Chapter 0629

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Chapter 0629: Bridge Of Storms

Ning Cheng ignored Yi Zhuzhu and stared at the male cultivator next to Yi Zhuzhu, “Why did you make fake crystal balls to deceive Luofei? I’ll give you three breaths, if you don’t say anything, then you’ll never speak again.”

“Zhuzhu, this person actually insulted me in front of you, me……” While speaking, the face of this male cultivator addressed as Brother Hang turned red and seemed as if he could no longer breathe anymore. Fortunately, he understood that he was not an opponent against Ning Cheng; as such, he could only beseech Yi Zhuzhu.

Yi Zhuzhu, who still stood there in stunned silence, seemed to have woken up after hearing this male cultivator’s words. Sobering up, she quickly spoke to Ning Cheng, “Uncle Ning, Brother Hang is my Dao Companion…….”

Ning Cheng raised his hand and waved away Yi Zhuzhu, who stood in front of him, causing her to skid back ten meters before hitting the wall. The next moment, Ning Cheng once again waved his hand and created a Celestial Essence Palm before picking up that male cultivator who Yi Zhuzhu referred to as Brother Hang.

At this time, even Yi Zhuzhu turned sluggish. Previously, she had not gauged Ning Cheng’s cultivation; in her opinion, Ning Cheng was at most a cultivator in the late-stages of Plundering Life Realm. Moreover, she never even thought of fighting with Ning Cheng. But now, she couldn’t imagine that Ning Cheng could quickly suppress her with just his imposing aura, to the point that she could not even move. This showed that Ning Cheng had a cultivation that far surpassed her.

The male cultivator finally realised what fear meant at this moment, he also understood that Yi Zhuzhu and Ning Cheng’s cultivations were too far apart. Before he could even beg for mercy, he felt his body turning light; the next moment, an invisible cover completely covered him up.

“Senior, let me explain, Rao…..” The male cultivator had only spoken a few words when a flaming fireball covered up the invisible shield, shrouding him completely.

A moment later, a tearing cry erupted from within, and even Shu Xing, who stood on the side, subconsciously trembled.

“Don’t…..” Yi Zhuzhu screamed and rushed over, trying to rescue the male cultivator from the fire burning him up. Unfortunately, it proved impossible for her even to touch Ning Cheng’s flaming shield with her cultivation, let alone trying to save someone caught inside it.

Ning Cheng didn’t even look at Yi Zhuzhu, but said to the Yi Jin and Chang Manyin couple with cupped fists, “Many thanks to the two of you for helping Yan Ji. I think it’s time to part ways here.”

With that, Ning Cheng suddenly spoke up, “To all friends within the Rootless Black City, I’m Rootless Black City’s former City Master, Ning Cheng. Since I returned to the Rootless Black City today, the position of the Rootless Black City’s City Master will now go to Shu Xin. I’ll come back in a few days and check on things; if anyone dares to interchange truth with false, don’t come blaming me for taking action.”

All the cultivators within the Rootless Black City looked up at the sky in horror. That is because Ning Cheng’s voice permeated through the air to everyone’s ears despite the many restrictions shielding him or her. With such a level of cultivation, why would anyone dare to feel unconvinced?

What’s more, to save the Rootless Black City, Ning Cheng had personally lured the Exploding Golden Wasp Horde away from the city; meaning every cultivator within the Rootless Black City owed Ning Cheng his or her lives. Arguably, if one went about looking for the Rootless Black City’s most prestigious person, then it would be none other than Ning Cheng.

Almost as Ning Cheng said this, all the cultivators within the Rootless Black City roared in unison in support of Lord Ning Cheng.

At this moment, only the cultivator called Brother Hang by Yi Zhuzhu kept screaming from within the flames. Yi Zhuzhu even rushed up to Ning Cheng crying after understanding that she couldn’t even touch Ning Cheng’s flaming shield. She wanted to beg Ning Cheng to open the flaming shield and let Brother Hang out.

Ning Cheng completely ignored Yi Zhuzhu; instead, he only nodded to Shu Xing who had not yet recovered from the surprise. The next moment, his figure flashed, and he immediately disappeared from the spot with Shi Qionghua.

This male cultivator had tricked Luofei into the Bridge of Storms; no matter what identity this fellow had, Ning Cheng would have still killed him. If it were not for him realising that Yi Zhuzhu was also a victim of this fellow’s deception, Ning Cheng would have also killed Yi Zhuzhu without showing any mercy. How could he let off the murderer who killed Luofei just because of Yi Zhuzhu’s pleading?

Yi Jin and Chang Manyin stared at Ning Cheng’s disappearing back. They naturally understood the intent in Ning Cheng’s last sentence. That is to say, the couple saved Yan Ji, and Ning Cheng saved and reunited the family. From this point on, there were no grievances between each other, nor did they owe anything to each other. If there were only a sentence left unspoken, then it would be that if Yi Zhuzhu dared to offend Ning Cheng once again, then Ning Cheng would also not hesitate to kill her.

“Don’t go…..” Yi Zhuzhu still kept screaming. However, Ning Cheng had long since disappeared.

Yi Jin hurried forward to hold Yi Zhuzhu. This daughter of his was just too much. Even in the face of their family’s life-saving benefactor, she not only did not speak even half a word of thanks or even greeted him, she actually gave her mind and body to someone who brought harm to their benefactor’s wife.

“Katcha.” The male cultivator’s body that still burned within Ning Cheng’s flaming shield finally gave out a crisp brittle sound before the frame finally collapsed into ashes before disappearing into the air without a trace.

Yi Zhuzhu stared at the ashes of her Brother Hang’s body. Her expressions turned sluggish while her body trembled all over. However, she became utterly silent.

“Zhuzhu……” Chang Manyin called out to her daughter in a worried tone before reaching out to her daughter’s hand.

Yi Zhuzhu slowly raised her hand and pushed Chang Manyin’s hand away. She slowly stood up and looked in the direction where Ning Cheng disappeared. She clenched her fists, and a layer of grey slowly covered her eyes.


Ning Cheng and Shi Qionghua rushed out of the Rootless Black City and in just one incense stick worth of time arrived at the place marked in the jade strip, the Bridge of Storms.

A path seemingly comprised of light winds appeared, as Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept out, he finally noticed a bridge. More specifically, a bridge made from those light winds.

The billowing winds formed into a general shape of a bridge, neither diffusing nor dying. This wind bridge was nearly a hundred miles long and stretched around the edges of a dilapidated island suspended in the void. Ning Cheng only then noticed that even his Spiritual Consciousness could not penetrate through to reach this ruined and seemingly empty void island.

“Qionghua, there might be some danger inside. So you should head into the Miniature World first. I’ll go inside and have a look.” Ning Cheng believed that with his current cultivation, his Miniature World would not face any problem even if he decided not to put it inside the Minor Five-element Array Formation within the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

Letting Shi Qionghua into the Miniature World, Ning Cheng then immediately rushed forward. As he walked towards the wind bridge that went around the edge of that broken Void Island, a vortex suddenly opened up emanating a powerful suction force. If Ning Cheng had not reached the Celestial Bridge Realm, this strong suction force could have easily sucked him inside.

However, Ning Cheng did not try to forcibly retreat. Instead, he took a step forward and rushed into the vortex.

As soon as Ning Cheng entered the vortex, he found himself surrounded by powerful storms. Seeing this, Ning Cheng affirmed that even ordinary Celestial Bridge and Undead Cultivators would find it extremely difficult to stabilise their bodies enough to try to use their Spiritual Consciousness to explore this place.

Fortunately, Ning Cheng was not an ordinary Celestial Bridge Cultivator. Although he couldn’t keep his body stable, his Spiritual Consciousness could actually penetrate through the storm. Simply put, the wind in this place could not hinder Ning Cheng’s search by much.

Soon Ning Cheng realised why this place was called the Bridge of Storms. One would find violent winds everywhere, and these storms blew in strange and unpredictable directions, creating one wind bridge after another, covering the entire island. Moreover, these wind bridges were utterly different from the light breeze-like outside and contained incredible power.

Ning Cheng speculated that facing such formidable wind bridges, as long as the wind even grazed someone, it would easily tear apart the body of a cultivator in the Plundering Life Realm.

Ning Cheng grew increasingly worried as he thought about it. When he left, Luofei was still around the Ninth Level of Crucible Transformation Realm. If Luofei entered this place without advancing to the Plundering Life Realm, it would truly end up bad for her. At this moment, he regretted not asking about Luofei’s cultivation before coming here.

However, the more worries piled up, the calmer Ning Cheng became. His Spiritual Consciousness swept out from one Wind Bridge to another and found that many cave-like holes that had formed under them, created by the storms raging outside withering away at the island. Some of these caves were hollow while some looked no different from ordinary caves.

As Ning Cheng observed everything with his Spiritual Consciousness, he found that some of these caves were in the blind spots of the storms. That is to say, they were in a place where the winds could not reach.

After Ning Cheng observed this clearly, his heart finally started to loosen. If Luofei managed to find such a cave, it would be no problem for her to survive in this place for a decade or two with her cultivation.

At this point, Ning Cheng naturally did not enter those empty wind caves. Instead, he swam forward through the violent storms that formed the wind bridges while pushing his Spiritual Consciousness to its limits.

Not a single cave escaped Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness at this time.

After half an incense stick worth of time, Ning Cheng immediately realised that he had guessed correctly. That is because he saw a few cultivators scattered in different caves where the storms could not reach. This suggested that Luofei might also still be alive with her cultivation if she managed to get into such caves.

However, as Ning Cheng probed one windless cave after another using his Spiritual Consciousness, Ning Cheng once again started turning anxious. He had already noticed at least a dozen surviving cultivator, but none of them was Ji Luofei.

After another incense stick worth of time, a relatively large storm cavern appeared in the range of Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness.

This storm cave was at least dozens of times in size compared to the medium-sized storm caves out in the front and had a distinct interior. More importantly, in this vast storm cave, no storm blew inside. Instead, the raging bridge of winds intersected and created chaos outside of the cave. It was safe to assume that if any ordinary cultivator fell into this storm cave, then they could only preserve their life. As for escaping, one could simply forget about it. Even cultivators in the Domain Realm, if they tried to come out, they would be torn apart to pieces by the rampaging winds outside the cave entrance.

Although Ning Cheng could not completely stabilise his body, he still managed to control the speed of his body as the storms tried to blow it away. At the same time, Ning Cheng also used his Spiritual Consciousness to infiltrate the storm cave.

This storm cave not only contained cultivators, but there was also more than one person inside. It included both men and women, and each of these cultivators occupied a piece of land to concentrate on his or her cultivation. However, since they all were trapped in such a place, the starry sky Essence Qi in this place could not satisfy them all. Moreover, without any medicinal pills and cultivation resources to help, they would find it extremely difficult to advance in such an environment.

Most of the cultivators trapped in this cave were in the Plundering Life Realm, and only a few were in the late-stages of Crucible Transformation Realm. Ning Cheng scanned past one cultivator after another, and when he saw a female cultivator wearing rough-looking robes in the corner, his eyes immediately turned red. Even his throat choked up. Luofei, he finally saw Luofei.

The raging wind around the bridges rolled in, trying to take Ning Cheng deeper. Why would Ning Cheng willingly let it take him further away? Raising his hand, he immediately punched at the wind bridge. Spirit Technique, Sunset’s Twilight.

Time slowed down indefinitely at this moment, but Ji Luofei, sitting in the corner suddenly felt shocked. She quickly stood up and looked towards the cave’s entrance in astonishment.

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