Chapter 0670

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Chapter 0670: Coming Out

Radial Immortal Star’s Penannular Jade City. People had long forgotten about the things relating to the sudden opening of the Ice Immortal Ridge. After devouring thousands of cultivators, the Ice Immortal Ridge had closed up once again just like the last time.

Ji Luofei eventually gained consciousness after entering the Ice Immortal Ridge three years ago. However, during these three years, her cultivation gradually climbed back up to the Celestial Bridge once again.

This time, she felt sure that she wouldn’t succumb to the devilish flames. Three years ago, when she entered through the iron door, she found herself surrounded by innumerable cultivation crystals after gaining consciousness. Because of these crystals, her cultivation gradually recovered.

She knew that as long as she walked through the iron door from before and escaped the ice surrounding the Ice Immortal Ridge along the same path used while coming in, she could get to keep her little life. However, over the past three years, she couldn’t come out of the ice room with the iron door. Moreover, the only thing it contained apart from the door was a lot of cultivation crystals filled with Essence Qi.

Because Ji Luofei could not find any other point of exit, she decided to stay in this place and go into secluded cultivation.

It was also because of this decision that she could gradually restore her cultivation. At the same time, Ji Luofei periodically searched the ice room to find another exit out of boredom but found nothing. As for the iron door opening into the icy lake, it had already frozen over by the time she first regained consciousness. She could no longer open it with her cultivation no matter what she tried.

Was she sealed in this place for the rest of her life? Locked up in this place, how would Ning Cheng find her in the future?

“Boom…..” Ji Luofei was still thinking about how to get out of this place, thinking about Ning Cheng, when the ice ceiling above her head suddenly burst open, and a white-robed woman with snowy complexion descended into the room from the hole in the ceiling.

Ji Luofei immediately sobered up and rushed to one of the corners of the room to avoid her. As her Spiritual Consciousness swept out through the hole, she saw the blue sky and white clouds, which made her even more shocked. Who was this white-robed woman? How could she break through the Ice Immortal Ridge’s horrifyingly hard ice and come to this place?

The woman’s cold gaze swept towards Ji Luofei. She lifted her hand and Shi Qionghua, who lay unconscious in Ji Luofei’s Miniature World, suddenly appeared suspended in front of her. As for the restrictions covering Ji Luofei’s Miniature World Ring, they were like ornamental pieces in front of this woman.

After this woman’s gaze swept over Shi Qionghua’s body, her cold gaze immediately shot towards Ji Luofei as she asked with a sharp voice, “Who put my big sister in this state? Speak…..”

As the imposing aura flowed out of her like a raging ocean, Ji Luofei found that she couldn’t even move anymore.

However, Ji Luofei immediately realised that this woman was not someone from the Everlasting Sacred Shrine. She felt slightly relieved as she spoke up, “Big Sister Qionghua cast a life-preserving forbidden technique called Concealing Soul Wishing Life. It caused her to fall into a deep sleep to protect her life. Our husband is currently outside looking for a thing that could save her life.”

The only reason Ji Luofei had said this was because this white-robed woman had addressed Qionghua as her big sister.

“Whose husband?!” The white-robed woman’s imposing aura grew even colder.

Ji Luofei told the truth, “Me and Big Sister Qionghua’s husband, he….”

“What? Big Sister got married?!” The white-robed woman grabbed Shi Qionghua’s wrist, but her expressions quickly changed.

Shi Qionghua had indeed consummated in her previous incarnation; although her Pure Yin in this incarnation remains intact, the damage from the past left a terrible rift in her sister’s supreme Dao Laws.

Previously, she had noticed her Big Sister Niang Qinyin’s Soul Lamp, which glowed brightly till that point, suddenly weaken to barely a wisp. She immediately understood that there was no possibility of her sister to reincarnate again. This forced her to rush out and look for her big sister. However, she never expected that her sister would end up consummating in her last life. Moreover, she also had a husband in this life. Additionally, this ‘husband’ also had another woman as his wife, which made it utterly unbearable for her.

As the anger within this white-robed woman’s heart grew, she took out a medicinal pill and put it into Shi Qionghua’s mouth, while she raised her other hand to kill Ji Luofei. However, just when she was about to slam her hand down, she immediately stopped her motion and coldly asked, “What’s your husband’s name?”

Ji Luofei locked her lips and said nothing. Although she felt slightly relieved that Big Sister Qionghua had a sister, this sister of hers looked a little too unreasonable.

“Even if you don’t say it, I don’t believe that I can’t find him by searching your soul.” The white-robed woman gave a snort and extended her hand to reach Ji Luofei’s forehead.

Just then, Shi Qionghua’s faint voice emerged, “If you hurt Sister Luofei, I’ll never let you go…..”

Shi Qionghua only spoke a sentence before falling unconsciousness once again.

The white-robed woman felt stunned, but she did not continue to search Ji Luofei’s soul, nor did she ask Ji Luofei for her husband’s name.

She retracted her hand, but stared at Ji Luofei with an even colder gaze, “Daring to destroy my Big Sister’s Dao Laws, whoever he is, this Niang Cuo would definitely turn his bones to ashes…..”

When this white-robed woman finished, she raised her hand and slapped at the ice wall next to her in anger. Then, with a flash of light, her figure disappeared from the hole she entered along with the unconscious Shi Qionghua.

Ji Luofei watched in horror at the disappearing white-robed woman and worried even more about Ning Cheng.

“Boom…..” As for the ice wall struck by the white-robed woman’s palm, it immediately exploded, and another room appeared in front of Ji Luofei.

With the ice wall of the room blasted open, Ji Luofei immediately saw the things inside the room. She saw a skeleton sitting in the middle of the room with a storage ring lying on the ground around thirty feet in front of the skeleton. Ji Luofei carefully walked over and picked up the storage ring.

Although Ji Luofei walked over carefully, the sound of her footsteps still echoed within the chamber, causing the skeleton within the room to turn into dust before it scattered.

Ji Luofei froze. She forgot about the storage ring in her hand. Typically, in such a cold place, even if ordinary people died, they wouldn’t turn into dust, let alone a powerful cultivator.

Just when she wanted to come closer to examine, she suddenly noticed a fishy aroma, which caused her to feel dizzy.

Not good, this corpse contained poison. Most likely, it was poisoned to death. Ji Luofei hurried out of the chamber and then rushed out through the same hole in the ceiling created by the white-robed woman.

Since that white-robed woman had broken into this place, then she absolutely cannot stay here anymore.

It was not long since Ji Luofei rushed out when a Daoist shadow controlling a flight-type weapon rushed over. The Immortal Ridge could no longer stop the cultivators wanting to rush in for treasures.


Ning Cheng did not know for how long had he drifted around within the Spacial Collapse, but he knew that the Mysterious Yellow Bead had finally stopped. At the very least, when his Spiritual Consciousness swept out, he found that the Mysterious Yellow Bead was just spinning around in one place and was not drifting away anymore.

Wind Edges, one after another, brushed past within the range of Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness, interspersed with some Spacial Dislocations.

Ning Cheng carefully emerged from the Mysterious Yellow Bead. He did not feel any fear towards these Spacial Wind Edges, his Everlasting Blue Thunder City could still guard against these Spacial Wind Edges if needed. However, he had to keep a lookout for those Spacial Dislocations. Once a Spacial Dislocation swept towards him, then even if his forged body grew stronger by several times, it would still end up splitting in half.

Ning Cheng had just stabilised his body when a Wind Edge scratched past his body.

“Puff-Puff…..” Two ear grinding skin-tearing sounds emerged, as Ning Cheng’s robes immediately split and the Wind Edge directly cut into Ning Cheng’s flesh.

The Spacial Wind Edges in this place were much stronger than what Ning Cheng had encountered in the void outside the Eternal Night Domain. However, Ning Cheng still did not bring out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City; instead, he operated the Body Forging Cultivation Method with all his strength, while carefully moving forward in the direction from where he sensed the densest amount of Celestial Essence and Spiritual Qi.

With the support of his formidable Spiritual Consciousness, he could sweep ahead to avoid the Spacial Dislocations and the more powerful Spacial Wind Edges. As long as he avoided the Spacial Dislocations and the more powerful Spacial Wind Edges, he would not have to face any significant problems. As for the ordinary Spacial Wind Edges in this place, Ning Cheng decided to use them to forge his body further.

Ning Cheng had never walked this slowly as he did today. With each step forward, he had to expend almost all of his energy, forcing him to stop for at least half an incense stick of time after each step. However, he believed that Duan Gantai, even with heaven-defying strength, could not come to this place to grab these things from him. Even Ning Cheng, if not for the help from the Mysterious Yellow Bead, could not have come to this place. If he had to force his way here without the bead, it would have definitely turned him into dust.

Now that he crossed the maelstrom formed by the Spacial Collapse, Ning Cheng believed that he would be able to find the source of those escaping Starry Sky Essence Qi streams by moving in the direction of the Celestial Essence and Spiritual Qi fluctuations that he had picked up. As such, he did not feel too anxious about hurrying things. He possessed a powerful Nirvana Corporeal Body even before he stepped into the void crack, which made him not much weaker compared to those with powerful cultivation.

Therefore, Ning Cheng decided to move forward, step by step, while focussing on forging his body. Every time his body reached the point that it could not withstand the tremendous pressure, Ning Cheng would take out an Ascending Dragon Orchid and fuse it with his corporeal body. After coming out from the Temple of Fallen Stars, although he did didn’t obtain many things from the inside, he at least had harvested many high-grade Starry Sky Spiritual Grasses. Not to mention a single Ascending Dragon Orchid, even if someone asked him to take out a hundred Ascending Dragon Orchid, he would be able to take it out without batting an eye. Sweeping through that forest was no less than harvesting several top-grade Starry Sky Spiritual Medicine Gardens at once.

A month later, Ning Cheng’s Celestial Body reached full-circle; as long as he took another step ahead, he could immediately break down the barrier to the Celestial River Body.

Under such a formidable body-forging environment, Ning Cheng eventually forgot what he came here to do. His initial idea was not to forge his body but to look for enough cultivation resources to help him advance to the Heaven Seated Realm.

But just when he quietly prepared himself to strike the body-forging barrier to the Celestial River Body, the Spacial Wind Edges around Ning Cheng suddenly disappeared. When Ning Cheng opened his eyes to look for what happened, his gaze immediately locked in on an enormous pill lake in front of him; the shock of seeing this pill lake had frozen him on the spot. As his gaze slowly moved away from this pill lake and towards the back, he felt even more shocked.

At this moment, there was only a single sentence ringing within his heart, ‘this father has finally made it rich’. Ning Cheng completely forgot that he had just come out of a formidable body-forging environment, and didn’t even bother to change his clothes.

Ning Cheng had indeed encountered a windfall. This huge pill lake in front of him contained nothing but Perpetual Moon Pills. Judging by the area covered by this Perpetual Moon Pill Lake in front of him, Ning Cheng could tell that it was several times larger than the pill pond he saw just outside the Temple of Fallen Stars.

Moreover, this pill lake was filled with tumbling Perpetual Moon Pills, each of which exuded pure Starry Sky Essence Qi. By a rough estimate, there were at least a billion pills in this lake. Those pills that rolled off the pill lake were all swept away by the Spacial Storms near its edges and into the direction Ning Cheng had followed. Ning Cheng immediately realised that this was the reason that the maelstrom periodically shot out streams of pure Starry Sky Essence Qi.

If this lake filled with Perpetual Moon Pills made Ning Cheng happy, then the Permanent Essence Pill Pond behind this Perpetual Moon Pill Lake made Ning Cheng almost ecstatic. Unfortunately, this Permanent Essence Pill Pond was truly too small compared to the one before him. At best, it only contained about a million Permanent Essence Pills.

Regardless, Ning Cheng quickly sobered up and rushed into the Perpetual Moon Pill Lake. The only thing on his mind right now was to sweep away all these Perpetual Moon Pills into his storage ring.

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