediately reminded him of the Fire Origin Crystal. In the beginning, didn’t he find the Fire Origin while searching for the origin of the Fire Origin Crystals?

“I have a high-grade Domain-class Battleship.” A cultivator immediately put in an offer.

Ning Cheng felt somewhat speechless about this offer. A high-grade Domain-class Battleship was not something comparable to even a low-grade Celestial-class Battleship. Even that would not be enough to exchange for a real Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence, let alone a metal-attributed Origin Crystal.

Miao Wuqian, who immediately wanted to attack Ning Cheng, shifted his attention towards the cultivator who had suddenly taken out the Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence. With a gloomy gaze, he let his Spiritual Consciousness penetrate into the Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence. However, in the next instant, his expression immediately changed while his eyes revealed an intense shock. This severe shock had only appeared in his eyes before this fellow’s eyes quickly returned to their normal state a moment later.

Ning Cheng knew that this Miao Wuqian should have considerable knowledge and should have already realised that this was a metal-attributed Origin Crystal.

“I have a high-grade Celestial-class Battleship…….” Miao Wuqian immediately spoke up. It instantly surprised all the cultivators within the hall.

Although Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence was indeed a precious artefact-crafting raw material, its value still had a limit. Even so, it was not worth a high-grade Celestial-class Battleship.

Miao Wuqian also felt helpless, he did not have an intermediate-level Celestial-class Battleship; otherwise, he would have never offered a high-grade Celestial-class Battleship.

The man who brought out the Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence did not think that his Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence could actually fetch a high-grade Celestial-class Battleship in exchange. According to what he knew, a piece of Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence would not be worth even a basic-grade Celestial-class Battleship, or even a top-grade Domain-class Battleship.

He almost agreed to the offer in an instant when an abrupt voice cut off his words, “I have a middle-grade flight-type Dao Artefact and a middle-grade defence-type Dao Artefact.”

All gazes instantly turned towards Ning Cheng. If a high-grade Celestial-class Battleship already felt outrageous for a piece of Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence, then a middle-grade fight-type Dao Artefact for an Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence felt even more ludicrous. Moreover, this fellow even added a middle-grade defensive-type Dao Artefact on top of the middle-grade flight-type Dao Artefact.

Within the starry skies, one would only find two types of flight-type weapons, one of which were battleships made by technological civilisations and the other was a flight-type weapon crafted by cultivators.

For starry sky cultivators, they would be more biased towards weapons one would readily craft and refine. This kind of weapon could not only change its size but would also provide much more flexibility, especially when compared to battleships created by technological civilisations.

If one had to choose between a middle-grade flight-type Dao Artefact and a basic-grade Celestial River-class Battleship, most of the cultivators would immediately choose the middle-grade Dao Artefact.

So how could someone actually take out a middle-grade flight-type Dao Artefact to exchange for a piece of Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence; moreover, even add a middle-grade defensive-type Dao Artefact on top of it? As long as one had a brain, everyone would immediately know what to choose.

At this point, even an idiot would realise that this Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence was not something simple. Besides, of the cultivators who managed to reach the Celestial Novice Realm, who among them was an idiot?

Even the cultivator who took out the piece of Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence felt confused. Was it not just a piece of Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence in his hands?

Miao Wuqian grunted. He already regarded Ning Cheng as a dead man. Although he had money, he could never offer a middle-grade flight-type Dao Artefact plus a middle-grade defensive-type Dao Artefact like Ning Cheng.

“Decide for yourself.” Miao Wuqian stared coldly at the cultivator who took out the Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence and spoke with a chilling voice.

This was obviously a tactic for intimidation. If one wanted to choose between a high-grade Celestial-class Battleship and a middle-grade flight-type Dao Artefact plus a middle-grade defensive-type Dao Artefact, even a fool would choose the two middle-grade Dao Artefacts. Miao Wuqian spoke those words to the cultivator to inform him that if he did not trade with him, then only death waited for him.

The cultivator’s expression immediately turned hard to look at. If it weren’t for Ning Cheng’s offer, he would have happily traded with Miao Wuqian. Now that Ning Cheng offered much more than Miao Wuqian, and with Miao Wuqian telling him to choose, it obviously contained an underlying threat.

If he didn’t choose to trade with Miao Wuqian, even if he obtained the two pieces of middle-grade Dao Artefact, he might not get to establish a foothold in the Border City. Maybe he could even lose his little life.

“Haha…..” Ning Cheng laughed before speaking up with a smile, “This father has seen shameless people before, but has never seen such shameless garbage like you.”

Miao Wuqian turned so angry at this retort that he found it difficult even to look at Ning Cheng for a moment more. He suddenly stood up and unleashed his Imposing Aura, causing the entire hall to descend into suffocation.

Ning Cheng wanted to wait till he bought the thing that he needed before killing Miao Wuqian, but since this fellow looked so anxious to find death, he would fulfil it right away.

Just when Ning Cheng was about to stand up and get rid of this fellow once and for all, a pale-faced man sitting next to Miao Wuqian suddenly stood up. He then spoke with a smile, “Everyone can come to my Border City Chamber of Commerce to participate in the Item Exchange Meeting, and we, the Border City Chamber of Commerce, treat it as an honour to serve you all. However, my Border City Chamber of Commerce also values its reputation and asks all the friends here to give me, Long Ziwen, some face at least. Whatever dispute you have with each other, please do not try to act on it in my Chamber of Commerce. After the Item Exchange Meeting concludes and you leave the premises, do whatever you want.”

Miao Wuqian hesitated for a moment before glancing at Ning Cheng once again and sitting down. This immediately highlighted that he felt afraid of the Border City Chamber of Commerce’s power and prestige.

Ning Cheng on seeing that Miao Wuqian now did not want to rush out to kill him, also did not feel like killing him anymore, at least not for now. Instead, he took out a medicinal pill and put it on the table in front of him, “This is a Harmonising Celestial Pill, a top-quality medicinal pill…..”

Ning Cheng’s words had not finished when people interrupted him with scorching gazes and shocked exclamations. At this time, all the cultivators sitting in the hall stared at the medicinal pill in front of Ning Cheng. Several cultivators even stood up and seemed to want to rush out and grab it from Ning Cheng.

Harmonising Celestial Pill aah, which Celestial Gatherer Cultivator who wanted to breakthrough to the Celestial Bridge Realm, would not want this kind of medicinal pill? As for the words ‘top-quality’, people wholly ignored it. In this place, why would anyone care about what qualified as top-quality and what did not qualify as top-quality? As long as it was a Harmonising Celestial Pill, everyone would go crazy over it.

Even Miao Wuqian gazed at the Harmonising Celestial Pill with red eyes. He vowed to himself that he must get his hands on this medicinal pill. He was only a step away from the Celestial Bridge Realm, and with this medicinal pill, he could have a higher, almost 100% chance of advancing to the Celestial Bridge Realm. At that moment, he could quickly become the overlord of one direction.

In this place, although every cultivator stared at the Harmonising Celestial Pill with red eyes, no one dared to come up and grab it. They did not feel afraid of Ning Cheng, but because this was an item exchange meeting, once anyone went forward and grabbed it, the only thing that awaited for that fellow would be death.

“What does this friend want for this Harmonising Celestial Pill?” Long Ziwen, who just asked others to give him some face, couldn’t help but ask the first question. He was also someone who had reached the full-circle of the Celestial Gatherer Realm. With another step, he could immediately advance to the Celestial Bridge Realm. As such, the Harmonising Celestial Pill held a much higher position within his mind compared to Miao Wuqian.

“I want to purchase the most detailed Starry Sky Chart, preferably one which touches upon the boundaries of various low-level interfaces.” Ning Cheng spoke with a calm voice.

As soon as Ning Cheng spoke those words, many cultivators found themselves at a loss on what to do. Moreover, none of them had such jade strips. Even some of the Deacons from the smaller Chambers of Commerce, who held such jade strips, hesitated. Every Chamber of Commerce guarded the jade strips containing starry sky charts with absolute secrecy would not bring them out for trade.

Within the Starry Sky and the void, there were countless meteorite streams and other unknown dangers, as well as Demonic Beasts. Having a safe line of passage within those dangers was the lifeline of these Chambers of Commerce.

Miao Wuqian suddenly felt some regret. If he had known that this foreign cultivator had such a treasure, he would never have invited this cultivator here. He would have immediately left this Item Exchange Meeting, find this cultivator, and obtain everything this cultivator had.

Despite felling regret, Miao Wuqian grabbed a jade strip and raised it, “I have a detailed starry sky chart imprinted in this jade strip. It includes the location of many low-level interfaces around……”

Miao Wuqian had only held a jade strip in hand and spoken a few words when he saw that Long Ziwen had already sent a jade strip to Ning Cheng before speaking. “Friend, this is the most precious Starry Sky Chart in my Border City Chamber of Commerce. Not only does it have the locations of a lot of low-level True Cultivation Interfaces, it even has all the safe passages that we discovered till now. That way, you would easily avoid all dangers that one would encounter along the way.”

Since both Miao Wuqian and Long Ziwen took the initiative, everyone immediately realised that they all had missed the opportunity. It’s not that none among them had the strength to contend against these two men, but because each of them understood that, no one among them would have a more detailed jade strip. Even if they wanted to come up with something, they could not bring out anything better compared to these two fellows. 

Ning Cheng grabbed Long Ziwen’s jade strip and casually glanced at it with his Spiritual Consciousness. Whether or not it was a truly detailed Starry Sky Chart, Ning Cheng almost instantly found the location and the words Rootless Black City within it. Ning Cheng no longer felt interested in seeing the rest. Regardless of if anyone could bring out anything better than this, Ning Cheng waved his hand, put away the jade strip before picking up the Harmonising Celestial Pill, and said, “I will trade this with you.”

“Wait!” Miao Wuqian felt so anxious that he couldn’t give a damn about the rules anymore and immediately called out.

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