Chapter 0635

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Chapter 0635: Helpless Decision

Ning Cheng paused. Although he could store the Miniature World in the Minor five-element Array Formation in the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it still was a highly risky endeavour with living things inside it. In case something happened, he would not even have the time to regret. At this moment, Ning Cheng truly felt the urgency to find the Metal and Wood Origins. Once he gathered the two Origins, metal and wood, the inside of the Mysterious Yellow Bead could turn into a proper world.

At that point, once his Mysterious Yellow Bead truly transformed into an actual world, Qionghua could stay in the Mysterious Yellow World without any risk. Even if the Sacred Master of the Everlasting Sacred Shrine stepped into the Eternal Realm, she would not be able to sense Qionghua’s location at that point.

Seeing Ning Cheng clenching fists and eyebrows locked in a frown, Shi Qionghua put her hand on Ning Cheng’s face and spoke with an even more gentle tone, “When I first entered the Eroding Life Cliff, I had sealed my vitality using a forbidden technique. Lord Husband must have used many top-grade treasures of heaven and earth to wake me up. Unfortunately, the vitality-sealing forbidding technique did dissolve through the normal procedure. Rather, the vitality-sealing forbidden technique got temporarily unravelled by itself because of that attack. It allowed me to restore the memory from my previous incarnation, but only for a short period …..”

“Qionghua…..” Ning Cheng suddenly became shocked. He had thought that Shi Qionghua had truly recovered. He never thought that it was just a temporary unravelling of the forbidden technique.

Shi Qionghua showed a sweet smile, “I can meet you again at this time, it truly is the grace of heavens. What else could I ask for?”

She did not say another sentence. It was a kind of induction in her mind, that is, once she completed the last incarnation of the nine reincarnations, the memories from her first life would immediately surface and would create its own Grad Dao. However, because she ended up meeting Ning Cheng in her last reincarnation, and broke her Pure Yin Body, it resulted in a lot of other almost impossible challenges.

Ning Cheng looked as if he was in the throes of fire as if his very soul was being tortured. He looked into Shi Qionghua’s eyes and said, “Qionghua, I will never let you go alone to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine. Even if I have to go through positional planes, I will find a way to save you.”

“The life I have is due to a forbidden technique from ancient times, called Concealing Soul Wishing Life. If one does not wake up normally, it would completely exhaust the life of a soul. Within the Everlasting Sacred Shrine, there is a tree called Everlasting Sacred Tree. If I stayed and cultivated under the Everlasting Sacred Tree for a long time, it might be possible to get my life back. Lord Husband, you don’t have to worry about me. When I go back, the Sacred Master would definitely let me stay under the Everlasting Sacred Tree for cultivation. After I completely recover, I’ll immediately come back to you.” Shi Qionghua spoke with a soft tone, without a shred of distraction.

Ning Cheng looked at Shi Qionghua in a daze. He never expected that she would have to go back to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine in the end.

“You don’t have to worry, we have both weathered many hardships. This time is also no different from the past, and will pass.” Seeing Ning Cheng growing more worried, Shi Qionghua’s tone became even softer. She truly hoped, even wished, that Ning Cheng would stop worrying about her.

“I’ll come with you to the Everlasting Sacred Shine. Even if I have to take out all the Time Stones, I will ask that Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Sacred Master to place you under the Everlasting Sacred Tree.” Ning Cheng spoke with resolution. With Qionghua’s current state, he would not let her return to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine alone. It was not that he did not trust Qionghua, he simply had no faith in that Sacred Master. Although she might be the Sacred Master, she definitely was not a person of good character.

“You must never go there….” This time, both Shi Qionghua and Ji Luofei spoke up simultaneously.

Ji Luofei finally came out of the inner cabin, “Dear, Sister Qionghua speaks correctly. We currently do not have enough strength. If you want to seek help from that Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Sacred Master using ‘gifts’, then we cannot go there with our current strength.”

Ning Cheng understood Ji Luofei and Shi Qionghua’s meaning. Once he took out the Time Stones, he’ll never be able to walk out of the Everlasting Sacred Shrine. It was akin to throwing himself into the mouth of a tiger. Even if he didn’t take out the Time Stones, Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Sacred Master would most likely not let him go that easily.

“Lord Husband, Sacred Master values me and would definitely let me cultivate under the Everlasting Sacred Tree. You must also never step into the Everlasting Sacred Shrine. Sacred Master may be afraid to do anything to me because of fear, but if you came, Sacred Master would not have any scruples in dealing with you.” Shi Qionghua spoke with anxiety filling her eyes. She felt worried that Ning Cheng would definitely insist on heading to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine with her.

Ning Cheng took a deep breath before speaking slowly, “Qionghua, I know. You wait here with Luofei, let me go and speak a few words with your Uncle Master Mi Jin.”

Having said that, Ning Cheng did not wait for Shi Qionghua to answer. With a flash of his figure, he came out of the Starry Sky Wheel and landed on top of Mi Jin’s battleship.

“Dao Friend Mi Jin. This Ning Cheng had ended up offending you a lot previously.” Since Qionghua herself wanted to head back to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine, even though Ning Cheng felt upset about it, he could only lower his posture for now.

“Doesn’t dare, Qionghua, she….” Mi Jin truly felt wary of Ning Cheng. Even though Ning Cheng lowered his posture before her, she did not dare to receive it and quickly returned with proper salutations.

Ning Cheng then cupped his fists and spoke, “Dao Friend Mi Jin, Qionghua had used the Concealing Soul Wishing Life Forbidden Technique previously; however, because of the serious injuries from before, it caused her to temporarily sober up ….”

“What?!” Mi Jin felt utterly shocked when she heard Ning Cheng’s words.

Seeing Mi Jin this shocked, it also showcased the power of the Concealing Soul Wishing Life. This made Ning Cheng’s heart sink.

Mi Jin, on seeing Ning Cheng’s heavy expression, felt even more worried. She instantly understood Ning Cheng’s purpose in coming here, and directly spoke up, “Concealing Soul Wishing Life is one of the Everlasting Holy Shrine’s two major forbidden techniques. By concealing one’s Spirit Soul and Life Essence, it would bless one’s future life[1] with good fortune, but at a hefty cost. There are two ways to unravel this forbidden technique, one is to use top-grade worldly treasures to constantly nurse the person who used the technique; forty-nine years later, one would automatically wake up from the technique…..”

Speaking till here, Mi Jin looked apologetically at Ning Cheng, “Since Sacred Lady Qionghua could move around without restrains back then, then Dao Friend must have used a considerable number of top-grade worldly treasures on Qionghua.”

Ning Cheng grew increasingly furious with the woman in front of him, but when he thought about the reason for Qionghua to head back to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine, he forcibly stopped himself from striking.

Seeing Ning Cheng’s expressions turn ugly, Mi Jin quickly continued, “There is another way. That is, by using my Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Everlasting Sacred Tree. Anyone afflicted with the forbidden technique would be able to wake up in a few years with its help. Just like Qionghua, who had woke up through force…..”

Ning Cheng’s pitch suddenly increased, “With Qionghua forcibly woken up, would it be possible for her to recover under the Everlasting Sacred Tree?”

Mi Jin gave out a sigh, “According to the explanations left behind for the Concealing Soul Wishing Life Forbidden Technique, even if someone had forcibly woken up, they should be able to recover under the Everlasting Sacred Tree. It’s just that no one has ever tried it, so I can’t be completely sure about it.”

Ning Cheng strongly suppressed his inner anxiety and eased up his voice, “Is there anything else that can one could use that could help the recovery of those who were forcibly awakened, apart from this?”

Mi Jin hesitated for a while but still answered, “There is one other thing. However, this object, forget about you or me, even Eternal-level Starry Sky Emperors would not be able to obtain. Because this kind of object is just too precious. So precious that it might not exist in our plane. If one existed, then I’m afraid that all the Starry Sky Holy Emperors would end up in a fight for it.”

“What is it?” Ning Cheng’s tone turned anxious.

“Purple Yin Spirit Spring.” Mi Jin answered with a calm voice, “The main role of Purple Yin Spirit Spring is not to get in the way of the person who used the Concealing Soul Wishing Life Forbidden Technique, but to help those forcibly awakened to recover. More accurately, it actually strengthens the Spirit Technique and even reshapes the six veins. But this kind of stuff is just something I learned from the records of the Everlasting Sacred Shrine. As for what it looks like or what exactly it is, I don’t know. I just know its name and its effects. I don’t even know where one would go to look for it. During my life till now, I’ve never seen or heard anyone selling Purple Yin Spirit Spring, nor have I ever heard of anyone obtaining the Purple Yin Spirit Spring.”

“Purple Yin Spirit Spring…..” Ning Cheng repeated those words to himself. He had also not heard of this thing. This made him determined that even if it took a few years, he would finish reading the book Zhongli Baichi had given him.

Ning Cheng then once again cupped his fists towards Mi Jin and spoke, “Dao Friend Mi Jin, once you, and Qionghua, return to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine, I would have to ask Dao Friend to help put Qionghua under the Everlasting Sacred Tree. Even if I have to go up to heaven or down to hell, I will find the Purple Yin Spirit Spring.”

Mi Jin spoke up, “Qionghua is my Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Sacred Lady, and because of what I did, even if you did not say anything, I would have still asked Sacred Master to place Sacred Lady Qionghua under the Everlasting Sacred Tree. Besides, Sacred Master herself would take the initiative to do so even if I didn’t say anything.”

Ning Cheng thanked Mi Jin once again after this and returned to the Starry Sky Wheel.

Upon returning to the Starry Sky Wheel, Ning Cheng saw Shi Qionghua and Ji Luofei arguing about something. Ning Cheng truly felt surprised on seeing this, Qionghua and Luofei were the people closest to him, if the two of them ended arguing, he would not be able to help either one.

Seeing Ning Cheng return, the two of them unconsciously stopped bickering.

“Dear, I want to go with Sister Qionghua to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine. That way, Sister Qionghua would not have to remain alone in the Everlasting Sacred Shrine.” Ji Luofei on seeing Ning Cheng return quickly stepped up and spoke.

Shi Qionghua also quickly replied, “Lord Husband, I don’t have anything to worry about in the Everlasting Sacred Shrine, Luofei, on the other hand, could be by your side, and take care of you for the two of us.”

Ning Cheng finally understood why the two bickered back and forth with each other. Moreover, what Luofei said was also true, Qionghua would have to remain alone in the Everlasting Sacred Shrine. Although the shrine’s senior and junior apprentice sister might treat her good, they all had their own private schemes. However, if Luofei also went to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine, it would end up creating another source of worry for him.

“The Everlasting Sacred Shrine takes in many disciples each year. With my qualifications and aptitude, I should be able to become a disciple at the Everlasting Sacred Shrine. Sister Qionghua’s injuries have also not completely healed, so I’m sure that you would try everything to help Sister Qionghua search for healing Spiritual Grasses. My cultivation is still too low, and it would only be a burden to you. It would be better to stay in Everlasting Sacred Shrine and cultivate while taking care of Big Sister Qionghua.”

“Sister Luofei….”

Shi Qionghua had just said her name when Ji Luofei stopped her, “Sister Qionghua, my cultivation is just too low to follow by his side and ask him to care of me. Besides, if we want to meet each other, we can even exchange communication pearls. That way, we could coordinate our movements with ease and at any time.”

Hearing this, Shi Qionghua suddenly spoke up, “In that case, let Luofei come with me.”

She figured it would be good for Luofei to come with her. Luofei’s cultivation indeed was too low, so at least they both would have some peace of mind if she stayed in the Everlasting Sacred Shrine. If one day, she could no longer wake up, Luofei could also take her away from the Everlasting Sacred Shrine and return to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng took in a deep breath and felt a strong sense of powerlessness well up inside of him. He finally nodded, “Luofei, you and Qionghua will temporarily stay in the Everlasting Sacred Shrine, while I go search for a few things.”

He wanted to find the Metal Origin Bead and the Wood Origin Bead, only by locating these two Origin Beads, would he be able to take away Luofei and Qionghua using his Mysterious Yellow Bead. In addition to that, he also wanted to find the Purple Yin Spirit Spring. As long as this Spirit Spring existed, even if he had to climb to the heavens or dig into hell, he would definitely give it his all to obtain it.

[1] This here does not mean the past/future incarnations of someone.

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  1. Seems like a convenient way to have the MC go back to being a solo act. I know it’s hard for authors to include side characters in these types of stories (since the MC will increase his/her power level astronomically faster than anyone else), but it just gets old..

    It may be a radical idea… but if the marriage aspect of a character can’t be shown, then don’t have the character get married.


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