Chapter 0671

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Chapter 0671: The Might of the Heaven Seat

Ning Cheng picked up one heap of Perpetual Moon Pills after another and put it into his True Spiritual World. This was not the Time Wilderness, no one could snatch this away from him. In other words, every Perpetual Moon Pill here belonged to him.

When Ning Cheng collected the last heap of Perpetual Moon Pills, a Dragon eye fruit-sized pale golden pill suddenly flew out.

Celestial River Essence Qi King Pill? Ning Cheng immediately recognised it and felt pleasantly surprised. He did not hesitate to fly up and seize this pale golden Celestial River Essence Qi Pill King as fast as possible.

The Celestial River Essence Qi King Pill was the best pill to advance to the Heaven Seated Realm. It formed naturally and even contained hints of Dao Charm. It definitely was a lot superior compared to the artificially refined Severing Filth Heavenly Pill and the Accordance Heavenly Pill. Moreover, the smaller the Celestial River Essence Qi King Pill, the better the quality of the king pill, and the higher the purity it possessed.

The Celestial River Essence Qi King Pill in the Time Wilderness was only the size of an egg, but this Celestial River Essence Qi King Pill was the size of a Dragon-eye fruit, which meant that it was of a much higher grade compared to the latter.

After obtaining a treasure like the Celestial River Essence Qi King Pill, Ning Cheng carefully placed it in a jade box before putting it away and walking towards the Permanent Essence Pill Pond.

This Permanent Essence Pill Pond was much smaller than the Perpetual Moon Pill Lake. Ning Cheng estimated that it contained somewhere around a million Permanent Essence Pills in it. But even so, he felt satisfied with it. Permanent Essence Pills, in any case, were far more valuable and harder to obtain compared to Perpetual Moon Pills.

This time, Ning Cheng did not immediately put the Permanent Essence Pills into his True Spirit World. There were only a million Permanent Essence Pills in here, which means that if he wanted to store them away, it would not take more than a breath. But thinking back to the feeling Ning Cheng got when he obtained the Celestial River Essence Qi King Pill, it allowed him to gain a new understanding about his Dao, which was based on the Returning to One. Therefore, he felt that advancing to Heaven Seated Realm within the Permanent Essence Pill Pond would produce even better effects.

Although he had never tried surmounting major realm tribulations in the void, with his current strength and the Celestial River Essence Qi King Pill, plus the Permanent Essence Pill Pond, the likelihood of advancing to the Heaven Seated Realm was more than 90%.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng arranged a simple defensive array around the Permanent Essence Pill Pond before diving headfirst into it.

Ning Cheng had just entered the Permanent Essence Pill Pond when the pure and extremely rich Essence Qi washed over him. He didn’t even have to operate his heavenly cycle, yet the Celestial Essence contained in the Permanent Essence Pills automatically integrated with the Mysterious Yellow Origin and started to scour his meridians.

Ning Cheng quickly sat down, took out the Celestial River King Pill, and threw it into his mouth. He wanted to use it with the Permanent Essence Pill’s Essence Qi to search and strike the barrier to the Heaven Seated Realm.

The moment the Celestial River King Pill entered Ning Cheng’s mouth, it turned into a gurgling river filled with Celestial Essence, which was completely different from the one formed by Permanent Essence Pills. However, it quickly zeroed in on Ning Cheng’s cultivation barrier and struck it without even the need for Ning Cheng to guide it consciously.

At the same time, a unique Dao Charm Aura spread out from this river formed from this Celestial River King Pill that quickly submerged Ning Cheng’s mind and body. Ning Cheng freely let the aura from the Celestial River King Pill to wash through his body and remove all the cultivation obstacles he would have had to face in the Heaven’s Mandate Realm if he wanted to move forward naturally.

“Boom-Boom….” Damp explosions echoed through every inch of Ning Cheng’s meridians as a powerful impact force slammed into the Heaven Seated Realm’s cultivation barrier, the barrier that Ning Cheng could not even perceive previously let alone touch.

Ning Cheng’s body trembled violently. This impact not only violently shook the cultivation barrier, but the backlash produced also shook his corporeal body. Ning Cheng immediately realised that if he had not attained Body Forging Nirvana, just this single shockwave from the Heaven Seated Realm’s cultivation barrier would have been more than enough to shatter his corporeal body.

Fortunately, his attainments in forging the body had already reached a point that a single step forward would let him advance to the Celestial River Body.

“Bam…..” The formidable Celestial River Essence Qi within his body once again struck the Heaven Seated Realm’s cultivation barrier. However, the shockwave produced this time was just too intense, to the point that Ning Cheng couldn’t stand it anymore. It forced him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

His situation regarding advancing to the Heaven Seated Realm was just too strange. Even under such favourable conditions, the barrier stood still without any movements. This made Ning Cheng not want to strike again with full force. He felt afraid that the next shockwave might just completely shatter his corporeal body.

Just when Ning Cheng reigned in the Celestial River Essence Qi King Pill from continuing with the assault, a line of lightning arcs descended without any warning. Ning Cheng couldn’t even count them all, but an estimate suggested that it contained more than a hundred lightning arcs.

Ning Cheng roared and stood up. However, instead of bringing out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, he actually flew up. This thunder tribulation felt like it wanted to take full advantage of Ning Cheng’s most desperate situation, which immediately made Ning Cheng angry. If he tried to protect himself from this Thunder Tribulation, he would have to weaken his control over the impact force to strike the Heaven Seated Realm’s cultivation barrier. If his situation with the Heaven Seated Realm’s advancement were an ordinary one, it wouldn’t have mattered. But at this moment, this situation with the Heaven Seated Realm was just too perverted, to the point that it looked like heaven itself didn’t want him to breakthrough.

If it had waited a little longer, as long as he broke through the cultivation barrier to the Heaven Seated Realm, the Thunder Tribulation would not have mattered much and would even be quite helpful to him. But the heavens did not work according to one’s wishes; he hadn’t even managed to make a crack in the Heaven Seated Realm’s cultivation barrier when the Thunder Tribulation descended, which was akin to taking advantage of the fire to rob the house.

“Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom…..” The lightning arcs bombarded Ning Cheng in a furious onslaught. Ning Cheng already had no clothes on him; therefore, this descending Thunder Tribulation instantly blew open Ning Cheng’s skin upon contact. Even if Ning Cheng had a full-circle Celestial Body, his bones could not withstand even a single lightning arc from this Heaven Seated Thunder Tribulation. At the same time, if it weren’t for his full-circle Celestial Body, he would have definitely died even before the Thunder Tribulation stuck him.

“Kaka…..” As the lightning arcs kept descending, Ning Cheng’s bones kept shattering one after another, before reassembling under the operation of Ning Cheng’s formidable Body Forging Cultivation Method and insane determination.

“Dong-Dong….” This wave of thunder tribulation had just ended, and the next wave of Thunder Tribulation arcs had not yet descended when Ning Cheng felt his heart suddenly beating violently. A moment later, his skeleton and torn up corporeal body healed in almost an instant.

A stronger sense of strength suddenly surged into his mind. This almost insane increase in his body’s physical strength made Ning Cheng roar again. This sense of power had pushed his spirit to the extreme.

At this moment, although Ning Cheng had not advanced to the Heaven Seated Realm, his body had broken through the limits of the Celestial Body and metamorphosed into the Celestial River Body.

Although the Celestial Body and the Celestial River Body only had a difference of one character in their names, the power gap between the two couldn’t even be compared on the same level.

“Boom, Boom…..” More lightning arcs stormed down towards him with abandoned; however, Ning Cheng brought out his Nirvana Spear and thrust it forward.

This one spear was the one he had comprehended after realising some of the Dao Laws in Returning to One. This was no longer a spear per se, but a real spirit technique that combined several spear skills.

All the lightning arcs seemed to have been swept away by this single spear, but when the spear shadows dispersed from Ning Cheng’s hands, the scattered lightning arcs once again shot towards Ning Cheng’s body.

But the effect it produced was much different from the last wave. This time, these lightning arcs only managed to create some red and white marks on Ning Cheng’s body on impact. It could no longer draw any blood from Ning Cheng. Moreover, his Spear Intent could now control these lightning arcs to a certain extent; although it could not wholly disperse the lightning arcs, it could at least control their descent, which meant that these lightning arcs could no longer hurt him.

Ning Cheng felt truly amazed at the power coursing in his forged body after it advanced to the Celestial River Body. Could he now go through that spacial collapse maelstrom by himself?

“Boom…..” Right at this moment, the third wave of lightning arcs descended.

This time, Ning Cheng did not try to control the lightning arcs to forge his body further; instead, he combined it with the Celestial River King Pill’s residual Celestial River Essence Qi and his Celestial Essence to initiate a full-scale strike on the Heaven Seated Realm’s cultivation barrier.

Because the barrier to his Heaven Seated Realm was too strong, his body, before advancement, could not adequately handle the backlash created from the impact. But now that he managed to attain the Celestial River Body, even if he had to experience a shockwave twice as strong as before, it would not shatter his body.

“Bang…. Katcha……” This single concentrated strike finally blew open a crack in his Heaven Seated Realm’s cultivation barrier.

Ning Cheng’s heart immediately filled with joy, as he once again gathered every shred of Celestial Essence in his body and bombarded the cultivation barrier to the Heaven Seated Realm with full force. As for the raging lighting arcs descending and striking his body, he simply ignored it all; rather, he absorbed the Thunder Source within it for his own use and attacked the Heaven Seated Boundary with more full-force strikes.

“Boom…..” Another violent shock passed through his body. Despite the higher strength and sturdier nature of Ning Cheng’s Heaven Seated Realm’s barrier compared to the others, it finally blew wide open. The billowing Celestial Essence Gas swept over and then got absorbed without a trace.

After advancing to the Heaven Seated Realm, Ning Cheng’s body started absorbing the Starry Sky Essence Qi as if it were a bottomless pit. As for the potent Celestial Essence Pill Gas, the moment it formed, it immediately got absorbed without leaving even half a trace left behind.

Lightning arcs continued to fall, but Ning Cheng now did not need to bother with the Thunder Tribulation again. Instead, he sat down inside the Permanent Essence Pill Pond to absorb the Thunder Source and the Celestial Essence Pill Gas from the Permanent Essence Pill Pond. 

If someone watched the proceedings, they would have found the Permanent Essence Pill Gas around Ning Cheng continuously decreasing, while Ning Cheng’s cultivation showed no significant improvements. The reducing Permanent Essence Pill Gas only helped him stabilise his cultivation in the Heaven Seated Realm.

Ning Cheng felt a little bit shocked. Although he didn’t open his eyes, he knew that after his advancement to the Heaven Seated Realm, he truly would need a seemingly endless supply of Starry Sky Essence Qi.

Time passed by as Ning Cheng’s body crazily absorbed the Starry Sky Essence Qi. Even after the lightning arcs above Ning Cheng’s head dissipated, Ning Cheng still did not stand up.

However, a powerful aura of cultivation started to gather and coagulate around Ning Cheng. This time, even if a cultivator in the Life and Death Realm stood in front of Ning Cheng, they definitely would feel alarmed, almost horrified even. The imposing aura oozing out and gathering around Ning Cheng was so powerful and dense that it even formed a circle after circle of corporeal auric patterns around him.

But despite the imposing aura growing more and more powerful, Ning Cheng still did not show any signs of waking up.

One day, one month, one year…..

Even Ning Cheng did not think that he would have to spend this much time in consolidation after surmounting the tribulation. When he finally opened his eyes again, his cultivation had firmly solidified at the early-stages of the Heaven Seated Realm.

However, Ning Cheng felt dumbfounded by what he saw in front of him, or rather the lack of something in front of him. Simply put, there was not even a single Permanent Essence Pill remaining in the pill pond. That is to say, he was the only ‘object’ in this Permanent Essence Pill Pond.

Did someone take away the rest of the Permanent Essence Pills? Ning Cheng shook his head as soon as he thought about it. Such a matter was just impossible.

But the fact was that he had only advanced to the Heaven Seated Realm; how was it possible for him to use up all the Permanent Essence Pills? But then he recalled the scene of his crazy absorption of the Starry Sky Essence Qi from the Permanent Essence Pills. If he had to go through such an insane absorption process in the future, could he continue pushing his cultivation forward?

Then, thinking about the quantity of Perpetual Moon Pills that he had obtained previously, Ning Cheng waved his hand and brought out a small pile of Perpetual Moon Pills. Although Perpetual Moon Pills had lower effectiveness compared to Permanent Essence Pills, he at least had a large quantity of it.

However, Ning Cheng quickly grew disappointed with the results. Although he could absorb the Perpetual Moon Pills for cultivation, the effect produced……

Ning Cheng shook his head and put away the rest of the Perpetual Moon Pills. He knew that if he used Perpetual Moon Pills for cultivation from now on, even if he had nearly a billion Perpetual Moon Pills, it would only help him advance to the late-stage of Heaven Seated Realm, and that was in the most optimistic scenario. Moreover, it would eat up a lot of time. In other words, although he obtained an insane amount of Perpetual Moon Pills, it wouldn’t be of much use for him.

[Author Note: The Gate of Good Fortune and The Strongest Abandoned Son are two different books, which take place in two different positional planes. Many readers already know by now that only peak powerhouses can tear apart the boundaries of positional planes to cross over. Another thing is that the Strongest Abandoned Son had already finished, and it’s not related to the other book. Old Five hopes that the readers could still support Old Five’s Gate of Good Fortune with their full strength, and help us strive for the best with the Gate of Good Fortune.]

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