Chapter 0669

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Chapter 0669: Ripping the void and leaving

After calling out a few more times and not receiving any answer from An Yi, the owner of the voice gave out a sigh and walked away. An Yi looked at her master’s coffin with sadness. She was fortunate to have two kind masters in life who had not only taken her in under their care but also fiercely guarded her. But fate truly liked to play with people. Her first master perished as her longevity eventually ran out, while her second master had also passed away suddenly.

At this moment, the yellow jade on her chest suddenly started giving off a faint light, which quickly enveloped An Yi.

At this moment, An Yi felt as if she had broken free from her shackles, which made her entire body relaxed. It was as if someone had suddenly taken away the weight burdening her shoulders over countless years.

A kind of unspeakable warmth and relaxation spread throughout her body, to the point that it felt as if her body would simply float off the ground. She clearly saw Ning Cheng standing in front of her and understood that Ning Cheng must have been the one who helped her by removing that burden. Ning Cheng was the one who had restored her freedom.

“Big Brother Ning, is that really you?” Tears dropped down from An Yi’s eyes. The moment she saw Ning Cheng, her heart started to soar. She wanted to reach out and touch Ning Cheng. But although the distance looked so close, she knew that she would never be able to reach him.

Only Big Brother Ning remained true to her. Even when exiled to the other end of the world, only Big Brother Ning would not care about the dangers behind him to help her.

If she had to do it all over again, she would rather die than follow someone else to the Clear Heart Academy. Even if she had to fight Ning Cheng for it, she would adamantly follow no one but Big Brother Ning. Because after that time, she never saw her Big Brother Ning again, nor did she hear anything about him.

“An Yi, are you doing alright?” An Yi heard Ning Cheng’s sadness-filled words and could no longer contain her tears, and they burst forth like a dam breaking down. Big Brother Ning still thought about her.

She cried out, “Big Brother Ning, I’m here, I’m here…..”

But the sound only looped around her master’s cave. However, the figure of Big Brother Ning quickly disappeared without a trace.

This was not a hallucination, it’s definitely not…..

An Yi immediately wanted to stand up and rush out to look for Ning Cheng. But at this moment, the yellow jade over her chest shone even more brightly. A warmth-filled aura started to pour into her chest, and a lot of information began to appear in her mind without any apparent reason. It even caused her to operate her Heavenly Cycle unconsciously. But her cultivation method mysteriously changed from the one she had used until now.

The shackles that had held her cultivation back for many years melted away in just an instant.

Late-stage Profound Core, Soul Essence, Soul Sculpting, Sea Opening, Crucible Transformation, Plundering Life…..

She even realised her Domain, and her Domain reached full-circle in just an instant. She saw a whole new starry sky world as her cultivation quickly broke through the Domain Realm and reached early-stage Celestial Novice within the Celestial Scryer Realm.

As her cultivation had advanced to the Celestial Novice Realm in just the twinkling of an eye, it encountered an intense pressure bearing down from the laws of the heaven and earth of this world, which made it so that she could not breathe. It seemed that this pressure wanted to erase her completely. However, at this time, the yellow jade on her chest rose up by itself and manifested a ripple-like shield that completely covered her up and isolated her from the pressure. The laws simply couldn’t penetrate through the shield, and her cultivation continued to soar. It felt that as long as she didn’t stop cultivating consciously, her cultivation ascent would also not stop.

Celestial Shatterer, Celestial Gatherer…. Celestial Bridge, Undead, Heaven’s Mandate…..

More and more information kept appearing in her mind, mixed with information about various spirit techniques. She also understood, through that information, that she had committed a grave mistake in the past, which resulted in someone punishing her for it by forcing her to guard the blood river between positional planes. Moreover, as a part of the punishment, someone had put shackles over her cultivation, making it so that she could not cultivate past a certain level at all…..

At this moment, as her cultivation continued to soar crazily, she understood that this had happened because someone had taken ‘her’ away from guarding that gap. As the vast amount of chaotic information poured in, the yellow jade over her chest also gave off an increasingly bright and mysterious aura. It felt as if nothing in the world would be able to stop the rise of her cultivation.

Heaven Seated, Life and Death, Eternal…..

When she broke through to the Eternal Realm, she saw another entirely new world. And only at this moment did the yellow jade over her chest finally settle down. In addition to some faint ripples that originated from the shield, she had regained her original appearance.

An Yi finally stood up with a calm face. But she knew it clear as day that at this moment the entire Graceful Star Mainland would crumble to dust with just a stamp from her feet.

“Thank you, Big Brother Ning. I know, it must have been you…..” An Yi looked up into the sky at some faraway point and spoke up with a soft voice. Besides Big Brother Ning, who would save her? Even if others saw her, they would only see her as a guardian statue of the blood river. None of them would even bother taking a second look.

She turned around and knelt down again in front of her master’s coffin, and after three respect-filled kowtows, she slowly stood up.

Just then, a voice once again came from the outside, “An Yi, it’s time to take your master away from here. It’s already been one year since you kept watch over your master’s coffin.”

“Half a year passed by in the blink of an eye.” An Yi thought to herself as she looked back at her master’s cave one last time before stepping out.

A middle-aged man, on seeing An Yi coming out, immediately smiled and spoke up, “An Yi, it’s time to pass this cave on to someone else. You kept a watch over your master’s coffin for a year, which shows your pious heart. Let me share something with you, this is Senior Apprentice Brother Guan Han of our Celestial Moon Pill Sect. It’s only been 20 years since he started cultivating and he has already reached the late-stage of Soul Essence Realm. In the past, the Guan Clan had asked your master for your hand in marriage. Therefore, you will be marrying into the Guan Clan.”

The middle-aged man didn’t even bother to ask for An Yi’s opinion. Moreover, he looked a lot older than Guan Han, yet he still addressed Guan Han as Senior Apprentice Brother without any qualms.

An Yi shook her head faintly and looked back at her master’s cave, but didn’t speak for a long time.

The middle-aged man’s expressions turned sour at this, “An Yi, it’s already a heaven-sent blessing that Senior Apprentice Brother Guan took a fancy to you. Did you not know that if it weren’t for Senior Apprentice Guan, you wouldn’t have managed to keep a watch over your master’s coffin for a year?”

An Yi still didn’t look at him and instead, spoke in a calm tone, “This is my master’s resting place from now on. No one should ever come to disturb it.”

While speaking, An Yi raised her hand and made some mysterious gestures one after another. It was clearly a cave in a mountain, but it quickly turned into a cemetery. Then An Yi raised her hand and grabbed the air randomly a few times, each grabbing motion involved grabbing a few verdant peaks.

An Yi then placed these huge peaks around her master’s graveyard, forming a massive defensive array.

Seeing several massive mountain peaks flying through the sky above the Celestial Moon Pill Sect, it immediately alarmed all the elders and ancestors within the sect. They quickly came out, and when they saw An Yi grabbing the peaks out of the air, they almost turned into wooden chickens. Many years ago, An Yi definitely was a genius disciple in the Celestial Moon Pill Sect. But ever since An Yi reached the Profound Core Realm, her cultivation progress stopped there. After that, everybody stopped paying attention to An Yi except An Yi’s master.

But at this time, An Yi had grabbed giant peaks one after another from thousands of miles away. What kind of cultivation was this? This strength definitely belonged to a top-tier powerhouse that had decided to seclude herself in this place.

After An Yi laid out the array formation around her master’s graveyard, she raised her hand and swept away the middle-aged man and Guan Han, who could only look at each other in shock, out of the mountain entrance.

After a few more kowtows in front of her master’s cave, An Yi then turned towards the Celestial Moon Pill Sect’s elders, who looked frozen in shock, and spoke, “I will be taking my leave now. No one should ever think of moving my master’s grave.”

She had an inherently gentle personality, and even if her cultivation had risen to a terrifying level, her words did not give any indication of a threat. Even a normal middle-aged man would not feel any danger from her words and demeanour.

However, after saying this, An Yi stepped into the air, raised her hand, and tore open the sky in front of her, before stepping into the void.

Ripping open the void interface!? All the elders turned completely silly. As for the Celestial Moon Pill Sect’s Sect Head, he simply couldn’t close his mouth anymore. He even forgot about his position and even the purpose of him coming here.

Despite cultivating to this day, they had never heard of someone in the Graceful Star Mainland who could tear apart the void interface and step inside, let alone personally witness it.

But soon, the elders and the Sect Head sobered up, quickly fell to their knees, and shouted, “Respectful farewells to Ancestor An Yi…..”

Only after kneeling for an hour did the Celestial Moon Pill Sect’s elders and the Sect Head dared to stand up. One of the elders immediately rushed to the middle-aged man who An Yi had swept out and picked him up like chicken for slaughter before speaking to him with an ice-cold tone, “Deacon Ling, you sure are a brave man to bring someone to force a marriage with our Celestial Moon Pill Sect’s ancestor…..”

“…..” The Deacon could not say even a single word at this time. How could he know that An Yi was the Celestial Moon Pill Sect’s ancestor? If he knew about it, then even if people tortured him to death, he would never come here to force a marriage, aah.


The moment Ning Cheng completely removed An Yi’s statue, the ground beneath his feet started to tremble followed by a roar that echoed throughout the place. It was the prelude to the collapse of the temple.

Ning Cheng was too familiar with that roar, this roar was the same one he had heard from the blood river. He did not overthink and immediately put away An Yi’s statue. The previously invisible blood river appeared once again roaring with even more intensity. If it continued like this, then the temple would definitely collapse in a few moments.

Why would Ning Cheng willingly dare to stay here under such conditions? He immediately rushed out of the temple’s entrance. The moment he rushed out of the temple, another mighty roar came from somewhere behind him.

Ning Cheng did not dare to look back. Immediately bringing out the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan, he ordered it to push itself to the limits to move past the Wood Transformation Forest. Ning Cheng felt that the huge blood river was on the brink of explosion and that the black hole seen previously might just swallow him up. Therefore, after entering the Wood Transformation Forest, his speed increased by several levels compared to when he came to this place.

A few days later, Ning Cheng rushed out from between the two huge pillars. He could still hear the roar behind him. Ning Cheng felt slightly afraid that this disaster would end up attracting the attention of the Eternal Night Domain. Therefore, he directly brought out the Starry Sky Wheel and quickly sped away.


Ning Cheng promptly decided on a direction, wanting to head to the place marked on Yang Jun’s jade strip. It had already been quite long since he left the Eternal Night Domain. He believed that the cultivators from the Su Clan would not stay at the edge of the maelstrom formed by the spacial collapse for such a long time.

Moreover, he was also on the verge of breaking through to the Heaven Seated Realm, but it required a lot of cultivation resources. At the same time, he also planned to leave the Eternal Night Domain to go back and find his sister, Luofei, and others after advancing to the Heaven Seated Realm.

With the epiphany he experienced in the Temple of Fallen Stars, Ning Cheng’s overall strength had risen to a whole new level. Therefore, as his power rose, the speed with which he refined the Starry Sky Wheel also grew faster. By this time, he had already refined 60 layers of restrictions covering the Starry Sky Wheel. Four months later, Ning Cheng arrived at the location where he wanted to come.

After putting away the Starry Sky Wheel, Ning Cheng then turned to focus his attention on the incomparably huge maelstrom rumoured to have formed from a Spacial Collapse. From what he saw, this maelstrom definitely came into existence from a Spacial Collapse. Just as Yan Jun said, it would periodically shoot out one stream of Starry Sky Essence Qi after another. No one would be able to use these Starry Sky Essence Qi streams for cultivation as it would quickly dissipate into nothingness after it appeared.

There was also no one around here, as Ning Cheng expected. Regardless, Ning Cheng was a decisive person. Since he already made up his mind, then he would not show even a hint of hesitation. Without wasting any more time, Ning Cheng immediately rushed into the maelstrom formed out of a spacial collapse. The moment just before he rushed inside, he immediately entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

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