Chapter 0633

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Chapter 0633: Battling a Heaven Seated Powerhouse

Ning Cheng was still in thought when Shi Qionghua, sitting next to him, stood up and threw herself onto him.

“Bang…..” A dull noise erupted as a force pushed Shi Qionghua back while spraying blood onto Ning Cheng’s neck.

Ning Cheng instantly realised that someone had attacked him and that Shi Qionghua had tried to save him. At this moment, anger quickly clouded over his mind. Ning Cheng did not even think about how Shi Qionghua suddenly and consciously tried to rescue him. Ning Cheng immediately grabbed several medicinal pills and put them into Shi Qionghua’s mouth. During that same motion, he also brought out a spear.

Raging killing intent wrapped around him and the cultivators around Ning Cheng quickly retreated. Ning Cheng’s killing force had grown so strong that it completely pulverised some of the furniture around him.

At this moment, even if Chuan Xinlou and his people appeared in this place, Ning Cheng couldn’t have controlled his anger, not to mention that this place was just a tiny Celestial River City. Qionghua had already suffered through too much pain because of him, and they had finally reunited after a long time. Yet, she once again ended up with severe injuries because she helped him in stopping the sneak attack. If he could actually bear the anger and rage that filled his heart, then he would not be Ning Cheng.

At the same time, he also felt that just before the attack hit Shi Qionghua, it had grown a hundred times weaker. But that did not matter to Ning Cheng. The most important thing was that someone sneak-attacked him and Qionghua helped him.

Mi Jin looked at Shi Qionghua in shock, she had never expected Sacred Lady Qionghua would not only stand up but also help the fellow she wanted to kill. In the instant when her attack was just about to land on Shi Qionghua, she immediately recalled 99% of her strength. Even if it were the case, the remaining power still severely injured Shi Qionghua. Moreover, the powerful backlash of pulling back her strength at the last moment also caused her to spit out a mouthful of blood. If Mi Jin hadn’t recalled 99% of her power, then even ten Shi Qionghuas would have died.

For the Sacred Lady Qionghua to perceive her killing intent was a reasonable matter because she had fused herself with Qionghua’s aura to attack. To be frank, it was equivalent to Qionghua herself attacking the cultivator next to her. Therefore, Qionghua would be the first to sense her killing intent. Moreover, this killing intent was directed towards the cultivator next to her.

However, she truly had not expected that Sacred Lady Qionghua would actually choose to put her life at risk to help stop the attack on this cultivator. Recalling her Celestial Essence, the backlash ended up even hurting her internally.

These thoughts had just passed through Mi Jin’s mind when Ning Cheng’s spear suddenly materialised in front of her. This spear seemed to have sucked in everything around it, creating a spacial whirlpool. Ning Cheng had wholly utilised his Celestial Essence’s killing force and Domain and integrated it into his spear. The spear within the centre of the maelstrom then transformed into a spear line, which then instantly appeared in front of Mi Jin’s eyes.

It was a technique that Ning Cheng had derived from the Angry Axe’s Second Form, Tornado, and had displayed it using the spear. Although it was a similar technique, the power had reached a very high level.

At this moment, Ning Cheng’s Domain had completely enveloped Mi Jin, and it seemed that she couldn’t move at all.

Mi Jin finally sobered from her shock of Shi Qionghua’s sudden life-risking manoeuvre to save Ning Cheng. With a slight tremble, two white lights erupted from her hands.

As soon as the two white lights came out, they transformed into ripples. These ripples created tiny gaps within Ning Cheng’s mighty Celestial River Domain before cracking it apart with a fine ‘katcha’ sound. A sound similar to a glass cracking.

The ripples formed by the two white lights then converged and manage to block Ning Cheng’s spear in a flash.

“Boom…..” The violent impact force created by the explosion of Celestial Essence kept forcing Ning Cheng back till he finally crashed into the wall of the rest stop. Although the rest stop had reinforced walls, it could not block the force of Ning Cheng and Mi Jin’s combined killing intent formed by their imposing auras and the explosion of Celestial Essence, before quickly collapsing.

All the cultivators within the rest stop immediately rushed out, along with Ji Luofei with Shi Qionghua in her arms.

The cultivators who rushed out of the rest stop did not run far; rather, they all felt shocked to see two cultivators fighting. One had to know that anyone caught fighting within the city would be put to death personally by the Celestial River King. Yet these two cultivators not only dared to duke it out in the Coherence Pearl City, they even smashed apart a rest stop in the process.

Although Mi Jin managed to block Ning Cheng’s killing move in a hurry and even forced Ning Cheng back, she had to take a few steps back to stabilise her body. This impact worsened the injuries inflicted on her due to the previous backlash.

She also realised that the cultivator she just exchanged moves with had not stepped into the Heaven Seated Realm. However, this cultivator actually possessed means that could rival Heaven Seated Cultivators. Although she did not feel fear in light of this, it still shocked her to the core.

Even if she had suffered severe injuries due to the backlash of recalling her attack at the last moment, she felt surprised that a cultivator who had not reached the Heaven Seated Realm could actually exchange attacks with her in a seamless manner. Such a thing was truly shocking to someone like her. This cultivator definitely was a powerhouse within powerhouses. She had never heard of any cultivator below the Heaven Seated Realm, who had still not severed their Dao Filth, capable of fighting against a cultivator in the Heaven Seated Realm.

Today, she finally saw it, and with her own two eyes. She also realised that although she could defeat her opponent with her current strength, it would actually be difficult for her to kill this fellow in her current condition.

If she couldn’t kill this cultivator right now, it would definitely fester into revenge in the future. What kind of consequences would she have to face then? Maybe at that time, Mi Jin might not even have the slightest chance to kill Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng finally came to a stop on the streets of Coherent Pearl City. Killing intent and imposing aura still kept oozing out of him, growing stronger with each passing moment. He would never stop till he killed this Daoist Priestess in front of him.

Even if he had to deploy Sunset’s Twilight, he would make sure to kill this woman.

“Stop…..” After learning about Ning Cheng’s powerful potential, Mi Jin no longer wanted to offend someone like Ning Cheng in her current condition.

But why would Ning Cheng stop? Did she stop to greet him before attacking him in secret? The spear in his hand once again vanished while Spear Traces forged a path through the void.

This path only contained a few Spear Traces initially, but as Ning Cheng’s Spear Intent soared, the number of Spear Traces grew more and more. From initial few traces to a few dozens and then to hundreds. Each Spear Trace’s trail had violent flames filling it up, which merged with Ning Cheng’s Celestial Rover Domain before rushing towards Mi Jin.

Before these Spear Traces, any obstruction would crumble to dust and crushed into nothingness. That’s right, this was Ning Cheng’s Nothingness Flame Patterned Spear.

Mi Jin’s eyes grew grave as she saw the endless explosions brought about by the seemingly infinite Spear Traces. Although she did not feel fear towards Ning Cheng, she understood that Ning Cheng’s Spear Intent had already transcended the realm of Partial Omniscience; in this realm, one could use Spear Intent to form into anything without any extra trouble, without the slightest dependence on external forces.

Even if she was a Heaven Seated Powerhouse, she could not ignore Ning Cheng’s spear.

Two white lights once again shot out almost simultaneously. At the same time, the Domain of a Heaven Seated Powerhouse stretched out completely. The moment it collided with Ning Cheng’s Domain, every building around them crumbled to dirt and rubble. The cultivators within those building somehow managed to rush out of the buildings in time and escaped to a safe distance.

Although Coherence Pearl City’s City Master had also arrived at the scene, he did not dare to step in and stop the fight. He was only a cultivator in Heaven’s Mandate Realm, and one of the two powerhouses battling it out in the streets was a powerhouse in the Heaven Seated Realm. As for the other fellow who could fight against a Heaven Seated Powerhouses, how could that fellow be simple?

Moreover, how could someone like him, a Heaven’s Mandate Cultivator, stop the two from fighting?

“Boom-Boom-Boom……” Once again, Mi Jin’s white lights managed to block Ning Cheng’s many Nothingness Flame Patterned Spear Shadows. Forcing countless Celestial Essence explosions, which ploughed through the street and created numerous huge gullies.

As the violent force of impact erupted, Ning Cheng was once again forced back, spitting out a few mouthfuls of blood.

Ning Cheng lamented in his heart that his cultivation was still too low after all; but even so, it would not change his decision to kill this Daoist Priestess. Although the explosions had forced him back and had forced him to spray out a few mouthfuls of blood, he also saw that Daoist Priestess pushed back a few steps by his Nothingness Flame Patterned Spears and even spat out a mouthful of blood.

Although Mi Jin received more injuries, it was not due to Ning Cheng, but from the backlash from recalling her Celestial Essence before the fight started. Now, due to the force contained within Ning Cheng’s Celestial Essence, vomiting a mouthful of blood was only normal.

While still in the air, Ning Cheng turned around and shot back. The spear in his hand once again turned into a Spear Line, which would be hard to notice even using Spiritual Consciousness. It crossed the distance between him and Mi Jin with teleport-like speed and appeared right in front of Mi Jin’s eyes.

This technique was something that Ning Cheng had prepared before casting Sunset’s Twilight, Traceless.

Using this technique, even if this Daoist Priestess had higher strength, she would have to give it all to resist it. That way, Ning Cheng could then use that momentary gap to use Sunset’s Twilight to take the life of this Daoist Priestess. Even if he couldn’t reap the life of the other party, he would make sure that the other party would have to pay a heavy price.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, stop…..” Shi Qionghua’s voice suddenly arrived causing Ning Cheng’s Celestial Essence to stagnate. The next moment, his Traceless Spear also disappeared without a trace.

Ning Cheng did not continue with his attack. Instead, he quickly shot forward and arrived in front of Shi Qionghua before speaking, “Qionghua, how do you feel?”

Since Shi Qionghua called him out as Senior Apprentice Brother Ning and even asked him to stop fighting, then most likely the forbidden technique she used on herself had finally dissolved. For Ning Cheng, Shi Qionghua’s recovery was much more important than killing that Heaven Seated Daoist Priestess.

Shi Qionghua didn’t directly answer Ning Cheng’s question and only spoke, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, Uncle Master Mi Jin has always held kindness towards me. She thought that you had most likely plotted against me, and that’s why she ended up sneak attacking you.”

Whether good or bad intentions, only she knew in her heart, but she didn’t want to say it. At this time, she only wanted to look at Ning Cheng, as if to engrave Ning Cheng’s figure into her mind.

Mi Jin on seeing Ning Cheng stop immediately felt relieved. Although she was obviously stronger compared to Ning Cheng and her cultivation was also much higher compared to Ning Cheng, but Ning Cheng acted in a completely crazed manner. It finally made her feel fear in her heart. Even she could not describe this fear in words. If it weren’t for the dignity of a Heaven Seated Powerhouse, she would have already pleaded, no ask, for Ning Cheng to stop.

At this moment, when Shi Qionghua spoke, she also came over and said, “Sacred Lady Qionghua is right. This incident started due to a misunderstanding. This Mi Jin apologises to Dao Friend here.”

As a Heaven Seated Powerhouse, apologising to a cultivator below the Heaven Seated Realm was a very humiliating affair. However, Mi Jin also understood it very well that Ning Cheng was by no means an ordinary cultivator in the Celestial River Realm. Once this fellow managed to advance to the Heaven Seated Realm, maybe he could kill her in seconds.

There was a saying in the starry skies that without Heaven’s Seat, all were ants. Once a cultivator truly advances to the Heaven Seated Realm, it would not just mean advancing to the Heaven Seated Realm. Not only would one then obtain their own Heaven Seated Title, one would even start to induce the traces of their very own Grand Dao.

Because of this reason, every starry sky cultivator in the Heaven Seated Realm and above held enormous pride in his or her hearts. Therefore, how was it possible for these prideful Heaven Seated Cultivators to willingly bow down and apologise to ordinary cultivators? However, Mi Jin had developed a fear towards Ning Cheng’s methods during that previous but short fight. This fear forced her to consider the weight of making this fellow an enemy of her Everlasting Sacred Shrine.

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