Chapter 0627

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Chapter 0627: Back to Rootless Black City

Ning Cheng completely ignored Miao Wuqian and stood up after passing the medicinal pill to Long Ziwen. With the thing he wanted already in his hand, why would he willingly continue to linger around to talk with this Miao Wuqian.

“Brother Miao, the transaction has already finished.” Long Ziwen resisted the excitement and spoke up, after putting away the medicinal pill.

Miao Wuqian’s face had turned dark from seething anger; however, before he could say anything, his communication pearl immediately lit up, forcing him to look at it. Looking down on the communication pearl, he immediately shouted out the next moment, “You killed Song Tong. Today, this Miao Wuqian swears that if I let you go out of this gate, then I, Miao Wuqian, would be struck down by lightning.”

While talking, Miao Wuqian’s terrifying gaze swept towards Long Ziwen on his side. Although he spoke with such a harsh tone, it was not just directed at that foreign Celestial Shatterer Cultivator with the Harmonising Celestial Pill but also at Long Ziwen.

Long Ziwen also felt shocked when he heard Miao Wuqian’s words. Song Tong was Miao Wuqian’s dog, everyone here knew about it. If this foreign cultivator truly killed Song Tong, he really could not provide this new cultivator with much help. Moreover, he already obtained the Harmonising Celestial Pill, if he continued to fight it out with Miao Wuqian, it might end up causing Miao Wuqian to retaliate against him.

Miao Wuqian definitely meant those words for him. Since he already obtained the Harmonising Celestial Pill and even interfered with Miao Wuqian’s desire to kill this foreign cultivator, then Miao Wuqian would definitely create every imaginable trouble for him. Thinking of this, he did not continue to mention that this place was still inside the Border City Chamber of Commerce; and instead, chose to remain silent.

Ning Cheng spoke up in a calm voice, “You’re right. I was the one who killed Song Tong. I originally came here to kill Mu Pu. Unfortunately, that fellow sure has luck on his side. He is not even in the Supporting Taro Star. I guess I only get to kill a few random dogs of him just to vent some steam……”

Ning Cheng’s imposing aura gradually seeped out as he spoke. Although he only targeted Miao Wuqian, the cultivators sitting on both sides felt a strong suppressive force. Even Long Ziwen, who stood next to Miao Wuqian, felt his breathing slowing down. This suppression caused an immediate change in the expressions of all the cultivators within the hall.

Everyone initially thought that Ning Cheng would die today without a doubt. However, no one dared to think that anymore at this moment. Everyone instinctively stimulated their Celestial Essence, trying to lighten the suppressive force bearing down on them. This definitely was a powerful suppressive force generated through one’s strength. Only those far stronger than them could exert such terrifying suppressive.

Miao Wuqian, the first one to bear the full brunt, felt even more suppressed. Blood started to overflow from his mouth. However, before he could even utter another word, a hand made out of pure Celestial Essence grabbed Miao Wuqian’s neck and pulled him into the air, choking him.

At this time, some of the cultivators within the hall who planned to wait for Ning Cheng to fight it out with the other cultivators, before sweeping in and eliminating both parties, immediately froze.

Picking Miao Wuqian with just a hand made out of Celestial Essence, what was this concept? This not only required the support of a strong Domain but also required formidable Celestial Essence support. Only people with extremely powerful cultivation could bring out such a level of suppression using just one’s imposing aura. Some of the cultivators even thought that Ning Cheng was a Heaven Seated Expert. To actually try and rob such a cultivator with their cultivations, one must really be tired of living.

At this moment, no one dared to speak even half a word, afraid of angering Ning Cheng. They might just end up as the next one picked up by him.

“Before…… Senior…..” When Ning Cheng picked up Miao Wuqian with that pure Celestial Essence hand, it had already scared his six souls out of his body. At this moment, he could not wait to slap himself a few times. This fellow could actually take out a Harmonising Celestial Pill with so much arrogance. Yet, Miao Wuqian actually ignored that fact; how could such a fellow be anything but ordinary? Miao Wuqian had always behaved arrogantly in the Border City because of his own power, yet he still couldn’t think of such a thing.

“Didn’t you just make a vow that if you let me walk out of this gate, then you would rather let thunder take your life or something like that?” Ning Cheng looked at Miao Wuqian and asked calmly.

Miao Wuqian tried to beg for mercy, “Senior, please senior, spare me. This junior is just a dog with clouded eyes, babbling nonsense…..”

Ning Cheng showed a slight smile, “You did not speak nonsense though…..”

While speaking, several lightning arcs suddenly appeared out of thin air before striking down on top of Miao Wuqian’s head.

“Boom-Boom-Boom……” Under the bombardment of several lightning arcs, even Miao Wuqian’s Spirit Soul could not escape disintegration. At the same time, even the body turned into something resembling a pile of burnt blackish wood.

The hall turned utterly silent. Even the sounds of breathing seemed to have stopped. Unless one did not want to die, who would dare to speak up in such a situation? Everyone only thought about those lightning arcs.

Miao Wuqian had only just mentioned that lightning arcs would strike him down, and lightning arcs had truly killed him the next moment. This retribution was just too fast.

At this moment, no one doubted that this cultivator possessed powerful means, powerful enough to kill Supporting Taro Star’s Celestial Lord Mu Pu. Mu Pu was at best a cultivator in the Undead Realm, and at most equal in might to this cultivator.

“Many thanks, senior for this pill…..” Long Ziwen finally mustered the courage to speak up but in an extremely respectful tone.

Although this was his territory, this senior had just killed Miao Wuqian. If he still pretended to remain silent, and in case it ended up angering this fellow any further, the entire Border City might just turn to dust.

Ning Cheng simply gave a cold humph, he did not care about Long Ziwen. Instead, he stared at the cultivator that had taken out the Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence, “Do you want to come out and talk with me?”

“This junior will follow your orders.” The cultivator quickly spoke up, not daring to displease the person in front of him.

It wasn’t until Ning Cheng took Shi Qionghua and that cultivator out of the hall did the cultivators inside the room finally felt some kind of relief. Some of the cultivators with poor cultivations had already broken out in cold sweats.

Everyone kept thinking about the origins of this powerful cultivator, but no one dared to continue to talk about Ning Cheng. As for the good things that the senior carried with him, no one even dared to speculate about it at all.


“Senior, this junior is willing to exchange this for a Dao Artefact.” As soon as they walked out of the Border City Chamber of Commerce, the cultivator immediately took the opportunity to take out the ore.

Ning Cheng took the ore and handed over a flight-type weapon and a defensive-type weapon to the cultivator. “There’s no need for that, just take the two pieces. This thing really is not a piece of Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence; however, it is not useful to you. From what I see, the cultivation method that you cultivate should be biased towards Fire Attribute.”

“Yes, this junior really has a fire-attributed main Spiritual Root.” The cultivator replied quickly. At the same time, carefully collected and put away the two weapons while feeling excited in his heart. In just a blink of an eye, he obtained a middle-grade flight-type Dao Artefact and a middle-grade defence-type Dao Artefact. With these two things, and with his current ability, even if he had to leave the Supporting Taro Star, he could still keep himself safe while travelling to someplace else.

Ning Cheng nodded, “I only have a question to ask you. Where did you obtain this crystal?”

The cultivator had already guessed that Ning Cheng would ask him this; otherwise, this fellow would have never called him out. He immediately replied, “I obtained this crystal about a decade ago. A senior had given me this for guiding him to the Supporting Taro Star during the time I ventured within in the starry skies.”

Ning Cheng felt a bit disappointed, he only obtained a Metal Origin Crystal. Moreover, he also knew that he could not find the location or even the direction to the Metal Origin Bead using just a single Metal Origin Crystal. Not every time could Ning Cheng enjoy lucky breaks like finding the Fire Origin Bead. Thinking of this, he gave out a sigh.

However, Ning Cheng believed that this cultivator would not speak complete nonsense. The place that could form Metal Origin Crystals would definitely be a dangerous place, filled with metal-attributed aura. A cultivator with only a Celestial Shatterer Cultivator should not be able to get close to such an area that could produce this kind of Origin Crystals and remain alive.

Besides, even if this cultivator survived after obtaining the metal-attributed Origin Crystal, he would never exchange the Metal Origin Crystal disguised as a piece of Exotic Desolate Extreme Essence.

“The senior who gave you this crystal, what does he look like?” Ning Cheng asked once again.

The Celestial Shatterer Cultivator quickly drew out a vague image in the air, “Senior, this junior can only recall a vague image. As for a more specific image of that senior, this junior did not dare to sneak glances at him.”

Ning Cheng sighed and said, “I understand, you can go now. Thank you.”

“Yes, many thanks, senior. This junior will be leaving now.” The cultivator bowed before stepping back and quickly leaving.

Ning Cheng put away the Origin Crystal. He speculated a bit about the fellow who gave the Origin Crystal to this Celestial Shatterer Cultivator. If this fellow could give out an Origin Crystal this freely, then this fellow should be a wealthy expert. Even he, Ning Cheng, would find it impossible to give away an Origin Crystal to an unknown cultivator casually.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning returned.” Just when Ning Cheng headed out to the modest residential shelter outside the Border City again, Yi Jin and Chang Manyin immediately greeted him with surprised expressions.

“Brother Jin and I felt worried that Miao Wuqian would find trouble with you, because of that we couldn’t sit still inside.” Chang Manyin felt worried that Ning Cheng had gotten himself into trouble. This was not because Ning Cheng saved her and Yi Jin’s life, but more importantly, it involved returning to see their daughter, Yi Zhuzhu. If Ning Cheng had an accident, they would have to face challenging times in this place even if they knew that their daughter was at the Rootless Black City.

Ning Cheng smiled before talking, “He did want to find trouble with me, but I killed him.”

“Aah…..” Killed Miao Wuqian and behaving as if nothing happened? Yi Jin and Chang Manyin stared at Ning Cheng with a blank look.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore. I already obtained the chart. Let’s head back to the Rootless Black City now.” Ning Cheng simply didn’t want to wait anymore. If it weren’t for this chart, he would have already left this place a long time ago.

“Yes.” Yi Jin and Chang Manyin, although felt extremely shocked and puzzled, they did not ask Ning Cheng any questions. Although Ning Cheng looked and spoke with a very approachable tone, they did not feel any kind of familiarity with Ning Cheng. Moreover, there was also was no way to make up for it by the constraints imposed by the huge cultivation gap between them.


Long Ziwen’s Starry Sky Chart indeed was an incredibly detailed one. Using this Starry Sky Chart as a guide, in just five days, Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept out towards the familiar silhouette of the Rootless Black City.

The Rootless Black City, just like before, had an array formation that he arranged for protection. Ning Cheng did not use his Spiritual Consciousness to break into the Rootless Black City’s array formation. At this moment, he only felt anxiety in his heart. He felt afraid of not fining Ji Luofei inside the Rootless Black City if he decided to break through this array formation with his Spiritual Consciousness.

“Let’s go. We’ve already arrived at the Rootless Black City.” Ning Cheng called out to the Yi Jin couple who cultivated over the deck with their eyes closed.

“What? Already reached the Rootless Black City?” Yi Jin and Chang Manyin suddenly stood up and looked at Ning Cheng in disbelief.

Reaching the Rootless Black City from the Supporting Taro Star in just five days, such a thing would be impossible even for Heaven Seated Cultivators. They had initially assumed that they would have to travel for at least a few years before reaching the Rootless Black City. But taking just five days, it truly shocked them to the core.

Despite the shock, the two came down from the Starry Sky Wheel. When the two of them saw the grey-coloured city suspended in the void, and the words ‘Rootless Black City’ right above the entrance, they finally realised that they truly stood in front of the Rootless Black City. Ning Cheng had not lied to them.

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