Chapter 0634

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Chapter 0634: Qionghua’s Concerns

With Shi Qionghua recovered, Ning Cheng already felt overjoyed. The only reason why he acted in such desperation was that the other party had injured Shi Qionghua. Now that Shi Qionghua recovered, and even asked him to stop, Ning Cheng would not willingly go up to find trouble with this woman.

Ning Cheng already understood that he was not yet an opponent against this woman, even if he cast the Dusk Spirit Technique, he wouldn’t necessarily manage to defeat her. Not to mention, once he cast the Dusk Spirit Technique, he truly would not be able to use it again for a short while.

“Qionghua, Luofei, let’s leave.” Ning Cheng didn’t want to continue with it, and he didn’t want to exchange words with this woman. Fighting within the Coherence Pearl City and even destroying the Coherence Pearl City to such an extent, he no longer could stay hidden in this place.

Mi Jin immediately spoke up, “Qionghua is the Sacred Lady of my Everlasting Sacred Shrine. She can’t go with you.”

Ning Cheng coldly stared at Mi Jin and spoke, “And why do I care about your Everlasting Sacred Shrine? Today, even if your Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Sacred Master showed up, she wouldn’t be able to take back Qionghua.”

It was one thing to keep fighting with Mi Jin in the Coherence Pearl City, but it was a completely different matter to let Mi Jin take away Shi Qionghua. He would never let the other side take Shi Qionghua away, and now that Shi Qionghua finally recovered, he wanted to take Shi Qionghua away immediately.

Mi Jin’s expressions turned complicated. She truly didn’t want to offend this fellow, and although she knew that he wasn’t her opponent, she realised that she couldn’t kill him without suffering injuries that are even more substantial.

At this point, she could only look at Shi Qionghua. If Qionghua truly did not want to leave, then she also couldn’t do anything.

Shi Qionghua looked at Ning Cheng with a soft gaze before whispering, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, I’m sorry. But I’ve decided to follow Uncle Master Mi Jin back to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine. Thank you for saving me all these times.”

Ning Cheng looked at Shi Qionghua and felt his heart falling into an icy cavern. Although he wanted Shi Qionghua to stay with him, if Shi Qionghua herself did not want that, then what could he do?

Looking at Ning Cheng’s lost expression, Ji Luofei spoke up from the side, “Senior Apprentice Sister Qionghua, you were his wife in your past life. So why don’t you want to come with us?”

Shi Qionghua shook her head and calmly looked at Ning Cheng before speaking, “I’m the Sacred Lady of Everlasting Sacred Shrine, and since Uncle Master came here, then it means that I must return with Uncle Master. As for the past incarnations, after all, is said and done, it only belongs to the past.”

She then turned to Ji Luofei and spoke, “Luofei, your husband is a good man. Don’t leave him.”

After saying all this, she then turned to Mi Jin and spoke, “Uncle Master Mi Jin, let’s go back.”

“Good.” Mi Jin took Shi Qionghua and with a flash, came out of Coherent Pearl City before disappearing from Ning Cheng’s sight.

Ning Cheng stared blankly at the city’s entrance from where Shi Qionghua disappeared with a lost look over his face. It looked like someone had taken away the most precious thing from him.

Ji Luofei also felt upset at this and came forward before gently grabbing Ning Cheng’s hand and speaking up in a soft voice, “Dear, let’s leave too.”

“Then let’s leave this place.” Although Ning Cheng spoke those words, his foot did not even move an inch.

Ji Luofei knew everything that happened between Ning Cheng and Shi Qionghua, she also knew that Sister Qionghua held the same position as her in Ning Cheng’s heart. However, she could not help in this situation at all, and could only wait and stand quietly by Ning Cheng’s side.

After a long time, Ning Cheng suddenly sobered up, then squeezing Ji Luofei’s hand, he spoke up with a trembling voice, “Luofei, I can’t let Qionghua go like this. Just as I can’t do without you. I’m going to chase after her.”

Ji Luofei clenched Ning Cheng’s hand and spoke, “If you can’t put it down and want to bring Sister Qionghua back then I’ll come with you.”

“Okay….” Ning Cheng’s eyes immediately sparkled. Reaching out and hugging Ji Luofei with his other arm, the two of them almost instantaneously disappeared from Coherence Pearl City without a trace.

After Ning Cheng and Shi Qionghua left, Coherence Pearl City once again resumed it usually hustle and hubbub. Only the street had many gullies crisscrossing each other, as evidence to the battle between two powerhouses. Many cultivators also knew that Coherence Pearl City’s City Master had also shown up when these two powerhouses fought in the street. However, it wasn’t until the two powerhouses left did the Coherence Pearl City’s City Master show himself to the others.


“Qionghua, are you thinking about your past lives?” Seeing Sacred Lady Qionghua continually looking back in the direction of Coherence Pearl City, Mi Jin finally gave out a sigh and spoke. She knew that Sacred Lady Qionghua must have recalled something from her past life.

“Uncle Master, I didn’t….” Shi Qionghua bowed her head. No one knew it better than her about how much she longed to return to Ning Cheng’s side.

Mi Jin suddenly spoke up, “The reason you are the most suitable Sacred Lady for our Everlasting Sacred Shrine, is because you have already reincarnated nine times. However, this is the last time you reincarnate, since you broke the Pure Yin Body in your past life. If you die in this life, you will disappear within the vast samsara. From then on, there would be no Qionghua.”

Apparently, she could already make out that Shi Qionghua should have already recalled some vague memory impressions from her past life. If that was the case, then she might as well speak out about it for both their sakes.

“The Everlasting Sacred Shrine chose me as a Sacred Lady because I’m a reincarnated being?” Shi Qionghua looked up and locked gazes with Mi Jin.

Mi Jin hesitated for a while but did not say anything.

Shi Qionghua gave out a sigh and spoke, “Uncle Master Mi Jin, you know that I have a hidden disease. If one day I fell in or because of the Everlasting Sacred Shrine, what do you think he would do at that point? No one knows his temperament better than I do. He may not be able to do anything about the Everlasting Sacred Shrine right now, but once he gains that ability, it would definitely spell doom for the Everlasting Sacred Shrine.”

Mi Jin remained silent. She understood whom Sacred Lady Qionghua talked about, and she did not doubt what Shi Qionghua said. That male cultivator had not yet reached the Heaven Seated Realm, yet still had terrifying strength. Once he advanced to the Heaven Seated Realm, she felt sure that even the Sacred Master might not be a match against him. In the face of such a cultivator, if he really had any designs towards the Everlasting Sacred Shrine, then there was a distinct possibility that their Everlasting Sacred Shrine might even cease to exist in the future.

Although they looked everywhere for a Sacred Lady like Qionghua, it was all to carry forward the legacy of their Everlasting Sacred Shrine. However, if Sacred Lady Qionghua’s words turned into facts, then their Everlasting Sacred Shrine could potentially face an existential crisis.

Mi Jin hesitated for a long time before speaking, “Qionghua, if your first life, you definitely were an incredible person. Once your cultivation reaches a certain extent, you would automatically recover the memories of your first life. At that time, our Everlasting Sacred Shrine would also become one of the most powerful forces within the vast starry skies, all due to your presence. However, once you recovered the memories of your first life, perhaps you would be the first to kill that man who took your Yin Essence.”

Shi Qionghua looked away from Mi Jin and stared at the vastness of the starry skies in front of her. Even if she recovered the memories from her first life, she felt sure that she would never kill that man. This was what she was willing to do. Only with him did she feel happy.

Seeing Shi Qionghua not giving a reply to her words, Mi Jin continued, “In the future, once you recover the memory of your first life, maybe you would even thank our Everlasting Sacred Shrine for choosing you. Also, you should already know that Sacred Master has steeled her heart to kill the cultivator who took you away. I’m afraid that he would not be able to escape, let alone grow up. During the time you’ve been missing, Sacred Master managed to break through the Life and Death Realm and had advanced to the Eternal Realm.”

Reaching this point, Mi Jin’s expressions finally changed. A moment later, a very ordinary-looking flying chariot had rushed over to stop right in front of her airship. As for the grade of the weapon, she simply couldn’t perceive it.

After refining the Starry Sky Wheel’s 49th restrictions, Ning Cheng could seal its aura while also have some control over its shape-changing abilities. Even Eternal-level cultivators would not be able to tell that this was the Starry Sky Wheel even if they stood in front of it and used their Spiritual Consciousness. Therefore, Mi Jin, who was only a Heaven Seated Cultivator, had no chance of recognising it.

Shi Qionghua’s eyes flashed with surprise before it again turned into a sigh. She had long guessed that Sacred Master would manage to advance to the Eternal Realm in a short time; however, she didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Since Sacred Master advanced to the Eternal Realm, so even if Ning Cheng chased after her, so what?

Mi Jin also gave out a sigh, “He returned, you can go and talk to him. It’s best to keep the conversation short. I’ve already sent out the message, and any disciples from our Everlasting Sacred Shrine nearby would be rushing to this place as soon as possible.”

“Sister Qionghua came.” Luofei, standing on the front deck of the Starry Sky Wheel, immediately cried out in delight.

Ning Cheng excitedly stopped the Starry Sky Wheel, opened the restrictions, and let Shi Qionghua in.

“Qionghua….” Ning Cheng called out in excitement. Although he only spoke two characters, his expressions conveyed every word that appeared in his heart. Ji Luofei also returned to the cabin in silence. She had a hunch that Sister Qionghua should have recovered at least a part of her memories from her previous life.

Shi Qionghua stood on the deck of the Starry Sky Wheel and felt her body tremble all over as she stared at Ning Cheng. In front of outsiders, she could have endured it, but now, she could no longer take it, nor did she have to keep it in.

“Lord Husband….” Shi Qionghua immediately burst into tears after calling out those two words. She had forcibly kept her grief in check, but when Ning Cheng chased after her, how could she control it any longer? For a moment, she even wanted to give everything up and leave with Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng felt his heart bursting while thunder rang through his mind. Qionghua addressed him as ‘Lord Husband’, only if Qionghua recovered her memories from her previous life would she know that he was her husband.

“Qionghua….” Ning Cheng sluggishly called out her name, “Did you recollect your memory from the previous life?”

“Wu…..” Shi Qionghua finally could not help but rush towards Ning Cheng and hug him tightly before crying out while clinging on to Ning Cheng with every ounce of her strength.

Ning Cheng stretched out his trembling hands before wrapping it around Shi Qionghua, “Qionghua, let’s leave together. Don’t go back to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine again. Let’s just go home.”

Since Shi Qionghua recognised him, then she definitely would come with him. There was now no reason to go back to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine.

“I can’t go with you…….” Shi Qionghua kept sobbing, “I am the Sacred Lady of the Everlasting Sacred Shrine. When I’m not by your side, you must keep yourself safe…..”

Shi Qionghua could no longer speak anymore.

Ning Cheng’s hands froze. Before, when Shi Qionghua refused to go with him, he could have still reasoned it out that she did not know that he was truly her husband. But now that she knew, why would she not want to be together? What was so great about being Everlasting Sacred Shine’s Sacred Lady?

That’s not right, Ning Cheng suddenly understood something. He put his arms around Shi Qionghua once again and said, “Qionghua, that’s not what you meant, right? You’re definitely worried that Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Sacred Master would not let go of me, which is the reason you dare not go with me, right?”

Shi Qionghua also realised that Ning Cheng finally understood what she meant. She sobbed even more before speaking, “The Everlasting Sacred Shrine has a lot of Heaven Seated Powerhouses, while we are only three. Once I go with you, with Sacred Master’s temperament, even if you managed to escape to the ends of the heaven, she would find you and kill you……”

Ning Cheng finally smiled before replying to Shi Qionghua, “Stupid, since I currently do not have the strength to go against that Sacred Master, we can just hide from her. When we have enough strength in the future, we can then come out again.”

Shi Qionghua gently stroked Ning Cheng’s hair before shaking her head and replying, “It would not be of any use. Sacred Master has already advanced to the Eternal Realm. As long as she and I are in the same grand starry sky, Sacred Master would know of my location. Today, even if Uncle Master Mi Jin did not come, as long as Sacred Master came out, she would definitely find us.”

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