Chapter 0632

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Chapter 0632: Undead Realm

“Boom-Boom-Boom……” Thunder waterfalls rained down while Ning Cheng stood in the void and let these thunder waterfalls strike him.

This was the first tribulation that he faced within the void. Ji Luofei had already pulled away Shi Qionghua to a safe distance and acted as his Dharma Protectors. Ji Luofei could only watch the descending Thunder Tribulation in horror and worry. She had also gone through a Thunder Tribulation before; however, the intensity of her Thunder Tribulation was not even remotely close to just a single wave of Ning Cheng’s Thunder Tribulation. Could Ning Cheng really survive through it?

Ning Cheng, trying to surpass this tribulation in the void, also felt helpless. If possible, even he did not want to try transcending trials in the void.

He had already memorised Shen Qinyu’s words and thought that one truly did not have to face any Thunder Tribulations while crossing the sub-realms within the Celestial River Realm. However, just when he had just advanced to the Undead Realm, the Thunder Tribulation immediately descended. Not wanting to face the incoming tribulation on the Starry Sky Wheel, Ning Cheng immediately headed out into the void to try to surmount the ordeal.

Although Ning Cheng knew that he was different from others, Ning Cheng had never thought that a Thunder Tribulation would descend the moment he advanced to the Undead Realm. Therefore, Ning Cheng had used up a significant quantity of Perpetual Moon Pills for cultivation while on-board the Starry Sky Wheel. This resulted in a large amount of starry sky Essence Qi to accumulate within his body, something that would not disperse for a significantly long time. Not to waste the effects of the Perpetual Moon Pills that he had already consumed, his body had involuntarily triggered an enhancement in his cultivation method, forcing him to face an incoming tribulation immediately.

Ning Cheng had a Thunder Spiritual Root and was a body-forging cultivator who had already achieved nirvana. Therefore, although others might fear to surmount tribulations within the void, it was not too great of a thing for Ning Cheng, just a bit more troublesome.

Ning Cheng not only had to go through the Thunder Tribulation to truly advance to the Undead Realm, the thunder tribulation even contained a formidable might within it. The first wave of Thunder Tribulation Arcs had not yet dissipated when a Thunder Waterfall cascaded down.

Even though Ning Cheng had a healthy body, under this Thunder Waterfall, it immediately caused some flesh and blood to disperse into a bloody mist from a few spots. However, Ning Cheng only grew happier and happier with the descending tribulation. This time too, he did not choose to bring out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City.

After absorbing the Thunder Source, the lightning arcs that he could now condense had turned slightly thicker. However, these lightning arcs could only scare low-levelled cultivators, it had no use against cultivators in the Celestial Bridge Realm. However, it was definitely a significant step forward to condense lightning arcs and use it to attack opponents.

In the future, as long as he obtained a thunder-related spirit technique, he could then be able to master the thunder-related spirit technique in the shortest possible time.

As lightning arcs descended one after another with the waterfall, Ning Cheng’s Celestial Essence and Spiritual Consciousness also grew crazily. Although more and more physical scars appeared in his body, Ning Cheng only became happier and happier in his heart.

Strength was the real capital in this world. As long as his power could reach the required level, he could leverage it to create a foothold for himself in the future.

“Katcha.” A fine sound emerged. Ning Cheng felt as if some sort of barrier had cracked open within his body. It immediately caused Ning Cheng to feel comfortable all over.

Celestial Essence, which had once filled his meridians, dispersed like seawater without a dyke. In just a flash, it integrated and concealed itself everywhere within his meridians and Zifu, and there was no longer a feeling of Celestial Essence spillover.

The feeling almost caused Ning Cheng to roar out in joy that he finally advanced to the Undead Realm. Every time he took a step forward, his cultivation would skyrocket, improving his strength by leaps and bounds. Every step forward in cultivation gave him this feeling.

Once the Celestial Essence completed a simple Heavenly Cycle within his meridians, Ning Cheng’s body, which had wounds covering the entirety of his body due to the Thunder Tribulation, quickly started to heal at speed visible to the naked eye. His scarred body even turned very smooth and well contoured.

Undead Realm, so this was what it meant. Ning Cheng thought to himself as he raised his arms and looked at the smooth skin. He finally understood why this realm had the name ‘Undead’, as it actually implied a complete rebirth of the body[1].

Although this Thunder Tribulation looked horrifying, Ning Cheng’s resistance to it had also grown to heaven-defying levels after the barrier broke. The Thunder Tribulation now could only cause some skin injuries and couldn’t really hurt his body deeply.

After advancing to the Undead Realm, Ning Cheng believed that even if his physical body suffered severe injuries, as long as the injuries did not affect his foundation, he could reconstruct his body even from a severed limb.

Moreover, as Ning Cheng’s cultivation reached this level, he understood that he now obtained a small ability to say something within the starry skies. In the starry skies, the real powerhouses were cultivators in and above the Heaven Seated Realm; however, Ning Cheng felt confident that his Undead Realm could not be compared to the Undead Realm of others. And that the cultivation resources that he used up to reach this level would be more than enough for others to cultivate to the Heaven Seated Realm. Moreover, that was just the strength of his regular cultivation, he was also a true body-forging cultivator.

“Haha, Luofei, Qionghua, we can now head to the Second Revenant Star.” Ning Cheng laughed and shouted to Shi Qionghua and Ji Luofei in the distance.

Ji Luofei led Shi Qionghua to look at Ning Cheng’s perfect and naked body. The sight caused Ji Luofei’s hand, which she used to guide Shi Qionghua, to turn damp. She truly felt excited in her heart. Only with Ning Cheng did she get to enjoy such happiness.

In Ning Cheng’s opinion, the Celestial Lord of the Second Revenant Star was most likely an expert in the Life and Death Realm. Although Ning Cheng was still a long way from reaching the Life and Death Realm, he believed in his current strength. Although he might not be able to beat them, he could still escape from them with relative ease. Even Eternal-level Powerhouses would find it difficult to catch up to him with the Starry Sky Wheel, not to mention a cultivator in the Life and Death Realm.

Besides, he also wanted to head to the Second Revenant Star to search for someone. As long as Kun Zhuo Celestial River King did not come looking for his head, he also would not willingly go to him to search for trouble.


Second Revenant Star, Kun Zhu Celestial River’s Premier Starland. It had some similarities with the Grand Culmination Starry Skies’ Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City, and even Striking Order Starry Skies’ Striking Order Starland. This was not only the residence of Celestial River King Kun Zhuo who was also a powerhouse in the Life and Death Realm but was also the densest area within the entire Kun Zhu Celestial River when it came to Celestial Essence.

Ning Cheng brought Shi Qionghua and Ji Luofei to the periphery of the Second Revenant Star, before putting away the Starry Sky Wheel.

Ning Cheng came here to see whether Yan Ji was here or not and to check if his sister Ruolan and the others had come to this place. In any case, he had found no traces of Ruolan and others when he visited the Supporting Taro Star and used his Spiritual Consciousness to confirm it.

But at the Second Revenant Star, Ning Cheng did not dare to use his Spiritual Consciousness lest it involuntarily triggered some restrictions during the sweep. This place wasn’t a small and unimportant location as the Supporting Taro Star. There must be a few masters in the Heaven Seated Realm in this place, along with several other experts.

As the premier planet within the Kun Zhuo Celestial River, the Second Revenant Star not only was a large starland, but it also had a large number of cities.

Although Ning Cheng brought Shi Qionghua and Ji Luofei into the Second Revenant Star, instead of entering the Descendant City, the premier city of the Second Revenant Star, he headed to Coherence Pearl City, a town near Descendant City.

Although Ning Cheng believed that no one here would know that he had entered the Immortal Jade Star, he still acted with caution. He decided to first come to the Coherence Pearl City and inquire about the general situation. For example, to find if Celestial River King Ji Yangyao had returned from the Grand Culmination Sky? What did Ji Yangyao look like? Did they know each other and so on.

In the corner of a rest stop within the Coherence Pearl City, Ning Cheng and the two women sat down and ordered a pot of Spiritual Tea.

When the waiter brought the Spiritual Tea, Ning Cheng was just about to call out to the waiter to inquire about Kun Zhuo Celestial River King Ji Yangyao and the general situation around this fellow.

Just when he was about to ask, Ning Cheng’s suddenly focussed his attention to the comments of the few cultivators sitting at the next table.

“…. What you said is not even worth that much. Striking Order Chamber of Commerce sold a pseudo-Spirit Artefact at an auction in Descendant City day before yesterday. I heard that someone traded for it with many Permanent Essence Pills. Now that is a real treasure.”

“It’s not really a treasure. Several years ago, Grand Culmination Starry Skies opened the Immortal Jade Star. It led to the appearance of the Wind Thunder Apricot, the Earth Origin Bead and a top-grade flight-type weapon called the Starry Sky Wheel. Those are the real treasures.”

“I heard that a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator managed to steal the Earth Origin Bead. That fellow truly has luck on his side.”

“How could someone like that take it away? How could a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator get to keep the Earth Origin Bead? I heard that this happened due to the emergence of Good Fortune Treasures. Which or what is a Good Fortune Treasure, who knows? Even I do not have any idea about it.”

“I don’t know about the Good Fortune Treasure, but I’ve heard that there is a piece of Good Fortune Indestructible Axe in the Grand Culmination Starry Skies’ Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City.”

“I also heard about it. I heard it was in an Artefact-crafting Pavilion, which Heavenly Emperor Levelled Heart had sealed. Unexpectedly, the owner of the Artefact-crafting Pavilion returned some time ago. I think people called him Baichi or something. That senior also had incredible power who fought alone against several Starry Sky Emperors, resulting in the destruction of the Artefact-crafting Pavilion …”

Ning Cheng felt shocked to learn that the Baichi Artefact-crafting Store indeed contained a Good Fortune Indestructible Axe’s fragment. After Zhongli Baichi had left the Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City that time, he had not returned. Ning Cheng never expected that after he left the Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City, Zhongli Baichi would come back again and even fight against other Starry Sky Emperors.

If that was truly the case, then Chuan Xinlou most likely had not returned to the Grand Culmination Starry Skies. If Chuan Xinlou had come back, then Zhongli Baichi would not have gone around doing as he pleased.

Ning Cheng could not find any news relating to Jian Jiao. Although Zhongli Baichi might have returned to take away Junior Apprentice Sister Yan, he definitely would not take Jian Jiao with him. If something happened to Jian Jiao, how would he answer to Cang Wei?

With that in mind, Ning Cheng decided to sneak back into the Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City after leaving the Second Revenant Star and see if he could find Jian Jiao.

But in any case, he did not want to see that cheap master Zhongli Baichi again. Although Ning Cheng felt that Zhongli Baichi had taught him something, most likely it was to accomplish something he wanted. If it was just for the competition, then he could still accept it. However, if Zhongli Baichi had other intentions, then with his current cultivation, it would not end up good to appear in front of Zhongli Baichi.

Seeing Ning Cheng in thought, JI Luofei did not try to interrupt Ning Cheng.


Outside the Second Revenant Star, a female cultivator standing at the front of a flight-type weapon suddenly turned her head in the direction of the Second Revenant Star.

She immediately stopped her flight-type weapon, and muttered to herself while looking in the direction of the Second Revenant Star, “Sacred Master said that someone had taken away Sacred Lady Qionghua. How could she appear at the Second Revenant Star?”

The Celestial Wheels behind this female cultivator had already merged into a considerably sized wheel that gave off a feeling of vastness. Apparently, she was at least a Heaven Seated Powerhouse. She truly was Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Heaven Seated Powerhouse, Mi Jin, but she had not specifically come here to look for Sacred Lady Qionghua. However, now that she knew that Sacred Lady Qionghua had appeared on the Second Revenant Star, she definitely would not pretend to know otherwise.

Mi Jin quickly responded by sending a message to the Second Revenant Star. Sacred Lady Qionghua was the Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s hope. The Sacred Master had divined that Qionghua was the most suitable woman to be the Sacred Lady of their Everlasting Sacred Shrine. She would be the one to lead the Everlasting Sacred Shrine to new glory.

After the collapse of the Immortal Jade Star, Sacred Lady Qionghua had disappeared, and no one could trace where she had gone. Later, after Everlasting Sacred Shrine looked everywhere, they made a hypothesis that some other sect or academy had most likely kidnapped Sacred Lady Qionghua.

However, Mi Jin became aware that Sacred Lady Qionghua was on the Second Revenant Star, and if she delayed things by even half a moment, Qionghua most likely would slip through their hands again.

The cultivator who dared to kidnap the Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Sacred Lady definitely should not be a simple person. She decided to trace and then blend herself into Qionghua’s aura after approaching them before attacking the perpetrator using stealth.

Even if it were a Life and Death Powerhouse that had taken away Qionghua, no one would be able to notice her approach unless they actively looked for her. Before anyone sensed a change in Qionghua’s aura, she would have finished with her sneak attack and would have already taken her away.


[1] The ‘rebirth’ here is different from ‘body forging nirvana/rebirth’ discussed before.

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