Chapter 0647

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Chapter 0647: To stay behind and fight

Ning Cheng had just opened the door when a staggering figure rushed over.

“Dou Di? What’s wrong with you…..” Ning Cheng did not need to ask. His Spiritual Consciousness had already seen everything outside.

The array entrance through which they had come inside had already shattered; in addition to the other twelve people who had chosen the right entrance, the 17 people from the left entrance had also come inside.

Warren and Yu Wanxue lay collapsed on the ground with blood covering them all over. Warren had already lost his arms and half of his legs. As for Yu Wanxue, she had lost an arm. From the aura’s of the two, Ning Cheng could see that both of them were seriously injured, including their Zifu. As for Ou Hongxin, the other member of their team, Ning Cheng did not see him anywhere near them.

Ma Ximen, who originally had chosen the left entrance, was holding a storage ring. Seeing the ring, Ning Cheng immediately recognised it as Yu Wanxue’s ring.

“Brother Cheng, those guys came in and besieged us all. Senior Apprentice Brother Warren and Senior Apprentice Sister Wanxue suffered severe injuries, but Senior Apprentice Brother Ou Hongxin died…..” Dou Di anxiously recounted everything as soon as she saw Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng nodded and spoke, “Let’s go and see.”

“We can’t go there….” Dou Di had just spoken a few words when she immediately stopped. So what if they didn’t go there? Those people could still come over here.

“Good kid. I really couldn’t gauge you. Not only proficient in array formations but even understood that the true array entrance was within the right entrance.” As soon as Ning Cheng came over, Ma Ximen spoke with a sneer.

Warren, who struggled to sit upon the ground, stared at Ma Ximen with an angry look, “Ma Ximen, do you have any shame? All of us had already picked sides, and now you even act so shamelessly to come over to the array entrance on the right.”

Yu Wanxue looked at Ning Cheng in despair but did not speak. Even the bones of her shorn off arm had broken, and with her current cultivation, although she could regenerate it, it would still take some time. Not to mention that Ma Ximen’s people were also here. If she didn’t even have a life, then why was there any need to talk about regenerating her arms?

“Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng, those fellows not only robbed Senior Apprentice Brother Ou Hongxin’s things but also killed him. They didn’t even spare his corporeal body or even his life essence …” Dou Di stood beside Ning Cheng and stared at Ma Ximen with hatred. Despite that, she knew very well that it would be challenging to leave this place alive.

Although Ou Hongxin had not spoken much, Ning Cheng felt that the fellow definitely had a shrewd mind, so he would definitely remain vigilant. Yet, most likely, he didn’t expect to die by Ma Ximen’s hands just after coming inside and making some small fortune. Although everyone had gathered in one place, this scene immediately caused murderous intent to overflow from Ning Cheng’s heart.

Ning Cheng could also tell that if Warren and Yu Wanxue were not late-stage Heaven’s Mandate Cultivators, they would have also died in the same way at Ma Ximen’s hands just like Ou Hongxin. As for Dou Di, the female cultivator with the lowest cultivation, she managed to escape down the long path towards Ning Cheng. From this, he also understood that Dou Di was not someone simple.

“Looks like you really are shameless, even your words don’t mean fart, isn’t it? Since you chose the left entrance, how come you came to the right one?” Ning Cheng looked at Ma Ximen and spoke with a cold voice.

Ma Ximen’s eyes flashed with a ruthless light. He stepped forward and spoke up, “That’s true. I did say that. But Long Xiu invited us here, which was obviously not something that was discussed before. Since you’re side invited us to help, and if we didn’t help, it would only let down our friends. If not for that, I would have never come over. However, I came to know that you five wanted to take away everything here by yourselves. This is just too much, I, Ma Ximen, definitely can’t stand for such behaviour.”

No one came forward to speak for Ning Cheng, and Ning Cheng understood why. One, just as Ma Ximen stated, then five of them did indeed came inside to take away things by themselves. Second, Ma Ximen and the others were too strong.

Ning Cheng sneered, “How could this Long Xiu be worth even a fart? He can only represent himself, since when could he represent everyone on this side? At least, he doesn’t represent me.”

“You’re looking for death….” Long Xiu had come inside a step later and could not get anything, which made him feel very depressed. Now Ning Cheng, a puny Undead Cultivator, dared to sneer at him for being a fart. What was this if not looking for death?

After he spoke those words, Long Xiu brought out nine concealed hooks, which gave out a tragic and otherworldly light over the black stone path.

Ning Cheng already knew that it would be impossible to get out of this situation without a fight; in any case, he also did not intend to let Ma Ximen go.

Almost at the same moment that Long Xiu brought out those nine concealed hooks, Ning Cheng also brought out a regular spear-type middle-grade Dao Artefact and took a step forward.

The formidable imposing aura and the mighty Domain instantly overwhelmed Long Xiu with the illusion that he was not facing an Undead Cultivator, but a Heaven Seated Cultivator. The might contained within this Domain completely crushed his own Domain, making him feel uncomfortable all over. The next moment, a sense of deadly crisis rose from the bottom of his heart.

This fellow is not an Undead Cultivator, Long Xiu came up with the answer in just an instant. But at this moment, Ning Cheng’s Domain had utterly suppressed him, and he had no room to step back. Panicking, Long Xiu crazily pumped in 100% of his Celestial Essence into the nine concealed hooks, which in response, gave out more gloomy lights with mournful sounds.

In the past, once ordinary people got swept by these nine concealed hooks’ gloomy lights, the only path left for them was that of death. However, Ning Cheng was not an ordinary person. His Domain tore apart Long Xiu’s Domain in almost an instant. With Long Xiu’s Domain in shreds, the spear then gathered the spear shadows to form into a path, which completely shrouded Long Xiu’s nine concealed hooks’ gloomy lights.

As the path directly pierced through the empty space, the scorching spear lights felt like it had directly appeared in front of his eyes. Long Xiu could clearly feel the gloomy lights from his nine concealed hooks dissipating as if snow melting away under the hot sun. In just two breaths, he saw the endless spear lights sweeping over, while the gloomy lights from his nine concealed hooks dissipated completely.

This definitely was not something that he could resist. Long Xiu instantly realised. With his heart and soul on the verge of collapse, he cried out with everything he got, “Senior, please spare…..”

However, Ning Cheng’s Nothingness Flame Patterned Spear had suppressed his voice entirely. Therefore, even if Ning Cheng wanted to, he couldn’t hear Long Xiu’s words at all. Long Xiu’s had nothing but regret filling his heart. Since Ma Ximen had come here, why did he help Ma Ximen speak? Nothing good ever came by meddling in matters that one couldn’t handle.

However, his thoughts ended at this point. The next moment, his whole body alternated between scorching heat and icy cold as the Flame Patterned Spear Shadows passed through his body, tearing him to pieces. Even his Soul Essence could not escape annihilation.

“Plop….” Long Xiu’s broken body fell to the ground, the nine concealed hooks in his hand fell to one side.

The cultivators on the sidelines fell silent. Since Ning Cheng could lead the way into this place then presumably he had a few tricks up his sleeves. However, no one thought that Ning Cheng could actually defeat Long Xiu.

The celestial wheels behind Ning Cheng looked vague, and at best, indicated that he was in the Undead Realm. While Long Xiu was an experienced cultivator at the full-circle of Heaven’s Mandate Realm. Just by this contrast, Ning Cheng definitely should not be an opponent against Long Xiu. But the fact went beyond everyone’s expectations. Not only did Ning Cheng defeat Long Xiu, but Long Xiu also couldn’t survive a single move from Ning Cheng.

Some of the cultivators near to Ning Cheng, subconsciously retreated, while their gazes at Ning Cheng got clouded over by fear. Some people even thought that Ning Cheng was not a cultivator in the Celestial River Realm, but had already surpassed the Celestial River Realm and was a cultivator in the Heaven Seated Realm.

Ma Ximen also felt shocked at Ning Cheng’s attack, causing him to step back unconsciously while clutching onto a Tri-gate Truncheon.

The Tri-gate Truncheon was a very unique weapon and something difficult to craft, as it required one to have a strong knowledge of array formations apart from high proficiency in crafting artefacts.

This weapon looked no different from an ordinary long stick on the surface. However, the weapon had three hidden gates, namely the Bereavement Gate, the Soul Gate, and the Damnation Gate. When fighting against an opponent, once the opponent got locked in by any gate, that fellow would ultimately become a departed spirit under the Tri-gate Truncheon.

Ning Cheng had once crafted the Tri-gate Truncheon and knew that this weapon was not something easy to deal with; however, he still did not take it seriously. Since he could craft the Tri-gate Truncheon himself, why would he fear a single weapon? Although it might seem like arrogance on his part, the Tri-gate Truncheon was just a boomstick in Ning Cheng’s eyes.

“Brother Cheng……” Warren and Yu Wanxue exclaimed in surprise from the side. Ning Cheng turned out much more powerful than they had imagined. No wonder this fellow dared to team up with them. With such a formidable skill, if they had any wicked thoughts in their hearts, this fellow could have easily killed them all.

Ning Cheng just nodded to the two of them before grabbing Long Xiu’s storage ring and speaking to Dou Di, “Junior Apprentice Sister Dou, do me a favour and go help Warren and your Senior Apprentice Sister get back their severed limbs.”

Warren and Yu Wanxue’s shorn off limbs were only cut off from their bodies and not destroyed. This way, they could just pick them up and reattach it to their bodies. Otherwise, even if an Undead Cultivator could regenerate amputated limbs, it would still require the assistance of some high-grade Spiritual Grasses to speed up the process. Moreover, the regenerated limbs would have a relatively weaker strength compared to the original. And only through years of cultivation would the regenerated limbs reach the same level as the original limbs.

“Yes, Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng.” Dou Di quickly rushed over to help.

If Dou Di had tried to do this before Ning Cheng killed Long Xiu, someone would have definitely stopped her. But now, no one dared to stop Dou Di.

“Were you the one who killed Ou Hongxin from our team?” Ning Cheng grabbed the spear once again and casually walked towards Ma Ximen.

Ma Ximen subconsciously retreated two steps, but then he felt that he should not back down and immediately stepped forward and spoke, “That’s right, it was this grandpa Ma who killed him….”

The rest of his team members had also seen Ning Cheng’s power. Yet they still rushed forward before the six of them fanned out into a semicircle to surround Ning Cheng. However, because of the fear of Ning Cheng, although the six people surrounded Ning Cheng in a semi-circle, no one struck out first.

Ma Ximen still did not feel reassured, and immediately shouted to the rest of the cultivators, “Let’s fight together. This person definitely obtained many good things inside. Once we kill this person, we can then split the things on him equally.”

Ning Cheng was not in a hurry to attack. He also glanced at the cultivators around him. When Ning Cheng’s gaze swept towards them, several eagerly waiting cultivators felt cold sweat trickling down their backs and immediately dismissed the thought of going up against Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng had not even exposed his actual cultivation. Who could say for sure if he was a Heaven Seated Powerhouse or not; especially when he killed off Long Xiu with a single attack and spoke to Ma Ximen in such a calm manner?

“Dou Di, take Brother Warren and Senior Apprentice Sister Yu out first. I’ll bring out their storage rings later.” Ning Cheng turned his head towards Dou Di and spoke.

Dou Di did not hesitate to pick up Warren and Yu Wanxue before squeezing out of the crowd. Even when Dou Di took them out, no one came out to stop them. Even Ma Ximen didn’t stop them. They all focused their attention on Ning Cheng.

After the Dou Di trio went out, Ning Cheng calmly looked at the more than twenty people in front of him and spoke with an indifferent voice, “From now on, I’ll count to five. If you wish to stay here and fight me, then I will not show any mercy. If you don’t want to become enemies with me, then just get the fuck out right now.”

Ning Cheng finished, and without waiting for the people around him to speak up, he started counting, “5, 4, 3….”

Ning Cheng did not count slowly; rather, each breath was a count.

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