Chapter 0707

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Chapter 0707: Senior

Without waiting for Striking Order Heavenly Emperor to speak, Third Heaven spoke up with cupped fists, “Brother Striking Order, this disciple you brought here today has not only offended me but has also stolen some of my stuff at the Endless Void Dock. I won’t let it go today; I must take him back to the Endless Void Dock for identification. If there is any offence, someone will come to you later for apologies.”

After Third Heaven said this, everyone stood there stunned. This was a clear statement to warn Striking Order Heavenly Emperor from meddling into this matter. Even if Striking Order wanted to ask for forgiveness, Third Heaven would not give up. From the looks of it, this disciple brought by Striking Order Heavenly Emperor really did many things that annoyed Third Heaven.

Everyone immediately focussed their gazes on Striking Order; since Striking Order brought this person here, it meant that this person had close ties to Striking Order. Third Heaven clearly stated that he would take away the disciple of Striking Order Heavenly Emperor; therefore, they all wanted to see if Striking Order Heavenly Emperor would allow it or now. In the end, it all depended on the closeness of the relationship between Striking Order and this disciple. They also knew that if Striking Order Heavenly Emperor did not allow Third Heaven to take that disciple away, it could result in a fight with Third Heaven.

Striking Order Heavenly Emperor showed a frown. He wanted to make friends with Ning Cheng, but at this moment, if he and Ning Cheng were to become friends, he would have to contend against Third Heaven. No matter which side he picked, he felt unwilling to do either.

He also knew about the brutal and bloodthirsty nature of Third Heaven. If Third Heaven was by himself, Striking Order would definitely take him on, but the Endless Void Dock was a force that stood amongst the top of the Culmination Starland, so much so that even Chuan Xinlou had to show them some respect.

But he also knew that if he didn’t say anything today, he would definitely offend Ning Cheng, effectively eliminating any chance to form a friendship with Ning Cheng. Just when he wondered on what do to, three more people walked into the area.

It turned out to be Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor personally accompanying two cultivators, a man and a woman.

“Greetings everyone. Sorry for the delay, I had to pick up Nine Phoenix Heavenly Emperor and Dao Friend Cang, who were a little late.” Chuan Xinlou came over with a smile, which eased the tension permeating this area by a bit.

Anyone who enjoyed a personal welcome from Chuan Xinlou definitely had extremely high status. Therefore, everyone quickly came forward to greet him. Besides, Chuan Xinlou was also the master of the Levelled Heart Emperor Mountain while Nine Phoenix Heavenly Emperor was the premier powerhouse from the Grand Spirit Heaven Starry Sky. As for the other person, the one referred to as Dao Friend Cang, Ning Cheng recognised him despite not hearing about him. That’s because he had seen this person in the past.

“Brother Levelled Heart, I’m really sorry about today. An insignificant cultivator stole from my Endless Void Dock; I want to take him away for a thorough examination. But this minor cultivator came here with Brother Striking Order. I will be taking this insignificant cultivator to my Endless Void Docks for identification, even if I have to go to Striking Order Starland afterwards to apologise.” Third Heaven laid out the groundwork of what he wanted to do with those words.

He believed that with his friendship with Chuan Xinlou and the strength of the Endless Void Dock, Chuan Xinlou would certainly not hinder him. Not to mention him, even the nearby cultivators, including Striking Order Heavenly Emperor also thought the same.

Sure enough, Chuan Xinlou spoke up with a straight face, “As a starry sky cultivator, one’s character is the most important thing. I believe that Brother Striking Order will understand. Besides, I believe that Brother Guo will not hurt a junior because of such a trivial matter.”

As Chuan Xinlou said those words, it neither offended Striking Order Heavenly Emperor nor offended Third Heaven; he ended up helping both sides speak. One thing for sure was that Ning Cheng would not escape from this place. He didn’t even ask Third Heaven about this person.

Third Heaven immediately became happy, as long as he could take away Ning Cheng, whether he killed Ning Cheng or not, it all would depend on just a single thought.

Ning Cheng didn’t even care about Third Heaven or Chuan Xinlou. His gaze fell on Yi Jiufeng as he felt the aura of the Wind Thunder Apricot coming from her. Ning Cheng already had two Wind Thunder Apricot Fruits on him, which made him quite sensitive to this aura. If Yi Jiufeng carried around the Wind Thunder Apricot Tree, could he try trading with this woman?

The cultivator surnamed Cang, standing beside Yi Jiufeng and Chuan Xinlou, on seeing Ning Cheng’s gaze move towards him, immediately lowered his head and even wanted to step back.

Ning Cheng laughed, “Friend, I haven’t seen you in the past few days, hope you didn’t forget about me?”

The cultivator surnamed Cang’s face immediately turned pale. He had already recognised this person talking to him as that young-looking powerhouse going through that insane and terrifying thunder tribulation. Back then, this person had chased after him for some time, but suddenly gave up just when he was about to catch up to him. Therefore, he truly felt dread on the thought of meeting that fellow once again. Yet, unexpectedly, he encountered that person once again today.

He thought back to the horror inducing and crazed thunder tribulation that Ning Cheng had surmounted, which had unknowingly created a lingering shadow over his heart. Even though that thunder tribulation occurred thousands of miles away, he could still feel the insane amount of killing intent within each bolt. He knew that if he had to encounter such a thunder tribulation, he would definitely die before even the first wave ended, probably under the first strike.

Naturally, he didn’t know that Ning Cheng currently had his thoughts set on Yi Jiufeng. He felt that if he didn’t do something immediately, Ning Cheng might end up dissatisfied with him. With Ning Cheng’s power, if he ended up dissatisfying Ning Cheng, he might not be able to walk away from this place alive before he even finished eating. In any case, it was a taboo to peep at other people trying to surmount tribulations.

“Junior Cang Caihe greets senior. This junior didn’t mean to…..” Cang Caihe did not dare to step back anymore and quickly came forward and spoke with the most respectful attitude while bowing.


When Cang Caihe addressed Ning Cheng as ‘senior’, the entire hall turned silent. Who was Cang Caihe? A late-stage Eternal powerhouse.

If it were just the late-stage Eternal Realm, it would still not be worth for Chuan Xinlou to greet him in person. What was more important was that Cang Caihe was one of the three Heavenly Emperors representing the rogue cultivator faction in this plane. At the same time, he was also the most formidable Starry Sky Pill Emperor, someone who could refine Grade 9 Starry Sky Medicinal Pills for other powerhouses.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that no one in this plane’s cultivation world could exceed Cang Caihe in the Dao of Alchemy. A crowd would willingly gather from all corners of the plane for a simple greeting from Cang Caihe.

Yet, such a powerhouse actually addressed Ning Cheng as ‘senior’?

Chuan Xinlou stood there in stunned silence. Looking closer, he felt some familiarity with Ning Cheng.

Guo Sangan also froze……

Yi Jiufeng and Tang Yitang, along with everyone else, stood frozen in shock. Such a joke from a powerhouse like Cang Caihe did not feel funny at all.

Even Striking Order Heavenly Emperor felt shocked. He knew that Ning Cheng was powerful, but he never thought that Ning Cheng was powerful to the point that Pill Emperor Cang Caihe would address him as ‘senior’. What was going on?

Seeing Chuan Xinlou about to talk, Ning Cheng showed a smile, “Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor, when I helped Baichi Artefact-crafting Store to participate in the artefact-crafting competition, it was nice of you to send me a new store.”

“It’s you…..” Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor took in a deep breath as he finally recognised Ning Cheng.

When Guo Sangan heard Cang Caihe call Ning Cheng as ‘senior’, he knew that things had gone entirely out of his control. Everyone knew that Cang Caihe was not a person who bullied people. At the same time, no one would ever dare even to think of bullying Cang Caihe. Yet, such a person had addressed Ning Cheng as a ‘senior’. How could he even talk about taking away Ning Cheng now?

When Ning Cheng saw Cang Caihe wanting to speak, he just waved his hand and said, “Dao Friend Cang, I just wanted to say hello, I don’t mean to blame you for anything.”

After that, Ning Cheng nodded to Yi Jiufeng. Although he wanted to make a trade with Yi Jiufeng, the current situation made it necessary for him to act like a senior. 

Ning Cheng also wanted to have a fight with Guo Sangan, but he knew that this was not the place to duke it out. Moreover, if Guo Sangan did not take the initiative to strike, he also couldn’t take action.

He simply spoke up with cupped fists, “Everyone, I am Ning Cheng from Striking Order Starry Sky. Endless Void Dock’s Guo Sangan wants to create some trouble for me. But I believe that you, as Heavenly Emperors, can see things clearly. To be honest, I don’t blame Guo Sangan, because if he hadn’t come to bother me today, I would have come to find him later. Endless Void Docks? Hehe, is it famous? Although I haven’t been there before, I now want to see it.”

Guo Sangan’s expressions turned ugly to look at, as he didn’t know Ning Cheng’s background at all. Before today, he didn’t pay any attention to a minor character like Ning Cheng. But after Cang Caihe addressed Ning Cheng as ‘senior’, he found that his spiritual consciousness could not see Ning Cheng’s cultivation.

Ning Cheng didn’t plan to hide this matter at all and said in a loud voice, “Guo Sangan and I share a little connection; you see this kid seems to want one of my stones. In the past, I had got a Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone……”

As soon as Ning Cheng spoke those words, everyone within the guest hall sucked in a breath of cold air. Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone, just how precious was such an object? Just the words ‘Mysterious Yellow Origin’ could move the heart of any Heavenly Emperor, as anything containing those words meant that it was a treasure originating from the origins of heaven and earth. If the conflict between Guo Sangan and Ning Cheng was due to a Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone, then it also explained Guo Sangan’s current behaviour.

“When I was using the Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone to comprehend law-related spirit techniques, this guy secretly attacked me. At that time, I was in a vulnerable position and had almost died to this bastard. You say if I shouldn’t go to the Endless Void Dock to repay this kindness, especially since this Guo Sangan has so graciously invited me?” As Ning Cheng spoke those words, his tone seemed to turn even more pronounced, with a hint of killing intent.

Guo Sangan shivered for no reason at all, and he began to suspect that Ning Cheng really had a Mysterious Yellow Origin Stone back then.

Cang Caihe looked at Guo Sangan sympathetically and even started to regard Guo Sangan as a dead man walking. Guo Sangan was just about to explode when he saw Cang Caihe’s sympathetic gaze, and could no longer find the courage to attack. Back then, was Ning Cheng really in a weakened state? Or was it because of this fellow’s weak cultivation?

Tang Yitang, who didn’t want to intervene, also felt shocked at this time. He could only whisper to Tang Yu, “Little Yu, who is he? Is he really the Junior Apprentice Brother Ning you said he was?”

Tang Yu seemed to have not heard Tang Yitang’s question, and still kept looking at Ning Cheng in shock. Back when they first met, Ning Cheng obviously had a Celestial Novice Cultivation, how many years had passed since? How could he become Plucking Harmony[1] Heavenly Emperor’s ‘senior’?

“Haha…..” Striking Order Heavenly Emperor felt relieved, and his laugh interrupted the temporary silence and embarrassment. Then turned to Ning Cheng and spoke with an even happier voice, “Brother Ning, Levelled Heart Heavenly Emperor, after this Spirit Fruit Banquet ends, I plan to return to Striking Order Starland. Brother Ning, if you’re free in the future, please consider visiting me in Lucky Heaven City.”

Ning Cheng smiled and replied, “Naturally. I’m currently waiting for my martial nephew here. When he returns, I will leave for Nine Plate Starland’s Everlasting Sacred Shrine. After that, I will definitely visit Brother Striking Order at Lucky Heaven City.”

“Is Dao Friend Ning familiar with Junior Apprentice Sister Seeking Intelligence[2]? That’s perfect. Last time, when Junior Apprentice Sister Seeking Intelligence became a Starry Sky Emperor, I could not go visit her because of some matters. I hope Dao Friend Ning can take along an apology from me to her.” Chuan Xinlou’s expressions and tone changed quickly. He could vaguely perceive that Ning Cheng’s imposing aura did not lose out to his own. Moreover, with Cang Caihe and Striking Order showing such respect to Ning Cheng at the same time, how could he not believe the extraordinariness of Ning Cheng?

[1] Caihe is also Cang Caihe’s title, translating to ‘Plucking Harmony’.

[2] Mi Hui was not a name but a title, which translates to ‘Seeking Intelligence’.

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