Chapter 0680

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Chapter 0680: The Powerful Female Cultivator

A Heaven Seated Cultivator wearing a colourful robe walked onto the main stage set up in the middle of the guest hall and gave a ceremonial respect-filled bow towards all the cultivators in the room before he spoke, “Respected distinguished guests and friends….”

“Wait….” Everyone knew that the Heaven Seated Cultivator was about to talk about the Eternal Starry Sky Emperor’s Ascendance Ceremony; however, no one expected that someone would dare to interrupt the words of this Heaven Seated Cultivator at this moment.

In just a moment, everyone’s gaze immediately focussed on the person who interrupted the words of the Heaven Seated Cultivator from the Shui Clan. It was almost a slap to the face of the clan, as it was a special ceremony hosted to commemorate and celebrate the ascendance of a Shui Clan’s cultivator to the level of a Starry Sky Emperor. Although it cannot technically be categorised as face-slapping, it was one of the most direct forms of provocation.

This person would die, a single thought rang through all the hearts of the guests present in this hall. Even Ning Cheng felt that the one who interrupted the person from the Shui Clan in mid-sentence would face a lot of trouble. Who would happily tolerate this kind of interruption, let alone Moyi City’s famous Shui Clan?

However, Ning Cheng felt slightly surprised when he realised that the person who interrupted was the young-looking female cultivator next to Tian Muwan. Although he could not see this female cultivator’s cultivation level, he could sense that this female cultivator was not someone simple at all. A female cultivator without a celestial wheel, but an unfathomable cultivation level, it immediately made him recall Zhongli Baichi’s words. If this woman did not cultivate using a Primal Chaos Cultivation Method, then the only explanation was that the origin of her cultivation method was entirely different compared to those from this positional plane.

As for thinking that this female cultivator cultivated a garbage cultivation method, Ning Cheng wouldn’t believe it even if this woman openly declared it. If a garbage cultivation method could help her cultivate to the extent that one couldn’t even see her cultivation, then this garbage cultivation method was just too formidable.

He had wondered about the identity of this cultivator who had brought Tian Muwan here, but it looks like he might not have the chance to investigate it himself.

In truth, Ning Cheng didn’t truly care about that blue-robed female cultivator. However, when Ning Cheng’s gaze fell on that female cultivator’s face, only the word ‘stunning’ rang through his heart; an exquisite beauty. In his view, only Shen Qinyu could match her in looks.

Shen Qinyu, admittedly, was the most beautiful woman Ning Cheng had ever seen till now. When he first saw Shen Qinyu’s original appearance, what he experienced was not Shen Qinyu’s ‘beauty’, but an exquisite landscape painting paired with the most delicate song.

At this moment, Ning Cheng once again experienced a similar level of beauty when his gaze landed on the female cultivator wearing the light blue robes with a kingdom-toppling face. However, her beauty and Shen Qinyu’s beauty were of two completely different types.

Shen Qinyu’s beauty invoked a feeling of looking at an exquisite landscape painting, akin to watching hibiscus flowers slowly emerge from freshwater. But this female cultivator’s appearance invoked an impression of an elegant and delicate sculpture that came into being naturally. A perfect face without any trace of blemish, with skin fair mixed with hints of reds. Just from her face alone, she looked like a woman of 28 years. She even had bright and innocent-looking eyes, as if any ugly thing would just melt away into nothingness if gazed upon with such eyes.

To Ning Cheng’s surprise, he felt a hint of an inexplicable immortal aura coming from this female cultivator. This immortal aura within Ning Cheng’s mind arose due to the ancient Chinese legends he had read as a child. However, now that he started cultivating, and even became a starry sky cultivator, he knew that starry sky cultivators were utterly different from the immortals in those ancient legends. Yet still, he couldn’t help but feel that this female cultivator had some resemblance to those legendary immortals from ancient Chinese history.

Ning Cheng quickly retracted his gaze and noticed that the rest of the cultivators seemed to have their gazes glued to the face of this female cultivator wearing the pale blue robe.

“How dare a woman like you dare to be so disrespectful in the guest hall of my Shui Clan. Get out of here….” Two cultivators in the Heaven Seated Realm, standing next to the main stage of the guest hall, rushed up almost at the same time. Judging by their movements, they apparently wanted to grab this female cultivator in pale blue robes and throw her out.

“Bang-Bang…. Boom….” Two shadows had just rushed out when a series of muffled sounds emerged. An instant later, all the cultivators in the guest hall including Ning Cheng, saw two big holes suddenly appear in the walls of the room with shock plastered all over their faces.

Apparently, the two holes came into existence when the female cultivator in the pale blue robes did something to the two cultivators in the Heaven Seated Realm, the same two cultivators who wanted to throw her out. To the people within the hall, no one had any idea of what this female cultivator wearing a pale blue robe did.

Even cultivators in the Eternal Realm can’t blow away two cultivators in the Heaven Seated Realm this quickly. To put it in another way, even if one could blow them away, the defensive array formations augmenting the walls of the room were not just for show. How could someone open a hole within the walls of the room under such protection, let alone two at the same time?

At this moment, the whole hall turned silent. The only possibility was that this female cultivator’s cultivation level had surpassed that of the cultivators in the Eternal Realm. No wonder this woman dared to interrupt the speech. This sort of courage stemmed from her personal strength.

“Humph.” The female cultivator gave a cold snort as if she had stuck a fly instead of a person, with a disgusted expression.

Striking people from the Shui Clan at the Shui Clan’s Eternal Starry Sky Emperor’s Ascendance Ceremony, this definitely was a big deal. However, the several cultivators from the Shui Clan could only dare to look from afar, not daring to come forward at all.

“Back down….” A stern voice sounded, and the Shui Clan cultivators, who wanted nothing more than to run away from this place, quickly retreated, and disappeared without a trace.

A powerful imposing aura descended, to which Ning Cheng instinctively deployed his Celestial River Domain. But he kept it wrapped around him instead of spreading out, which immediately blocked the majestic aura from reaching him. His gaze immediately locked in with the cultivator who just arrived. This cultivator had a head full of blonde hair and was almost two meters tall. He had a long horse-like face which one could commit to memory with just a glance.

“Shui Clan’s disciples didn’t understand the rules and ended up offending Dao Friend. I hope that Dao Friend would not take this incident to heart just because of them. This old man is Shui Guangxi, can I ask this Dao Friend’s surname.” The blonde horse-faced cultivator respectfully asked the blue-robed female cultivator.

Ning Cheng also realised why he felt such a formidable imposing aura. Turns out, this person was Shui Clan’s Clan Head, Shui Guanxi, the one who just advanced to the Eternal Realm.

The blue-robed female cultivator nodded and spoke, “Dao Friend Shui, I’m surnamed Ye, and strayed onto the Mysterious Yellow Starland by mistake. Today, I just wanted to take the opportunity to borrow Dao Friend Shui’s Eternal Hall to purchase two things.”

Ning Cheng instantly recognised that this female cultivator surnamed Ye had an intelligent mind. The things she wanted most likely were rare treasures, at least not the kind that one could purchase from ordinary merchant houses. Shui Guangxi’s Eternal Ascendance Ceremony would attract the most powerful and the most influential characters within the Mysterious Yellow Starland. Which meant that these people would have things that one might not get at ordinary merchant shops.

However, regardless of the strength of this female cultivator, Ning Cheng didn’t quite agree with the way she did things. If it were him, he certainly would not have used such a radical approach. He would wait till Shu Guangxi’s Eternal Starry Sky Ceremony finished before talking about an exchange. Under normal circumstances, such kinds of exchange events regularly happened between cultivators; therefore, there was no need to be in such a hurry.

“So, it was like this. Since Dao Friend Ye chose to grace my Shui Clan, then it is my Shui Clan’s honour to cater to you.” Shui Guangxi smiled and spoke with cupped fists and polite words, without any hint of dissatisfaction.

After that, he then turned towards the rest of the guest cultivators in the hall and spoke up with cupped fists, “Today is a big day for me, Shui Guangxi, to have become an Eternal Starry Sky Emperor. I thank you all for coming to celebrate this day with me at my Shui Clan. Originally, this ceremony was supposed to be slightly longer, but because Dao Friend Ye needs to exchange for a few things, then I, Shui Guangxi, would like to act as the host for today’s exchange meeting before proceeding to the rest of the ceremony. I truly cannot delay things for Dao Friend Ye just because of my selfish wants.”

Ning Cheng naturally understood the Shui Guangxi’s seemingly weak posturing was not his actual intention. This blue-robed female cultivator offended him. Most likely, even if someone here had the things that this blue-robed female cultivator needed, no one would dare to trade for it out in the open in this hall. At least not until the person wanting to sell had the strength, and was not afraid of retaliation from Shui Clan.

The blue-robed female cultivator frowned, clearly understanding the truth. She held up her cupped fists and spoke, “Dao Friend Shui, I acted in reckless abandon due to some anxiety. I think it would be better to wait until the end of Dao Friend Shui’s ceremony before holding the exchange gathering.”

Shui Guangxi pondered over it for some time before nodding, “Then thank you, Dao Friend Ye.”

Shui Guangxi stepped back after seemingly resolving the conflict. A moment later, Starry Sky Spiritual Fruits and Spiritual Wine started coming out as flowing waters. In the middle of the hall, a dance troupe consisting of all-female cultivators came in and started dancing. At least, it felt like a joyous atmosphere, without any hint of the conflict from a moment ago.

Not knowing if it was because of the fear of the blue-robed female cultivator surnamed Ye or something else but the dancing did not last long. Shui Guangxi then nodded to the cultivator presiding over the ceremony.

The cultivator immediately stood up and waved his hand, and the dancing women quickly moved back with grace, “Today is a good day to celebrate my Shui Clan’s Patriarch becoming an Eternal Starry Sky Emperor. However, our Shui Clan has more happy events to share with you all. On this joyous day, many of the starry sky elites have come here to partake in our joy. Therefore, my Shui Clan decided to use this opportunity to choose a husband for Wuchang. That way, he could join hands with Wuchang and travel the starry sky together in the future.”

Ning Cheng looked at Duan Gantai sitting in front of him. This person had spent so much for just a gift, which meant he had a few things planned out. Therefore, Ning Cheng didn’t think that Shui Clan would announce to ‘choose’ a husband for Shui Wuchang and not specifically mention Duan Gantai. He couldn’t help but sense a little schadenfreude when he thought back to how Duan Gantai’s efforts now looked like drawing water with a bamboo basket.

As this cultivator finished, a woman wearing a flowing scarlet robe walked out accompanied with Shui Caiqiao.

When Ning Cheng saw Shui Wuchang, he felt amazed that this woman looked no worse than Tian Muwan. That kind of delicate appearance gave her a unique charm that people simply could not ignore. However, Ning Cheng could feel that this female cultivator called Shui Wuchang has a somewhat artificial quality to her.

Shui Wuchang’s cultivation had reached the full-circle of Heaven’s Mandate Realm, but the celestial wheels behind her looked extremely clear. From this, one could see that she not only had potential but also powerful strength to back it up and push her forward.

A burst of applause rang out, and many of the younger cultivators looked eager to put on a good show. Of the cultivators present in this hall, which one was not a reputed powerhouse from a good background? These powerhouses naturally did not come here alone, some of them had even brought their own children while some came with their family’s promising descendants.

Shui Wuchang was not only beautiful, but she was also an exceptional genius. Therefore, who among here did not want to tie a relationship with Shui Wuchang to draw in close with the Shui Clan.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Wuchang, I got this little thing from an auction and immediately wanted to send it to you. Although it might look like presenting borrowed flowers to the Buddha, I hope that Junior Apprentice Wuchang would not mind it.” A man in silver robed stood up and handed a jade box to his attendant. The attendant quickly brought the jade box and respectfully presented it to Shui Wuchang.

Shui Wuchang reached out and took the jade box before opening it casually. However, when she saw what was inside the jade box, her expressions slightly changed, and she immediately showed a radiant look. She then turned to the silver robed male cultivator and spoke, “Many thanks, Big Brother Ruan. But it’s quite a precious gift….”

The silver robed man smiled and stepped up in front of Shui Wuchang, “This little thing is not worth mentioning. Junior Apprentice Sister Wuchang, if you do not accept this, then it would mean that you look down on this Ruan Chi.”

Duan Gantai suddenly whispered, “Brother Ning, you’ll have to help me deliver something later.”

This Duan Gantai really thought of himself as his master. Ning Cheng thought as he gave a cold snort, “Brother Duan, my delivery service is quite expensive, nor do I easily help another person run errands.”

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