Chapter 0645

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Chapter 0645: Choosing the array entrance

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness had long detected that the array formation on the right had some problems. That array formation had a relatively rough arrangement, and the grade of that array formation was lower than that on the left. Not only that, but Ning Cheng also felt minute quantities of Celestial Essence escaping from one of the array bases of the array entrance on the right. However, none of the array bases of the array entrance on the left gave out any Celestial Essence.

That is to say, as long as one’s attainment in array formations reached the level of an Imperial Grade, one could easily sense that the one on the right was a Befuddling Array, which indicated that it was a fake array entrance. Not to mention about reaching the Imperial Grade in the understanding of array formations, even if a Celestial Array Master had a relatively strong Spiritual Consciousness, they would be able to perceive something off about it.

“Does any object to my opinion?” After Ma Ximen asked, he swept his gaze around the hall.

No one came forward to question him; after all, Ma Ximen’s plan was not outrageous. In any case, unless someone entered through these array entrances before, no one could say for sure about which array entrance contained more things.

Ma Ximen immediately added, “Looks like everyone agrees with me. In that case, everyone, please decide on an array entrance by yourself. If one of the array entrances ends up with more people, I’ll make the arrangements.”

Although Ma Ximen’s words appeared fair, Ning Cheng knew that this fellow would never choose the array entrance on the right.

“I’m going to the left….”

“We’ll choose the left one too….”

In just a short time, eleven people choose the left entrance, while only three chose the right one.

Yu Wanxue suddenly came forward and whispered to them, “We’ll choose the left entrance too. I’m slightly proficient with array formations. The array formation on the right is too rough to look like a place with treasures.”

Ning Cheng also leaned towards the left entrance. However, he did not give an immediate reply. Seeing that everyone remained silent, Yu Wanxue quickly spoke up, “The five of us will take the left one, too.”

Just as Yu Wanxue’s voice dropped, another person spoke up, “The three of us choose the left one.”

Ma Ximen stood up and spoke up with a stern voice, “Wait a minute, let’s not make it a trend. Currently, no one has opened these two array entrances; therefore, no one knows which side contains what. With so many people choosing to go to the left, there are already more than seventeen people on the left. To save everyone’s time, I, Ma Ximen, will help you get going.”

After that, he pointed directly at some people who had not yet made a choice and spoke up with a loud voice, “You, and the rest of you….. Go to the right one. We’re still missing a few on this entrance. A few people from this entrance should also go to the right. As for the six of us, we choose the right entrance. I do not believe that the treasures on the right side are not as good as the ones on the left…..”

Ning Cheng felt very disdainful. Ma Ximen sure was shameless. He had quickly decided on twelve people for the right entrance. Moreover, since he said that his party of six would take the right gate, his teammates would certainly stand up against it. At the same time, because of the six of them, there were now eighteen people on the right.

Sure enough, as soon as Ma Ximen’s words ended, someone in his team spoke up, “Brother Ximen, although we do not have anything against choosing the right entrance, this way, there are 18 people on the right and 16 on the left.”

“Oh yes, I guess I got confused for a second.” Ma Ximen patted his head and pointed at Ning Cheng’s team, “The five of you go to the right, that way there are seventeen people on the right, while we will take the left entrance.”

Warren’s expressions immediately changed and wanted to stand out and speak. When they were all snatching the things in this hall, Ma Ximen had schemed against him, causing him some injuries. And now this fellow once again wanted to plot against them.

Just when Warren was about to stand up and speak, Ning Cheng stopped Warren and spoke, “Brother Warren, I was going to choose the right entrance anyway.”

Ning Cheng initially thought that the right side was a fake array entrance; however, when his Spiritual Consciousness pierced through the rough array formation on the right side, it encountered a complete high-grade defensive array behind it. Ning Cheng already knew about the might of his Spiritual Consciousness, yet his Spiritual Consciousness Thorn could not even penetrate half an inch into this array formation. As for the array entrance on the left side, it did not have such a complete high-grade defensive array.

Ning Cheng also understood why his Spiritual Consciousness could penetrate through the array entrance on the right side. It was not because his Spiritual Consciousness and attainments in array formations were too strong. It was because these array entrances remained in this place unused for an unknown number of years, causing it to experience a considerable amount of erosion. Otherwise, not to mention the people on their side, even if a team of top-notch Array Formation Masters came here, even they would not be able to determine the better array entrance out of the two.

Ning Cheng changed his mind after seeing this high-grade defensive array. If not for this, he wouldn’t have willingly taken the initiative to switch to the array entrance on the right. Perhaps, he might have even started a fight with Ma Ximen.

Yu Wanxue felt helpless. She knew that forcing their way to the left entrance could potentially cause the others to attack their group collectively.

Ma Ximen suddenly spoke up with an even louder voice, “Since we have equally divided ourselves for the two array entrances, we should immediately start to break it open. After entering through the array entrance, everyone can only rely on his or her destiny. If any cultivator from the array entrance on the right enters the array entrance on the left, anyone can kill them and vice versa.”

With the 34 cultivators quickly split in half, it made it clear that the left side was entirely dominated by Ma Ximen and his team, while the right side had no one to take the lead for the time being.

Seeing that no one came forward to take the lead, a tall man stood out from their side and spoke to the crowd, “Friend, I’m called Long Xiu. We have four people on our team. Although I am untalented myself, we do have some understandings about array formations. If the 17 of us want to break this array formation together, we would need a leader…..”

As Long Xiu spoke till here, he took a slight pause. He imagined that when he said this, someone would definitely say ‘In that case, let Brother Long take the lead, and lead us to break this formation.’ or something similar.

However, the imagined scene did not turn into reality. Seeing that, Long Xiu continued, “The left side have already joined forces to attack the array entrance, and we haven’t even moved yet. So, I would like to nominate myself and lead you all to break this array entrance.”

Long Xiu’s four-member team had three Heaven’s Mandate Cultivators and a cultivator in the Undead Realm. His own cultivation had reached the full-circle of the Heaven’s Mandate Realm. From this, one could say that, superficially, their team’s strength was comparable to Ning Cheng’s side, and was even a level higher.

Although no one echoed Long Xiu’s words, a few people came forward in support of Long Xiu after Long Xiu finished with his words.

Long Xiu glanced at Ning Cheng’s side, which had five people, including two Heaven’s Mandate Cultivators. Although their team showed a moderate strength on the surface, the number of people was still quite significant.

Since the moment Ning Cheng said that he had wanted to choose the right entrance, Warren had always wanted to hear Ning Cheng’s reason for it. It’s just that there were so many people here, which made it difficult to ask a lot of questions.

Ning Cheng saw Warren looking at him and immediately spoke up, “Let’s go by ourselves, I’ll lead the way.”

“I agree.” Dou Di was the first to stand behind Ning Cheng.

Yu Wanxue looked at Dou Di with doubts. Dou Di not only came to this place with Ning Cheng, but she even trusted Ning Cheng to this extent. It truly felt strange. According to her understanding of Dou Di, Dou Di seldom talked and rarely expressed her intent. She really couldn’t figure out why she would show such direct support for this new Cheng Nianqiong.

Although such a doubt arose, it quickly dissipated, and she immediately spoke up, “I also agree to it.”

Warren only nodded and said nothing. As for Ou Hongxin, he also had nothing to say.

“What does this friend mean? If you want to take the lead, then as long as everyone agrees to it, I would also have no objection to it either.” Long Xiu looked at Ning Cheng and frowned.

Ning Cheng spoke up with a calm voice, “We don’t even know each other, so there’s no need to join together. The array entrance is right in front of you. Whoever goes in and finds something, is whom it would belong. If friend Long took the lead and if you found something, would you share it with the rest of us?”

“How could there be such a thing?” Long Xiu gave an angry retort.

“In that case, why should we work together? Everyone can go their separate ways.” Ning Cheng finished and walked straight towards the array entrance on the right.

Seeing Ning Cheng walking past them, Warren and Yu Wanxue quickly followed.

“Brother Cheng, are we going to storm inside?” Warren quickly caught up to Ning Cheng and seeing Ning Cheng’s well-thought-out look, hurried asked. He increasingly felt that Ning Cheng was not someone ordinary; moreover, even he did not show much interest in forming a team with the rest of the people. However, from the looks of it, even before the time the decision was made, this Brother Cheng seemed to have already formed his own ideas.

Warren had a vague feeling that even if he disagreed with Brother Cheng’s choice, people’s opinions would not sway him. It was a strange feeling, but it did not make him feel resentful.

“No, we don’t need to break this array formation yet. Just keep an eye on where I step and then carefully follow my footsteps.” Ning Cheng said while taking out an array flag.

When he reached the array entrance, he threw out several array flags. An instant later, a slit appeared within the door. Seeing Ning Cheng stepping into this slit, Warren and the others felt shocked, yet they quickly followed him inside.

At this moment, several people realised that Ning Cheng not only understood array formations but was also a formidable Array Formation Master. In any case, the grade of this array formation definitely was no inferior to one set up by a Grade 5 Imperial Array Master.

Long Xiu wanted to berate Ning Cheng. Judging by the celestial wheels behind Ning Cheng, which looked so vague and disordered, how could someone like him dare to be so rude to a cultivator who had already reached the full-circle of the Heaven’s Mandate Realm.

However, in just a few breaths, Ning Cheng’s party of five had disappeared from right in front of the array entrance.

Seeing Ning Cheng’s party of five enter through the array entrance, no one could bear it any longer. Who would willingly stay here to listen to Long Xiu’s nonsense, instead of rushing towards the array entrance?

It’s just that by the time anyone managed to reach the slit that Ning Cheng had created, it had already closed up. They were directly blocked by the array entrance. Some of the more anxious cultivators had already brought out their own weapons and were pounding away at the array entrance.

At this moment, who would care about Long Xiu? All the people, without hesitation, brought out their weapons and simultaneously attacked the array entrance. If no one had gone in, everyone would have shown at least some patience. But now that someone went inside, no one would wait around patiently.

As for the array entrance on the left, where the cultivators were still attacking it, they also felt shocked. They all had thought that the real experts of the Dao of Array would have chosen the left entrance. After all, as long as one walked the path of array formations and had some deep understandings of it, they would quickly notice that the array entrance on the right was a bit rough and had some problems to it.

Now that Ning Cheng entered through the array entrance on the right with a few people, it was clear that this fellow’s understanding of array formations was much higher compared to them. With such an Array Dao expert choosing the right entrance, did it not mean that there really was something better on the right compared to the left?


Ning Cheng only took a few steps with Warren and the rest and in just half-an-incense stick worth of time, appeared in a narrow corridor, paved with black bricks. Even the few people standing here could vaguely hear the sounds of people attacking the array formation outside.

“Brother Cheng, I didn’t expect you to be an expert in the Dao of Arrays. We really were lucky to get you to work together.” Yu Wanxue also knew a little bit about array formations, and from what she saw, there was a real Grand Array at the other end of this corridor.

Warren also felt equally surprised. Even though Dou Di held suspicions about Ning Cheng’s mastery in the Dao of Arrays, she still felt a heartfelt admiration towards him at this moment.

Ning Cheng cupped his fists and spoke, “Since everyone here is a team, working together is only natural. The array formation through which we entered, I believe it would take a considerably long time for the others to break it open. However, the array formation in front of us is the real array entrance that we have to break open by ourselves. If I didn’t guess wrong, this array entrance is the real entrance to the treasures. As for the array entrance on the left, even if it contained something inside, it would not be much.”

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