Chapter 0681

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Chapter 0681: Helping Him Once

With Ruan Chi taking the lead, other cultivators who had ideas for Shui Wuchang started to come forward and present their gifts. However, seeing Ning Cheng not taking the bait and acting aloof, Duan Gantai suddenly sent a message to Ning Cheng, “Brother Ning, Time Wilderness’[1] third key is on Shui Wuchang.”

After the sudden message from Duan Gantai, he did not provide even a single word of explanation.

However, after Ning Cheng heard this, he immediately realised a few things. No wonder Duan Gantai wanted to come here before going to the Temple of Time. This person truly never moved anywhere without a plan. If Shui Wuchang did not possess the third Perpetual Moon Time Key or at least something of equivalent value, would he have sent in such a significant gift?

Moreover, since he also had a Perpetual Moon Time Key, Duan Gantai knew that he would vie for whatever was in the Temple of Time. Otherwise, with Duan Gantai’s calculating nature, he would have disclosed this information in advance to pull Ning Cheng in to provide gifts.

From the looks of it, Duan Gantai did not take into consideration that Shui Caiqiao would not work along with him after receiving such a grand gift for the ceremony, or even use his daughter to lure him. But this situation was not just favourable to the Shui Clan, it not only roped in potential allies, it also allowed his daughter to receive more gifts.

However, Ning Cheng also admired Duan Gantai’s means. This fellow could find out that Shui Wuchang had the third key, which means he did some thorough research.

Originally, Ning Cheng wanted to force some Permanent Essence Pills out of Duan Gantai before agreeing to help. But after learning that Shui Wuchang might have a Perpetual Moon Time, he immediately dismissed the thought. Only Ning Cheng or Duan Gantai could have possession of the third Perpetual Moon Time Key. It cannot fall into the hands of others.

Among the cultivators present here, which one among them was simple? Who among them did not have an impressive background? Once someone else managed to get their hands on the third Perpetual Moon Time Key, then he and Duan Gantai would have to negotiate with that person. If the other party were the same as the two of them, without any backing, then it would not matter much. However, if that person had strong support and once they learned about the secret of the Perpetual Moon Time Key, it might lead to many Eternal-level experts chasing after the two of them.

“Alright.” Ning Cheng did not continue to drag things out with Duan Gantai by trying to extort him; after all, it was related to his own interest. His Sunset’s Twilight could not suppress those with much higher cultivation compared to him. Therefore, he was also counting on the Temple of Time to help level-up his Sunset’s Twilight. Which meant that he naturally couldn’t let the Perpetual Moon Time Key fall into the hands of others.

Previously, Ning Cheng stood behind Duan Gantai, plus after wandering the void for a long time, Tian Muwan’s temperament had long since changed. Therefore, she did not dare to sweep out with her spiritual consciousness. Consequently, she had not seen Ning Cheng. However, now that Ning Cheng came out with a jade box from behind Duan Gantai, Tian Muwan immediately noticed him.

She suddenly stood up and said to herself with bloodshot eyes, “Why do I see you again? Why is it still so clear, why?”

Tian Muwan by now understood that Ning Cheng was most likely also a part of the True Cultivation World, but she absolutely did not believe that Ning Cheng would manage to come here by himself. The only reason they appeared in the Mysterious Yellow Starland was due to them encountering Law turbulence when using the Opening Heaven Talisman[2]. This turbulence had forced them to stray out of their original path. But how could Ning Cheng appear here? She might have not known about it before, but she now knew about the capabilities of the Opening Heaven Talisman.

“Muwan, is he Ning Xiaocheng, the one you loved? How could he have come here from Earth? It should be absolutely impossible.” The blue-robed female cultivator pulled down Tian Muwan and did not let her step out.

Tian Muwan suddenly sobered up. She wiped the tear at the corner of her eye, but she still saw Ning Cheng in front of her, indicating that it was not an illusion.

“It’s him, it really is him.” Tian Muwan looked at Ning Cheng without blinking. She was sure by now that she had not mistaken it this time. Although Ning Cheng’s face had a thick beard and his body gave out a dense aura of vicissitudes, she knew that this person in front of her was Ning Cheng.

At this time, Ning Cheng had already reached the front of Shui Wuchang and had handed over the jade box in his hands, “This has a Celestial River Essence Qi King Pill. I hope that Junior Apprentice Sister Wuchang would not reject it….”

Ning Cheng specifically did not mention who sent this Essence Qi King Pill, but no one cared about Ning Cheng’s words. Who didn’t know about the value of a Celestial River Essence Qi King Pill? It was not something one could refine at all and only appeared in natural pill ponds. Moreover, the pill pond would need to have a complete Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein to produce it. Otherwise, even if it were a natural pill pond, it would never manage to create a single Essence Qi King Pill.

Even the powerhouses in the Eternal Realm would not casually send out a Celestial River Essence Qi King Pill. Therefore, this initiative from Duan Gantai’s steward immediately shocked everyone within the hall.

Shui Wuchang also felt shocked, but she quickly reacted by accepting the jade box from Ning Cheng’s hands with the words, “Many thanks, many thanks indeed.”

While handing the jade box to Shui Wuchang, Ning Cheng’s fingers seemed to have unintentionally slipped between Shui Wuchang’s fingers.

However, Shui Wuchang was just too excited and continued to thank Ning Cheng repeatedly. She was already at the full-circle of Heaven’s Mandate Realm and had finally obtained a Celestial River Essence Qi King Pill. One could almost say that she could experience a perfect advancement to the Heaven Seated Realm. Facing this kind of gift, she didn’t dare to show anything other than politeness.

Duan Gantai suddenly stood up and showed a smile. Then, with cupped fists, he spoke to Shui Wuchang, “Junior Apprentice Sister Wuchang, I obtained this Celestial River Essence Qi King Pill from a void vortex not too long ago and wanted to send it to Junior Apprentice Sister Wuchang, with the hope that it could help you in quickly advancing to the Heaven Seated Realm.”

After finishing this sentence, Duan Gantai’s expression turned slightly stern as he shouted to Ning Cheng, “Ning Cheng, now that you delivered the things, stand to the side and do not interrupt Junior Apprentice Sister Wuchang.”

Ning Cheng secretly smiled to himself. This Duan Gantai apparently wanted to let everyone know that he was the master. Just like in Su Clan, even Shui Clan had to listen to his words. Of course, this person also had another reason to press him.

Seeing Ning Cheng quietly return and stand behind Duan Gantai, without even a place to sit, it immediately caused a bitter feeling in Tian Muwan.

No one knew about Ning Cheng’s pride better than she did. Even when with her, Ning Cheng never let go of his pride to explain things before leaving. So how could someone like him stand quietly behind such an ugly-looking male cultivator?

Was it possible that Ning Cheng would abandon everything else for the purpose of cultivation? Could he really throw away his pride? Ning Cheng had clearly seen her already, yet Ning Cheng did not even come up to say hello. Was this out of embarrassment, or was it because he was afraid to come here to speak?

Suddenly, she felt an impulse in her heart to help Ning Cheng just once. No matter how Ning Cheng came here, she had to help Ning Cheng.

“Big Sister, I think….”

Tian Muwan hadn’t even said the words when the blue-robed female cultivator gave out a sigh and said, “Muwan, if this fellow really is the one you love, then I think it’s better to give up on him immediately. Maybe, he just prefers living in such a manner. Besides, we haven’t even found what we need right now, not to mention helping others……”

When Tian Muwan heard the blue-robed female cultivator’s words, she bowed her head and did not speak anymore.

Seeing Tian Muwan silent, the blue-robed female cultivator asked again, “Muwan, do you really love him?”

Tian Muwan looked at Ning Cheng standing on the opposite side of the hall in a daze and murmured, “I, I….”

She subconsciously clenched the pearl hair clip on her chest. The outside of this pearl hair clip was completely red, but this was the same pearl hair clip that she had used to hurt Ning Cheng. It was because of this pearl hair clip that she and Ning Cheng parted ways. And to find this one pearl hair clip, she personally dug through all the filth in the sewer in front of the university’s gate and used her white hands to pick it up and clean it.

Although she found the pearl hair clip, despite the repeated washings, she couldn’t restore it to its original pearl white colour. She clearly recalled the tears that dripped down her face because of it.

She felt that the sludge had not defiled the pearl hair clip, rather it felt like it was her who defiled it. Thinking about Ning Cheng’s death, and the angry and sorrowful roars of Ning Cheng’s sister, she had decided to cut her wrist with a blade that night to end her life. However, she did not die. Rather, the blood from her wrist seeped onto the pearl hair clip and solidified over it, changing its colour permanently to red.

Moreover, from that day on, she felt that she had changed on a fundamental level and that she was no longer the Tian Muwan from the past. She seemed to have dusted off her first love until she saw Ning Cheng again later. Despite knowing that Ning Cheng had not died, she felt that she had successfully put her first love behind.

She still carried around this pearl hair clip.

However, everything changed when Ning Cheng rescued her from death for the second time.

She knew that she was about to die at that moment. But it was also then that she understood that although she could hide her first love, even seal it deep within her heart, it would never disappear nor would it end.

Knowing that Ning Cheng saved her again, she finally realised that no matter if she sealed away her first love or had gotten over it, she fell in love with this person for the second time.

Tian Muwan looked at Ning Cheng. During the time when she hadn’t seen him, she always wondered about what he was doing? And would they ever meet again in the future?

But now that she saw him again, she did not know what she should say. She also did not know what she should do. Could they meet while pretending to have not met each other? This was the third time she mulled over this phrase in her life till now.


“Many thanks for all the love and care shown by the Dao Friends here and even for giving such precious gifts to my little girl. It’s just that there are too many talented geniuses here, and even I’ve seen them……” Shui Caiqiao got the look from Shui Guangxi and immediately stepped back.

Shui Guangxi smiled and spoke, “Caiqiao spoke correctly. But in the end, Wuchang would be the one to choose her husband; therefore, we at least have to differ to Wuchang’s opinion.”

Shui Wuchang had already received the Celestial River Essence Qi King Pill; therefore, she took the initiative to walk to the front of Duan Gantai and whispered, “This Wuchang would like to thank Elder Brother Duan for the gift.”

Duan Gantai gave a broad smile, “Junior Apprentice Sister Wuchang need not be so polite. I don’t have anything else with me apart from some cultivation resources. If Junior Apprentice Sister Wuchang has a lack of cultivation resources, then even if I must suffer through the lack of it, I promise to do a proper job of providing for you.”

Shui Wuchang smiled and then thanked him again. Then she turned around to the cultivators and spoke up in a soft voice with proper etiquette, “I’ve been looking forward to choosing a husband for myself. My future Lord Husband would be this Wuchang’s companion for life. Therefore, this Wuchang must be cautious and careful when deciding on it. However, to not delay things for the seniors here and the various Senior Apprentice Sisters and Brothers, it would be better to hold the exchange meeting first. After the exchange meeting, if any of the Senior Apprentice Brothers here still find Wuchang pleasing to the eyes, then I would hope that you would stay back for a chat.”

The cultivators, who wanted to get close to Shui Wuchang, finally felt some relief. They were afraid that Duan Gantai’s gift was too strong for them to even have a chance to compete. Fortunately, Shui Wuchang did not immediately choose Duan Gantai and instead invited them to stay back for a chat. What would happen after they decided to stay? Even a fool would be able to guess that Shui Wuchang would use that chance to choose her husband at that time.

[1] I think the author meant it as ‘Temple of Time’ and not ‘Time Wilderness’, but I decided to keep it as the original raws, till the time I find some explanation for it.

[2] Yeah, it’s the same words used for Cang Wei’s Opening Heaven Talisman. Not sure if the two are the same or not though.

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