Chapter 0630

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Chapter 0630: I’ve been waiting for you

As soon as Ji Luofei stood up, everyone immediately focussed on Ji Luofei.

This cave already had a balance that came into place a long time ago; without exceptional circumstances, no one would randomly move anywhere. Ji Luofei’s cultivation had already reached the Seventh Level of Plundering Life Realm. Therefore, once such an expert suddenly stood up, it immediately alerted all the people. Many people immediately started to wonder if this woman had made some progress in her cultivation. Did she intend to redraw her territory?

In any case, Ji Luofei’s cultivation and the location she occupied did not match. With cultivation at Seventh Level of Plundering Life Realm, she could have quickly taken up the best spot, not a small corner. If Ji Luofei truly wanted to grab more territory or even shift locations, it definitely would involve a scuffle.

Every time a new fellow came here, it would always involve a scuffle. Relatively speaking, when this female cultivator named Ji Luofei came here, it only created the smallest of fights.

Instead of starting a fight with her neighbours, Ji Luofei slowly walked towards the entrance of the cave. As she passed by where a middle-aged cultivator sat, the middle-aged cultivator immediately stood up, “What does this Dao Friend want? This is my place.”

Ji Luofei behaved as if she hadn’t heard the words and still kept walking forward.

Even if he wasn’t Ji Luofei’s opponent, the cultivator could not bear to ignore it in such a situation. Otherwise, he would have no place in this cave.

The cultivator raised his hand and brought out his weapon before attacking at Ji Luofei. However, he did not use his killer move, and just wanted to feign an attack to force Ji Luofei out of his territory. It was not that he did not want to kill her, but the fear of how Ji Luofei would act kept him in check. He was at the Third Level of Plundering Life Realm while Ji Luofei was at the Seventh Level of Plundering Life Realm.

Everyone kept his or her gazes trained at Ji Luofei. They all wanted to know how Ji Luofei would handle this situation. Although Ji Luofei possessed high cultivation, she rarely provoked the cultivators inside this cave. She did not willingly fight with others. However, this was the first time she readily spurred others by her own initiative.

This was the reason why the cultivators here felt wary, as they had no idea about Ji Luofei’s skills. When Ji Luofei came inside the cave, it caused a slight commotion, but after she killed a late-stage Crucible Transformation Cultivator with just a swipe of her hand ‘accidentally’, Ji Luofei then decided to occupy that deceased cultivator’s territory and did not try to expand it. Therefore, although others feared here, they simply had no intuitive impression of her.

For example, Ji Luofei was also quite a beautiful woman, yet no one actively came up to court her. It’s not that people inside this place thought that they were all in the same boat, but because of Ji Luofei’s cultivation reaching the Seventh Level of Plundering Life Realm. Because of this, the other cultivators did not dare to come to find trouble for themselves.

Ji Luofei had a vague feeling that Ning Cheng’s aura had appeared outside the cave and she couldn’t stop herself from wanting to rush out of the cave to see Ning Cheng. At this moment, if someone actually dared to stop her, how could she tolerate it? Thoroughly stimulating her Celestial Essence, a colourful glazed light shot out and exploded onto the weapon of the cultivator who wanted to block Ji Luofei’s path. The powerful Celestial Essence made it impossible for the cultivator to stay still and the Celestial Essence force directly flung him away before finally coming to a stop after he hit the wall on the other side of the cave.

As for Ji Luofei, she acted as if she felt nothing and still walked towards the entrance of the cave. She did not even think that her attack; the outburst of her strength had already gone beyond the scope of her cultivation.

Only silence reverberated around the cave. Even the only Eighth Level Plundering Life Cultivator looked at Ji Luofei in shock. He hadn’t made a move before because he had focussed all of his attention on cultivation; moreover, he also held no interest in women. However, only now did that fellow realise that this woman held tremendous power within her. If he ended up in a fight against her, he would most likely lose.

At this time, the cultivators within Ji Luofei’s path immediately moved aside as she walked forward. From this, one could see that Ji Luofei did not want to try seizing territory. Moreover, Ji Luofei’s cultivation had also completely suppressed all the cultivators around her.

“Bang……” The bridge of storms outside the cave suddenly brought in a figure. Ji Luofei who kept her eyes peeled at the entrance of the cave, on seeing this figure, suddenly rushed up to hug this figure, even wrapping her arms around this figure tightly.

“Ning Cheng…… Dear….. It’s really you……” Ji Luofei’s body trembled violently. Not just her hands and her legs, even her voice trembled.

She could clearly make out that Ning Cheng was in her arm. No, even if she closed her eyes, she knew that the figure in her arms was the person she was wanted to find.

Although Ning Cheng was not seriously injured, coming inside had consumed too much energy. Even if he was a Celestial Bridge Cultivator, he could only head downstream on the Bridge of Storms once he exhausted his strength. Although he used the Dusk Spiritual Technique, it only forced the Bridge of Storms to a standstill; however, even Ning Cheng’s cultivation would not be enough to rush back during that moment with most of his strength exhausted.

The instant Ning Cheng used the Dusk Spirit Technique on the raging Bridge of Storms, it had almost depleted his Celestial Essence and Spiritual Consciousness to the bare minimum. If it weren’t for his strong determination and the heaven defying strength of the Dusk Spirit Technique, he would have gotten himself caught in the Bridge of Storms before it rolled him away to a different place.

Nevertheless, the Bridge of Storms still managed to draw blood from him, and he currently looked as if he was bleeding profusely.

But Ning Cheng knew that he hadn’t suffered any severe injuries, just some superficial skin abrasions. With his body, even if he lost a majority of his Celestial Essence reserves, the Bridge of Storms would find it extremely difficult to tear his body apart, and would only give him some slight injuries. As long as his Celestial Essence and Spiritual Consciousness recovered from the exhaustion, he would return to normal in just a short while.

At this time, when Ji Luofei held him in her arms, he felt so excited that he even forgot to take out any medicinal pills and just stood there at the entrance.

“Luofei……” Ning Cheng finally felt immensely relieved. This kind of feeling almost made him groan out of happiness.

Ji Luofei could not see Ning Cheng’s cultivation. She did not know that Ning Cheng had forced himself to go upstream in the Bridge of Storms by his own strength. She just thought that Ning Cheng had tried looking for her and coincidentally ended up being swept into this cave by the Bridge of Storms outside.

Watching Luofei walk back to her own territory with Ning Cheng still in his arms, the rest of the cultivators finally breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Ning Cheng with envy. Ning Cheng didn’t particularly look handsome, so how was he able to get such a beautiful and high-levelled female cultivator like Ji Luofei?

“Luofei, I’m all right.” Ning Cheng finally took out a medicinal pill and put it into his mouth. With the help of a Grade 4 Celestial Pill, his Celestial Essence and Spiritual Consciousness started to recover rapidly.

“Ok….” Ji Luofei still hadn’t recovered from her excitement. Ning Cheng, who had just gotten free from Ji Luofei’s arms, finally stood up to get a good look at her.

The two people gazed at each other for a long time and even forgot to speak. It seemed as if this world contained only two of them, and everything else around them had disappeared entirely.

Time seemed to have frozen, with only the two people, Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei, in this place.

At this moment, no language could describe Ji Luofei and Ning Cheng’s excitement, so they simply chose not to speak at all.

“Luofei, I’m sorry. I didn’t keep my promise to come back soon. I’ve made you suffer through a lot.” Ning Cheng reached out and finally spoke up while stroking Ji Luofei’s hair before dropping his hand onto Ji Luofei’s shoulder, feeling myriad emotions flowing through this heart.

Ji Luofei wore coarse robes, and only Ning Cheng knew the reason why. She wore this robe in the Cang Qin Province in the beginning. Back then, it was to attract less attention to her appearance, but now it was the most important thing to remember him.

Ji Luofei shook her head and spoke, “No, I knew you would return. You would definitely come back.”

As she spoke, she kept her gaze glued to Ning Cheng. “You once said, ‘just listen to me’ so I listened to you. I’ve been waiting for you, I knew that you would return.”

In Ji Luofei’s mind appeared Cang Qin 2-Star Academy in the Cang Qin Province. When she felt confused and didn’t know what to do, Ning Cheng had taken her hand and said to her, “…… Just listen to me.”

Since then, she believed those words with her entire heart and soul. Ning Cheng had told her to wait for him in the Rootless Black City; therefore, even though she had many opportunities to leave the Rootless Black City, she did not move and kept waiting for Ning Cheng to return. That is because she believed in Ning Cheng, she believed in his words ‘just listen to me’.

If it weren’t for the crystal ball, she would never have come to the Bridge of Storms.

Ning Cheng felt truly emotional as if a fire raged within his heart and immediately held Ji Luofei within his arms.

“Dear, we’ll stay with each other from now on. I used to feel a little lonely here by myself, but since you came in, I no longer feel lonely.” Ji Luofei spoke with a trembling voice. As she spoke, she raised her hand to help Ning Cheng out of his torn robes.

Ning Cheng tightened his hands and spoke, “Luofei, I don’t want to stay here. Let’s leave.”

Ji Luofei didn’t even think before nodding, “Okay, then let’s leave.”

The rest of the cultivators within the cave felt shocked again to see Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei walk towards the entrance to the cave. Were they looking for death? To tell the truth, in that horrifying Bridge of Storms, only those cultivators blessed by luck could actually get sucked into this cave.

But to rush out of the Bridge of Storms, it would definitely result in death. According to what the cultivators saw, under the horrifying Bridge of Storms, even the most formidable cultivator among them would end up torn to shreds.

“Two friends, please wait…..” A sudden voice immediately called out to Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei.

Ji Luofei stopped next to Ning Cheng looking calm and unaverred. Ning Cheng looked back at the cultivator, who asked them to wait. It was a cultivator in the intermediate-stages of Plundering Life Realm. This fellow had a thick chin and messy hair. From this, Ning Cheng could make out that this cultivator seldom cared about his image in front of others.

“What’s the matter?” Ning Cheng asked casually.

“Two friends, I also want to leave this storm cave and am willing to join forces with the two of you.” The cultivator cupped his fists towards Ning Cheng.

“Are you not afraid to die?” Ning Cheng asked with a calm voice, “Coming out of the storm caves, there would only be a slight chance of survival.”

“Since this virtuous couple is not afraid of death, then why should I, Meng Ku, fear death alone? I’m already tired of this birdhouse. Unfortunately, without like-minded friends to rush out together, I’m just too weak by myself.” The bearded cultivator then looked at the rest of the cultivators and spoke up with a calm voice.

Ning Cheng nodded and suddenly looked at the other cultivators and asked, “Who else would like to rush out with me? As this friend just mentioned, there is strength in numbers.”

Truthfully, Ning Cheng didn’t have to worry about getting out of this place at all. With his cultivation and strength recovered, if he couldn’t get out of this place, then it would truly be a huge joke. Moreover, Ning Cheng already understood the challenging conditions within this place. If someone wanted to go out with them, he wouldn’t mind lending a helping hand.

However, no one answered. Follow Ning Cheng, an already severely injured cultivator, who just came in? No one in the cave was a fool.

Ning Cheng laughed before speaking, “In that case, then friend Meng Ku let’s leave.” As he spoke, Ning Cheng put his arms around Ji Luofei and stepped out of the cave.

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