Chapter 0646

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Chapter 0646: The Inheritance of Daoist Crow

Warren also cupped his fists and spoke up, “Brother Cheng, you’re proficient in array formations. We’ll all listen to you from now on. We’ll do what you say.”

As soon as Warren spoke those words, Yu Wanxue and the other also came up and said that they would listen to Ning Cheng. They could hear the noise outside growing increasingly louder. From this, they also understood that even if there were no cultivators outside who understood array formations, they would be able to break down the entrance quickly. Warren and the others apparently feared that they would not have enough time to break through the array formation in front of them before the cultivators from the outside poured inside.

Ning Cheng did not speak any nonsense and directly spoke up, “In that case, I will not remain polite. Just keep a careful eye on the where I drop my array flags. As soon as I drop an array flag, immediately concentrate your attacks on that spot.”

Although this array formation in front of them had worn down over time, Ning Cheng knew that it would be impossible for him to open it quickly. If he wanted to enter this array formation in the shortest time, then he would have to use the most direct way of breaking it open using brute force.


With each array flag that Ning Cheng dropped, all five of them would immediately focus their attacks on the same spot. If Ning Cheng were alone, it would have taken him at least half a day to blow open a gap in the array formation using this method. But now that the five of them attacked a single spot simultaneously, in just over an hour, a gap finally opened up,

Ning Cheng was the first one to rush inside and immediately shouted, “Get inside quickly. This array formation can recover automatically, and will be restored soon …”

Ning Cheng didn’t need to remind them, and the four of them quickly rushed in just behind him.

Ning Cheng felt a strong Celestial Essence Aura the moment he walked through this array entrance. The surrounding Celestial Essence gas was pretty much on the same level as the Perpetual Moon Pill Gas that formed during cultivation. The only difference, if any, was that this Celestial Essence Gas was not as pure as the one created from the Perpetual Moon Pills.

In front of him was still a black stone path, with many structures that looked like houses on both sides of the trail. Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept into a few buildings inside and found that every chamber contained something valuable.

Not only were there tail feathers of the Flame Wind Crows inside, the chambers even contained some Dao Artefacts and weapons. There were also quite a lot of fire-attributed raw materials. Moreover, he also found several rooms holding the Scarlet Crow Flame.

Warren also sucked in a mouthful of cold air. There simply were too many good things in this place. However, all of them had their eyes set on Ning Cheng. After all, they couldn’t have reached this place without Ning Cheng’s help.

Ning Cheng secretly appreciated these fellows in his heart. If these people had immediately rushed out to grab everything in sight, he would also not hesitate to snatch away anything that got in the way. With his Spiritual Consciousness and means, he could easily take away the best things within those chambers in the shortest time. 

But despite their eagerness and heat in their eyes, these fellows still did not lose their way and actually waited to seek the opinion of an Undead Cultivator.

“Brother Cheng, since you brought us inside, let me reiterate what I said before. We all will listen to you.” Warren was still the first one to speak. Not because Ning Cheng had cultivation lower than him, but in consideration to Ning Cheng’s feelings.

Ning Cheng nodded, “The left array entrance outside should most likely be a fake one. Although the cultivators on the left might treat it as a genuine one, once broken inside and found nothing on value, they all would immediately head here to grab everything in sight. So, just grab the things here as fast as you can. For now, let’s go our separate ways. Whoever obtains something becomes its owner.”

“Okay.” The four of them immediately felt satisfied with Ning Cheng’s words and thought that this temporary cultivator working with them definitely had a generous heart.

Warren quickly selected his targets and rushed into the chambers within the structures that he had already chosen. Ning Cheng decided not to enter these rooms but disappeared into the distance down the black stone path.

Because of the restrictions imposed on one’s Spiritual Consciousness in this place, the Spiritual Consciousness of Warren and others would only extend up to a distance of a mile at most. However, Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness could extend to a range of several miles, which allowed him to see a single hinged door at the end of this black stone path.

This hinged door appeared much thicker compared to the doors of the chambers along the path; however, the aura of vicissitudes escaping from the door allowed Ning Cheng to realise that there definitely was some good thing behind this door.

If Warren and others had initially shown indications to steal the things in here, Ning Cheng would have also not hesitated to sweep away most of the valuable items from the structures and chambers in the front, nor would he give them any chance to grab the items behind this door. But since Warren and others showed some decent morals, Ning Cheng decided to let the four of them go through the chambers on the outside, while he decided to concentrate only on this door.

Standing in front of the door, Ning Cheng immediately realised that he would not be able to open this door with his current abilities unless he somehow gained the ability to destroy the star. Even if he could destroy the entire star, he might not have obtained the things behind this door.

The defensive array over this door went beyond the scope of what he could break open; moreover, this defensive array showed no signs of weakening due to the passage of time. Not only that, Ning Cheng couldn’t even recognise the materials used for constructing this door.

Carefully looking at it, Ning Cheng found a spot at the corner of the gate, which looked like a slot for jade cards. Presumably, this place needed a key to open the door.

Ning Cheng brought out the previously collected stone platform and with a shake of his hand broke it open to take out a jade strip and a jade card from inside of it.

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept into the jade strip and found that it contained a method to allow a flame to experience nirvana. However, Ning Cheng did not care too much about it right now. He put away the jade strip into his storage ring and placed the jade card into the slot on the door.

Ning Cheng wasn’t sure if the jade card could open the door or not, but after he inserted the jade card into the slot, the door made a squeaking sound and a gap slowly opened. Ning Cheng immediately realised that he had done the right thing.

This jade card really could open this door. Ning Cheng raised his hand and took out the jade card before rushing in through the door. After Ning Cheng entered, the door slowly closed behind him once again.

What stuck one the most within the huge hall in front of Ning Cheng was a huge pill pond in the middle. Ning Cheng was familiar with such a pill pond as he had seen a similar one within the Time Wilderness. Back then, he had obtained almost half of the Perpetual Moon Pills within that Pill Pond. However, this pill pond in front of him was a few times larger compared to the pill pond within the Time Wilderness.

Unfortunately, this pill pond was empty, without a single pill in it.

Bypassing the pill pond, was something that resembled a sacrificial altar. Ning Cheng walked up to the platform and saw a sentence clearly etched onto the side of it, “If you want my legacy, then you must be a Demon Sect’s disciple. Drip a drop of blood to pay respects, and if acknowledged, you can obtain the legacy. Otherwise, face complete extermination.”

Ning Cheng felt speechless; it was just a legacy, but it required a drop of blood from a Demonic Cultivator. He had to call out Chasing Bull, and pointed it towards the altar and said, “Chasing Bull, here’s your chance. Daoist Crow wants you to put a drop of blood before we get the treasure.”

“For the master to give such an opportunity to me, this old bull will do his best.” As Chasing Bull spoke, it forced out a drop of blood and let it fall onto the altar.

Ning Cheng believed that Chasing Bull’s blood most likely met the requirement. If the blood of a Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull’s blood did not work, then this old crow’s conditions were simply too high.

Sure enough, after just a few breaths, red light erupted from the altar before condensing into a flickering shadow in front of Chasing Bull and Ning Cheng.

The flickering shadow stared at Ning Cheng and spoke up in a cold voice, “You dare covet this Daoist Crow’s stuff with your cultivation alone.”

Ning Cheng held up his cupped fists and spoke, “As a starry sky cultivator, or rather as a Dao Confirming Cultivator, you’re still tangled up with people’s cultivation, and if they are Demonic Cultivators? I really wonder how you managed to confirm your Dao. All beings are equal since the time heaven and earth split, who can say who is a demon and who is a human? It’s truly a shame.”

The flickering show remained silent for a long time and didn’t even pay any attention to the fact that Ning Cheng was a human cultivator. Instead, it spoke up with a condensed voice, “If you want my legacy, then you must help me retrieve this one thing. Bring back the Fire Origin Bead and all the things ten miles around it. Bring them back to me.”

Ning Cheng and Chasing Bull both understood what Daoist Crow wanted. But Ning Cheng naturally would not agree to it. Chasing Bull quickly spoke up, “As long as I obtain these things, this old bull will bring it back to you.”

How could the flickering shadow not realise Ning Cheng and Chasing Bull’s scheme? It gave out a sigh and didn’t say anything more. After another breath, the flickering shadow disappeared.

A storage ring then appeared on the altar; apparently in tacit approval.

“Master, it looks like that Daoist Crow knew nothing about what you spoke. He doesn’t even know about the equality of all beings, hehe…..” Chasing Bull quickly tried to flatter him from the side.

Ning Cheng shook his head and spoke, “That’s not it. He should be already aware that he couldn’t do anything to us right now with only a projection. That’s why he chose to retreat.”

Ning Cheng had spoken quite correctly. As for the equality of all living beings and the other stuff, it was definitely all nonsense. If Daoist Crow could be so easily deceived, then he would have never become a Dao Confirming Cultivator. It looks like he decided to back off due to some unavoidable situation.

Ning Cheng raised his hand and grabbed the storage ring. Sweeping in with his Spiritual Consciousness, he found that it contained no restrictions whatsoever, nor did it hinder Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness in any way.

However, when Ning Cheng saw the inside, he felt utterly shaken. He had no choice but to admire Daoist Crow’s wealth, and this was just a legacy that he left behind for future generations and nothing more.

It had many jade strips containing many different cultivation methods, piles of medicinal pills sealed by restrictions, followed by weapon after weapon, with bunches of top-grade Flame Wind Crows’ tail feathers. Each of these items was not someone could easily buy on the outside.

The storage ring even contained three caskets filled with Scarlet Crow Flames. Ning Cheng’s casual sweep of the three chests of Scarlet Crow Flames made him understand that these flames were of a much higher quality compared to the Scarlet Crow Flames that he had seen in those structures outside.

However, the biggest surprise for Ning Cheng was the pile of Perpetual Moon Pills, which erased the disappointment caused by the empty pill pond behind him. As Ning Cheng looked at this pile of Perpetual Moon Pills, he estimated that it contained at least ten million Perpetual Moon Pills. No wonder he did not find any Perpetual Moon Pills in the pill pond. Looks like this old crow had brought them all and collected it in this storage space.

As for Permanent Essence Pills that Ning Cheng had some expectations about, he did not find a single one inside, which he considered quite normal. With Daoist Crow’s cultivation, Perpetual Moon Pills might not have any effect on him, but Permanent Essence Pills definitely would provide him with some help. Since such things still had some uses for him, then he, of course, would not leave them behind as a legacy to a disciple that he had never even seen before.

Ning Cheng had just put away the ring when the altar cracked open. In the middle of the split platform, he found another line of words, “The greatest enemy of my life is Bai Ziting. Be warned to whoever obtains my legacy; this person would also become a strong enemy of you in the future. Without confirming your Dao, you would never be this person’s opponent, always keep this in mind. The jade card that you used to open the door is also the one that contains my Dao Confirming Insights.”

Hearing that the jade card contained this fellow’s Dao Confirming Insights, Ning Cheng immediately swept his Spiritual Consciousness into it. However, he could see nothing apart from the material that made up the jade card.

Ning Cheng pulled up the jade card and stared at it stupidly. How did this fellow expect others to see the Dao Confirming Insights recorded onto this jade card? Even if one wanted to split it, there was only one jade card. Who the hell could even use it?

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness once again swept through the entirety of this hall. Convinced that he did not leave anything unseen, Ning Cheng then let Chasing Bull into the True Spirit World before opening the door once again.

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